dancing rpg

I came up with an idea for a stylized fantasy dancing rhythm rpg. A bit crazy but whatever, I’m into it. This squid maiden would help you on your journey through the game, teaching you special ritual dances and probably have a story arc about needing to discover an ancient ritual dance to save her beach shrine. She’s pretty rad though.

BATIM Fandom...
  • BATIM Fans: Boi, we sure hope we don't fuck up the fandom like FNAF or Undertale!
  • Chapter 1 Fandom: Joey is abusive towards Bendy and Boris, Joey killed Boris, Bendy's a smol innocent bean, Boris's a smol innocent bean
  • Chapter 2 Fandom: Alice Angel?? Henry the sheep! "Bendy-Sempai notice me!"-Sammy, Bendy thinks Sammy's a creep,HOLY FUCK IT'S BENDY!!, #Borislifematters
  • BATIM Fans: ... šHįT

It’s been over a day now and I’ve received 192 responses to the Ponk Dating Simulator survey! Thank you so much to everyone for participating! I’m going to leave the survey open for any later responses but I’m absolutely floored by the massive response! The information you all provided will be invaluable when I start designing the game.

Here is a breakdown of the results!

This result was pretty surprising or maybe not so surprising? Erotic slightly edged out Saucy by 5 votes while all ages only managed to snag around 20% of the vote. A few people suggested that I make both a saucy and erotic version and you can just switch in between both via an in-game option to essentially censor the game when you want. This is probably the best route to go but if time permits, a fully SFW version would be kinda nice to make as well.

This result was fairly evenly split between innocent and sassy and then there was just everything else. A lot of people suggested mixing both innocent and sassy which is a pretty good idea. I’ll most likely take her personality from the show and give her sassy/edgy moments throughout the game depending on situations and other factors. Of course, if I go the multiple Ponk way, then I can just spin off every personality into a separate Ponk.

The result for this survey was 75% skewed toward male until I added the genderless option a few hours later after some feedback. Even though the genderless option was only up for about half the duration of the survey, it still managed to snag 28% of the vote. Right now, I’m considering just making the protagonist a genderless self-insert but if I do go down a more fleshed out protagonist route, then they’ll most likely be male unless I get the resources to make both a male and female option.

This result was pretty clear cut. Almost ¾ of the votes want a horse protagonist and I think that will probably work best as well. Human in Equestria stories often seem pretty gimmicky and cliché. A horse protagonist feels way more natural for the story and less “mary sue”.

The choice for mini-games clearly won this vote but a lot of people suggested mixing mini-games with traditional dating sim conventions. This is probably the best route in my opinion as well. I do enjoy traditional dating sim conventions but it would be nice to break up the flow of the game with mini-games every now and then to increase relationship status. Things like going on dates could trigger a mini-game of sorts to play out such as a Stepmania style game for a dance party or a RPG-lite game for a session if D&D. Of course there’s also the potential for “hot coffee” style mini-games as well…

Anyway, that’s pretty much all the major results and breakdown for this survey so far. I also received 58 comments/suggestions ranging from useful feedback to dank memes, so thank you for that as well! I’ll try to keep you all informed on this game as I make progress, however slow that may be. There’s also potential for a possible patreon/gofundme later down the line but let’s not go there until I have something more presentable.

Second character design for Dancing Knight Fever (The current name for the dancing rhythm rpg idea I’m conceptualizing). He’s the leader of a desert gang of dancing skeleton baddies that specialize in tango. Still want to refine his design but I’m enjoying his first pass. 

I wanted to make an update about the sprites, so here you go.

(At 400%) 

(At 100%)

I had a lot more fun making these sprites compared to the other ones, and I’m actually proud of this. Soon enough I’ll fix the mistakes, but this is how the sprites will look in-game. And if you look at Ivory from behind, it looks like she’s dancing.