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Dance with me

Fem!Sirius played by @asktheblacksheep <3

The Gryffindor common room hums with laughter and music, students crammed together in a happy ensemble.

Sirius and Remi huddle together in a corner by the fire.

Sirius waves her hand dismissively.

Sirius: You’re not beating me this time, Lupin.

Remi laughs. Sirius watches her.

Remi gapes at her, stunned.

Remi reaches across to take away Sirius’s glass, and Sirius sways forward. Their faces are very close.

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yo my local trash cans, DOOPY back at it again with the characters. this is SHAMAS, a hylian that was raised by GERUDOS. he is flirtatious, sassy, and very protective of his mother and sisters. never truly seeing the world, he is intrigued by the travelers that come to the capital of the Gerudo. PLEASE LIKE/REBLOG (tho reblogging is more preferred.) if you’re interested in interacting with this beautiful boy.


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We made a crossover, @wubbalubbabullshit and I. Between biker AU and miami AU. Long story short, biker Rick is a VERY good dancer. And as you already know, miami Morty IS ALSO, a VERY good dancer. So they all go to the club, and these two babies start dancing some hot shit like salsa, and neither biker Morty or miami Rick like this. IT WILL lead to some trouble.