dancing puppies

If Youngbin Brought Home A Dog
  • Inseong: What is that?
  • Youngbin: A dog...you have eyes.
  • Chani: *drops his toys* Puppy?!
  • Hwiyoung: No, Chani. You will break it.
  • Chani: How does one "break" a puppy?
  • Rowoon: Let the boy see the dog.
  • Dawon: Is that...thing...going to take the attention off of me?
  • Zuho: It's so cute!
  • Taeyang: Chani, you've been replaced.
  • Chani: With that said, how does one break a puppy?
  • Jaeyoon: It's just a dog, not a big deal.
  • Youngbin: You say that because you like cats better.
little ways to cope with stress ♡

➳ make silly faces in the mirror

➳ take a bubble bath

➳ pet a friendly puppy/kitten

➳ dance to your favorite song

➳ eat a rainbow of fruits (& veggies)

➳ take a long nap

➳ read some story books

➳ build a blankie fort then fill it with stuffies & fairy lights

➳ visit a toy store (or several)

➳ watch your favorite movies back to back
➳ give yourself a makeover
➳ color color color

➳ listen to lullabies or soft music

➳ do some yoga
➳ make snow angels

➳ pack a picnic
➳ cook some macaroni & cheese

➳ go on a long walk or scavenger hunt

➳ paint a picture frame or flower pot

➳ go to an animal/exotic bird sanctuary

➳ cuddle up with a bottle/binkie

➳ cry cry cry

➳ put together a puzzle

➳ eat a lollipop (or several)

➳ make a mobile with ribbon & paper
➳ bang together pots & pans

➳ build a block castle
➳ play dress up
➳ build a snowman

➳ go to an art/science museum

➳ bake cupcakes or cookies

➳ visit a candy shop (buy some sweets)

➳ make homemade hot cocoa

➳ brush your teeth & hair
➳ play cute online games

➳ buy a new toy or coloring book

➳ set goals then celebrate them

➳ watch funny youtube videos

➳ make a collage of cute photos for your wall
➳ set up a bird or chipmunk feeder
➳ stay in your jammies all day
➳ have a tea party with your stuffies
➳ make a new “imaginary” friend
➳ marathon your favorite cartoons


Summary: Sebastian Stan takes dance lessons. He wants to impress his beloved woman (reader). One day he comes back home really late. His girlfriend awaits, really angry that he’s late again. She asks him to show her what he had taught at lessons, so he agrees. It ends in obvious way…

Word Count: 1999

Warnings: smut, unprotected sex

Author: Beast

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Yuuri tries not to get into arguments with Victor~ not only because he hates hurting his fiance's feelings, but he tries to avoid instances where Victor has to apologize~ the last time they "fought" Victor hired a bunch of people to do a flash mob dance with lots of puppies in the ice rink while he showered Yuuri with roses. Yuuri thinks its sweet and Victor I love u but really, you just forgot to take out the trash that one time I wasn't really mad