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Anime basics: You and I

Why you shouldn’t use your anime Japanese in real life

Language, and the way it conveys the relationship between characters, is endlessly fascinating. In Japanese, specifically, *everything* means something. What an anime character calls someone is important, but even how they talk about themselves has meaning.

You see, there’s no simple ‘I’ or 'you’ in Japanese.

That would be too easy.

Boku, ore, anata, watashi, omae and kimi

Japanese has several different words for 'I’ and 'you’, each applicable in different circumstances. The same way that characters pick and choose between calling each other Ya-chan or Sousuke-kun, their pronouns also have meaning. In a way this is a continuation of my honorifics post from a while back. Putting both of them together adds extra layers of meaning in relationships between people and helps in understanding how that character sees themselves in the world.

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A panda covered in red is a red panda 

A red panda covered in red is a red red panda 

A red panda covered in white is a white red panda

A redbird covered in white is a dove

A panda covered in white is a polar bear …. it’s getting magic !!!!! 

Let me learn you something funny, a red panda in french is called 

a panda roux, we can translate it as red panda or "ginger" panda =) 

The redbird’s name can also be northern cardinal, in french we call it

 cardinal rouge

By the way, rouge means red in french, like Rouge in Sonic the hedgehog ^U^

Things you can't stop Block B members from talking about...

•P.O: his voice & his hyungs

•Jaehyo: how much better looking he is & his lips/philtrum

•B-Bomb: his butt, dimple & how to take the proper selfie

•U-Kwon: his smile, puppies, One Piece & his girlfriend Sunhye

•Park Kyung: how much he loves BBC, which member they should prank next & how he’s also a “visual”

•Taeil: how he’s not cute, his singing & fish

•Zico: his producing, his underground rapping & his lips *cough* the time he kissed Ukwon *cough*