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This. INFURIATES. ME. Like are you kidding me not only 1) were they asked to dance SEXILY on a platform outside in the cold, they 2) were tricked into getting weighed publicly they 3) got ranked on who was closest to their actual weights on a profile that was made probably when they were debuted and over trained. How traumatizing is that, how horrific is that. Imagine that like it’s hard enough being a girl in Korea and in Kpop and this is something that has really got under my skin… these poor girls. Like imagine getting up their dancing “sexy” which is uncomfortable in itself but then realizing you were getting weighed?! I hope this show gets shut down or some serious consequences and I hope that Kpop fandoms don’t let this slide…. like let’s stand up for these poor girls.

Guilty .v. innocent

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rules: you can only say guilty or innocent. you are not allowed to explain anything unless someone messages you or asks you. (well, I tend to break the rules, just so you know)

  • asked someone to marry you: innocent
  • kissed one of your friends: guilty
  • danced on a table in a bar or tavern: innocent (I suppose a dance platform in a disco club during a private party doesn’t count, does it?)
  • ever told a lie: guilty
  • had feelings for someone whom you can’t have: guilty
  • ever kissed someone of the opposite sex: guilty
  • ever kissed someone of the same sex: innocent
  • kissed a picture: guilty
  • slept in until 5pm: guilty
  • fallen asleep at work or school: guilty
  • held a snake: innocent
  • been suspended from school: innocent
  • stolen something: innocent
  • done something you regret: guilty
  • laughed until what you were drinking came out of your nose: guilty
  • caught a snowflake on your tongue: innocent (come on, here it snows only once every 10 years)
  • sat on a roof top: innocent
  • sang in the shower: guilty
  • been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on: innocent (you dare only to try)
  • slept naked: guilty
  • made a boy friend/girl friend cry: guilty
  • been in a band: innocent (well, I whish I was)
  • shot a gun: innocent
  • donated blood: innocent (me and needles…. bad idea)
  • eaten alligator meat: innocent (wtf? let wildlife live in peace!)
  • eaten cheesecake: guilty
  • still loved someone you shouldn’t: guilty
  • have/had a tattoo: innocent
  • been too honest: guilty
  • ruined a surprise: guilty
  • ate in a restaurant and got so bloated you can’t walk after: guilty
  • erased someone in your friends list: guilty (long list)
  • dressed in a man’s clothes: guilty
  • dressed in a woman’s clothes: guilty
  • joined a pageant: guilty
  • been told you’re beautiful by someone who meant it: guilty
  • still have communication with your ex: guilty
  • cheated on someone: innocent
  • got totally drunk the night before an important exam: innocent
  • a total stranger treated you by paying your fare: innocent
  • got so angry that you cried: guilty
  • tried to stay away from someone for their own good: guilty
  • actually murdered someone: innocent (well… videogames don’t count, right?)
  • thought about mass murder: guilty (I would put all abusers and criminals into a large stadium, ready to kill each other… maybe it doesn’t count as mass murder then?)
  • actually committed a mass murder: innocent
  • rode in a stranger’s vehicle: innocent
  • stalked someone: guilty (if with stalking you mean check their fb profile for pics or info, well, yes. Active stalking, like pestering them etc…, no)
  • had a girlfriend: innocent
  • had a boyfriend: guilty
  • totally drunk during a holiday: innocent (actually… I’ve never been drunk in my whole life)

It’s for sure that none has ever exchanged me for a delinquent… well, this may come in handy one day, who knows? *evil smirk*

Open Starter || Shatter Me || Muse: Alice

Based off of this

It had been empty so long. There was little noise in the old factory, save for wind through broken windows, the settling of pipes, or birds nesting in the rafters. Twenty years ago, the factory had been alive and bustling, merry men making many delightful, ornate decorations–snowglobes and music boxes and porcelain dolls.

The factory fell bankrupt after all the money was poured into one master creation, one which was never revealed or sold, and stood still in the abandoned factory, doomed to gather dust.

She was that creation, trapped within a large and glistening crystal bauble, a giant snowglobe of sorts, sitting upon a silver platform. A dancing young woman, caught mid-twirl–Her hair, her body, even her dress, pale white silk, seemed caught in time, unaffected by gravity. 

It was a machine, a music box, controlled by a winding key in the side, eternally waiting to be activated.

les mots d'amour

I’m a romantic, you can say. A hopeless romantic runs through my Spanish veins. I believe that love comes in different forms: family and friends.
Plus that special someone you get to meet in your life.

But I believe in something more. Love has no boundaries, no limits. You can love whoever you want no matter race, religion, gender. And that is who I started to feel when I met Her.

She was dancing on the platform, moving her body seductively to the music against the metal pole. I watched her throughout the night in the corner, taking small sips of the red wine. The way she danced made the gentlemen wild, whistling at her and the other strippers.
But I , stayed in silence.

She caught me looking at her in the corner while she danced, but I quickly looked away feeling a blush coming.


whenever I listen to Donna Summer I feel like it’s 1979 and I’m in Studio 54 wearing a rhinestone mini dress and platform heels dancing to some bad disco mash up and then I spot cute Saturday Night Fever/Grease era young John Travolta and I hit on him and he starts talking to me because I look that good and besides, he’s on some uppers and will fvck anything that moves. he buys me a drink and things are going good until he starts talking to me about Scientology, which he converted to in 1975. I smile awkwardly and tell him I’m going to the bathroom but instead I slip out through the back door of the club, though first I buy a bit of cocaine from the dealer who’s hanging out at the exit, which I quickly snort in a dark alley. then I go home and cry myself to sleep to the sweet sound of the Bee Gees on vinyl


The Peristyle, located along the water in New Orleans’ City Park, was first built in 1907 as a platform for dancing. Today, it is a popular spot for people to sit along the water, feed the ducks, take pictures, and have picnics. One of the most notable aspects of the Peristyle are the four stone lions, each with their own distinct facial features, that jut out from either side of the steps that lead down to the water. (New Orleans, Louisiana 2015).

High class stripper

Erie smiled as she walked out on stage in that skimpy outfit she had chosen for the night. She swung around the pole before bending over and slowly coming back up. She smirked as she danced around the platform and money was thrown. She was the headliner at the strip club, people came just to see her dance, if they wanted a strip show they’d have to book her. She smirked as she looked across the crowd and saw one of her regulars. A slightly mysterious American who always wore glasses and a jean jacket. Though he seemed like her roughest client, he actually treated her better than most of the others who booked her. That meant she’d always accept his requests over others who wanted to watch a strip show.


Last story of the night

Thank you again anon for sending me these and insisting on me to take a vacay from writing.

Story 3: So before the players all started dancing on that platform thing, Alex, Tobin, and Bue all just stood there arms around each other w Bue in the middle and they were facing the field smiling and you could see their eyes watering up. They kinda just stood there for a couple minutes soaking it all in and just hugging Bue and telling her how much they’ll miss her and thanking her for everything! It was so bittersweet bc Tobin was crying towards the end saying how much she’ll miss Bue but she’s glad that she’s pursuing her other dream and after Bue left the two, Alex and Tobin just stood there comforting each other