dancing partners

Send A Symbol - Scenario Starters

☂ Our muses cross paths taking cover from the rain
☃ Our muses compete to build the best snowman
♙ Our muses play a game together
✮ One of our muses teaches the others about constellations
⊙ Our muses cook or bake together
≊ One of our muses teaches the other to swim
♬ Our muses wind up as dance partners
△ Our muses climb a mountain together


Shut Up and Dance With Me has officially begun!
It exists now and @wittyy-name and I are super hyped to work through this project! As the fic continues to update, I may or may not draw more pictures for previous chapters in the fic, but I’ll make sure to let you know when/if I do such a thing. 

>>Read the first chapter here!<<
gogo <3


When the King of Aliens is given the chance to talk!!
Well, it’s called “TOUCH”, Eric! xD you original King of skinship!! xD
but .. elementary school?!! elementary?!! giving an example with elementary school?!!! mentally 5 years old for real xD
(trans ©malpabo)

claire_winter: Happy Birthday to the best cat-mother, kitchen dance party partner, crime drama marathon watching buddy, FRIEND I know. @taylorswift we’ve been through a lot (and not just retro clothing phases) and there’s no one else I’d want by my side. Thank you for your friendship, sisterhood & for always casting light instead of shadows.
I guess you could say I’m pretty happy you were born or whatever.

Signs on the Dance Floor


Aries: strategically positioned on the dance floor, weighing up their options for tonight

Taurus: a smooth operator with pick-up lines for days

Gemini: in an argument with their SO and everyone can hear

Cancer: the photobomber who’s sense of humour stopped developing at 9

Leo: the first person to break it down in the circle that formed in the middle of the dance floor

Virgo: thinks they have the best moves ever, catch them on musical.ly

Libra: the person you didn’t could dance to save their life

Scorpio: escalates quickly with their newfound dance partner, basically need to get a room ASAP

Sagittarius: can’t make up their mind between the buffet or the dance floor

Capricorn: wasn’t even invited to this party, but they practically live on the dance floor

Aquarius: snapchatting the whole event, they’re cooler on the internet

Pisces: really didn’t want to be here, but did it for their best friend