dancing out in space

Shiro and Allura for @wittyy-name‘s upcoming fic Shut Up and Dance With Me.
They’ve been partners for a long time. Shiro still has his prosthetic arm which they’ve learned to dance around with. 


Enter Galactic (Love Connection Part I)
  • Enter Galactic (Love Connection Part I)
  • Kid Cudi
  • Man On The Moon: The End of Day

I once dreamt of peace until I found you, once upon a time baby. I once had a dream so sweet until I had a taste of you, once upon a time baby. Reaching out to outer space dancing to awesome sounds. This all new to you? Reaching out to hold your clothes so I don’t slip away, explore a new approach, a whole new free I say….

Dancing Face to Face

Mycroft was a dancer. Molly had heard Sherlock mention it humorously shortly after he’d set the two of them up and had thought that perhaps that meant Mycroft was more than passably familiar with anything other than ballroom. Early on she’d been unable to connect auburn haired man in the suit with someone who danced and hadn’t ever asked that he demonstrate. After all, Sherlock might have been being cruel in his own way towards his elder brother and she didn’t want to embarrass Mycroft and bring up bad blood between the two Holmes brothers.

It wasn’t until she came home—having to make room along the way on the stairway as three people she’d never seen in the building hurried down—and found that her living room had been completely rearranged did she actually stop and think about Sherlock’s words. All of her furniture had been moved to the kitchen or her bedroom, and in the middle of the now empty room stood Mycroft Holmes in just his slacks and shirt sleeves. If she’d been Sherlock Holmes she would’ve also seen he was wearing different shoes than normal but she was Molly Hooper and currently half-way towards having a fit.

“Molly! I realized this afternoon while planning a date for the two of us in a few weeks that I was assuming you danced.”

“Well, I can do the pretend waltz people do at weddings,” she said, trailing off as she realized that Mycroft Holmes was here at her flat to give her dancing lessons so that he could take her on a date dancing.

“Mycroft, you’re a unicorn.”

That earned her the flattest look a Holmes had ever given her in her life—and Molly was quite sure that it was the flattest look one would ever give her.

“You can’t be real—no one takes their dates dancing anymore, and certainly no one is proficient enough to teach their dates to dance.”

“And yet here I am,” his tone was more than put out despite the fact that nothing changed in his actual body language.

“And here you are,” she replied, dropping her bags and locking the door behind her as she walked towards the middle of the room where he stood.

You think I don’t know
that I have forgotten?
that it does not nudge like a bruise
at the back of my mind, that it does not
scrape like a sore tooth
does not linger like a touch not quite
I know I cannot
the thought that dances
out of reach, but I know
the space where it is lacking.
I know I have forgotten
even though I do not know
—  February 11

Thank you @maddest-0f-hatters for tagging me to post the 10 songs that I’ve been listening to lately! ❤️

1. Old Man by Neil Young
2. Carry On by CSN
3. The Needle and the Damage Done by Neil Young
4. Blood Runs Cold by Def Leppard
5. Would? By Alice In Chains
6. Release by Pearl Jam
7. All I Want is Everything by Def Leppard
8. Atlanta by Stone Temple Pilots
9. Dancing out in Space by David Bowie
10. Turn to Dust by Def Leppard

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So I just got tagged by @the-capaldian-wench to reveal all my secrets online

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a / age - 42 - The meaning of life, the universe, and everything.

b / biggest fear – I faced that already. That and the moment I fail to be useful.

c / current time – 14:28

d / drink you had last – Sprite Zero

f / favourite song – According to iTunes, it’s Bowie - Dancing Out in Space.

g / ghosts are real? – Not until it’s peer reviewed.

h / homeareacountry – Charleston, SC - live in Helsinki, Finland

i / in love with - (My husband), and Peter Capaldi of course. ;)

j / jealous of – Nothing

k / kink - Something to do with floof and scroof.

l / last time you cried? – The day the music died. (When the floof chose to leave with the rest of him.)

m / middle name- Laney. Ugh, I know.

n / number of siblings – 0

o / one wish – If not the regeneration being denied, then for fascism to stop being fashionable

p / person you last called/texted-Text @authorjoeypaul

q / questions you’re always asked – How is Helsinki different from Charleston? Why do you live in Finland?

r / reasons to smile - I don’t have many right now, but I’m alive so maybe that counts for something, or not, depending on who you ask.

s / song last sang – We Do What We Can - old Sheryl Crow song

t/ time you woke up – 8am

u / underwear colour – heather grey

v / vacation destination – Swindon, where my friends are.

w / worst habit – Generally not being good enough at the given thing.

x / xrays you have had – Wrist, shoulder, head, ankle, lungs, abdomen, so on, and so on.

y / your favourite food – Pizza

z / zodiac sign – Capricorn

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Tears (Bambam sad/fluffy)

{summary: Bambam calls you crying begging you to come down to the studio.

{main characters: Bambam, y/n.

{word count: 514

You laid on your bed waiting to hear from BamBam. You had been worrying about him lately because he wasn’t taking care of himself, he wasn’t eating, and refused to even come out of that dance studio until he was completely sure he the dance was spot on. you spaced out thinking about anything and everything. you were completely in another world, until your phone rang, causing you to fall of your bed. You pulled yourself up reaching for the phone. You pressed the large green button waiting to hear the voice you longed for. Instead you heard quiet sobs “bambam?” “y/n, can y-you come d-d-down to the s-studio?” he 

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ig things i would appreciate in a s/o:

-not super affectionate, respects my need for personal time + space, will dance w me @ mexican parties, try out food w me, not mind me farting a lot bc of those GI issues man. Share lots of my interests, be willing to visit family uh idk what else bc i dont really have a type