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badass soprano songs [x]
a list of songs with notes that go up into the stratosphere (requested by rocioolayab​)

many a new day (oklahoma!) // a little bit in love (wonderful town) // i could be happy with you (the boy friend) // waitin’ for my dearie (brigadoon) // i could have danced all night (my fair lady) // my white knight (the music man) // when did i fall in love (fiorello!) // before i gaze at you again (camelot) // much more (the fantasticks) // one boy (bye bye birdie) // i feel pretty (west side story) // far from the home i love (fiddler on the roof) // i loved (jacques brel is alive and well and living in paris) // take care of this house (1600 pennsylvania avenue) // green finch and linnet bird (sweeney todd) // unexpected song (song and dance) // how could i ever know (the secret garden) // children of the wind (rags) // he plays the violin (1776) // if i were a bell (guys & dolls) // vanilla ice cream (she loves me) // ribbons down my back (hello, dolly!) // bill (show boat) // lovely (a funny thing happened on the way to the forum) // christmas lullably (songs for a new world) // in his eyes (jekyll & hyde) // glitter and be gay (candide) // your daddy’s son (ragtime) // cry like the wind (do re mi) // follow your heart (urinetown) // on the steps of the palace (into the woods) // popular (wicked) // love, look away (flower drum song) // the beauty is (the light in the piazza) // simple little things (110 in the shade) // come home (allegro) // cute boys with short haircuts (vanities) // goodbye, little dream, goodbye (anything goes) // think of me (phantom of the opera) // sweet thursday (pipe dream) // not a day goes by (merrily we roll along) // rosa’s confession (the mystery of edwin drood) // in my own little corner (cinderella) // climb ev'ry mountain (the sound of music) // i don’t know what i’d do (a gentleman’s guide to love and murder) // never (on the twentieth century) // getting to know you (the king and i)

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Sensory Snapshots

“the five senses” of simple, pleasant moments that capture each sign. 

ARIES IS // Fast legs and faster hearts just as dawn breaks. Numbness from scraped kneecaps and bloodied palms and the dizzying blur of quick sidewalks. Clattering of a chain link fence; dry laughter from desert throats – the kind that rises up from your lungs into your mouth, leaving the rusty taste of adrenaline on the tongue. Smoke lingering in your hair and on your clothes.

TAURUS IS // Standing in the dim light of a warm oven at 2am, messy hair and satin pajamas. Night air dancing in the curtains of an open window. A spoonful of peanut butter thick in your mouth – the sweet of baking cookies fills the room, mixing with the white noise of hushed radio. A gentle hand against the small of your back – an involuntary tugging at the edges of your lips.

GEMINI IS // Bright blue skies and big white clouds. Birds nests tucked in branches, and linens clipped on lines, hanging in an afternoon sun that will plant fresh freckles in ruddy cheeks. The whistle of laughter through gapped teeth. The smell of fresh cut grass from between bare toes, and the stickiness of thumbs wiping the pink and yellow of cotton candy from corners of crooked smiles.

CANCER IS // Early Sunday morning – soft eyes with heavy lids open slow to a familiar room, the walls bathed in shadows and faded lighting. The quiet patter of rain drops against the roof, and the deep rolling thunder. Being surrounded by the soothing scent of home and down feather pillows. The overwhelming comforting weight of blankets draped over tired bones, wrapped tight in the warmth of sleep and rumbling of storms.

LEO IS // Summer kissed skin, big sunglasses and floppy hats. Bright skies over dry fields laced with endless rows of sunflowers – the floral perfume mingling with thick July air. The hot breeze fluttering under a loose tank top, frayed cuffs of denim shorts with holes in the pockets, against your legs. Ripe strawberries in open mouths, the smiling voices of friends singing loud and off key.

VIRGO IS // Crisp, white sheets on a freshly made bed, the corners creased and smoothed down with precision and care. The smell of morning mist and steam rising from the brim of freshly steeped peppermint tea. Ticking analog clocks, rustling papers and the echo of hurried footsteps on wet pavement. The cool glass of a foggy window against your cheek. The quiet hum of waiting.

LIBRA IS // The pink of sunrise filtering through half-open blinds, cast over silk sheets. Opening windows and being greeted by the wafting scents of breakfast and pastries. Tucking hands into the pockets of a new sundress. Sidewalk sounds of birds and bicycle bells and cafe conversations. A thick, creamy smoothie with chunks of fruit stuck in the straw.

SCORPIO IS // The harvest moon, full and round and golden, peaking out from behind clouds that wisp around her like ghosts. The hollowed hooting of owls and sudden rustle of dry leaves. A breeze that raises goosebumps under sweater sleeves. Rich, dark chocolate on your teeth, and lungs full of crisp autumn air – the eerie peaceful of nighttime.

SAGITTARIUS IS // Speeding down an empty road, windows down, wind in your hair and squinting eyes. Crackling bonfires on a river bank, embers dancing as the sun slips behind the horizon. Marshmallows melted to the roofs of mouths – smell of fireworks, and mud on damp skin. The chirping of crickets and boisterous conversations of close friends.

CAPRICORN IS // Midnight all alone – soaking in the almost silence of fresh snowfall. Glowing street lamps illuminating crystallized puffs of breath and streets coated in sparkling, powder white. The burn of hot, black coffee on your tongue and warmth of the cup through knitted mittens on your hands. The still, winter air full of aged evergreen.

AQUARIUS IS // A little shop in your hometown you never noticed before. Dusty books in foreign letters and saturated fabrics, old typewriters and odd lamps. The unique vibration of a phonograph drifts through air that smells like ginger, and something that can’t quite be placed. It leaves spice on the tongue. Tingling of curiosity buzzing under the skin.

PISCES IS // A midday picnic on the beach. Sunshine glittering on the sea, its shore decorated by delicate shells and colored umbrellas. Toes sinking slowly into wet sand as waves wash over them, the rhythmic ebbing and flowing of tides. Distinct scents of sunscreen and sea foam – the sweetness in a juicy mouthful watermelon. The haze of a dreamy day.

BTS Reaction to their S/O loving thunderstorms/severe weather


Jin would be a little shocked at first at how excited you got when you heard the faint rumble of thunder in the distance. He would find it cute and asked you to explain why you liked weather like this rather than sunny days. As you talked, he set up a little cozy nest near the window full of blankets and a few snacks. Though it wasn’t his thing, if it was yours, he’d love it with you. “Ready to watch the storm, sweetie?”

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Yoongi would smile a bit. He never really found anybody who liked thunderstorms as much as he did. You both grew excited and talked about how you loved the sound of the pouring rain on the roof, the loud cracks of thunder and the greyness of the sky. He would snuggle you in a blanket and kiss you softly. “I didn’t think rainy days could be any better… but I think spending these rainy days with you, made it perfect…” he’d mumble as he cuddled you until you both calmly fell asleep.

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Hoseok would be a bit confused at first due to his love of bright warm days. As he saw how excited you got at such weather, he would get excited too! Though he would slightly jump with some loud cracks and bright flashes of lightning, he would love it. His jumps make you laugh, which make him smile and hold on to you tightly. “Oooo… I like sunny days more. Though the rain is starting to grow on me!”

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Namjoon loves rainy days, but not particularly thunderstorms. He didn’t mind them either way. He’d watch you staring out the window, laughing with excitement as the lightning flashed and lit up the dim house. He’d quietly sit with you and just watch you intently. “You’re such a goofball. Laughing at the thunder like that” he’d chuckle “but that’s why I love you. You’re so interesting… can you tell me why you love storms so much?” His eyes slightly sparkled with interest waiting for your words.

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Jimin just didn’t get it. He didn’t really like the rain. It made everything wet, going places was a hassle and it was so dark. Not to mention the loud noise that came with thunderstorms. He saw your eyes grow wide as the storm clouds were on the horizon. Jimin sighed at the sign of the rain. “Wait, you like these storms…? I-I’m sorry, jagi! Let’s go inside and watch it together.”

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He would be excited right there with you. He didn’t see the big deal, but he wanted to enjoy it with you. He loves trying to make you smile so why not just dance around to the rhythm the rain was tapping out on the roof with the random booms of the thunder than made the base. The Lightning gave you strobe lights to flail about to as well. He’d take your hands, wiggle your arms about and twirl you around. “I love rain dancing with you, cutie pie!” Tae would giggle as your smile grew wider.

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He would be a bit scared of the thunder but never want to admit it. He hates the way it was so loud and how it rumbled the whole house. When the storm started, he curled in bed and hid under the covers that tightly wrapped him in a cocoon. You came jumping in excitedly, squeaking about how good the storm would be. He poked his head out slightly and shrugged. “I guess… can you just hold me until it’s over….?”

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Summer Camp Gothic
  • The camp is located in the middle of the forest. It’s thick and easy to get lost in. Almost too easy. 
  • The sloppy joes are delicious, even with the palatable taste of metal. 
  • A girl named Erin left her cabin last night and has disappeared. No one is looking for her, no one even remembers her. But she existed. You saw her. She existed. 
  • Everyone gathers around the campfire and sing songs well into the night. It’s not until the second to last song that you realize that they are chants. Are you summoning something, or are you banishing?
  • The councilors have a list of fun activities for you: archery, woodwork, sports, rune carving, incense making, even one on how to speak this archaic language no one’s heard of before.
  • One night you wake to the sound of something clumsily dancing on the roof. It’s unnatural, unnerving, and it doesn’t stop. You tell the councilors the next day. Their faces twist into grimaces and say that you were probably dreaming. You were wide awake the whole time.
  • The lake is off limits; no one is allowed to swim there. One boy throws caution to the wind and does so anyway. He holds his breath and ducks down, and is never seen again
  • There’s a camp garden that everyone helps out with. There are fruits, veggies, and this strange looking flower that likes to smell you back.
  • Years later you decided to look up more information about that camp. Hours of research prove fruitless and you find, much to your growing unease, there’s no record of it ever existing. 
LadyNoir July Day 3: Explosive

Chat Noir wins the race, and earns a kiss from his Lady.  (This is a continuation from yesterdays drabble.  The rest of these are all separate unless notes otherwise.) 

“Ha!  I win!” Chat did a little victory dance around the roof, in spite of being winded.

“Only by a whisker, Chat,” Labybug panted, her hands braced on her knees.

“Wait a minute,” Chat froze and glanced gleefully at his partner.  “I won!  That means I get a kiss!”

Ladybug’s eyes widened and he could see a faint blush spreading from beneath her mask as she straightened.  “Oh!  Damnit, I thought I had you.  Curse those long legs of yours!  When are you going to be done growing?”

Chat laughed delightedly.  “I think it was less about my stride and more about the motivation.”  He waggled his eyebrows suggestively, sauntering over to stand close and nudge her shoulder.               “Then again, maybe that’s why you cheated.  You knew you couldn’t take me in a fair contest.”

“Excuse me?”  She glared at him, and stepped closer to jab her finger into his chest.  “I beat you nine times out of ten, alley cat, and you know it!”

He held his hands up in a gesture of surrender, but his smile didn’t waver.  “Of course I do.  But today wasn’t one of those nine times, was it?”

“Oooooh!”  She flushed again, and this time he knew it was frustration coloring her cheeks.

“A bet’s a bet, my lady.”  Her eyes flashed, and he leaned back with a frown.  “But you know, I won’t make you kiss me, if you don’t actually want to.  That would be—mpf!”

She’d grabbed his face and yanked him down to hers, silencing his words with her mouth.  It threw him off balance and he stumbled against her a bit, his arms going to her hips in a reflexive effort to steady himself.  But then the anger seemed to leave her, and her lips began to move tentatively over his.  Rather than releasing her, his hands tightened almost of their own accord.  He angled his head to increase the pressure, just as her tongue slipped out to slide along the seam of his lips.  He opened his mouth with a groan and met the hesitant exploration of her tongue with his own.

The sensations were new to him, as he thought they must be new to her.  It was—it was amazing, and he wanted to just go on kissing her like this forever.  He tugged on her hips, pulling her body flush against him.  He’d held her close many times before, but never like this.  Never in this context.  And when they touched, their world shifted a bit, making them stumble.

Ladybug tore herself away from him, with alarm writ over her features.

“Wow.”  He touched his lips wonderingly.

“Yeah,” she said, looking over the city distractedly.  “That felt like an explosion.”

He cocked his head thoughtfully, his eyes shining.  “I wouldn’t have described it like that, but I love that you found it explosive.”

She blinked.  “No, Chat, that wasn’t—I mean, the kiss was great, but that was a real explosion.”  She pointed to a rising plume of smoke with her yoyo already in hand.

“Oh, uh, right.  Well, this is awkward.”

“Be awkward later, Chaton.  Come on, we have to go!”

Ladybug took off, and Chat followed close on her heels.  “Stupid Hawkmoth,” he mumbled.  “Stupid akuma.”

The villain and his champion had just cemented their spots at the very tippy-top of Chat Noir’s shit list.

Your Love Bizarre

OK folks, I have combined three challenges into this doozy! All prompts will be in bold; song lyrics in italics. Also a shout out to @ilostmyshoe-79 and a really late birthday fic!!

@chelsea072498‘s Prince’s Let’s Go Crazy Challenge: The song I choose was “Love Bizarre” with Sheila E and my prompt is: Seeking shelter from the storm, they made their first mistake.

@melissaj616‘s Follower and Birthday Celebration: My prompt is:  “Maybe I have a few secrets you haven’t discovered yet.” (HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!!)

@iwantthedean‘s SoCo Summer Writing Challenge and my prompt is:  “I will be singing only to you.”

Although not SUPER kinky, it is probably the kinkiest smut I have ever smutted. 

Word Count: just shy of 3200

Warnings: Threesome, use of a DP strap on; DP; Dom/Sub relations; Skype sex; anal sex, vaginal sex, all kinds of sex, unprotected sex, cum feeding

Pairing: Dean x Reader x Sam (no Wincest)

A huge thank you to @helvonasche, @madamelibrarian and @when-the-day–met-the-night for the beta. 

NSFW image under the cut

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pt1/5 y'know sometimes i think abt ym and the eras... like you've got pre-debut and you could already see yg was so fond of jm and jm looked up to yg alot and loved his attention, then into debut 2013... yg with a little crush, maybe, not that he'd admit it and so gentle w/ jm but not being able to stop himself sometimes (*cough*rookieking*cough*)... then into 2014 and jm starts realising his feelings abt yg go beyond a dongsaeng looking up to his hyung... both a little confused and excited

‘Why am i so proud?’ and ‘suga-hyung, do you want to kiss?’… also those selfies jm tweeted about yg’s teddy bear liking him and the kissing the bear looking… kinda drunk and h*rny ngl… then early 2015… i need u… both of them realising their feelings fully and that their mutual and the flirting/playfulness just goes through the roof but still they’re dancing around each other… but then later half of 2015… mint and orange… run… smth Happened cause the trepidation/slight awkwardness (rooming together in kota anyone?) disappeared and they were honestly All Over Each Other (isac, mama, end of year awards, esp the one w/ perfect man)… then into 2016… young forever… that moment in the yf bts where jm looks at yg like he’s dying… like he’s finally realising how goddamn in love he is… ntm yg’s bday and all that Happened w/ that… yk/ik… the sweater… ‘ is it smth small but twinkle’ (??? confirmed yg wants to elope w/jm)… the way jm acted throughout that entire v live tbh and the now infamous ‘i stayed up all night talking with jiminie’… smiling like it’s hands down best thing to ever happen to him and then further into the year…wings.. Ym in the bst mv… interesting how ym were probably one of the most explicitly coded romantic/sexual pairings in the storyline yet yg and jm are famously known as the ones that can’t act…then the Revelation of jm going’s yg’s house for chuseok break… all award shows where they were, tbh, Obviously Together… all of yg’s obvious staring when jm’s speaking…. The flower vases @ yg’s mum’s restaurant… the comfortable and intimate boyfriend poses in pictures… and so concludes our trip down yoonmin memory lane thanks for being one of the best blogs/people out there and keep doing you


This gency week is so exciting and I can’t wait to see what everyone else did for the event! Here ya go dolls~

Gency Week 2.0: Day 1 — Couple. Fluff. Angst. Soulmate AU.

Her mother had it on her right cheek bone. She was proud, excited, that her love would touch her face at the first thought of love towards her. Pappa stroked her cheek before brushing back a strand of hair, and gasped quietly when the black burst into blue, white and yellow.

Her father was lucky to have his concealed on the inside of his arm. A handprint, light and framed, waiting for her touch. They were kissing when she held onto him, and the dark velvet spot rearranged to pink, orange and purple upon his skin.

Soulmate marks. Depthless, almost like a black hole. Mysterious, and irremovable. Everyone has one, formed on one’s skin sometime before adulthood. The moment the person destined to one’s heart touches one’s skin, with the thought of love, the black mark turns into bright, vibrant colors.

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SLBP + Dancing (Western Style)

Now with bonus side characters - gifs to come when my computer isn’t being horrible


West Coast Swing

Making something incredibly complex look breezy, effortless, and fun? Check. Hideyoshi, in contrast to poor Inuchiyo is a great dancer and a better lead – he’ll talk you through what to do and when, but still surprise you with a sudden throw or flip just because he secretly likes when he can fluster you. Aside from those moments, it’s all about making sure his partner has fun, feels light as air, and leaves the dancefloor with a smile. The one downside is that this makes him an incredibly popular partner, and he’s not the best at saying no.


Virginia Reel/Square-Dancing

Toshiie can’t dance, okay. No way. He would try and learn for you, and it would be such a hilarious disaster that you’d both get kicked out of leave lessons laughing hysterically (well you would be laughing hysterically, he’d be an embarrassed grumpy sourpuss about it until your laughter catches on). Boy can’t even manage a passable waltz for you, which, that’s okay, because you love him and he tries. BUT he can probably manage to square dance, because he is given extremely clear instructions on what to do and when to do it. He refuses to have anyone else be his partner, though. Probably ends up picking you up more than is actually called for, because you can’t reach otherwise.

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