dancing on the brain

we are reality in high definition colour,
with hearts like time bombs and our
lungs are the only thing adaptable
about us. we dance to feel something
and drink to forget but our brains are
like the alarms that keep snoozing
because we can’t not forget
because every memory we try to erase
by drowning in alcohol, is etched in
our minds like tattoos we regret making
because we praise ourselves for being
the most intelligent species the Earth
has given birth to, but its funny how
that’s what kills us anyway.


- he keeps a triplegriff in a tent and called it Frank
- keeps a dragon in a tent
- keeps a dead child in a tent
- fiyaaaa
- keeps his life in a tent, lost the tent
- posh as fuck
- hair is explosive
- has 100,000 science children
- meme
- keeps the neurotoxins next to the tea
- abducts random ppl and calls it ‘friendship’
- once flirted with a space rhino via interpretive dance?
- brain is 89% bird calls 70% repression 20% ginger
- too hufflepuff
- cannot control his kleptomaniac platypus
- overly concerned with the bees
- overly concerned with the hedgehogs
- david Attenbourg owns his entire soul
- once fought wizard Hitler
- once fought wizard Illuminati
- tea
- r e p r e s s i o n
- s c i e n c e
- lost all of his 100,000 science children
- is actually ginger wizard me


HIP-HOP the four elements

Dj / Mc’s / Graffiti / Break Dance

“A lot of times, when people say Hip-Hop, they don’t know what they’re talking about. They just think of the rappers. When you talk about hip-hop, you’re talking about the whole culture and movement. You have to take the whole culture for what it is.” Afrika Bambaataa

Maladaptive Daydreaming.

“Everybody does it!”

Oh. Does everybody pace back and forth for hours; index finger automatically clicking the volume up, louder, until they feel the music leak into every possible corner of their brain?

Do they see their characters dance, fight, make love or sing along with the songs they so carefully chose?

Can they watch a movie without imagining their own movie in their heads?

Does it take them hours longer to complete chores? (Dirty laundry is much less interesting than playing pretend).

Are their universes as complex as a novel? Do their character’s emotions ebb and flow like verses of poetry?

Do their daydreams terrify them?

Do they feel what their characters feel? Do they feel the slightest bit insulted that they call their teammates, their creations, their friends and family simply…characters…?

Do they think that their daydreams tease them with images of lives far more grand and exciting than the mundane grey word they’re forced by physics to live in?

Oh, dear.

Everybody daydreams.

But not all dreams are adaptive.

  • Someone: Who us your bias in BTS?
  • Me: Which one?
  • Someone: What?
  • Me: Well there is my visual princess bias, my lazy but not bias, my smiles and sunshine bias, my sexy brain bias, my dancing booty bias, my tries to be manly but is never not cute bias, and then the can't talk to women bias.
  • I'm trying to write an essay, so obviously my brain goes nope instead
  • Neil: Andrew dance with me
  • Andrew: Ew no
  • Neil: Matt dance with me
  • Andrew: Move out of the way fucker
Heathers the Musical:

Beautiful: I hate this place— nvm I’m hot.

Candy Store: This is entirely over something petty, but look at our dance moves

Fight for Me:  Violence is my turn on.

Freeze your Brain: Who needs cocaine when you can succ the slush.

Big Fun: My liver says please stop but my brain says please continue.

Dead Girl Walking: I need JD’s J-dICK.

Me Inside of Me: I achieved ultimate popularity through death

Blue: Fuckbois sing about their balls. Literally that’s all it is.

Our Love is God:  Murder is always the way + STOP BEING A DICK

Dead Gay Son: Our sons’ deaths made us realize we’re gay. 

Seventeen: JD what the fuck, murder is not okay

Shine a Light: Your flaws are good!!!!!!!!

Lifeboat: People are dying and that means I have to take the bus

Shine a Light Reprise: YouR FLAWS AREN’T GOOD.

Kindergarten Boyfriend: I kept a scab in a locket because love.

Yo Girl: Yo girl, your ex is coming to mURDer you. + mom trying to help


Dead Girl Walking Reprise: On my way to kick your ass.

Damaged: Time to die because you kicked my ass.

Seventeen Reprise: I’m done with all this highschool shit let’s go watch Princess Bride.

Love on the Brain

Request: Can u make a Bucky smut one shot w the song “love on the brain” by Rihanna and then dancing to it in the kitchen which leads to smut??

Summary: Bucky convinces the Reader to dance with him and things turn steamy when they get into the kitchen. 

Warnings: Smutty McSmutSmut (just [receiving] oral), Sergeant kink.

A/N: I’m so sorry it took me so long to get this out. Thank you for being patient! I also haven’t heard Love on the Brain before today so bear with my lack of music knowledge. Enjoy!

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Friday was historic day in the world of electronic music, because on that day, the great and enigmatic ZHU released his highly anticipated debut album, Generationwhy! There’s no denying that this producer has been one of the most influential artists in the dance scene since he mysteriously appeared with his very first tracks, and his rise has been no less than meteoric. ZHU has been thrilling us with reveals from his album over the past months, and as the record dropped, he also unveiled a new cut named Hometown Girl. Get ready for a very different side of ZHU when you dive into this dreamy track. Gone are the deep murky vocals and the carnal slamming bass. This is a soft sensitive, melting sublime ZHU more on the synthpopping side of spectrum. Hometown Girl gently bounces with warm gooey, sugary sweet feels, a laid back dance groover that somehow manages to make us fall in love with ZHU even more. Can I be your hometown girl, ZHU? After all, I’m from the San Francisco Bay! ZHU will be playing a bevy of fests this summer and into the fall, including Bumbershoot, Life Is Beautiful, CRSSD, and Treasure Island in San Francisco, which I greatly look forward to. Grab your digital copy of ZHU’s Generationwhy from iTunes.

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