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The traditional Altean masquerade ball! Neither was particularly interested in it, but Lance bet Pidge couldn’t get the juniberri princess to dance with her, there was no way she could refuse it, right? And maybe it turns out the princess is not so bad…

For the @alluraotomeweek day 1 - Princess

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I’m having a proper ‘Simming Sunday’ today and I’ve loaded up my latest Pleasantview save to do makeovers. *happy dance* All the awesome TS2 on my dash lately have made really inspired. ^^ 

Anyhow, I realized that I hadn’t posted pictures of some of the makeovers I’ve already finished so here’s the first of the ugly white boxes! :D

aethirium  asked:

11 for Izuocha (or Kacchako because air I breathe, rip me) because your writing is superb and I need some on my dash 💖

11. Dancing in the living room for Izuocha

Izuku stepped in the house with Ochako trailing not far behind, flopping on the nearest couch with an exhale. He watched as his wife barely had time to sit down before the kitchen timer they set before the mission blared, startling the both of them. 

“I’ll get it,” she said with a sigh, heaving herself out of the chair and heading to the kitchen. 

“A-Are you sure? I could always go get it,” Izuku said, lifting his arm to scratch the back of his neck. 

“It’s your birthday! Of course I’ll get it,” she said with that unrelenting positivity that attracted him to her in the first place. His life had been full of bullying and feeling like he wasn’t enough, but with her he felt like he could do anything. 

He felt strong. 

Ochako carried the two plates to the table with a weary smile, and Izuku’s brows drew in concern. Even though dinner looked delicious, he was worried about his wife’s well being. 

“What are you waiting for?” Ochako asked, snapping him out of his thoughts. Smells of his favorite dish filled his nose, and Izuku could almost taste it on his tongue as his legs carried him with abandon to the kitchen table. Sinking into the chair next to hers, the both began to eat steadily. 

After the meal was finished and plates were cleared, Ochako came back with a small rectangular box and a soft smile on her face. Setting it in front of him, she nodded for him to open it. 

Once he peeked inside, Izuku found tiny shoes. “Ochako, I don’t think these will fit me.” 

She giggled. “They’re not meant to fit you,” she said slyly, and Izuku’s eyes widened in realization. 

He was going to be a father, and Ochako a mother. 

Though his legs were stiff, weak and tired, he gathered his wife into his arms and embraced her gently but with excitement. “We’re going to be parents,” he whispered into her ear, and she nodded with a grin. After their embrace was over, he continued to hold her but sway back and forth, back and forth. 

“What are you doing?” she asked with a chuckle, and his eyes lifted to hers. 

“Dance with me, Ochako,” he replied as their eyes met. Ochako smiled as she wrapped her arms around his neck. 

Together, they danced in the living room with their eyes locked on each other, reminded of why they fell in love all those years ago.

Hope you liked it, friend! I had to make it super cute at the end lol

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