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RFA + When They Realize They’re In Love

ohhh, look a headcanon/scenario post! :D this was a whole lot longer than i originally planned, but oh well!! i played around with each of their stories, so i hope you don’t mind <3 <b>you can find JAEHEE, JUMIN and 707′s under the cut! if you have any requests, feel free to shoot them my way. anyway, i hope you enjoy!



Yoosung thinks he’s sick.

His heart starts palpitating, his palms grow sweaty and he’s so out-of-focus that he’s losing his streak on the LOLOL leadership boards. He downs a cup of coffee, glaring at his bedroom clock, which stared back with a 22:12pm in bright blue lights. It’s way too early to be feeling tired, he thinks.

He sighs, exiting the server and letting the game’s background music blast through his computer’s speakers. He places a hand to his neck, feeling for a warm temperature, only to end up confused as he realizes he’s not even remotely feverish. Worriedly, he calls her up, sure that she would know what’s up with him.

“Hey [Name],” he says, going back to his desk to take another swig of coffee. He joins another server, hoping LOLOL would help calm his nerves. Why was he always so nervous when he was talking with her? He prattles on about his supposed “symptoms” as he patiently waits to be connected to the server.

“Sounds like you’re in love,” she suddenly blurts out. He almost sprays his coffee all over his computer at those words. He can tell she’s joking. She was joking, right? Right? He tries to come up with a reply, but all that comes out of him is a strangled sound. He hears her laughing from the other end. “Ohhh, bulls-eye! Who’s the lucky person? Is it me you’ve fallen for?”

Yoosung’s eyes widen at this, and his heart feels like it’s about to burst out of his chest and start tap-dancing on his desk. He’s stunned to a silence; his mind is racing, wondering whether or not to confirm her statement. Well, that would certainly explain why he always felt so worked up around her. Before he could even answer her question, he hears her awkward laughter on the other end of the phone.

“Hey, I was kidding! Playing some LOLOL might calm your nerves, but I suggest not staying up too late. It might actually be a fever, after all.” Yoosung manages to quickly blurt out an apology as well as a thank you, before wishing her a good night and ending the call without waiting for her reply. He leans back on his chair, staring at the cream-colored ceiling above him.

It’s when he places both of his hands on his chest and feels the rhythmic thumping of his heart. It’s when he tries to steady his breathing, and when he finally does, he remembers what she said and wheezes. It’s when he realizes that he knows the answer to her earlier question, but he was too shy, too scared to actually answer her. It’s when he makes a promise to tell her, face-to-face and unabashedly, one day. Yoosung’s eyes linger to his desk clock.

It’s at 22:17pm on a LOLOL-filled Tuesday night that he realizes that he’s completely, head-over-heels in love with her.


Zen can’t sleep.

He’s lying in bed, positively tired after a day’s work. He knew he did well earlier, yes, but his own self-reassuring thoughts did very little for his nerves. Ever since the whole hacking situation, he’s been on edge during his performances; he can’t help but be upset at himself for not giving his all for his audiences.

Despite being an “egotistical prick”, as Jumin calls it, he was often hit by waves of doubt during these late sleepless nights. His self-reassuring thoughts began to shift into ones of doubt, pushing him to twist and turn in his suddenly uncomfortable bed.

Was he a genuinely good actor? Did people watch his musicals for his talents or for his looks? Would he ever be more than just a handsome face up on the stage? He was jolted back to reality by the sudden ringing of his cellphone. He begrudgingly reached out to view the caller ID: [Name].

Without a second thought, he immediately answers the call. Her cheerful voice was tinged with a hint of her own weariness. He feels his heart begin to swell, savoring the way her voice says his name. “Can’t sleep either?” he says, genuinely happy to find her calling him out of all the other RFA members.

“Yeah,” he hears her say. “I was hoping you were awake. I’m glad I was actually right.” His chest tightens at this, and he can’t help but smile at the thought of her thinking about him at such an hour. He finds a sort of solace in her, thankful for her constant presence amidst all the happenings in his life.

The two converse, and he finds the weight on his shoulders gradually become lighter. His heart is both calm and erratic, and he finds himself laughing together with her, despite being miles apart. When he hears her congratulate him for the show he put on, for being such an amazing actor on-stage, for doing so well, even if he may not believe so, he almost starts crying.

“You’re doing so well, Zen. I’m sure all your fans can agree that you’re doing so much more. I mean that, truly. If you ever need anyone to talk to, I’m here. So is Jaehee and the rest of the RFA,” she says from the other end of the line, and he allows himself to think that she means it. No, he knows she means it; it’s in the way that she speaks to him that he knows she’s saying nothing but the truth.

It’s when she says her good night that he catches himself almost saying it. He purses his lips, blundering out a good night of his own before slamming the END CALL button. It’s when his eyes shoot wide open, and he feels a ditzy smile gracing his lips. It’s when his self-doubting thoughts are replaced by thoughts of her. He brings his pale hands to his hair, and he can’t help but marvel at how much she affects him.

It’s when he catches himself thinking about her in wonder does he realize that he’s crazy about her.

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I’m thinking of dressing up as Georgie for our Halloween office party this year. I think it’s simple and comfortable enough also easily recognizable

Crimson Red

Pairing: Liam x Reader

Requested: Yes by anon

Warning: Dom!Alpha!Reader, Sub!Liam, vaginal sex, 18+ please, puppy, swearing

masterlist / coming soon

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

His eyes traveled down your body, underneath his, the red lace bra standing out covering your breasts. He sucked in a breath, your matching lips smirking as the blush rose onto his cheeks. “Want me to take control, puppy?” You whispered, not waiting for a reply; you pushed at his shoulders, you being stronger than him it was no problem.

You hovered his body, releasing your claws and scratching down his shirt, ripping it in half. You licked your crimson red lips, eyeing his defined abs, before kissing down them. Your lips against his chest sent shivers through his body, goosebumps jumping out and hairs standing up. “Oh my god,” he gasped, when your hand slid into the waistband of his boxers, wrapping them around his cock.

“You like that, puppy?”

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Can I have headcannons or scenerios where the s/o of Bakugou, Todoroki, Midoriya and Kirishima (seperately) has a mirroring quirk where they can copy the looks of whoever she chooses and one day decides to copy them and be embarassing in the guy's bodies (possibly around 1-A)? As in dancing on desks, kissing in the copied body, behaving with the wrong personality, dressing up different, Etc.?

Bakugou Katsuki:

  • He absolutely hates this. He’s the original and the best Bakugou! His stupid S/O needs to stop trying to be him!
  • Hates it even more when his S/O starts doing weird things looking like him
    • “Kirishima, you are my best friend! Izuku, I’m sorry we grew apart.”
  • Class 1-A pays his S/O for them to say or do something as Bakugou
    • The girls love paying them to have Bakugou say really cheesy romance lines.
    • The guys like having fake Bakugou walk up to someone outside of class and act friendly. Scares the shit out of the other classes
  • Their classmates are terrified because there are two Bakugou’s now. It was hard enough dealing with one…
  • His S/O is really good at imitating him, so much so that it gets hards to tell them apart.

Todoroki Shouto:

  • He does not even bat an eye. If his S/O wants to be him, he’s fine with it.
  • He thinks it’s entertaining when they walk next to each other and people think they are seeing double.
  • Thinks it’s funny when his S/O tries to act like themselves while looking like him. Emotional Todoroki definitely turns some heads…
    • “Ah! I love this song!”
    • “That’s good, but keep it quiet, you’re using my voice and scaring others.”
  • He doesn’t mind kissing his S/O while it’s him they look like. He doesn’t understand why they do it so often, but as long as they are happy.
  • Poor Izuku gets overwhelmed when his S/O tries to prank him
    • “Midoriya would you like to eat lunch together?”
    • “Yes Midoriya it would be good to sit and talk during our break.”
    • “T-Todoroki-kun… and T-Todoroki-kun?”

Midoriya Izuku:

  • He’s not sure whether to be impressed by how cool his S/O’s quirk is or that they would take the time to pretend to be him.
  • He likes to take notes on how accurate his S/O’s quirk is when copying something. Everything is nearly perfect: the appearance, the voice, the movements
  • He blushes profusely when his S/O flirts with him as well… him! He finds it really endearing that they compliment him so much
    • “Izu-kun, I had no idea how soft your hair was!”
    • “Wah!? I-it’s not that soft!”
  • His S/O likes to act as a more confident and badass Izuku to scare their classmates when original Izuku is out of the room. Poor Izuku comes back in to people staring at him in confusion.
  • Works well on the battle field as well. Training exercise where they are paired together usually end with the two playing mind games with the opposite teams.

Kirishima Eijiro:

  • He’s impressed and so very honored that his S/O would want to pretend to be him. Imitation is the highest form of flattery after all.
  • Will give his S/O pointers if they mess up on his personality
    • “No no! You gotta put your arm into it more!”
    • “Like this Eijiro-kun?”
  • He enjoys having his S/O and him mess around with Bakugou. He’ll stand on one side of him and his S/O on the other. They’ll wait and see how long it takes for him to notice their are two Kirishimas
    • Most of the time… Bakugou does not notice.
    • The one time he did though, Bakugou got up and left the classroom. He didn’t return for the rest of the day
  • His S/O once wore a skirt while looking like Kirishima in an attempt to embarrass him. Turns out Kirishima thought he looked really good in a skirt and wants to but kilts now.
  • He’ll happily kiss himself. It’s still his S/O after all and they’ve kept him entertained all day. 

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Do you do SHINee? Could you do a bodyguard AU with them too like you did for BTS? If not I'm so sorry and please just disregard this!!

i usually don’t do shinee but my ult bias is onew so a lil special thing for u


  • is the only one with probably a license to be a bodyguard. as in like he took classes to be able to do this
  • is usually just a friendly dad. likes motivating the other bodyguards with pep-talks 
  • greets you every morning with the same phrase and it’s kinda weird kinda endearing ??? 
  • wears the all black suit, but his ID badge is yellow with pineapples drawn on it and it’s honestly like the cutest thing
  • insists that carrying you over small puddles of water is a must
  • thinks he looks cool with the sunglasses on and it’s true you’re like “onew, you look so serious and suave” and he’s like thank you…….but then does a corny smile in secret 
  • you caught him trying to calm down a crying child but he really didn’t know what to do like it was obvious he was getting nowhere
  • so you went over and scooped the kid up in your arms and just petted their hair and soothed them with your voice
  • and onew watches you with like complete enchantment because he’s like hOW did you DO THAt ………what is the magic trick
  • and you just giggle and you’re like there’s no magic!!!
  • and in that moment onew is pretty sure he’s meet the love of his life (you) and that hopefully in the future ………..this cute impromptu family is…….a real family


  • hums the james bond theme song in inappropriate situations 
  • winks at you whenever you ask him to do something and he’s like “you got it captain *wink wink wink* *finger guns* *failed attempt at backflip*”
  • the other guards are like sT O P being embarrassing but you love it honestly you applaud jonghyun for always having so much energy no matter what
  • bodyguards aren’t allowed to have piercings but jonghyun (if he did have one and let’s say for the sake of this au he does) would totally be like “im not taking out my eyebrow piercing. or another piercing on a part of my body none of you can see”
  • jonghyun turning around to look @ you “unless the boss wants to see-” key probably: “THEY DONT CALM DOWN”
  • switches his ear piece out with his headphones during long meetings or whatever and tries not to be obvious about it
  • but everyone can hear the usher playing at full volume jonghyun please
  • “can i finally have my own gun?” “no jonghyun.” “why not?” “we gave you a baton last time and you bedazzled it” “it was blingbl-” “NO. IT IS A WEAPON.”
  • you were up all night writing up documents for a big official treaty and jonghyun was your overnight guard and at some point it’s 4 am and you’re like i CANt…..do this anymore
  • and jonghyun appears with some tea and snacks or w/e and he’s like “i know what will help.”
  • and you’re like …….??? and jonghyun’s like “it’s my super secret super special talent show”
  • and he proceeds to literally….touch his elbow with his tongue. and that’s it. 
  • and you’re sitting there, tired out of your mind and there’s bodyguard jonghyun licking his elbow and yoU SWeaR ITS THE FUNNIEST THING
  • you laugh so HARd you fall off your chair and jonghyun rushes over worried but you’re just laughing as he holds you and soon enough he’s laughing too and you two are just being so loud the other guards come in like ???? but it’s just you two laughing and …….maybe after you’re literally sick of laughing you lean up and kiss jonghyun as a thank you for making you feel better and jonghyun may or may not does a victory dance


  • “you see this manicure? you see how nice my nails are? it’s because it makes it easier for me to CLAW OUT YOUR EYES YOU DIPSHIT GET AWAY FROM MY BOSS” 
  • is always the voice of reason, but also the voice of crippling criticism 
  • designer suit, designer shoes, designer gun if that’s possible idk but imagine
  • people underestimate his strength as a bodyguard, but rather than being strong physically key is really smart and always makes sure to have three-four back up plans if anything goes wrong. that and he has good aim so if anything he’ll pick up the nearest object and throw it at an attacker if necessary 
  • this once happened and the nearest object was taemin’s phone. you can imagine how that turned out
  • you and key have inside jokes about everyonE like EVERYONE because key gets all the gossip from all the other bodyguards and he’s just like “heY did you hear what the prime minister of france did, well let me tell-”
  • there was once a time where you were almost kidnapped for ransom and key was the only guard closes to you and for a second you doubted how safe you’d be with only him, but key literally shielded you with his body
  • and even though the other person was stronger, leaving key with a bruised face, key refused to move out of the way and all he did was turn and smile at you, bloodied lip and swollen eye and he promised he’d keep you safe
  • and luckily you were rescued before anything fatal happened but you had run to key who was being taken to the hospital and had cried and he’d only held your hand in his and told you that he didn’t regret anything
  • afterwords, when he returned with some bandages and stuff, you were like really worried and hovering over him all the time and he was laughing about it because you’re not the bodyguard, he is
  • but tbh he liked having all your attention to himself~ 


  • is famous for his suit pants always being too short because he’s so tall
  • “choi why can i see your ankles?” “sorry, i keep getting these pants tailored but……there still too shirt”
  • jonghyun voice: “gimme some of that height there brother”
  • is like slightly oblivious when it comes to anything because he gets enchanted by your presence 
  • like literally you guys will be going over a plan and you’ll take a sip of water or tuck your hair behind your ear and all of a sudden it’s like minho is fixated only on you and key has to literally snap his fingers in front of minho’s face to get him back to attention
  • always says the bodyguards should do a soccer match against one and other but literally no one else wants to and it gets minho all sad
  • is the only one who can probably aim a weapon the right way. is even better then onew who took classes smh
  • got a tramp stamp on his lower back that says flaming good looks with the hot wheels flames and no one lets him live it down
  • you found out at the annual christmas party where jonghyun got (a BIT) tipsy when he shouldn’t have and blurted it out to you
  • and minho, who was staying by your side that night, turned cherry red and was like jONGHYUN and you were like ohohohoh let me see that tattoo
  • and minho got even more red because he’s like,,,,,,it’s on my lower back,,,, and you’re like “oH……well if you ever want to show it to me~~”
  • and minho was like wait. what. you’re .flirting ……….with???? me????
  • and you just giggled and minho went into a trance for like a week because oh my god you flirted with him and it took onew literally coming up to you and telling you to please ask minho out otherwise minho would be stuck in that state of shock for literally The Rest of His Life


  • who even let him get this job 
  • none of the other bodyguards trust him enough to like let him have a solo duty like everyone is like @ each other don’t let the boss out of your sights……….or taemin
  • got his hands on someones gun once and onew was like “everyone on lock down code red someone catch that boy”
  • taemin didn’t get it though like aren’t cool bodyguards SUPPOSED to have guns why does no one trust him is it because he keeps waving the gun around????
  • tbh he doesn’t even need a weapon his sheer presence sometimes scares people away because he has this one smile. that like. looks /off/
  • like he’ll turn and look at someone, tilt his head, smile and just stare deep deep dEEP into their soul
  • and that person will feel like they’ve been dragged into hell itself so they wouldn’t even think twice of messing with taemin
  • which is funny because on the otherside he’s a big giggly kid who stops to pet every puppy he sees
  • you once said you were stressed and taemin was like “do some dance exercises with me to unwind” and you were like omg and the other bodyguards were like no taemin you can just ask our boss to dance with you
  • and taemin, who was going through his playlist to pick a song to dance with you to was like excuse me why not
  • he picked brittney spears’s toxic and ………..well…..
  • you ended up dancing, taemin ended up ontop of your desk dancing, jonhyun ended up singing into your stapler, key caught the whole thing on his phone, minho tried to make sure taemin didn’t step on any important documents, and onew considered writing a resignation letter
  • taemin once did end up alone with you, on accident really because you meet him off duty when you had snuck off to be alone and taemin recognized you instantly and you were like SHHH and he was like “????? oH you snuck out???” and you’re like oh my god
  • and taemin’s like don’t worry, here take this
  • and he like took off his hoodie to give to you and he was like “if you ever wanna go out just tell me ill distract the hyungs for you”
  • and you put his sweater on and it was cute you were like thank you taemin,,,even tho a bodyguard really shouldn’t conspire to let me do something like this
  • but taemin just took your hand in his and was like “let’s have some fun before the hyungs find out and literally try to kill me (—–:”
  • that was the first of many cute sneaking out dates 

anonymous asked:

Can I have headcannons or scenerios where the s/o of Bakugou, Todoroki, Midoriya and Kirishima (seperately) has a mirroring quirk where they can copy the looks of whoever she chooses and one day decides to copy them and be embarassing in the guy's bodies (possibly around 1-A)? As in dancing on desks, kissing in the copied body, behaving with the wrong personality, dressing up different, Etc.?

Ah, I think I’ve seen this request on a few other blogs! I’m really excited to try this out for myself. I hope I do it justice!


Bakugō Katsuki 爆豪 勝己

• He’s super pissed off. He doesn’t do well with embarrassment, and this situation is extremely embarrassing for him and others involved.

• Still, they’re his s/o and he’s not completely infuriated with them. But he will threaten to blow them up if they continue.

• The most embarrassing thing they’ve done as him is flirt with Deku. Everyone in the class’ jaws dropped. Deku was shaking. Even Aizawa looked amused.

• He was so flustered when he found out about that. The realization came when Kirishima made a comment about “not knowing he felt that way about Deku.”

• He loves his s/o to death, but sometimes he wants to just blow them up. This is one of those instances.


Todoroki Shōto 轟 焦棟


• He’s more flustered about it than anything else. He’s not mad, he just doesn’t know why they find this entertaining. Then again, he doesn’t find most things entertaining to begin with.

• It’s really hard to make a Todoroki mad (but Endeavor succeeds all the time) so it’s not much of a risk for his s/o to do these things. They know he’ll still love them afterwards and that it’s just a little prank.

• The most embarrassing thing they’ve done is sing a song loudly and very off-key during lunch.

• He was there for it, too. Everyone knew it wasn’t actually Todoroki doing this, but it sure was funny to see. Not for him, of course. He was afraid he’d catch something on fire from pure embarrassment.

• He thinks his s/o is silly. Obviously they’re on their way to becoming a hero, and the public really likes heroes that are down to earth and relatable. He knows more than anyone that there’s something about them that everyone just falls in love with.


Midoriya Izuku 緑谷 出久


• Save him. He’s never mad at his s/o when they do these things, but maybe he should be. His face always turns bright red and he starts to sweat a lot. It really stresses him out.

• Still, he does manage to find a little humor in it. He puts himself in someone else’s shoes; someone from the class who’s just watching these instances from afar. Then it would be pretty funny.

• The most embarrassing thing they’ve done is take off their (or rather, his) shirt in the middle of class. He was ready to die right then and there.

• Obviously everyone knew it was his s/o since there were two Izuku’s in the class, but it was still really funny. Not for Izuku himself though, he was mortified.

• He does joke with his s/o about it a lot. He says that this is useful training for how to react to embarrassing situations in the future. Hey, at least he finds a positive.


Kirishima Eijirō 切島 鋭児


• It’s a bit hard to act goofy in Kirishima’s body since no one would really be able to tell the difference.

• For real, if they did any of those three aforementioned scenarios, it would just be another normal day in the life of Kirishima. Okay, that’s a little extreme, but you know what I mean.

• The only embarrassing thing they could come up with was just flirting with himself (aka the real Kirishima). This lasted the entire day without either of them getting bored or too embarrassed to continue. It was amazing, actually.

• Kirishima was having the time of his life that day. It was weird complimenting himself, but he liked being complimented by his s/o. By the end of the day, no one knew which was his s/o and which was the real Kirishima.

• Kirishima finds a lot of humor in their little pranks. He’s the only one who wouldn’t get really embarrassed. He might blush every now and then, but he’s usually in on the joke too.


MBLAQ – Stay

My shuffles feeling the MBLAQ today. There is a very good chance I did the dance moves in my desk chair.

anonymous asked:

Hi peach! How's your day been? And how would bots of your choice react to an EXTREMELY musical s/o. Like, will start singing whatever song comes to mind when bored

I love this 


Will either start (badly) singing along with you or will poke you until you stop. He’s actually been caught humming various tunes because of being around you so much 

Cyclonus MTMTE

He enjoys singing if the moment is right so don’t be shocked if he joins in. He definitely tries to teach you old cybertronian songs 

Rodimus Prime MTMTE

He doesn’t sing much but when he does, he gets really into it. I mean picks up the closest mic shaped object and dances on his desk breakfast club style gets into it. So he’s dramatically joined you in a duet before 

Ultra Magnus MTMTE

He’s not super exciting to be around so bored singing will happen eventually. He’s learned that once you start singing 80′s pop music, his lecture on ‘basic rules of hallway safety’ might have run too long 

Tailgate MTMTE

This cutie will belt out any tune with you, just show him the lyrics. He thinks it’s cute how you mumble the tune when you can’t remember the words to a song 

Seventeen Performance Unit Highschool!au

Here’s the final installment of the seventeen highschool!au, hope you like it!!!



-          Hilarious, comic relief, always, makes jokes to the teachers in the middle of class and they love it, like they don’t even get upset with him for talking, they just laugh

-          Introduces himself in class as “Nega HOOOSSHHHH”

-          Does his hand crab dance on his desk when he’s bored in class

-          Or, you know, on top of your head when he walk up behind you

-          Tugs on your ponytail gently and points and winks exaggeratedly when he dances

-          Not the crab dance, like actual dances

-          Although actually, yes, he winks at you when he does the crab dance like “YES be impressed by my SKILLLS”


-          He is two things

-          He is INTENSE FLIRTY His hand brushes yours and every girl in the hall just SWOONS and he swooshes his hair in slow motion and rose pedals fall from the rafters out of nowhere

-          And then there’s derp faces at the school cameras Jun

-          He looks at you dramatically like you’re on the office whenever someone does something stupid in class

-          But then sometimes time slows down and he walk slow mo past you and whispers some ridiculous(LY SMOOTH TOTALLY NOT CLICHÉ) pick up line and just WHOOOOOOSH with the hair and off he goes like a REGULAR PRINCE CHARMING

-          But then he derp faces at you again once you get into the next period


-          Sweetie pie, friends with everyone, everyone loves him

-          He’s shy and bashful, but also super friendly? Like he’s everything good and sweet about being shy without all of the social ineptitude 😃 😃 😃

-          Talks really quietly whenever teachers call on him in class but they don’t have the heart to ask him to speak up so they just tell him they’re so proud of him all the time and sunshine just radiates from him and there are rainbows and angels start singing dreampop music

-          He gets giggly when you’re aroundj (more than usual) but like really soft gentle muted giggles..?

-          And he asks you to prom really shyly and you say yes and it’s so sweet

-          But then he getson the dance floor when his jam comes on and just blows everyone away and now hes BAWSS Minghao

-          And then when the song ends he gets all bashful at the attention


-          Smiley freshman, the juniors and seniors take a liking to him so he hangs out with the big kids

-          He’s kind of enthusiastic in class and he raises his hands a lot

-          Super enthusiastic and cute

-          But also kind of bashful sometimes, which is cute

-          You and him are absolute besties

-          He sits next to you in class whenever he can and he stops and says high to you literally every time he passes you in the hallway

-          And You know, he just kissed you on the cheek that one time when he got really excited after he won that dance competition, and then got all blushy about it

-          As one does, with their besties

-          Just, regular old besties

-          That now hold hands sometimes when they think no one’s watching and stuff :3

so my first ap test happened and this is what happened

-our proctor left the room during our break and i went to go get some food and i come back and my friend is standing on a desk dancing

-two of my other friends are hitting each other with chalkboard erasers and therefore have chalk all over themselves

-someone starting laughing/crying when we opened the packet for the short answer questions

-some girl put her first name where her last name went on the bubble sheet

- i was more worried about filling in the personal information than the whole apush test


-wasting $90


Emmett Cullen imagine requested by anon! “Hello, lovely! I want to request an imagine in which the reader is Bella’s older sister and she starts working at Forks hospital with Carlisle as her boss. One day at work Emmett goes to the hospital to say something to Carlisle, and he meets the reader. They both have awkward reactions like ‘damn he/she is hot’ and then they start having a flirty conversation, until he promises her to visit other day” Hope you like it!

There was a surplus of stable, peaceful occupations in Forks, Washington. Even working in the emergency room, you found your days occupied not in broken femurs or bloody accidents, but in rearranging office supplies in the many monochromatic containers scattered about the reception desk. It wasn’t that there was no action in the town; sure, some of the teens came in with concussions and every now and then a woman would give birth, but it was about as far from the hustling chaos of hospitals you were accustomed to. The days filtered in through the windows, sunshine streaked with gray, diluted by the waterlogged clouds drifting lazily through the sky. Your shifts seemed hours longer than you anticipated. It was quiet, most days, and rather tedious. No one in town was reckless enough to need stitches, which, essentially, rendered your coworkers and yourself useless.

Bella provided most of your entertainment. Your little sister could be counted on for scrapes, bruises, broken bones, blood loss, fainting spells, anything… and she always managed to do it herself. She had recently found herself stuck between her truck and an oncoming van, which was quite the experience at the office. It finally gave your coworkers the opportunity to stretch their legs. To say you didn’t panic was a lie; your little sister could have been mush on the sidewalk. She could have had to be scraped off the side of that God-awful Crowley kid’s car. Somehow, she managed to escape with no more than a bump on the head. Leave it to Bella to find trouble in Forks. She was your most frequent flier out of all of the townspeople. Bella sliced her finger chopping onions. Bella fell down a flight of stairs and sprained her ankle. Bella attempted to walk like a regular bipedal human and ended up bruising her tailbone. Most days you were able to drive her home when your shift ended. Charlie was never surprised.

Bella offered more than just an excuse to practice medicine; her relationship with your boss’ son allowed for rather liberal small talk. While most of the nursing staff was fawning over Doctor Cullen’s inconceivable good looks and chattering away to each other about how desperately they wanted him to leave his equally beautiful wife, you were able to see him as your sister’s boyfriend’s father. Not that you would have made a move if Bella hadn’t snagged Edward. Carlisle wasn’t… like that to you. He didn’t fit that mental image. Something about him was far too… old for your liking. He couldn’t have been older than twenty-five, but his manner of speaking was practically ancient. There was charm, of course, but it was so entirely respectful that it couldn’t have possibly been bred of this era. As one of the few members of your lazy organization who wasn’t trying to woo him and the only member whose sister visited regularly (both the hospital and the Cullen family home), he tended to gravitate to your side. Outside of Edward, Esme, and Rosalie, you hadn’t met the rest of his family quite yet. If they were anything like Bella described and anywhere near as glorious as Carlisle, you were sure you’d get along just fine.

You were seated behind the reception desk, absentmindedly toying with the filing cabinets hidden by your feet. Leafing through patient files was technically illegal, but since you weren’t reading anything on said files, you considered this pass-time appropriate. You’d misplace a manila folder to force yourself to reorganize the entire bin, you’d drag your thumb over the bindings to create the dullest form of music ever to grace the human ear, anything to make the clock move faster. While you were in the process of maintaining your sanity, a stranger had rested his forearms on the counter, awaiting your attention. By the time you noticed him, he was already smirking, amused by your mindless movements. His skin was pale, but nowhere near sickly. Your first thought was that he was visiting someone in the ward, but you were fresh out of patients. Your eyes connected with his, and upon seeing the melted butterscotch of his irises, you understood; this was one of the doctor’s sons. Working solely off of Bella’s description, you attempted to identify the smirking stranger. Your gaze dropped to his hulking form, the thick bands of muscle wrapped around his neck and shoulders giving him away almost instantly. Bella had spoken quite frequently of Edward’s monster truck of a brother before, and the first few words from between his blushing lips sealed your assessment in concrete.

“Having fun, princess?” He grinned, a wicked, mischievous grin, his amber eyes sparkling with intrigue. “Sorry, am I interrupting? I just thought I’d introduce myself. It’s not often I run into someone as beautiful as you are. I’m-” You cut him off, meeting his hand over the surface of the counter, his icy skin matching his father’s to a tee. If you hadn’t been so familiar with this supposed lack of circulation, you likely would have been alarmed. You’d probably admit him, actually. He was cold as clay.

“Emmett Cullen. I’m Y/n, Bella’s sister. She’s told me a lot about you. Nice to finally match a face to a name.” Emmett raised his brow, his teeth snagging his lower lip as his eyes raked over your face.

“Well, Bella left out a few details when she told us about you. I didn’t think you’d be so…” His voice trailed off, his hands clenching and circling as he attempted to find the proper wording to describe you. “So… unbelievably attractive. I mean, you’re…” He shook his head, watching you roll your eyes in mock frustration. Your heart was hammering in your chest at the very thought of charming this stunning man. If you hadn’t known any better, you could have sworn he could hear it too. There was something about the way his eyes flickered to your cheeks to check your blush that had you believing your pulse was as deafening to him as it was to you.

“Be still, my heart,” you whispered, sarcasm seeping through every syllable. Emmett threw his head back, filling the near-silent waiting room with sounds a hospital rarely encounters. His bellowing laughter ricocheted from the colour-cleached walls, his lips pursing as he contained his humour. “You’re quite the charmer. But… you’re not here to slide me pick-up lines, are you?” He opened his mouth to speak, his eyes shimmering with his next attempt at your heart, but your conversation was interrupted by the opening of the emergency room doors. Carlisle, in his pale golden glory, waltzed through, his gait as fluid as if he were dancing to your desk. His hand smoothed over the counter, unintentionally calling attention to the identical complexion he shared with his adopted son. Come to think of it, Edward’s skin was exactly the same colour of unrealistic white. Not… cadaverous, but not exactly healthy either. Carlisle offered a smile, his face illuminating with genuinity.

“I see you’ve met my son. I hope he’s been behaving himself,” the doctor’s voice hushed on the last word, his eyes drilling into Emmett’s as if to test his resolve like a parent staring down a child they know has lied. Emmett smirked, reconnecting with your gaze.

“It’s a shame we didn’t meet sooner. We should have her over for dinner sometime.“ He winked, licking his lips seductively. Carlisle sighed, the breath rushing from his lungs at his son’s blatantly sexual bravado.

“Emmett, that’s… hardly appropriate,” there was the typical reverb of authority in Carlisle’s voice, but something about the way in which he spoke his son’s name made you think he was used to this sort of social breach. Almost like Carlisle had no power to control his son’s manners, like he wouldn’t even bother attempting to redirect the course of the conversation. You hardly minded.

“I’d love to meet the rest of your family. Bella’s been saying such great things,” you added, hoping to somewhat neutralize the situation. Emmett winked, leaning his heavily muscled arm against the counter, leaning in your direction. Carlisle offered a smile, stiffer than you were accustomed to, coming from him.

“Yes, we’ve heard much of you as well. Unfortunately, my son Jasper,” he made very distinct eye contact with Emmett, who ground his teeth in defeat. “Has taken rather ill. He’s in no shape to be seeing anyone. Perhaps some other time?” You nodded slowly, returning the doctor’s friendly grin. He rubbed his hands together, parting his lips to speak. Before any sound was released, his son’s voice was filtering through the air.

“Just the two of us, then.” You blinked, quite dimly, unable to respond to Emmett’s so obvious proposal. He chuckled under his breath, his honey eyes glinting beneath the florescents. “I can pick you up later on tonight, if you’re game. I’m sure Carlisle could let you go an hour early.” It slipped passed your mind how odd it was for Emmett to be addressing his father by his first name, but to be honest, your thoughts were otherwise occupied. Your eyes flashed to Carlisle, silently asking his permission, prompting a quick surrender.

“That’s fine, Emmett. Y/n, I can have you out by seven, no earlier. We have a couple coming in for an induction, I’ll need you.” He turned to face his son, whose smile lit the blood in your veins aflame as easily as if your heart had been pumping gasoline. “Not too late. We’re heading out early tomorrow morning.” Emmett smiled, his teeth gleaming dangerously.

“Will do. I’ll see you,” he pointed a finger in your direction, backing away from the counter, his features morphing somewhat to display his confident excitement, “at seven. Oh, and Carlisle,” he paused, redirecting his gaze, his hands still raised in the air, this time aimed in his father’s general direction. “Alice says six tomorrow.” Carlisle nodded subtly, bidding his son farewell. Emmett caught your eye one last time before ducking through the door, winking conspicuously before racing off towards an intimidating jeep. You could have been imagining it, or perhaps you were overtired, but it seemed like his figure had blurred just before he reached the driver’s side door. You had no idea what you’d gotten yourself into, but as Emmett drove away, leaning heavily on his horn, you were sure you’d have the time of your life. And dinner sounded great… even if it meant something else entirely to your date.

Pride Prompt Request

This was requested by @jonnyarcher: 43. “Come with me.” with Pride?

(gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns)

Pride was used to an empty office this late at night.  He wasn’t used to seeing you at your desk.  When he could see your face more clearly, he could see the tears that faintly stained your cheeks.  At first he paused for a few seconds, but then his feet seemed to move on their own.

“[Y/N],” Pride spoke softly.  When you looked up at him, he felt his heart clench.  “How long have you been here sweetheart?”

“I don’t know,” you mumbled, wiping the tears from your face.  “I was gonna lock up and sleep on the couch.  I was hoping you wouldn’t mind.  I just don’t have the energy to drive home.”

After locking the office up, Pride stopped in front of your desk.  His fingers danced on your desk as if he was playing the piano.  It became a habit for him to play the piano for you when you couldn’t sleep or if you were distressed.  That’s how Pride knew exactly what to do.

“Come with me [Y/N],” Pride said, this time with a smile on his lips.  He came around to the side of your desk and held out his hand.

You took the agent’s hand and followed him up the stairs.  When he sat you down on his bed you shot him a confused look, which only made him chuckle.  He disappeared into the other room and you could hear him shuffling through papers.  Seconds later he started to play the piano.  He was playing a more soothing and smooth song.  You could feel yourself physically relax.

You laid down and listened to him play until you eventually fell asleep.  It was the most peaceful way to fall asleep and it was all thanks to Dwayne Pride.

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