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The Sound of Music

My father owned all of three kid-appropriate movies when I was a child. 80% of my memories of visits to his trailer as a small child have to do with eating mac and cheese while watching either South Pacific, My Fair Lady, or The Sound of Music. The latter was usually my first choice and has continued to be one of my favorite movies. Even so, It falls into the void of “movies I like but don’t watch very often” because, other than the memorable tunes that we all know, it is boring as shit.
I probably should have known better, but I decided to try watching it with my nieces today because, who knows, maybe they’ll grow up to be musical fanatics like me. Given that the DVD is still paused at the “intermission” wouldn’t rate the event as a major success. I did get to explain Nazism to my niece, however, which basically went like this:
“Well, there was this dude named Hitler who was a really bad guy. He thought that people shouldn’t get along and be nice to each other, and he got a lot of people to agree with him. So that’s why everybody is acting weird.”

…and now I have the fucking “lonely goatherd” yodeling song stuck in my head.