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I imagine their faces like this after watch this video xD (of course, young-itachi doesn’t understand what’s happening because he was a pure child uwu <3) I love this video 

This videos is not mine.

Me imagino que estas son las caras de ellos luego de ver el video XD (obvio que itachi-joven no entiende que está pasando porque era un niño muy puro uwu <3) Me encanta este video

Este video no es mio


Saturday Night Fever. 💖🌸

It’s long but it worth to be seen till the end.

anonymous asked:

Hello ! I know that will be strange but do you have head canon for the music style that our favorites ninja in the warring era like ? Because I can't stop seeing Madara dancing on ponponpon and it's creeping me out. Thank you !!!

*falls over wheezing with laughter*  That’s priceless! I had to look up the video for ponponpon to figure out what you were talking about but that’s just so wrong it’s fabulous~!

As for headcanons, I don’t have any headcanons for music for most people because my tastes are very eclectic and I’m not great at describing them which makes it hard to figure out what other people might like. I just hear something and go “yes”, “no”, “eh”, or frown and replay it until I have a decision.

That being said, if we’re going with canon shinobi characters, the music is going to be dependent on the instruments of the time period and culture. Check out my music tag for a few awesome instruments I’ve heard on tumblr (not Japanese necessarily but wow). The closest I can think of a headcanon right now is that for veteran shinobi in general, music might be limited because it could mask or cover other sounds. You’re personality would have to be more “I’ll be fine” or self-confident or just feeling safe wherever you are before you’d want to get into anything too loud or distracting.

It’s probably one of two things: cheerful and celebratory or peaceful and meant to destress. *puts on instrumental music*

sinechen said: Is he trying to impress someone? Must be some weird Senju custom.

It’s probably best not to question the mating habits of the Senju.

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