dancing jeds


by Jed “Nori” Brophy 


Dancing Fili and Kili in Jed’s Rivers of Gold”~
Because… how can I leave without doing an idiotic gif with all this lovely inspiration!?

Here we go, dancing lovely brats, and a river of gold!

*dies again in under the weight of her cosplay wip”

Neighbor Au

Neighbor au where Jed and Oct are neighbors when Oct moves there at age 6
-Jed’s sister becomes best friends with Oct’s sister
-Jed and Oct meet BC of that
-They hate eachother c:
-one day one of their sisters has a Halloween or Christmas or whatever party
-they become friends there, being the only little kids
-The next year when they go to middle school, there’s this one girl Jed really likes
-and Oct just really hates her for that but isn’t aware that he’s jealous
-he’s Jed’s wingman
-there is a dance
-Jed goes with that girl
-Oct is sad
-Jed, being a good friend notices and they walk home together
-the next year the same thing happens but with a different girl
-and it happens over and over with different girls and Oct keeps being sad
-then finally in highschool Jed is like ‘You never like any of the girls I date! If you’re gonna be so picky, maybe you should tell me who I should date!’
-Oct isn’t even thinking like he doesn’t even think about this but like 'Me.’
-’… What?’
-’!!!!!what sorry idk why I said that Jed omg sorry sorry’
-'don’t be sorry, be my boyfriend’

Haha this is like really perfect and too perfect it need fine tuning but that’s the basic idea.
I’d write a fic but I’m terrible at that, I always add too much dialogue.

Dance Dance - Jed and Max

Jed went to the back of section of the club, where all the lockers were. Everybody had their stuff there, from dancers, to cleaners to the bartender. He didn’t need to change clothes because his uniform was fine enough. His uniform was a gray tank top and tight jeans. He could wear more revealing clothing, but that wasn’t something he wanted to do. He opened this keeper and pulled out his phone. He then went ahead and texted Max.

I’m Done. Meet me outside so I can get you in right away.

He then closed the locker and went out from the exit there and then went to the front.