dancing is my thing


chantalstew: Another fun week in the studio. Loved having Val and Jenna this weekend. Dance has been my thing for the past couple months. I’ve learned so much and I’ve found a piece of myself that I forgot about after I became mommy. I have gained new family members and created lasting friendships. I have to thank my hubby for supporting me. He loves hearing all my new adventures in the studio and enjoys watching me dance. Thanks for a fun date night babe.


If you liked it, then you should have put a croissant on it.

[Yes, hello, I would like to issue a public apology to all of France,,,,,]


time to dance // panic! at the disco


he didnt think she’d get this far

inspired by this kinda


Anon said: i love ur fusion art!!!! if u have time/want to you should do a bakushima fusion

You’re not the only one that asked, but actually I already did draw it! It’s the first one I’ve drawn haha I felt like drawing it again tho, so here’s a doodled comic of the first time they fused accidentally ✌️


Which Defenders would win in a dance off?