dancing in towels


SUGA : Soaking in the hot bath making sounds of releaf like an old man.
NAMJOON: Explaining to Jin that bathing was at the start ritualized, becoming an art.
JIN : Nods while scrubbing namjoon’s back even if he doesn’t get a thing.  
JHOPE : Doing the towel dance next to jimin and calling it the “can you see you can’t see dance”
JIMIN : Washing his hair quicky because he can’t stand jhope’s nonsense and he wants to get out.
JUNGKOOK : Copying jimin trying to wash his hair harder while peeking at his abs from time to time. 
TEHYUNG : Put soap on the floor and rolls. Thinking that he found a new fast way to wash up quickly and efficiently.

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100, 108 and 117

(12) Jailbreak | Gangster Jooheon drabbles

I just got out of the shower. I can’t dance. What if my towel falls off?” + “Have you seen my contacts?”+ “Can I do your hair?“ 

Somedays with Jooheon feel nothing different to having a husband in a normal home in a normal life.

You are sitting on your mattress, legs crossed, head propped in your hand as you watch your gangster boyfriend in nothing but a towel around his waist and droplets of water beading the rest of his skin. He looks around confusedly, eyes squinting, before stepping forward and bumping into the dresser. You watch in amusement as he releases a grunt of pain, gathers himself, looking around once again, and bumps into the same dresser…again.

You laugh this time, watching how he curses and clutches his towel so it won’t fall off. “Jooheon. Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I just…have you seen my contacts?”

“You wear contacts?”

“Yes, I’m practically blind without them.”’

You spot them easily on top of the same dresser right beside him, but he is patting the surface carefully to find them as if he’s truly blind.

“I see them.”

“Really? Where?”

“I’ll tell you on one condition.”

You ignore the groan and the whine of your name before you continue. “You do a dance for me. You look too good in only a towel.”

He frowns. “I just got out of the shower. I can’t dance. What if my towel falls off?”

You grin. “That’s the point, Mister.”

He snorts a laugh, only to turn around and pat for his contacts again before he finally finds them.

“Ah! I got them.”

The next fifteen minutes are composed of an extremely dangerous, extremely wanted gang leader cursing and grumbling and trying, unsuccessfully, to get both contacts into his eyes.

You try to hide your laughs behind your hands.

“Why don’t you just get glasses?”

He makes a face. “Yes, a gangster with glasses, the most intimidating thing ever.”

You laugh at the thought as he continues his struggle, until he is leaning away from the dresser mirror in success. A dimpled grin and crescent eyes are your reward when he turns around

“I did it!”

You clap enthusiastically. “Good job!”

He only rolls his eyes and laughs, fingers coming up to comb through his midnight locks that are still dripping wet.

“Can I do your hair for you?” You find yourself asking, earning a beat of silence from Jooheon before he nods.

Next thing you know, you are on your tippy toes, holding a comb and a purple hair dryer (borrowed from Changkyun) up to the head of your very tall boyfriend. You try not to get too distracted by his bare back so close to your frame , although he realizes it quickly with a smirk, and finish off drying the last strands of his hair until they are floofy to the fullest.

He turns around as soon as you put the hairdryer down, arms snaking around your waist and a content smile on his lips. “You know, I wish I can dress up, so you can do my tie for me too. Everything feels so domestic,” he smiles.

You smile, too, running your hands through his soft, silky hair. “I feel like an old married couple like this. I hope it continues.”

You see warmth in his smile and eyes before he leans down to press a chaste kiss to your lips.

“Me too.”

Towel Dancing


  1. 💜 from the prompts 2 , 5 and 9 (Saying) with Robbie Kay thank you your amazing :)
  2. 10 + 11 with Rob from the saying pls
  3. Helloo (: #11 from the AU (Prompts) with Robbie please thank you



  1. 2. “You got a cute butt.”
  2. 5. “Okay, yeah, but can you not?”
  3. 9. “We can chill in our underwear.”
  4. 10. “Sharing is caring, dipshit. Now give me your fries.”
  5. 11. “I will fuck you up, do not test me right now.”


  1. 11. I just got out of the shower, and you want to dance now? What if my towel falls off?

Warnings: mild swearing

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You exited your shower, wrapping the towel around you. Music was playing loudly from your docking station. It was playing older music, and you were singing along. Then as you exited the shower, Robbie stepped in front of you. 

“Rob? What’s up?” You chuckled at your boyfriend.

“Let’s dance. We haven’t done that in a while,” he grinned innocently. You stared at him. Your towel could fall off, and he wanted to dance?

“Really?” He nodded his head. “Okay then…” You went with it, still feeling a bit unsure. You trusted Robbie, but sometimes he was just plain weird. Yet you loved him anyways.

Your towel was tucked in so it wouldn’t fall. He grabbed your hands, and you two started dancing along to whatever song was playing. He danced along with you, letting loose. You giggled and laughed, moving your arms with his. He spun you around and held you close. It was fun.

“Why’re w dancing?” You laughed as a new song began.

“Because dancing is fun,” he replied, kissing your forehead. He continued to dance with you, and it really was fun. 

You were still in your towel though, hair dripping wet still. You were both laughing and giggling, enjoying yourselves in the comforts of your own home. You were dancing in your bedroom, having left your bathroom by now. The music was still going, and Robbie spun you one more time. That’s when your towel started to slip.

“Rob, my towel,” you mutter through a chuckle.

“What about it?”

“It’s falling.” You pressed yourself into his chest before you pulled away. You turned around, trying to adjust yourself, but Robbie grabbed the towel. 

This was nothing new. Robbie had seen you naked countless of times, and you had seen him naked many times. But he grabbed the towel, taking it into his clutches. You didn’t dare turn around.

I will fuck you up, do not test me right now!” You threatened.

“Ooh, I’m scared,” he laughed as he ran off somewhere in the room. You ignored his antics, searching for a blanket or another towel to wrap yourself in. You found a blanket on the floor, wrapping yourself up.

“Oh yeah, forgot to mention,” Robbie came up from behind, talking right into your ear. “You got a cute butt.” And then he lightly smacked it, giggling like some school boy.

“Oh my God, Robert Kay!” You shrieked. You playfully smacked his chest. “Don’t be a pest!”

“How am I being a pest, darling, if I’m only speaking the truth?”

Okay, yeah, but can you not?” He had a smug grin glued to his face. He shook his head no. 

“I love you too much to not,” he joked. “You’ve a cute little butt, and it’s all mine.”

He walked up to you, you still in a blanket. He got closer and closer.

“I will not hesitate to smack, Robbie,” you said in a playful manner. But Robbie said nothing, quickly pecking you on the lips. He grinned.

“Love you, now get dressed. You’ve been naked for thirty minutes now.” He winked before running off. You rolled your eyes. This boy had such weird moments where he was just full of randomness. But you loved these kinds of days. It was all just good fun.

Nevertheless, you got dressed. As you were getting dressed, however, Robbie popped his head in the room.

“One more thing, maybe… we can chill in our underwear?” Your eyes went a little wide.

“You’ve stripped out of your clothes haven’t you?” 

He cheekily smiled, flashing you all his teeth. “Everything is off except for the boxers.” He jumped into the room all the way, basically flashing you. You face-palmed yourself, laughing.

“Okay, okay, we can hangout in our undergarments.” You laughed. He kept his smile plastered on his face as he walked back out. 

When you walked out of the bedroom, you could smell something. Something good. It smelled like seasoned french fries. You walked down the hall, licking your lips. Your stomach rumbled and only then did you realize how hungry you were. 

Entering the room, you saw Robbie watching a movie on television, eating fries on a plate. He cooked up some of your fries i the freezer. 

“Oh look, you got us a snack prepared.” You walked towards him. He hovered his arms over the plate.

“These are mine, get your own,” he mumbled, mouth full.

“Hell no,” you sat next to him on the couch. “Sharing is caring, dipshit. Now give me your fries.

“No way, make your own.” He teased.

“I bought these. We’re in my apartment. And you are sitting on my couch and watching from my television, I have every right to steal some.” Robbie smirked then.

“Well, I am going to start moving in next week, so technically, these fries are mine.”

You shook your head at him and poked his bare chest. He poked you back, right in the center of the valley between your breasts, hitting the fabric of your bra. 

“Not yours until you’re actually moved in,” you said matter-of-factly. You hand went flying to the plate, slamming onto it. Fries hit the floor, but you grabbed a bunch on the plate. Robbie dropped the plate on the carpet, tackling you on the couch.

“They’re fries, Rob!” You laughed uncontrollably. 

“Yeah, my fries!” He laughed as he started tickling you. You squirmed and blushed, face heating up. You dropped the fries that were in your hand, trying to tickle Robbie back. It was no use though. You couldn’t get to his one and only tickle spot.

“S-Stop Robbie,” you squealed and howled with laughter.

“Not until you say sorry!”

“F-For what?” You were crying from laughing so hard. Him tickling you was making you lose control of your laughter.

“For dropping my fries!” He continued to tickle you. He tickled your sides, neck, underarms, stomach, and even your thighs. He was hitting all your tickle ares, making you wiggle and squirm.

“Okay! I’m sorry!” You screamed, giggling. Robbie stopped.

“See? Was that so hard?” He asked, getting off of you. You sat up, wiping your joyful tears. Your face was entirely red from laughing so hard. You still had some left over giggles in your system.

You reached over and started gently brushing your fingers up his side. That drove him crazy. It made him squirm and giggle. Then you dove right in, tickling his sides.

“Hey!” He cackled.

“It was very easy,” you replied, answering his question from moments earlier. You stopped tickling his sides, however. Only to kiss him on the cheek.

“Living with you is going to be the best thing ever.” He commented, putting his arm around you.

“If it’s like this most of the time, then it’ll be the greatest life.” You chuckled.


There was something magical about an island - the mere word suggested fantasy. You lost touch with the world - an island was a world of its own. A world, perhaps, from which you might never return.