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and finally I’m back with some other Inkborne AU sketches:

*basically the first is how Henry and Bendy meet Father Gascoigne,
Bendy tried a run for it, but get caught by the crazed father’s axe, at his pained yells Henry (who was looking desperately for the little scamp) finally found him, only to face his now ex-partner, who was “blessed” by Alice Angel with her holy sight but instead he had lost his mind -the ink tears are the same as hers-
(I’ll add more about Alice, along with Boris)

*the second one is finally how Bendy turn into his demonic true form, inspired by this part
also, Bendy’s shrieks and hisses, I can so damn much imagine him hissing and growling like that, watch the whole video to get the idea, maybe I’ll take some of those movesets for him

SOOOOO @thelostmoongazer did this picture of MobBoss!Bendy with all his scars - now, I am a sucker for scars so there was no way in heck that i cold NOT draw him, so my first official addition to one of my favorite AUs is a shirtless bleeding Bendy… I think I’m off to an excellent start!! Hope you enjoy!!

Mob Boss! Bendy  © @thelostmoongazer 

Calling all curly-haired girls: If you’re thinking about abandoning an overwrought beauty routine in favor of going natural, you’re in good company. On the 30th anniversary of Dirty Dancing, Jennifer Grey is not the only one that’s been liberated by texture—throughout history, wavy manes have been synonymous with unbridled sexiness, voluminous kink, and the willingness to take up a bit of extra space. From Angela Davis to Sarah Jessica Parker, we’ve compiled 38 iconic men and women who make complicated strands a no-brainer.

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i know we all ironically like big time rush but “til i forget about you” by btr is a fucking masterpiece. it’s fun, poppy, and the type of song you expect to be sad but is actually a recovery story. it’s so good, i don’t know how or why we, as a species, didn’t appreciate this song more, but i know it was a grave mistake.


shadowhunterstv: Don’t let anybody put (or prank) you in a corner. 😂
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(1/2) Hey, I've been scrolling through your tumblr (really love your content!), but there's one point of divergence I wanted to address: I think you're far too sympathetic with Daenerys's actions in Slaver's Bay... She didn't really want to free the slaves, she wanted her army and so freeing them was a convenient move. Her whole conquest is about deceiving others and there's a lot of arbitrariness in how she ruled Meereen. Those three metas talk about this better than I ever could:

I’m familiar with the meta. I think I need to break this down a bit, and my reply will be long. It boils down to damn skippy I’m sympathetic to Dany - but that doesn’t mean I think she’s an angel.

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