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“Fred got along with Ginger perfectly, and I get so mad hearing the same old baloney, because I never heard the two of them having one cross word. I do not think that Eleanor Powell was Fred’s greatest dancing partner. I think Ginger Rogers was. Not that she was the greatest of dancers. Cyd Charisse was a much finer technical dancer. But there was something when Fred and Ginger danced which was magic. They seemed to go together.” – Hermes Pan, interviewed in 1988, for Fred Astaire: His Friends Talk


On this day in music history: May 10, 1982 - “Rio”, the second studio album by Duran Duran is released. Produced by Colin Thurston, it is recorded at Townhouse Studios and AIR Studios in London from in October 1981, and January - February 1982. Achieving success in the UK and other parts of the world with their self-titled debut album, Duran Duran begin the process of writing and recording their follow up release toward the end of 1981. Once again, the band work with producer and engineer Colin Thurston (David Bowie, The Human League), moving into AIR Studios in October of 1981. The first track completed is “My Own Way” (#14 UK), and is released as a stand alone single in November of 1981. The rest of the album is completed in two months when the sessions resume in January of 1982, following a brief tour of Germany, Sweden and the UK. Released in the Spring of 1982, is the breakthrough album for the Birmingham, UK based pop/rock quintet on a worldwide basis. It continues Duran Duran’s success at home (quickly spinning off four hit singles), but initially gets off to a slow start in the US. Producer David Kershenbaum (Joe Jackson, Tracy Chapman), is brought in to remix five tracks on the album with the aim of promoting them at dance clubs. Four of those tracks (“Rio” (#9 UK, #14 US Pop), “Hungry Like The Wolf”, “Hold Back The Rain”, and “My Own Way”) are released as a 12" EP titled “Carnival” in September of 1982. Its success motivates Capitol Records in the US to reissue the album in November with the remixed tracks replacing the original mixes, and re-releasing the first single “Hungry Like The Wolf” (#5 UK, #3 US Pop), which is one of the last songs completed for the project. To help promote the album, the band film several music videos, mostly with Australian director Russell Mulcahy, including a clip for the title track filmed on location on the Caribbean island of Antigua. Three more clips, made for “Hungry Like The Wolf”, Save A Prayer" and “Lonely In Your Nightmare” are filmed in Sri Lanka shortly after “Rio” is completed. By this time, MTV have begun playing the bands videos in heavy rotation which give them major exposure, leading to radio adding the single. The albums iconic cover art, painted by artist Patrick Nagel (graphics by Malcolm Garrett of Assorted Images) also become synonymous with the bands image. In 2001, a remastered CD of the album is released in a mini gatefold jacket, with the disc featuring enhanced CD content including the music videos for “Hungry Like The Wolf” and the title track. It is reissued again in 2009 as a two CD expanded edition that also contains the Kershenbaum remixes and other bonus tracks. The making of the album is documented in an episode of the “Classic Albums” series in 2008. “Rio” peaks at number two on the UK album chart, number six on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified 2x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

Dance with Me (Biadore) - ThatOneAngstyWriter

AN: This idea just randomly popped into my head and I just had to write it. It is more of a drabble than a one-shot, because I can’t think of how more characters would fit in. Constructive criticism is always accepted, and please take in mind that English isn’t my first language! Comments are always appreciated, thank you!

Summary: Adore wants Bianca to dance with her, and Bianca obliges.

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The Quest for the Lost Treasure (Part 2)

Pairing: Adventurer!Jason Todd x Adventurer!Reader 

Word Count: 2395 (this is usually how it’s gonna be) 

Prompt: In university, you discover that an ancient treasure supposed to have been “found” was actually still lost. Determined to be the one to find it, you set off on a journey to find it, and run into Jason Todd and his adventurer posse. With Jason’s expertise of the land, and your natural talent for adventuring, you two are the perfect mix. Will you find the treasure smoothly? Or will you fail and lose a friendship? 

Warnings: foul language, mention of rape, jackasses 

A/N Here is where our favorite batboys come in :) hope you like it!

Reader POV

“What?! Are you kidding me? ¡¿Qué quieres decir con que no estoy en Colombia?! ¡¿Dónde estoy?!” I yell at the concierge.

Desculpe, senhorita, mas você está no Brasil. Rio de Janeiro.” he says. Portuguese. I’m in Brazil, he said. I’m in Rio.

¿Como isso aconteceu?” I switch to Portuguese. Not the first time I’ve been to Brazil. It’s a long story.

Não sei, mas estamos investigando.” he says. They’re investigating? Oh my god, at this rate, I’ll never make it to Colombia.

Preciso ir para a Colômbia. ¿Como vou para a Colômbia?” I ask.

Todos os nossos voos para Colômbia são reservados. Podemos dar-lhe um lugar para ficar gratuitamente como compensação para este inconveniente.” he says to me. I nod my head and gives me a few papers and sends me off. I sigh in frustration. I put my papers in my backpack and pick my duffel bag off the ground.

Brazil. How the hell did I end up in Brazil? How am I supposed to get to Colombia? I pull out my phone and call Maya.

“Y/N? How is Colombia?” Maya answers.

“I wouldn’t know, Maya, I’m in Brazil,” I say.

“What? I thought you bought a ticket to Colombia! Why are you in Brazil?” She asks

“That’s what I’m trying to figure out. I have to find a way to get to Colombia. I can’t stay in Brazil too long.” I say as I look around the bustling airport.

“Where in Brazil are you?” Maya asks.

“The Amazon rainforest. I’m in Rio, Maya, Rio! Rio freaking de Janeiro!” I yell.

“Well you know my grandma lives there. You can stay with her until you figure it out.” Maya offers.

“Thanks Maya, but the airport gave me a free place to stay so I’m gonna take advantage of it. I’ll call you when I get settled in.” I say.

“Okay. Let me know if you end up going to my grandma’s house. Good luck,” Maya says and hangs up.

“Thanks. I’ll need it.”

So, the hotel that the airport said I could stay at for free was literal shit, so I did end up going to Maya’s grandmother’s house.

“Hi Mrs. Caixeta. Thank you for letting me stay here.” I say as I step into her house. It’s honestly incredibly beautiful, like a palace.

“Ah, no problem, Y/N. Anything for granddaughter’s best friend,” Maya’s grandmother says with her portuguese accent.

“I promise I’ll be out of your hair soon. I’m going to have make some calls to the airline company and see if I can get tickets to Colombia. Like I was supposed to,” I say with annoyance.

“If I can help in any way, let me know,” Mrs. Caixeta says and walks away.

“Will do. I’m gonna put my stuff down and head out for a drink! Be right back!” I yell out. I put my bags in a guest room and leave the house to go to a local bar.

I’m gonna need way more than one drink to deal with the airline tonight.

Jason’s POV

“Hey hey, how about her?” Tim nudges me. I take a glance at the girl Tim points out and shake my head.

“No. Tim how many times do I have to tell you? I’m not interested in anyone right now. Just that treasure. La Corona.” I take a swig of my beer.

“Fine. I’ll go talk to her then.” Tim sticks out his tongue and saunters over to the girl.

“He’s not gonna get her number,” Dick turns to me with another beer.

“Don’t I know it,” I say sarcastically.

“Look Jay, I know you’re really interested in La Corona, but tonight, just relax. Go talk. Dance. We’re in Rio, let loose for one night,” Dick tells me.

“Can’t. My eyes are on the prize. And they’re not coming off anytime soon,” I look around the bar. But I spoke too soon. For a second I forget about the crown as I spot her in the crowd of sweaty bodies. She looks distressed, but her E/C eyes are still sparkling.

“Oh really?” Dick asks as he follows my gaze.

“Yeah,” I say absentmindedly.

“Then you won’t mind if I go to talk to that girl over there,” he points to the girl I saw seconds ago.

I give him a hard glare.

“No. Go ahead,” I say. He raises an eyebrow and gets up from his bar stool, strolling over to the girl.

This is gonna be great.

Reader POV

Uma margarita por favor,” I tell the bartender. A minute later he comes back with my drink.

“Bottoms up,” I say and begin chugging my drink. I put the glass on the counter and look at the bartender.

Outro,” I say and he prepares another margarita for me.

“Here let me get that for you,” a voice behind me says. I turn around and a man with black hair and piercing blue eyes is standing nonchalantly with a beer in one hand. He’s handsome, but something tells me he’s not my type.

“Thanks but I can pay for my own drinks.” I smile and turn back around to get my drink.

“Aw come on. A free drink? Who can pass that up?” He asks me.

“I can,” I say before chugging this margarita down as well.

“What about a dance?” He keeps asking me.

“Has anyone ever told you how annoying you are?” I respond. He puts a hand over his heart and a fake hurt expression comes over his face.

“Wow, I’m so offended,” he tells me.

“Good,” I roll my eyes. “I really hope my rejection doesn’t make you keep pestering me.”

“Nah I get the hint, I’m just trying to converse with you now,” the man smiles and drinks his beer.

I raise an eyebrow.

“I’m Y/N,” I say and hold out my hand.

“Dick. Dick Grayson. Explorer, Adventurer. Archaeologist.” He shakes my hand. I sit up a bit.

“Adventurer?” I ask.

“Yeah I know, but it’s really fun,” he shakes his head.

“No no no, I love adventures too. I’m actually supposed to be in Colombia looking for La Corona de la Tairona. But my flight ended up here and I’m trying to get tickets tonight so I can leave tomorrow.” I explain. Dammit. Not a good idea. Now he’s gonna go look for it.

“Seriously? My team is looking for that right now! Maybe you could join us.” Dick says.

“Oh I was planning on just going by myself.” I admit.

“Aw come on, it’ll be fun,” Dick makes puppy eyes at me and pouts.

“Sorry, Dickie, but as tempting as that sounds, I’m doing this by myself.” I give him a smile.

“Alright, Y/N, then may the best adventurer win,” he winked at me and took a sip of his beer.

“A little friendly competition…okay. I’ll see you in Colombia then.” I cross my arms. I hop off my bar stool and put some brazilian reals on the counter.

“Now, if you excuse me, I have to go buy a plane ticket to Colombia.” I salute Dick and leave him sitting at the bar as I make my way to the exit.

When I finally get outside, it’s dark. It’s weird, it only felt like I was there for 10 minutes. I guess time does fly when you’re having fun.

I begin walking home and it’s eerily quiet as my boots click on the cobblestone road. Weird.

As I turn into the alley I came through the first time, about 4 men come out of the shadows. Oh shit.

“Oh shit,” I say under my breath. They creepily inch toward me as I back up but someone stops me. Another man.

Com licença, mas eu só preciso passar por aqui.” I say in Portuguese, hoping that I sound authentic enough to pass off as a local.

“You aren’t from here,” one of the men says in a thick accent.

“Uh, quê?” I continue.

“If you were from here, you’d know that this alley is dangerous, senhorita,” he continues.

“Okay, you got me. What do you want?” I ask.

The man behind me takes my hands and roughly holds them behind my back. The leader, I suppose, approaches me and holds my chin so our eyes meet.

You,” he snickers.

“You’re sick,” I growl. He tells the man behind me something in Portuguese really quickly and the next thing I know, someone is lifting up the hem of my shirt.

“You little shits. I didn’t come to South America for this.”

Jason POV

“Definitely, I mean she seems like she could’ve helped us,” Dick tells me as we leave the bar.

“Well it’s her loss, not our fault she’s stubborn,” Tim sticks his hands in his pockets.

“It doesn’t matter; we don’t work with anyone but ourselves,” I roll my eyes. It’s dark out, but lanterns lit up the way.

“Well still, we could use a determined person like her on the team,” Dick says.

As we approach an alley, I hear a shout and strings of curses follow.

“Get your nasty ass hands off of me!”

“Shut her up!”

Out of instinct, I run to see what’s going on. As I stop in front of the alley entrance, what I see surprises me.

The girl from earlier at the bar is fighting off Brazilian thugs. Four of them. She was throwing well executed punches left and right.

“Woah,” I say in awe.

“Jason! What’s going…on?” Dick and Tim catch up and stop behind me.

It isn’t until she falls backward and one of the guys is about to capture her that I decide to step in.

I quickly walk up and punch him in the jaw in one swift move and then he’s out.

“Leave her alone for fucks sake,” I spit. I cross my arms over my chest and look down at the girl who’s looking up at me with an expression I can’t read.

“Like something you see?” I raise an eyebrow. She closes her mouth and narrows her eyes. She slowly gets up from the ground and dusts herself off.

“Good joke, it’s been a long time since I heard one,” she mirrors my stance. My jaw falls open at her back talk.

“Oh I see. You’re one of those girls,” I shoot back.

“And you’re one of those guys,” she counters.

I narrow my eyes. She narrows hers too.

“I just saved your ass, don’t you think I deserve a thank you?” I ask.

“I was doing just fine without you,” she replies.

“If you consider almost getting raped ‘just fine’, then yeah I guess you’re right,” I chuckle.

“Whatever you pompous asshole,” she rolls her eyes. My eyes widen in anger.

“Pompous asshole? Who are you calling a pompous–?!” I start.

“Hey hey hey! Guys you finally met! Jason, this is Y/N. Y/N this is the team leader, Jason Todd,” Dick comes running up, Tim trailing behind him. Y/N. So that’s her name.

“Uh I would say it’s a pleasure to meet you, but I’m not a liar,” she scowls at me.

“Likewise,” I return the scowl.

“Glad you guys are getting along,” I hear Dick mutter.

“I’m Tim Drake. The historian, or as Jason says, ‘the nerd’ of the group.” Tim introduces himself.

“Nice to meet you Tim.” She shakes his hand.

“We should get going. We have to leave tomorrow,” I turn to Dick.

“At least offer to take her so she doesn’t have to spend shit tons of money on a plane ticket,” he whispers.

“No.” I respond.

“Jason…” he says.

“I don’t work with outsiders. We’ve been over this,” I growl.

“Really? Wow that’s amazing! Thank you!” I hear Y/N say from behind me.

“Hey it’s no problem.” Tim replies. I turn around and furrow my eyebrows.

“What? What’s no problem?” I ask sharply.

“You’re taking me to Colombia. Thanks,” Y/N gives me a smug smile.

“No. No we’re not. Who said that?” I walk over to her and Tim.

“He did,” she points to Tim, who waves sheepishly at me.

“Drake, I swear…” I turn to him.

“I had to offer. It was the gentleman thing to do,” he shrugs.

“We’re not gentlemen. We’re explorers.” I hiss in face.

“Jeez lay off of him. You’re just gonna take me to Colombia and then we can part ways. It’s not a big deal,” Y/N intervenes.

“It is a big deal, Y/N. You see, you just so happen to be hunting for the same treasure we are. I want to be the one to find it. I don’t like sharing. And I certainly don’t like letting a little girl like you get a step ahead in the game so she can get the glory. So yes. It is a big deal.” I say, getting in her face.

“Excuse me can you repeat that? I think I heard some sexist bullshit in that logic. Do you seriously think that me, a ‘little girl’, shouldn’t be able to get the glory of finding an ancient treasure? Some nerve you have. I don’t like sharing either, Jason, but at least I’d have the decency to help a fellow explorer out.” She spits back.

“The sexual tension is real here,” Dick mumbles to Tim.

“Shut up, Grayson,” I hiss while not breaking eye contact with Y/N. She doesn’t budge. Suddenly, she grabs the collar of my shirt and pulls me down to her level so our faces are centimeters apart, which completely catches me off guard.

“If it really means that much to you, I won’t tag along. But know this: you’ve crossed me, so don’t expect me to help you if I see you out there, suffering and desperate. Good luck, Jason. You’re gonna need it,” she says with venom dripping from her words. She lets my collar go and picks up a bag and disappears into the alley.

Silence falls over us for a few minutes as we stand in shock.

“Wow.” Tim finally says.

“Definitely.” Dick agrees.

“Shut up. Let’s just go home.” I say and turn back around. I lead my brothers in the other direction back to our place.

Something tells me this isn’t the last time we’ll be seeing Y/N.


Qué quieres decir con que no estoy en Colombia?! ¡¿Dónde estoy?!– What do you mean I’m not in Colombia? Where am I?!

Desculpe, senhorita, mas você está no Brasil. Rio de Janeiro– Sorry, miss, but you’re in Brazil. Rio de Janeiro.

¿Como isso aconteceu?– How did this happen?

Não sei, mas estamos investigando.– I don’t know, but we are investigating.

Preciso ir para a Colômbia. ¿Como vou para a Colômbia?– I need to go to Colombia. How do I go to Colombia?

Todos os nossos voos para Colômbia são reservados. Podemos dar-lhe um lugar para ficar gratuitamente como compensação para este inconveniente.– All our flights to Colombia are booked. We can give you a place to stay for free as compensation for this inconvenience.

Uma margarita por favor– A margarita please.

Outro– Another.

Com licença, mas eu só preciso passar por aqui.– Excuse me, but I just need to pass through here.


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