dancing in pyjamas !

You’re an angel dressed in armor
You’re the fair in every fight
You’re my life and my safe harbor
Where the sun sets every night (x)

can we please let them slow dance in their pyjamas or something?
lil’ thingy for @sarawh, love u buddy


It was 2010, around the time of ‘The Social Network’. I was being invited to all these LA parties, and three of my mates from home [Epsom, Surrey] came out for one. Everyone there was famous, and we didn’t know what to do, so we ended up creating a little square in the middle of the room, looking in at each other. We couldn’t think of anything to say, so my mate George says, ‘Let’s all say “rhubarb”.’ So we’re all just standing there, these four tall, awkward English boys, muttering ‘rhubarb’. And then at one point, oh my God… At one point, my mate James accidentally kissed Taylor Swift on the ear! We finally started talking to people, and as we were leaving Taylor Swift says, ‘Bye guys,’ and James leans in, but he doesn’t know if it’s a hug or what, so for some reason he just… kisses her on the ear. Then at the end of the night – and I won’t explain how this happened – all four of us ended up dancing in pyjamas at Quincy Jones’s house. - Andrew Garfield by Art Streiber for ShortList (January 2017)

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10, 12, 18, 24! please!!! also congrats on 500, you deserve it <3

Thanks @itstenafterfour here are the OTP questions. Hope you enjoy. Hope to get through some more requests tomorrow night.

10. Which one sings and which one dances?

He swings around the lounge the sound of her voice filling their small apartment. The small child in his arms laughs and squeals at his exaggerated movements. He dips her low before lifting her up in the air, another round of her laughter filling the room. Betty continues to sing, despite almost falling into a fit of giggles herself at the sight of the two of them in their pyjamas dancing along to her singing and the background music of the radio. He dips her head and she is giggling hysterically. He mouths the words, not wanting to ruin the song with his own tone deaf voice. She watches on from the kitchen her heart melting at the sight of her husband Jughead Jones dancing with their 2 year old daughter around the lounge while she sings along with the radio. Her daughter comes running over to her, before dragging her over to him insisting that it is her turn now, and he takes her hand in his own before pulling her close as they waltz in the small space, the only real dancing he knows, ingrained in him from their wedding as Evie continues to dance on her own around them, twirling and bowing with her teddy bear.

12. Which one cries more during movies?

“Please don’t tell anyone.” He said sniffing, as she handed him a box of tissues.

“I think it’s sweet, your so sensitive.” She said reassuring, wrapping her arms around him.

“It’s stupid I know it’s stupid but it’s just.” The images on the screen continued to play, highlighting his face, eyes swollen and puffy, cheeks wet with tears.

“I know.” She ran her hand up his cheek, brushing away his tears.

“I mean.” He breathed deeply, thinking about the scene was about to set him off again. “It’s his dad, and he thinks it’s his fault, but it’s not.” He gave another loud sniff.

“The Lion King is going on the list isn’t it.” She got out her notebook and pen, flipping to a page and writing the title of the film they were watching.

“I mean what kind of person thinks this is okay for kids.” He choked out. She smiled at him and wrapped her arms tightly around him snuggling into his chest. They had started the ‘never again’ list after watching My Girl, that one had had him sobbing, after he had tried to hold back his tears, grasping her hand so tightly. She had warned him about this one and he had insisted that he could handle it, it was a kids cartoon after all. She put the notebook away again and pressed a light kiss to his cheek.

“Don’t worry Juggie. Your secret is safe with me.”

18. Which one rides the shopping cart out of the store?

“You have seriously never done it?” He asked her, his voice disbelieving.

“Do I look like someone who would do something like that?” She responded as if he had forgotten who her mother was. No way would she have let Betty Cooper ride the shopping cart out of the store.

“I suppose not.”

“But I am totally up for it.” She said her smile beaming. “I mean we are leaving tomorrow for college. Why not?” Her smile was contagious and he nodded his head eagerly. So they stood at the register, the shopping for their road trip loaded into the trolley. Giving each other conspiratorial looks, before giggling to themselves like a pair of mischievous children. The shopping attendant paid them no attention and Betty handed them her card paying for their supplies. They were now at the exit and she felt a wave of nervousness hit her. She could hear her mother’s voice in her head, it was not becoming of a lady, she could fall, she pushed that voice away as she felt his hand on her shoulder.

“Ready?” He asked and she nodded her head. She took a deep breath as she pulled back the shopping trolley and then pushed it forward sharply placing a foot on each side of the trolley just above the back wheels, holding on as the momentum pushed her and the trolley forward. She let out a loud laugh as she and the trolley flew towards the exit, Jughead was laughing too trailing behind her.

24. Who is the most affectionate?

He needs to hold her, all the time, needs to show her how much she means to him. He doesn’t care about the looks from the others as her wraps his arm protectively around her. How he moves to nuzzle into her neck at their booth at Pop’s breathing in a scent that is deliciously Betty. After the arguments, the words he has thrown at her he needs to show her that he is sorry, that he needs her. After Homecoming he had been a mess, he had said words to her that he couldn’t take back no matter how much he wanted to. She had stuck there taking each one, each leaving their mark on her, each word making her press just a little bit harder into her palms, bite her lip a little bit deeper, the tears in her eyes rising to the surface. And all she said was sorry, all she wanted was his forgiveness. The stab of guilt he had felt when Archie and Veronica told him that she had nothing to do with their plan, that she had vowed never to speak to either of them ever again, made him feel sick. He would spend his life making things up to her with gentle kisses, hands clasped under tables, arms wrapped around her body as she slumbered. He would show her everyday, how sorry he was.

OTP Questions Part 3 - 500 Followers - All Requested Fills.

Hi Readers.

This post is collecting all the filled prompts requested from the important OTP questions, posted with my announcements and thanks for reaching 500 followers.

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Let me know if you enjoy reading these fills as I am thinking about doing something similar for over the hiatus period, and just want to make sure people are still enjoying these.

Now to get back to my one shots.

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Who talks smack while playing video games?

“Betts, we need to talk.” He said as he entered her bedroom, his voice had that soft intonation to it a tell tale sign that he was going to tell her something she likely did not want to hear.“Nothing good ever came from that sentence.” She said putting away her book onto her night stand and looking at him expectedly. He took a deep breath before sitting on the edge of her bed. “It’s about what you said the other night.” She looked at him confused, her eyes searching his for what he might be talking about. Her mind racing through the things that she had told him last night, she had said she loved him but they had told each other that so many times that she had lost count. “I don’t know what I’ve said.”

“It’s the trash talk Betty, it’s getting pretty personal, Archie said he doesn’t want to play with us anymore.”

“Why because I called him a baby for missing the easiest shot in existence?”

“I think it may have been the string of expletives after that that he took exception to.” She rolled her eyes in response. “And what you then said about his music.”

“Fine we won’t play with him any more.” She shrugged moving to pick up her book again. “Don’t need people on our team anyway who can’t handle a little criticism.” She huffed. He loved that she was passionate in everything that she did. That there was no room for compromise when it came to performance. But when she was playing she was brutal, he was sure he could see the beginnings of tears in Archie’s eyes after she had stripped him down in front of their other team mates. He had to fight back the laughter of her sitting in her perfectly pink and floral bedroom, in most likely one of her prim and proper sweaters, ponytail swinging from side to side as she shouted down the mic at Archie who didn’t know what had hit him.

Who would rock the boat while the other one screams at them to stop?

It was supposed to be a romantic row boat ride along sweet water river. Not exactly the most romantic spot since Jason’s body was found there but there was only one river in Riverdale and Betty had said she wanted to be wooed. So he had taken it upon himself with some helpful suggestions from Ronnie to organise the perfect first date. In amongst their sleuthing and investigating they had never actually had one and he was pretty sure that the trip to Jason’s abandoned car didn’t count. It had been about a week since his dad had been cleared and he had begged, yes begged, for Betty’s forgiveness. She had told him that she did not blame him and they swore to each other that there would be no more secrets between them, again. She was dressed in a yellow sun dress and was the very vision of everything that was good and pure in Riverdale. He couldn’t help but smile at her as he lifted the picnic basket Ronnie had packed and lent to him for the day. She had also convinced Reggie Mantle to lend them his boat, or rather his father’s small row boat. Cheryl had offered but Ronnie had politely declined given the history of that particular boat. He packed everything into the boat and she took her position at the stern of the boat relaxing and soaking up the sun. The way the rays were hitting her hair made him, want to call of the boat ride and just spend the day wrapped in each other arms by the bank, but he was on a mission. Once they were out in the middle of the water he stopped rowing and she smiled at him looking at him over her sunglasses.

“Do you know what I have always wanted to do?” She broke the silence and he looked at her, wondering what was going on in that head of hers. She gave him a mischievous grin before she put a hand on either side of the boat and swayed her body making the boat rock in the water. Jughead caught off guard at the movement grasped the side of the boat for dear life. She let out a laugh, feeling a sense of freedom wash over her as she gave it another rock, it was childish she knew it but this was something that Ms Perfect woudn’t do she would just sit there demure and peaceful. Jughead on the other hand felt nothing of the sort, he felt sick and was pretty sure if she didn’t stop soon he was going to be seeing his lunch make an unwelcome reappearance.

“Betts, please, stop.” He shouted. She froze mid action about to make another move, staring at him and the unusual pale colour he had turned. He took a couple of deep breaths and she moved to sit with him moving the boat again, and he made an unpleasant sound. She apologised for rocking the boat and took the oars rowing them gently to shore, while Jughead laid back, with his eyes closed willing the uneasy feeling to go away. As she helped him out of the boat and onto the shore, he swore this was the last time her would take romantic advice from Veronica Lodge.

Which one hogs the blankets at night? or Big spoon/Little spoon?

He watched her wrapped up in her little private cocoon which consisted of their blanket and doona. He tried to gently tug the blanket back towards himself seeking some warmth and protection from the cold night. She huffed and he could swear she just gripped tighter. Sighing he went to the dresser and pulled out the back up blanket. He draped it over his body and started to drift off into sleep. Feeling a gentle tugging on his blanket he opened his eyes to see that Betty was trying to steal his new blanket. He moved his body to be able to enter her private cocoon, pressing himself against her back, his arms wrapping around her torso and nuzzled his face into her neck, breathing in her scent. She sighed happily in her sleep and seemed content now with the new source of heat, warming her body.

Which one is super ticklish?

She sets upon him immediately and he begs her to stop. She is relentless, ever since she found out his weakness she has been exploiting it. They had been in her room, taking advantage of a day off school with no Alice Cooper, no interruptions. Her hands were exploring her body as she lightly moved her finger tips under his shirt, gently brushing against the cool skin of his stomach when he let out a laugh, she stopped her movements and he seemed to be able to regain his composure urging her to continue. She moved her fingertips across up higher to his rib cage and he stifled another laugh with his hand. He apologised, all of a sudden feeling bashful.  She instead moved her hand away from his chest and gripped the back of his neck pulling him in for another kiss, pressing her body against his, eliminating any further laughter from their encounter.

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svt in the morning


  • sings to u
  • softly usually but if he’s randomly excited he might be wild
  • has so much energy
  • lays on his back with his head on your chest
  • matching pyjamas
  • cute messy bed hair
  • calls you PERFECT as soon as you wake up
  • does nasty aegyo so you make him breakfast
  • but sometimes he likes to make breakfast with you together
  • putting any music on and singing and dancing along in ur pyjamas
Legendary Moments of ToppDogg

That scene in Masters of None season two where they’re dancing around in their pyjamas drinking wine is literally a dream. Me and Nicola were talking about it the other day and it’s just so cute and I want that.

Dancing Together (Sequel to Dancing On Your Own)

(No gif because I’m posting from mobile) requested by anon.

Part 1 <——

It started to become a morning routine in the absence of the other Avengers. Your dad had checked in a couple of times, and Wanda had even used his suit to speak to Pietro although it wasn’t a long chat for any of you. Their mission had taken drastically longer than planned and they had been away from almost two weeks by now.

It was the same song every morning, just to wind Pietro up – “I Really Like You” by Carly Rae Jepsen.

In the first week, you and Pietro had started off the same way; you would sing ridiculously loud in the morning and wake him up and he would stumble in, glaring at you and turning the music down.

However, it had gradually started to change and you would be lying if you said you didn’t enjoy it.

It had started with Pietro coming in and turning the music down, grumbling about its noise but you caught him out of the corner of your eye swaying slightly in time to the music. The next morning, he had grumbled about the noise again but didn’t turn it down. You caught him dancing again.

It had gradually improved until this morning, when Pietro ran in, holding your hairbrush in his hand as he pointed towards you, mirroring your ridiculous dance moves.

“I REALLY REALLY REALLY,” you both sang, him throwing the hairbrush to the side as you held hands and spun each other around the kitchen, screeching the song as loud as you possibly could.


Tony sat on the couch in the small safe house the rest of the Avengers were currently using as a base. He was worried about how you were getting on, he didn’t like leaving his daughter unprotected. The other avengers had reassured him Pietro was there but he wasn’t sure if the two of them would get along.

Setting up his portable camera security for the tower and plugging it into the TV, he watched as the kitchen camera came into focus. Clint who was sitting on the couch beside him took one look at the imagine and yelled out a howl of laughter, the rest of the team coming rushing in confused.

They all took one look at the screen and burst into laughter, even Tony having to suppress a grin at the sight. You and Pietro were on the screen, dancing away in your pyjamas and although there was no sound, the whole team could imagine how terrible it sounded.

“She’s definitely your daughter Tony,” Clint snarked and everyone burst out laughing again.


As you and Pietro sang, you stumbled over the edge of the table and started to fall, but Pietro with his superspeed caught you before you hit the ground, his arms wrapping around your waist. You grinned up at him as he set you back on your feet but you didn’t unwrap your arms from around his neck and he didn’t take his away from your waist.

Pietro smirked at you, his grin widening. “I really like you,” he sang in time with the song and his accent made it sound funny so you laughed, before he crushed his lips to yours.

You grinned, and unknown to the both of you, Tony yelled out across the world not wanting to see his teammate kissing his daughter.

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Pssst, imagine Derek Hale singing Taylor Swift's "Never Grow Up" to his newborn baby girl the first time she falls asleep in his arms :3



Okay, but listen. Do you know what pains me about this? Stiles overhearing this. Maybe Derek is just singing it, a song with a gentle rhythm about wanting his little girl to never grow up because he wants this moment to last forever. He’s not exactly thinking about the lyrics in detail.  But that song has meaning to Stiles, okay? Especially this verse:

But don’t make her drop you off around the block
Remember that she’s getting older too
And don’t lose the way that you dance around in your p.j.s getting ready for school.

Do you know how much this fucks Stiles up, remembering his own mom? How, just before she went into hospital, before Stiles realised what was really going on with her, he started making her wait in the car outside the movie theatre instead of coming in with him because he was getting that little bit older and wanted to be cool? 

Do you know how much he would give for just one more morning of her waking him up, singing some of stupid song, and them both dancing around in their pyjamas as she got him ready for school? How he would give anything to have had his mom be the one at the parent teacher meeting in junior year, listening as Finstock told her about his paper on the male circumcision because she would have found it hilarious? Because that was his mom. She got him when no-one else did.

And maybe he breaks down crying because he’ll never be able to get those moments back. There is so much he should have done, he should have been a better son, been easier to take care of. His mom deserved better than him and that kills him, that maybe if it wasn’t for him she would still be alive. And he wants to go back so badly and not be a disappointment. Or just to say he’s sorry.  

And, of course, Derek notices, puts their daughter down in her crib and makes his way over to Stiles, pulling him into a hug and wrapping him up in his arms because he knows what Stiles is thinking then and he wishes he had never sun that silly song. Derek is the only one Stiles has ever confided in about his mom, about how he misses her, and Derek wishes he could do something. He wishes he could bring Claudia back for a few minutes to tell Stiles how proud she is of him, because Derek knows she would be, and he tells Stiles that. He always tells Stiles that. And somewhere inside he knows Stiles believes him, or at least tries to, but it’s not enough and all Derek can do is hold him close and tell him he loves him. And maybe one day Derek is going to have to go the the Sheriff, tell him he needs to make Stiles understand what happened wasn’t his fault. Because he knows Stiles, even after all these years, still thinks his dad blames him. He sees it every single time Stiles looks at the Sheriff, like he’s waiting for something, for approval that isn’t coming. And that kills Derek, but Stiles made him promise never to say anything and Derek knows he has to respect that.  



And that's fun in the kitchen - Sam Winchester One Shot

Prompt: http://dirtysupernaturalimagines.tumblr.com/post/90896271592/imagine-baking-for-sam-and-him-throwing-frosting

“Imagine baking for Sam and him throwing frosting all over you. Imagine then having heated sex in the kitchen covered in baking ingredients.”

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count: 1,500

Warnings: swearing, fluff, smut and baking

You waved goodbye to Dean and closed the door of the bunker. He was off to stock up on ammo and spell ingredients so you knew he would be away for most of the day, meaning you had the chance for some quality alone time with your boyfriend Sam. You and Sam had been item for around a year now, having joined forces with the Winchesters on a hunt and moving into the bunker with them soon after. You and Sam two connected instantly and now you couldn’t imagine your life without him. He was so sweet and so much fun to be around, not to mention being a drop-dead gorgeous giant! You smiled at the thought of having the bunker to yourselves for a day, but since it was still pretty early you decided you’d leave Sam in bed for a little longer and headed to the kitchen to do something you loved almost as much as you loved Sam…baking!

You didn’t often have the opportunity to bake living out of crappy motels as a hunter so you were so excited when you saw the bunker had a proper kitchen, meaning you baked for the boys pretty regularly, and they were always very grateful! You were still in you pyjamas, just some shorts and a baggy crop t-shirt, when you got to the kitchen and put the radio on full blast. You got to work making some pastry for a pie for dean, and mixing up some of Sam’s favourite caramel buttercream frosting. You had just put a cake in the oven and set the timer when your absolute favourite song came on the radio, and you couldn’t help but jump and dance around the kitchen singing at the top of your lungs.

You heard laughter and looked over to the door to see Sam leaning on the door frame, a huge smile lighting up his face. You skipped over to him and grabbed his hand, spinning him round and pulling him into your pyjama dance party. He put his hands on your hips and danced along with you, even managing to dip you at the end of the song. When the song had finished you both stood there in laughter before Sam pulled you into a long, slow kiss which filled your stomach with butterflies, even after being with him all this time.

“Good Morning Beautiful,” Sam said pulling away from your lips to admire how sexy you looked in your little pyjamas. “Something smells amazing in here.” He said wrapping his strong arms around your waist and planting delicate kisses on your neck. You sigh happily at the feel of his warm, wet lips on your skin, taking his hand and lead him over to the kitchen ledge.

“Look, I made your favourite.” You said winking and using your finger to scoop a bit of the caramel frosting out of the bowl. Before you had a chance to put it to your lips, Sam took a hold of your hand and slowly sucked the frosting off your finger, never breaking eye contact with you. You couldn’t ever think of a day when Sam hadn’t been sexy as fuck, but feeling his wet lips around your finger made your pulse race and you could feel a slight wetness in your panties. Sam slowly licked his lips before placing one hand firmly behind your head pulling you in for another kiss, while the other hand traced small, soft circles in the small of your back. His tongue roamed your mouth, filling it with the taste of caramel, which made you smile into his passionate kiss.

You decided two could play at that game, and as you pulled Sam’s t-shirt over his head, you drew a line of frosting down his incredible, chiselled abs, and began slowly kissing down his stomach, until you were on your knees, sucking and licking as you went, earning you some deep grunts from Sam which only turned you on more. When you got to the waistband of his sweatpants you could already see his sizeable erection bulging through the material, so you pulled them down to the floor along with his boxers and begin slowly licking his tip, causing Sam to moan your name loudly. Feeling a warmth growing between your legs, his moan spurred you on, taking his full shaft in your mouth and sucking, slowly at first but getting quicker as Sam’s moans got louder and louder, and sometimes tracing your tongue down the length of him. When he was getting close, he reached for the ledge of the kitchen counter to support himself but, being so distracted, his hand knocked a bag of powdered sugar off the ledge, and all over you.

You stood up, covered in the white powder only to see Sam laughing his ass off at you trying to shake some of the sugar out of your hair. “You think this is funny?” You questioned with a raised eyebrow, doing your best not to laugh at the situation yourself, but Sam was laughing too hysterically to even respond. “Well then you can be a mess too,” You laughed, grabbing a nearby bowl of cake mix and flicking spoonful’s of it at Sam’s bare chest. He ran over to you and wrestled the bowl out of your hands, still laughing hysterically, and once the bowl was back on the ledge he picked you up by the ass and carried you over the kitchen table and carefully placed you so you were sitting on the edge of the table.

He pulled your tshirt off over your head and used his finger to take some of the cake mix from his torso and spread it on your chest, before he started licking and sucking at your breasts. You groaned in delight as he started to flick his tongue over your nipple while his hand massaged the other breast. He pulled his mouth away from your chest to kiss you again before slowly lowering himself to the floor.

 He knelt down between your legs, and starting kissing and licking the icing sugar that was now covering your thigh getting higher with every kiss and staring deeply into your eyes. You could feel your panties getting wetter as he reached the top of your thigh, looked up at you and said “As if you weren’t sweet enough already,” with a cheeky wink, before sliding down your shorts and now soaking underwear, leaving you completely exposed in front of him. Without any hesitation he placed his flat tongue on your clit and used his fingers to dip into you slightly then massage your sensitive folds. You threw your head back and moaned in bliss, you could feel your pulse getting stronger down there as he slipped two of his fingers into you and started rubbing on your most sensitive spots, bringing you closer to orgasm. You felt the pleasure building inside you, but you grew more desperate and needed him inside you now, so you hopped down from the table, turned Sam around so he could lie on the table while you climbed on top of him, licking some of the cake mix off his amazing chest before lining him up with your slit and slowly lowering yourself onto him. It felt so fantastic to have him filling you that you both let out a huge moan before you started gently rocking your hips, rubbing your clit on his hip as you went along.

“Fuck (Y/N)!”Sam moaned as he placed one hand firmly on your hip, helping to control the ever increasing speed of his thrusts, and getting overwhelmed with desire for you, he used the other hand to pull your lips to his so your chest was rubbing across his own. You could feel the pressure building in your lower belly and you knew you wouldn’t last much longer. You took firm hold off Sam’s strong arms as the wave of pleasure hit you and you tightened around him moaning his name. This sent Sam over the edge as you felt him grip your hip hard enough to leave a bruise, not that you minded, and he filled you with his warmness. Went you had ridden out your incredible orgasm you slowly raised yourself off of him and lay beside he on the table, trying to brush some of the sugar off your now glistening skin as he pulled you in to a tight hug and kissed you lovingly on the cheek with a huge grin plastered on his face.

“You look amazing and cook amazing, I am one lucky man,” He announced loudly, while covering your face in his warm, comforting kisses. You were just about to tell him how lucky you felt when you heard the oven timer going off on the other side of the kitchen.

“That’s one way to kill time while a cake bakes.” You said standing up and pulling Sam’s tshirt on as you went to get the cake out of the oven. “Funnily enough, I seem to have worked up a bit of an appetite this morning.” Sam laughed as he hopped down from the table, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you into a tight hug from behind. You really did feel lucky.