dancing in pyjamas !

You’re an angel dressed in armor
You’re the fair in every fight
You’re my life and my safe harbor
Where the sun sets every night (x)

can we please let them slow dance in their pyjamas or something?
lil’ thingy for @sarawh, love u buddy

“On location in Mississippi, Elizabeth Taylor threw off her sombre mood and left the rest of a marooned cast speechless when she bounced out on the balcony of the film-set house and into the pouring rain. In checked cotton pyjamas, she played and danced like a twelve-year-old, shaking her head free of drops and calling to the others to join her. Ever since she was quite small, she has hated to wear shoes, and her unconventional–or at least decidedly informal–outfit suited her mood exactly.“

im just. im so gay
Disney Princess Self Care Ideas


♥ Go swimming
♥Look for interesting items in markets and charity shops
♥ Eat sushi


♥ Take a martial arts class (or find an exercise video online)
♥ Try and walk everywhere with your head tall and shoulders back
♥ Order some Chinese food


♥ Wear some really snazzy shoes
♥ Try a new craft project
♥ Spend some time with animals


♥ Write a gratitude list
♥ Curl up in your pyjamas and watch a movie
♥ Dance to your favourite song


♥ Get some books out from the library
♥ Cuddle something furry (a pet or a teddy)
♥ Practise your French (or just eat a croissant?)


♥ Cook something delicious
♥ Call your best friend for a chat
♥ Dream about your future career

Snow White

♥ Clean your room
♥ Wear red lipstick
♥ Eat an apple

Legendary Moments of ToppDogg

listen….i can’t wait to come home to my girlfriend after a long day at work. i can’t wait to cook dinner together and curl up together on the sofa and watch silly movies. i can’t wait to get to know her quirks and facial expressions and odd habits. i can’t wait to sing in the car together and play sports together and make fart jokes, and have midnight dance parties in the kitchen and sit on the floor in our pyjamas eating raw cookie dough. i can’t wait to laugh with her and travel with her and try new foods with her, and laugh some more.

i’m so excited to wake up next to her, limbs tangled together in sheets, sleep in our eyes. i want to drink coffee in the morning with her and spend sundays in bed with the cat (obviously we have a cat shut up), and lie together and be together, even just reading to ourselves in comfortable silence. and this post literally has no point beyond the fact that i’m so excited for all that.

Hard to Kiss You

I was wondering if you could make a oneshot about Phil. Y/n is much shorter than Phil, “ I hate you.” “Why?” Phil asks. “You’re so tall…” You sighed. “It’s hard to kiss you..” ^ Of course, this is optional. You’ve just earned a follower!

I hope this is okay, please let me know what you think :) And thank-you so much Hun xxoo


It was early morning and you had woken up to the wonderfully sweet smell of cooking food. The best way to wake up. With much effort, you dragged your body out of bed and down the hallway until you stood in front of the glass door that lead into the kitchen.

You couldn’t help but smile at the wonderful sight in the kitchen. The pale skin of Phil’s bare back glowed beautifully in the morning sun while he shook his hips that held up his pyjama bottoms as he danced along to the quiet music that played from his phone.

Morning Phil was always so gorgeous with his glasses on and his fringe pushed off of his forehead aka bed hair. How could someone be so cute yet sexy at the exact same time? You would never know.

You slowly pushed open the door, holding it until it had closed completely without making a sound. Walking lightly, you snuck up behind your boyfriend, standing on the tips of your toes as you planned on kissing the back of his neck. Your plan was going well until you realised… You couldn’t reach his neck.

You dropped your heels down and let out a sigh, to which Phil spun around quickly with wide eyes.

“Oh my god you scared me” He says, breathing heavily.

“I hate you”

“Why?” Phil asks

“You’re so tall..” you sighed. “It’s hard to kiss you..” You continue to whine with a small pout on your lips.

“Maybe you’re just short” Phil replies with a cheeky smirk on his pink lips.
Deciding not to reply, you simply change your pouting face into a scowl which only causes Phil to laugh.

“I think our hight difference is perfect” Phil then says as he places his cooking utensils onto the bench.

Phil lifts you into his arms and places you onto a spare place on the bench, standing between your legs.

“We fit perfectly together” he says with a smile. “And anyway, I like your lips on my lips more than on my back” Phil continues, bringing his face close enough the your noses are touching.

You smile goofily before Phil finally closes the gap between you both, finally getting that morning kiss you’ve wanted all along.

Don’t imagine Destiel becoming cannon.

Don’t imagine Dean kissing Cas relentlessly because he loves him so much. Don’t imagine Cas buying flowers for Dean & laying them on his bed after a particularly difficult hunt. Don’t imagine Dean insisting Cas move into his room & Cas finally giving in with a huge grin on his face. Don’t imagine Dean setting up a romantic dinner for them when Sam goes out. Don’t imagine Cas leaning into Dean & closing his eyes to feel his heartbeat. Don’t imagine them slow dancing at 3 am in their pyjamas. Don’t imagine Sam walking in on them cuddling on the sofa fast asleep & smiling. Don’t imagine Dean constantly reassuring Cas how amazing he is, how much he appreciates him & how much he needs him. Don’t imagine Cas staying up all night telling Dean how much he loves him.

Don’t imagine it. Just don’t.

Josh being just a bit shorter than Chris but Chris being a fair amount heavier than Josh because if they were being honest, Josh is a noodle who forgets to feed himself often/his meds make him lack an appetite and the difference makes it easy for them to dance together, a soft song playing from one of their phones or Chris just humming.
Chris having one hand around Josh’s waist and the other holding his hand outstretched in the slightest, while Josh’s other arm is around Chris’s shoulders as they dance slowly around the kitchen in their pyjamas and they’re both happy because in that moment they’re okay, the rest of the world doesn’t exist as both of them dance with soft smiles and warm hearts.

December 31, 2015
  1. Virgo
     A person with A-type blood

  2. Scorpio
     Digital camera

  3. Taurus
     Meat bun

  4. Capricorn

  5. Cancer
     Sewing set

  6. Pisces
     Boiled gyoza

  7. Aries
     Down jacket

  8. Sagittarius
     Drinking glass

  9. Aquarius
     Light blue

  10. Libra

  11. Leo
     Road map

  12. Gemini

Stay safe for the last day of 2015, everyone!


(Fan Account) 160604 YeGit
Today’s guest is Ryeowook and ZhouMi^^
Yesung asked who went for the concert ytd. Many raised their hands. And he was like 뭐야… why so many hahahaha then he said sorry .. Ryeowook and zhoumi! Wook came out dancing to Pyjama party..Zhoumi stood up to talk. Wook told him to sit down lol. Height….. quite a difference lol 
Yesung said zhoumi came last min couldn’t prepare. Wook asked him to jump down the stage to exit. Zhoumi stood and wook asked him to sit.Wook said this maybe his last stage ><

pics by:ELF_TFCrystal 
Fan Account by:staceyy