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“Once upon a December”
Imperial Russia aesthetic for my dear friend Ivan. I personally think that imperial Russia was one of the most beautiful time periods for the nation, even if politically it was bad. The big formal balls they held and such, leave me in awe. Imperial aph Russia was the prince of my dreams I swear hahaha ☆

Tamara Karsavina as Zobeida in Scheherazade. Photo by E.O. Hoppe, 1911.

Choreography by Mikhail Fokine. Music by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov. Costumes by Léon Bakst inspired a fashion for harem pants, turbans and floor cushions.

Tamara Platonovna Karsavina (1885-1978) was a famous Russian ballerina, renowned for her beauty, who was most noted as a Principal Artist of the Imperial Russian Ballet and later the Ballets Russes of Serge Diaghilev.

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s Crying About STAR WARS Time and I love that apparently it’s a never-ending font of things to cry about in the GFFA. But, hey, at least sometimes it’s crying in a good way? So, here, come cry some more with me about these space monks with their laser swords.

House of Cards by Smitty, obi-wan & anakin & oc, 23.8k
   Just when Obi-Wan thinks he has life figured out, a shadowy bounty hunter proves him wrong.
The Exchange by MissLearn, obi-wan & anakin & ahsoka & qui-gon & mace & rex & cast, 31.2k wip
   The Daughter has a bad day and it irrevocably changes the fate of the galaxy, twice over. Or; ROTS Obi-Wan and Anakin are swapped with their younger, TPM, selves. It changes things, in both parallels.
Obikin Ficlet: Exotic Dancer AU by writegowrite, obi-wan/anakin, imperial!obi-wan, 1k
   Prompt: “Exotic dancer!Anakin giving a private dance to sith lord!imperial general!Obi-Wan and they haven’t seen each other in 6 months. They missed each other and Obi-Wan just wants to touch Anakin but Anakin won’t let him.”
Clarity by anecdotalist, obi-wan/anakin & anakin/padme & ahsoka & cast,
   Anakin’s jealousy leads to the start of something new between him and Obi-Wan and a lot of frank discussions about things they should have talked about but didn’t in canon.
Do Not Go Gentle by Glare, obi-wan/anakin, a/b/o, 4.8k wip
   Anakin Skywalker is only six months into his Jedi training when he goes missing on a mission, bringing his Master’s life crashing down.
untitled by gaealynn, obi-wan/anakin, mild bondage, 1.9k
   I propose – an Obi-Wan who indulges one of Anakin’s tantrums and is startled to find that he, ah, doesn’t quite mind letting Anakin tie him up and dote on him; and an Anakin who is over the moon at being allowed to do so.
Tano and Kenobi by FireflyFish, obi-wan & ahsoka & cast, 54.3k wip
   Master Skywalker always said “The Force works in mysterious ways” and Ahsoka Tano has to admit, getting thrown backwards in time by about forty years was very mysterious. Now she just needs to figure how to get back home and how to get Master Qui-Gon Jinn to take Senior Initiate Obi-Wan Kenobi as a Padawan before the young boy is shipped off to Bandomeer to take up the quiet life of a farmer. Of course, that’s assuming she doesn’t take him as her Padawan first…
Choices by writegowrite, obi-wan & krell, sith!obi-wan, ~1k
   The path to the dark was easier than Obi-Wan had ever thought it could be.
Reunion by writegowrite, obi-wan/anakin, ~1k
   It has been nine minutes since Darth Vader arrived on the Rebel reconnaissance ship.
Lights Will Guide You Home by darlingargents, obi-wan/padme & potential obi-wan/anakin/padme & luke/ezra & leia & ahsoka & cast, 27.3k wip
   Obi-Wan knew that if he didn’t leave now, Padmé would die. And so he made his decision.
untitled by silvergryphon, leia & mace, 1.7k
   Everyone expected Leia to follow in her mother’s footsteps.
untitled by stonefreeak, padme & background anakin/padme, 1.2k
   Padmé stares at the clock on her bedside table. She knows it’s time to get up and get ready to face the day, but she… She doesn’t want to.
untitled by lurkingcrow, obi-wan & luke, 1.2k
   Obi-Wan braces against the bulkhead as yet another refugee pushes past him, attention focused upon the growing food line rather than the bedraggled figure hunched over his precious cargo.
untitled by fireflyfish, obi-wan/anakin & cast, pirate!obi-wan, 1.9k
   All things considered, Darth Vader was taking the news of growing pirate fleet surprisingly well, thought Lieutenant Piett as he followed after the towering, black-suited menace.

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Obikin Ficlet: Exotic Dancer AU

Based on @darthvders excellent AU idea, which I could not get out of my head! Thank you for sharing, and hope you like it!

“ Exotic dancer!Anakin giving a private dance to sith lord!imperial general!Obi-Wan and they haven’t seen each other in 6 months. They missed each other and Obi-Wan just wants to touch Anakin but Anakin won’t let him. ”

The opulent room lies in darkness, its elaborate decor lost in shadow. The tall, narrow windows reveal only the faintest washes of light staining the hem of the night sky outside and the rare sight of stars, the room and the tower it sits in high above most other buildings in this particular Coruscanti district.

“Sky-side,” some who come to Coruscant whisper when they fantasize about success, a good life won by hard work and luck, but even the most optimistic dreamers never dare to imagine living star-side.

Only a rare few will ever know that refined of a life.

Obi-Wan Kenobi, the Jedi general, would never have known it. He would have died of a blaster bolt to the back in some barren wilderness when Order 66 swept across the galaxy. Another idealist face down in the dirt, struck down by the reality the Jedi Order had never been ready to face, he tells himself.

But Obi-Wan Kenobi, the secret Sith and now Imperial general, has earned his place among the stars. He has served his master well, and his master has given him everything he’d promised: freedom, wealth, the chance to finally realize his potential and vengeance for the Order that had never chosen to see it.

Now, as he sits in the true darkness of this opulent space, a proud shadow in grey and black, he smiles as the first faint strains of an old Akitan stringed instrument whisper to life. Normally he would enjoy every note, think about the rich culture and nuances of this music as other rhythms slide in alongside the first. But on this particular night he has come to this high-end club and this private room for one thing and one thing only.

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One Small Moment

** It’s just one small moment, but they’ll take it, and the next, and the next, until their time is spent. **

For Rebelcaptain week day 3 - undercover

read it on ao3

Words: 837

Rated: G

She’s playing bodyguard to a midrim queen, as she has been for the last few weeks or so. Surprisingly, Jyn actually likes the assignment, and that’s mainly because Jyn likes the queen herself. She’s smart, having managed to stay within the Empire’s trust while feeding information and supplies to the Alliance. She’s also stubborn as hell, something Jyn has always been personally fond of. She might even go so far as to call her a friend - one of the continuing symptoms of her Rogue One family - if it weren’t for tonight’s activities.

Jyn is not the type of person who enjoys formal celebrations, especially not Imperial ones, especially not Imperial ones that require her to wear a dress and pretend to be the type of person who enjoys being nice to fascist officers.

OK, the dress isn’t as awful as it could be, the queen made sure of that. It’s lightweight and moves easily around her. There’s a small slit along the side in case Jyn gets the urge, or need, to run and fight. The light blue color is actually kind of pretty, and there’s enough room for her to conceal a blaster and her knife. All in all, not bad.

So mainly, it’s the company. She has no real mission tonight. The queen’s alliances are still secret as far as the rebellion can tell. Tonight is just about appearances. It’ll be safe, dull.

Jyn entertains herself by watching the queen interact with the partygoers. She’s still impressed by her adeptness at duplicity, and can’t help but think of a certain spy.

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History of Dancing in Imperial Russia

It wasn’t until the rise of Peter the Great that Russian society opened up to the West. St. Petersburg was erected to embrace the West and compete against Moscow’s backwardness. Peter the Great created a new Russia which rivaled the society of the West with magnificent courts and palaces. His vision was not to bring Russia to the West, but to bring the West to Russia.

Russia is well known for the extraordinary art of ballet. Ballet in Russia was created by foreigners and yet it is most definitely Russian. In the 17th century, ballet was introduced into Russia by the second Romanov ruler Tsar Alexis Mikhailovich for his wedding festivities. By the early 1900’s the Russian ballet went beyond its borders and infiltrated Paris. It had become its own force and was distinctly Russian, while still being embraced by the Parisian society.

One author describes the Imperial ballet as “unlike that of any other country in the world…the most prestigious of the ballet troupes were those attached to the state-supported theatres. The directors of these companies were personally appointed by the tsar, and all the dancers were, in a sense, Imperial servants. In the theatre, the men in the audience always remained standing until the tsar entered his box and, out of respect, after the performance they remained in their places until he had departed. Curtain calls were arranged according to a strict pattern: first, the ballerina bowed to the tsar’s box, then to that of the theater director, and finally to the general public.“

Many other forms of Western dance, such as ballroom style dancing, were also introduced to Russia by the Imperial Family who hosted countless balls for two hundred years. Russian folk dance was and still is an important part of Russian culture. Some of the first Russian folk music and dance appeared around the 10th century when the Slavic tribes moved into Russia. Many of these early dances were performed and practiced by the lower classes. Typically the upper classes would watch performers rather than participate in the dances themselves.

Costumes were beautifully designed with great detail. Typically, the clothing for the folk dances was based on specific events, such as holidays, and would vary between these events. Women wore holiday headdresses, embroidered shirts, belts, and ornamented aprons. Men wore shirts, a belt, narrow pants, and high boots. The color red was incorporated in many of the costumes because it is associated with beauty in the Russian tradition.

Once Upon a December (Part 1)

A/N: This is a new story starred by Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier and the reader. It’s inspired in the movie Anastasia so I hope you all like it! Feedback would be appreciated and if you want to be tagged, tell me!

Summary: The night everything changed. The Red Night, as it would be marked in history books. A man with nothing to lose. A woman whose past was taken away from her. A crown, waiting for its legitimate owner. A country immersed in a civil war. It’s time for fate to play.

Warnings: Angst. Mention of injuries.

Words: 1748.

Tagged and those who might like it: @msmarvelchick @sebastian-bucky-stan @eileenlikesyou-maybe @a-girl-who-loves-disney @whotheeffisbucky @plumfondler @totheendofthelinepal @thatawkwardtinyperson @theh3aven @themistsofmyavalon @pleasecallmecaptain @writemarvelousthings @writingbarnes @sebbytrash @stephvera @shaerose98 @hollycornish @marvelfanuniverse @totheendofthelinepal @just-call-me-mrs-captain @bovaria @writing-soldiers @marvelouslymarvelousimagines @mangosoldier @thatawkwardtinyperson @lancefuckrr @after-avenging-hours @buckyywiththegoodhair @marvelous-fvcks @callingmrsbarnes @capsbuchanan

You heard the claps outside the room and your whole body started to feel that familiar nervousness. Your mother touched your shoulder and nodded, giving you that sweet smile of her. Her back straighted and she followed your father to the throne room. You waited as you’d been taught and then, your feet followed your mother’s steps outside.

The room that you knew perfectly never ceased to amaze you. The breath-taking chandeliers that shone. The walls were covered with the paintings of your ancestors, kings and queens of the country.

The court bowed as the retinue walked towards the throne. Your father was the head, followed by your mother and his sister, the Imperial Duchess Alexandra. Behind you, your little brother George, trying to grab the tail of your magnificent dress.

Your parents sat on their respective thrones and the orchestra stareted to play. The hall became full of couples dancing, gliding across the room. You couldn’t avoid your hands to move at the same time the music was being played and your little brother began to pull your arms, claiming you to dance with him.

“Please, please, Y/N!” He whined with his high voice.

You turned to face your mother and she nodded, smiling at you two. You looked at your brother and both started to make noises before leading to the dance floor.

You were a child. A little child who had everything. You had a family that loved you more than you could ever imagine. And as a child, your sweet innocence made you believe nothing would change. Ever.

Your father stood up and saw as George left you alone dancing at the rhythm of the music. He smiled as he saw your dress moving around you. You were stunning wearing that. He opened his arms and you ran towards him, hugging him, hearing his soft laugh and his beard scratching your cheek.

“Would you dance with me, Her Imperial Highness?” He asked mockingly and bowing in front of you. You rolled your eyes and laughed, taking your father’s hands between yours, noticing him leading the traditional dance. “Are you having fun, darling?”

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30 Day Romanov Challenge || Favourite Grand Duchess or Princess [½]

Her Highness Princess Xenia Georgievna of Russia was born 22 August 1903 to Grand Duke George Mikhailovich of Russia, grandson of Emperor Nicholas I of Russia, and Princess Maria Georgievna of Greece, daughter of King George I of Greece. Her elder sister was Princess Nina Georgievna. Though Xenia was “only” a princess of the imperial blood, she was closely tied by blood to the Imperial Family—her mother was a niece of Empress Maria Feodorovna of Russia, making Xenia a first cousin of Princess Irina Alexandrovna—the last tsar’s only niece and wife of prince Felix Yusupov—and Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna the Younger, an intimate of Nicholas II and his family.

Xenia was born at the New Michael Palace in Saint Petersburg, but moved in 1905 to Harax, an English-style Palace in the Crimea that was a gift from George Mikhailovich to Maria Georgievna. She had brown hair, brown eyes and would eventually stand 5 feet, 5-½ inches tall, and was known for her temper tantrums. George and Maria spoke French to each other, and as it was the preferred language of society, so we can presume Xenia and Nina were raised with French as their primary language. In 1908, Geoge Mihkailovich gave his daughter Xenia a mohair bear for Christmas who she named Alfonzo. Her nanny made Xenia’s bear a Cossack outfit. Xenia and Alfonso were inseparable and inspired a story called ”The Alfonzo Story: The World’s Most Romanov Teddy Bear” by Ian Pout. Xenia and Nina threw dance parties when the Imperial Family was in residence at Livadia, and thus were the occassional playmates of Grand Duchesses Maria and Anastasia Nikolayevna. According to Xenia, Anastasia was “wild and rough” and  “cheated at games, kicked, scratched, pulled hair, and generally knew how to make herself obnoxious”. One of the last times Xenia and Anastasia played together was in the spring of 1914, when they played on  the Black Sea.

Maria and George were unhappy. In summer 1914, Xenia and Nina saw their father—and the imperial—for the last time. Maria Georgievna took Xenia and Nina to England on the pretext of their health; the truth was she wanted to escpae her marriage. Maria and her daughters spent the summer at Buckingham Palace. Because of the resulting WWI, Xenia and Nina were was unable to reunite with their father. They first stayed at Marlborough House in the wake of WWI but eventually lived in their own homes, in Chester Square London and Harrogate in Yorkshire. (cont reading below)

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Dancing aboard the imperial yacht “Standart” (1912).

The officers had a dance with the Grand Duchesses Olga,Tatiana, Maria and Anastasia, daughters of Nicholas II.

Colorized by: National Geographic Channel.

Dragon Dance Headcanons

Mirror dances are meant to look ferocious, half threat display, and full of bared teeth and flared wings. They keep time by stomping and slamming their tails on the ground. They can be performed alone, or in a group, depending on who they’re trying to impress/intimidate. 

Fae do swooping aerial dances that involves displays of their magic as much as grace. A fae dance is really an elaborately choreographed dance of their particular element, with a fae in the center of it. 

Guardian dances dances are meant to be performed mostly underwater, and include a lot of moves that are impossible to replicate in any other environment. Guardian underwater dances are slow, deliberate, and involves lots of graceful circling and spinning around each other.

Tundra dances are based more around rhythm than grace. Tundras weave intricate braids full of bells into their fur, and perform shuffling, stomping, mane-shaking dances in the center of a large circle, while the others keep time by beating their tails against the ground. Tundras dance to celebrate, and in a large circle of them, the dancers can feel the ground shake under their paws.

Skydancers are the most well known for it, and most of their traditional dances take place on the wing, performed in the open air. They involves graceful loops and swirls, and a move where dancers lock their talons together and fold their wings, to plummet in spiraling freefall, until the very last possible moment. 

Pearlcatcher traditional dances are graceful, elaborately choreographed affairs which focus as much on moving the pearl from one paw to another as they move as it does interacting with a partner. Some dances are choreographed to be done only by trusted partners, and involve passing pearls back and forth between the dancers. They very much resemble an elaborate waltz or minuet.

Spiral dances are a series of energetic, high speed loops, twists, and rolls, meant to be performed en masse. When done right, they produce amazing knotted patterns. When done wrong, they produce amazing tangles of knotted spirals. 

Snapper dances are slow and stately, like watching boulders move. They involve a number of snappers drifting across the floor, in seemingly random circles, which nonetheless intersect without colliding. Every movement is symbolic and meaningful. They can last for hours. 

Ridgebacks deck themselves out in an array of jewelry and personal decorations for their dances, which are wild and fast-paced with much switching of partners. The ridgeback who has “borrowed” the most jewelry from their partners at the end of the dance wins. 

Wildclaw dances involve a lot of circling and leaping, using their wings to jump higher and farther. They are multi-dragon affairs, usually separated by gender, and involve lots of mock slashes with their hindclaws. They’re usually used to impress mates or potential rivals. 

Imperials dance close together, with dozens of little touches. A press of cheek against cheek, a brush against their partner’s side, tails entwined, meeting and parting again and again. Imperials dance with each other very rarely. 

Coatls dance in circling groups. They will start in large groups, precisely numbered, circling clockwise, counterclockwise, spinning and weaving around each other, and spreading their wings to touch their partner’s. They create very pleasing patterns to an aerial view. 

Nocturne dances take elements of traditional dances from other species and combine them. They are notable for the measures nocturnes will go to equip themselves for dances designed for entirely different species, and those who think that their style is nothing but stolen mimicry need only look at their innovations. Mimicry is the breed’s unique tradition, and it’s reflected in everything from the painted wooden spheres they use as substitute pearls, to the decorative stone weights they wear around their wrists and ankles to lend the proper gravitas to snapper dances. 

Literally I hope the entire Rogue One soundtrack is the Imperial March in slightly different thematic settings:

  • ominous piano Imperial March 
  • stirring battle drums Imperial March 
  • Imperial March / Force Theme mashup a la the original teaser 
  • Imperial March with instrument/rhythm variations depending on the planet to symbolize the Empire’s assimilation of cultures 
  • surprise major key!Imperial March during a happy scene, just to fuck with us
  • “you have to hear this cover” Imperial March where a bearded white guy sings it mournfully at half speed over acoustic guitar 
  • dance remix Imperial March