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Saw this and had to rotoscope

Tamara Karsavina as Zobeida in Scheherazade. Photo by E.O. Hoppe, 1911.

Choreography by Mikhail Fokine. Music by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov. Costumes by Léon Bakst inspired a fashion for harem pants, turbans and floor cushions.

Tamara Platonovna Karsavina (1885-1978) was a famous Russian ballerina, renowned for her beauty, who was most noted as a Principal Artist of the Imperial Russian Ballet and later the Ballets Russes of Serge Diaghilev.

Also another concept: Exotic dancer!Anakin giving a private dance to sith lord!imperial general!Obi-Wan and they haven’t seen each other in 6 months. They missed each other and Obi-Wan just wants to touch Anakin but Anakin won’t let him.

Literally I hope the entire Rogue One soundtrack is the Imperial March in slightly different thematic settings:

  • ominous piano Imperial March 
  • stirring battle drums Imperial March 
  • Imperial March / Force Theme mashup a la the original teaser 
  • Imperial March with instrument/rhythm variations depending on the planet to symbolize the Empire’s assimilation of cultures 
  • surprise major key!Imperial March during a happy scene, just to fuck with us
  • “you have to hear this cover” Imperial March where a bearded white guy sings it mournfully at half speed over acoustic guitar 
  • dance remix Imperial March 
The Legacy of the Star Wars “Imperial March” Marches On
Two-year-olds can‘t resist it. It’s inspired by Wagner. John Williams’s most brilliant moment is all of pop culture in one ominous tune.
By Darryn King

If the gradual creep of the Jaws theme is the sound of lurking danger, Star Wars’s “Imperial March” is the anthem of evil in full, glorious flight.

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Convention: Anime Central 2015
Photography: @m1photo

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