dancing hockey players

What about a “The cutting edge” OtaYuri AU? I can made a little fancomic n__n tell me what do you think! 

PS: is this idea done before? if so, please send me a link! I love that movie! and Otabek as a hockey player that becomes a clumsy ice skater is so cutee!!!  :3 

Dancing With The Linebacker - Chapter 2

Rated: M (swear words and life crap)

I should mention I know NOTHING about ballroom dancing except what I have observed from the show, so I might be missing the mark on a lot of truths here.  

Chapter One

Kristoff waited alone in the studio for Anna to show up.  He slowly paced around the room, carefully ignoring his reflection in the wall or mirrors, wondering if there was an issue.  Maybe Anna had told the producers that she didn’t want to partnered with an uncharismatic football player.  She was probably begging them to put her with someone else; to spare her the embarrassment of getting kicked out in the first round.  He sighed deeply, shuffling his feet along the dancefloor when she suddenly came in.

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Yes, this is still one of the best Call me maybe parodies that I’ve seen, even of it’s a parody of a parody pretty much. I love it when they try and mimic their dance moves haha.

Dylan Strome #4

Requested by Anon:  I need one drabble of: dylan strome in a woody costume + stiff dancing, please . Thank you!! 😂

*Here you go! I hope you like this one.:)*

Word count: 764

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You patted the creases of your Bo Peep skirt before doing a proper twirl, watching the skirt balloon with all the petticoat and tulle underneath it. You feel like you’re a Victorian elite lady except you look like Woody’s girlfriend in the Toy Story series.

Speaking of, “don’t forget this,” Dylan held you one of his old sticks. The one you painted a white and cream color to make it look like a herding stick, “you need it to complete the look,” he said, tying the lace of your hat underneath your chin, “ready?”

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