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I love the idea of Yukari sending Fushimi lots of expensive skincare/beauty items in hopes of wooing him, how would Fushimi react/would he accept Yukari's advances?

Yukari would probably send him those even without romantic pretense, he just wants to make sure Fushimi’s amazing smooth skin stays perfect and beautiful. Maybe Yukari developed a bit of a crush during Fushimi’s time in jungle, like Yukari took one look at Fushimi and could see that if only he could make this kid care about his hair and his skin then Yukari would have a real beauty on his hands. And since beauty is to Yukari the number one most desirable feature in a significant other he pretty much decides that perhaps he should pursue Fushimi a bit, like sure Fushimi betrayed jungle and helped kill their King but that’s nothing compared to that amazing pale skintone. Fushimi is very confused when the first package of beauty care products arrives at Scepter 4, accompanied by a romantic note from Yukari. The first time Fushimi gets a package he probably assumes this is some kind of trick and the products are sent to be checked over for poison, eventually it comes back that no, these are all perfectly normal – albeit expensive and high end – beauty products. Fushimi still doesn’t want anything to do with them though and just has them sent to the women’s dorms where they can all take their pick of products.

For the next few weeks though Fushimi starts getting more packages and I think he’d be more pissed than anything. Like even if he talked to Yukari at some point and Yukari made it clear that this is a sign of love Fushimi is just having none of it, he doesn’t trust Yukari and he has no interest in beauty products thanks. But then maybe one day he can’t help but be curious and he uses like some of the face wash, the next day his skin is so baby smooth and he feels so rejuvenated and he has no idea why. He tries the stress relief night face cream next and has the best sleep of his life. Soon Fushimi’s all torn because he is finding himself enjoying all the shitty beauty products and Yukari’s probably taking the sight of Fushimi in makeup as an acceptance of his advances, while Fushimi himself is just like I hate this face cream and I can’t stop using it.

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Raúl in real life is like the exact opposite of Barba clothing wise, I mean, I swear, Barba either takes a half-hour to pair stuff in the morning or lays his clothes out for a week ahead of time, and Raúl in real life is like, yep, this is clean and doesn't completely clash with that, I'm good.

RIGHT?!? I’m always thinking about like what if Barba met Raúl and he’s just so perplexed because?? Barba may not be the most smiley person, but he’s nowhere near as openly geeky as Raúl is and he’s just about have a heart attack or go pale the moment he takes a good look at his actor’s daily attire because for fuck’s sake, he works so hard to look good and Raúl is wearing?? Velvet suits?!??