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If someone who’s never seen the movies / read the comics asks you what Guardians of the Galaxy is, just show them these GIFs without any explanation


Disney’s California Adventure Theme Park opened their Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout ride on May 27th. Along with it, Disney Parks’ theme for 2017 is Summer of Heroes along with Marvel themed food/drinks and merchandise along with introducing new Meet-and-Greet with Black Widow alongside the longstanding Cap and Spidey, but also this giant Groot character! While Groot will is not currently a consistent Park character he looks brilliant! and I can not imagine being able to hug a Groot in person! WE ARE GROOT


Marvel | Random Gifs that Shows that Marvel Fans Does with a Hiatus. Part Three. Click for part 1 2 3

(Or Part 3 of Marvel gifs in which I sometimes question our insanity).

SPN Version

Fun movie fact James Gunn did the Groot dance as a reference for opening scene and I just love that

Part 2 : 




Explaining BIGBANG members to normal people like

First, we have a rich screaming bird dressing like the weed man. Yes, he’s the leader. He hangs out in museums and abroad more than in Korea actually. Every time you blink, he’s changed his hair and outfit.

Second, there is a furniture lover who looks like Groot. Dancing is not his forte though, but definitely singing the chorus. He’s from outer space, a citizen of the honorable planet Doom Dada where showing skin is prohibited by law. Once caught on camera while peeing on rich bird.

Third, there’s a guy who pretends to be a celestial object. You can tell that he’s hot, doesn’t need clothes to keep himself warm. His hair stylist has some real issues. If you like quality dance: bias him. But if you dislike people spreading bs on social media… don’t do it.

Fourth: The only decent one in the group. Nah, just kidding. He might not see anything due to his hair helmet but this guy will roast you better than Jackson Wang and Key combined. Fans call him angel but don’t buy into that, those jokes and hip movements are nothing but satanic.

Fifth… where do I even start. Let’s put it like this, he’s got more Dirty Vibe than the leader. His hobby is sitting on other group’s maknaes. Can talk about love and in several languages by mere imitation. If that snake YG ever retires, this guy will take things over.