dancing faun

✧・゚~ Fire Emblem: Myths ~・゚✧

I have decided that I will host another art project!

This time, the theme is

Characters as mythological creatures!


- there will only be 15 slots/participants!

- Characters of any Fire Emblem game can be chosen

- Mythological creatures of any kind can be chosen

- Send me a message or ask and tell me what character you’d like to draw as what creature!

- The same character/creature can’t be chosen by multiple artists. First come, first serve.

- Deadline to post your piece is February 26th! (You can post it earlier, of course!)

- Tag your piece as ‘Fire Emblem: Myths’

As stated above, there will only be 15 participants this time, since I’ve had bad experiences with hosting larger projects before.

The List goes Artist - FE Character - Creature:

1. @dancing-aqua - Henry - Faun

2. @weirdmagicks - Orochi - Mermaid

3. @kagomekirigiri - Ryoma - Centaur

4. @dipdopofthedip - Camilla - Siren

5. @lavalakes - Azura - Undine

6. @yoyoyonix - Sakura - Caladrius

7. @dippys-crack-shop - Yukimura - Tengu

8. @lyricalia - Nina - Harpy

9. @hokori-x3 - Nyx - Nyx

10. @appendorange - Stefan - Sphinx

11. @lil-lycian-alliance - Tiki -Fairy

12. @kokoyorieienni - Flora - Hel

13. @strategist-rose - Yen’fay - Phoenix

14. @star-crossed-swords - Nino - Nymph

15. @steviesartyart - Seth - Ichthyocentaur

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an ask!
Have fun! I am looking forward to see everyones outcome!

Lucy loves the sunshine. The golden time in the afternoon when photos look amazing but life looks even better. The time when you could laugh for the bright happiness of the sunshine dancing through the grass and the trees, reflecting off of the river or the ocean, when even the breeze becomes a gentle harmony to the sunshine. For some reason during that time Lucy never sunburned or got tired. She would climb trees and dance with nymphs and fauns and long after her siblings sat to rest, she was laughing and loving life with no exhaustion or signs of slowing down. It seemed that she could beat her brothers in a horseback race during the golden times, but rarely at other times of day. On days she couldn’t go out of the castle, she would climb to the tallest towers or visit the queens garden, and often watched the sea. The sea was always bluer and clearer for her than anyone else. And the sunlight seemed to shine to the sea bottom, showing the coral reefs, exotic fish, and mermaids who stayed in the shallows.

Peter loves the dawn. The time when the cold is slowly falling off the world and the colors are changed from gray to vibrant. The time when the clouds are orange and pink and other almost impossible, completely unique colors in a pattern that will never be seen again. When the darkness is pushed away and the light comes back into the world, like Aslan against the Winter. Peter is up earlier than everyone, except maybe the cooks, one of which often leaves warm tea or coco for him in the hallway after noticing his habit for early rising. He knows some of the best sections of walls and towers to see the sunrise over the ocean, but his favorite spot is one he found while exploring with Edmund, through an old door that squeaks on its hinges and drags on the ground, up a tight stone staircase and into a little observation room that has an open window to the East, and it has a very good ledge for leaning and sitting.

Susan loves midnight. The stars speak to her in a way that the others don’t hear. She loves the glittering majesty of the gems that stay constant, and yet still dance across the sky every night. Lucy learned the constellations in record time, but Susan learned them faster. At first she always made sure her siblings got to bed on time, but she found herself drawn outside every night, at midnight, or 2 in the morning. She watched the stars dance, and looked for hidden trails in the moonlight over the forest, and found colors that no one else could, thousands of shades of blues and purples and blacks. The stars were reds, and yellows and blues and whites and Susan saw as many colors there as in the sunsets. Instead of the nightly gazing making her tired, she gained a special kind of rest, she meditated and always managed to keep up with her siblings, they didn’t realize what she was doing for months (Edmund found her in one of his sleepless nights and joined her when he woke in the night, she never minded of course, they shared the silence) The stillness, and the calm, the fair moonlight drew her closer to Narnia and Aslan than most things. She mourned the loss of the familiar constellations the most when they returned to England.

Edmund loves the rain. Any kind of rain from storm to trickles to the oddly anticipating time before the clouds open. He loved to ride Philip in the rain just as much as he enjoyed curling up with a good book and hot coco by the fire. He thought the clearest when it was overcast or rainy, his sharp negotiating skills became even better which is quite a feat. Because he went out into the rain at every chance, he got sick more than once, but endured his siblings scolding, not that it stopped him from wandering through the woods during rain. He managed to see better and could find his way through the woods even after the dogs had given up in the rain. His love for rain helped during their campaigns though he always said that wearing armor took most of the joy out of rain. He loved watching the sea during or after a storm, it was untamable and powerful and unique. He also loved being present for the end of a storm, seeing the rainbows peeking out of the clouds, seeing patches of sunlight emerge, and the smell, whether he was sick or couldn’t sleep or couldn’t calm down, the smell of rain could fix him faster then just about anything.

To my little faun

I’ve seen love go by my door
It’s never been this close before
Never been so easy or so slow
Been shooting in the dark too long
When somethin’s not right it’s wrong
Yer gonna make me lonesome when you go

Dragon clouds so high above
I’ve only known careless love
It’s always hit me from below
This time around it’s more correct
Right on target, so direct
Yer gonna make me lonesome when you go