dancing edition


ordering online vs the actual delivery

IMAGINE: tom and yourself are on the marvel table at comic-con when you embarrass him

As you sat there listening to another question about how tom got into shape you could help it , you leaned down to the mic and went “ as much as I love exercise ” you lifted your hand up ,hiding you mouth from tom “I don’t ” and laughed with the crowd “ but good tommy , is one fit beautiful man ” you said ➖➖➖➖➖
Tom laughed as he hid his face with his hands making you lean over and wrap your arms around his shoulder as he just laughed even more “ and that lady’s and gentleman is why i love (y/n) ” tom bellowed as he laid a kiss on your lips before allowing you to move back into your seat

Revised sectuh v meme list

Nigel- “studied the blade”, “chad, listen, they’re sexless”, any antifa memes, those political alignment charts, cooking show memes

Hoagie- he’s difficult cuz he would love so many memes so like don’t take this as a comprehensive list but I think he’d be particularly fond of memes that involve video editing (“classical gas” “bee movie but every time [x] every Shrek movie plays”), and memes that involve uncanny valley faces or bizarre poorly rendered gifs (wikihow illustrations for example)

Kuki- “wholesome memes”, any memes involving cute animals (“they’re good dogs, brent”), Meryl Streep finishing lyrics

Wally- bro memes, spongebob memes, funk dancing for self defense edits, bad bootleg shirts and toys, that meme about hot knives

Abby- that gif of the man blinking, “tag yourself im-”, those weird nonsensical tweets made by celebrities, feudal lord and handmaiden and any memes adjacent to that one

Um I did an embarrassing amount of googling for this post. I kind of finished typing it and then deeply regretted ever making it


Normani Kordei and Val Chmerkovskiy on DWTS


Normani Kordei & Val Chmerkovskiy on DWTS | Week 2 - Score: 32