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omg that gif of daveed diggs dancing on the table gives me lifeeee (also the fact that that care plan wont pass//cause "oh i didn't healthcare was that complicated" doesnt cut it for me)

What is too complicated for me to understand is why the US can’t just have single payer health care like everyone else. Repeal and replace with that. Yes, it’s a tax. That’s how civilization works. We levy taxes and use the money to pay for things like roads and schools and, oh, having people not go into bankruptcy because they need an operation.

I have opinions. I generally keep them off this blog because it’s writing/HP, but… oh am I opinionated.

u can all thank @glumios for this


👀👀👀 clipping. @ the fillmore philadelphia

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I did not need this emotional bulldozer tonight.


Marvel | Random Gifs that Shows that Marvel Fans Does with a Hiatus. Part Three. Click for part 1 2 3

(Or Part 3 of Marvel gifs in which I sometimes question our insanity).

SPN Version

tbh i don’t see too many imagines where the reader is the unsub so this gets points for originality


rafaelcasal: Just a taste of things to come.

Flip flop: this time, close-up video of Rafa’s bars, featuring the uber-excited dance stylings of Daveed Diggs.