dancing care bears

Bendy: This time last year, I lost the love of my eternal life…


Bendy: Sometimes, I can still hear her voice! *dramatic sobbing* 

hi I’m Janet and I’m new to the pen pal community and I would really love it if someone would want to teach me and be my snail mail, pen pal, friend.
things that I like/love:
fruit. Poetry. art. culture. reading. Listening to music, all but pure country. Drawing. writing. sunset and rise. my baby boy (puppy). meeting people. laughing. learning. dancing. creating things. care bears. hello kitty. anime. kawaii things. movies except for scary ones with dolls and mirrors. making people smile and laugh. hanging out with friends and the family.

I am looking for someone that wants to do snail mail or writing letters to eachother since I love to create things and believe that’ll be fun,Someone that isn’t judgmental ,that isn’t closed minded or mean. someone that wouldn’t mind my awkwardness, misspellings, grammar and punctuation errors. someone who doesn’t mind me rambling on or not writing enough ,im new but hope to find a friend

If interested You can contact me here on Tumblr under theonehellneverlove

Have fun everyone and smiles and hugs to all you wonderful people.