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280 Days

Finally finally the fic you all requested…Pregnant!Emma galore. It’s a long one folks. I hope you enjoy it!! 

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Enjoy this big fat heaping dose of CS family fluff!

~ Jenn 


~ Day 78

She hates it. She forgot how much actually being pregnant sucks. 280 days of pure, undiluted torture. She’s queasy in the mornings and sweaty at night and she’s only known she’s pregnant for two weeks but god, it already feels like it’s been an eternity. Today is especially bad because this morning she woke up and she wanted eggs and Killian, of course, because this is Killian, made her eggs but then the smell made her sick, which made him feel bad which made her feel bad which made her cry which made him feel even worse which made her feel even worse. And her belly is already so round and in charge, and god, she’s 11 weeks pregnant and how dare her stupid perfect husband pump her full of so many babies?!

~ Day 83

They find an obstetrician that specializes in multiples at a Children’s hospital in Boston. The drive there is a little too far for Killian’s liking (45 minutes, 40 if you speed) but Emma assures him that it’s worth it and that she’d rather make the drive than trust Frankenstein to deliver their twins. Their first visit there is a Tuesday, and they’re delightfully surprised when the friendly obstetrician offers to get out her ultrasound machine. It’s the first time Killian’s seen the babies and he’s transfixed on the screen, watching those little blobs dance with the happiest of expressions. He cries when he hears their heartbeats for the first time, and before they leave, Dr. Cameron whispers to Emma about how lucky she is to have such a supportive partner. “Oh believe me,” she agrees, offering a smile, “there’s no way I could do this with anyone but him.“

~ Day 90

Today is lovely in every sense of the word. It’s a lazy day, that Saturday, a perfect day off. Emma sleeps in and misses the morning sail, waking only to the patter of little 3-year old feet and the feeling of sea salt dusted lips against her hairline. She opens her eyes just as Leia clambers up on the bed, intent on telling the babies about her morning even though they can’t hear her really, not yet. “The wind was perfect, little loves,” the three year-old explains, and Emma watches Killian quietly sigh on account of Leia’s now-perfect “L” sounds. His only consolation is that his heart is warmed by the fact that she’s mastered the sound by using her own special nickname on her brothers ("or sisters, Killian.” “No, Swan.”).

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FS + 36 *inceptions twins in your head* 😁

36) things you said you’ll never forget  

‘Ah! And would you believe it, there’s a second heartbeat.’

The obstetrician turns to them with a bright smile, her eyes clearing searching their faces to gauge their reaction.

Fitz stares at the screen above her head, where various fuzzy, black and white blobs are dancing about, apparently showing him the inside of Jemma’s belly. He swallows hard, and feels her grip his hand even tighter.

‘Sorry, did you just say…there’s two heartbeats?’ he asks, but even as he poses the question he hears it for himself, two slow, ethereal thumps through the monitor that unexpectedly bring tears to his eyes.

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Movie Night (J-Hope)

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Movie Night (J-hope)

Summary: Your date with Hobi was supposed to be perfect, there was only one thing you didn’t expect for…

Rated: M (Smut)

You looked around the dimly lit room, actually satisfied with what you had accomplished all by yourself. It’s been awhile since you and Hoseok were able to have a proper date night, with how BTS’s popularity has skyrocketed in the past year. Which means, the two of you had to settle with staying inside for most of your dates. Which you didn’t mind too much, but you had to admit that it had gotten stale pretty quickly. Yesterday night, you were looking up some date night ideas online and stumbled across a few things you thought would be fun. It took you almost the entire morning and most of the afternoon to set everything up, but it was all worth it you thought. From rearranging all your furniture in the living room to create a small blanket fort in front of the television with small lights dangling around to set the mood, buying a bunch of snacks and even a new lingerie set, you wanted tonight to be absolutely perfect.

You were getting ready in the bathroom, unsure if you wanted your hair done up or down when you heard a small knock from your front door. You mentally cursed at yourself, Hoseok was rarely this early. 

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Some dancing/twerking  blob/boobs/butt  made for class last week . They’re after effect puppet . And yeah the color / sharpness is low , i want them to bounce smooth and forever.

Some dancing/twerking blob/boobs/butt made for class last week . They’re after effect puppet . And yeah the color / sharpness is low , i want them to bounce smooth and forever.