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King of Pain Pt. III

Previously:  I, II

You watched the snowfall from the view of your window; it coated each branch in a soft layer of white. The sky was completely overcast, almost the same color as the snow. The cold from outside seeped through the windowpanes. It was invigorating. You were interrupted as Martha knocked on your door.

“Hello Martha, it’s lovely to see you again,” You greet Kylo’s handmaiden.

“You’re too kind my lady,” She smiles.

“Martha, I have a question for you about the King,” You start. She nods, signaling for you to continue. “I was wondering about his suitors, and if there was anything to indicate his interest in me, it just seems so random,” You voice your curiosity.

“Many women fancy the King, but he rarely pays them any attention. Speaking from personal experience, his majesty looks at you differently and after the duel he would ask around about you,” She explains.

“I see, I believe you, though I don’t appreciate that he expected me to marry him so easily.”

“Well he doesn’t have much experience with woman, he’s learning. But let me assure you that he has a great respect for you,” She justifies.

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Everything You’ve Come To Expect

An era came to an end the night of the 26th of August, 2016 and the early morning hours of the 27th. However, this is not just the time to mourn, but to look back in retrospect and recall the best parts of that era. So, sit back and enjoy the ride.

  1. The Beginning Of A New Era:

Now we’re going back, about 9 months ago, when it all officially started. You know what I’m talking about: the TLSP2 video, which came out on the 3rd of December, 2015. That’s when we knew something good was coming.

Without being quite able to wrap our heads around what had happened, about a month later (on the 10th of January, 2016) the first new single was released, it was the all time favourite ‘‘Bad Habits’‘.

Exactly three months later, on the 10th of March, 2016, the single ‘‘Everything You’ve Come To Expect’‘ was out. It’s video confused us, not only with it’s nine different versions, but also with the story behind it. A woman, most likely a bride, was dancing on a coast around Alex and Miles, who were buried in the sand at the time of the tide. That said, only six days later (on the 16th of March,2016), the third single, -the all too familiar and reminder of the first album- ‘’Aviation’’, was out. The video that accompanies the song, is a prequel to the ‘‘EYCTE’‘ one and elaborates the story further.

The last, but not least single to be released was ‘‘Miracle Aligner’‘. This time, the pattern was broken, as the song was introduced during an interview for Beats1 (on the 28th of March, 2016) and didn’t come with a video. Nevertheless, two months later, the video came out, on the 17th of May, 2016. Shot in ‘‘Cafe Royal’‘ in London, the video shows a very tanned Alex Turner, showing off his ”dance moves” along with Miles Kane.

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She Does

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There is a bit of smut towards the end, it isn’t anything too descriptive but still something I wanted to do for this. Click on the underlined words for visuals when mentioned. Please read the note at the end if you can xx

“Baby have you seen my shirt?” Harry questions whilst scampering around the room. “I swear I put it out last night, you remember right?”

You roll your eyes, “I’m not a hundred percent sure H, our clothes were sort of all over the floor last night.”

He smirks with a lip bite, watching you apply your mascara. You flush from remembering last night’s actions, hoping for a repeat soon.

“That’s also true.” He says, stepping towards you. You feel his breath ghost across the nape of your neck as his hands graze your hips. His chin rests on your head, admiring your appearance in the mirror.

Harry applies a kiss to the spot underneath your ear, inhaling your body wash from the shower earlier.

“Mm,” He basks in the scent, “you’re wearing my favourite today.”

“You’re tempting me.” He growls softly, lips pressing against jaw. Your breath hitches as chills run up and down your spine, giving Harry a smug look.

“So I’ve still got that affect on you?” He raises an eyebrow.

You say nothing as you lay your head back into his body, practically melting into his touch. You breathe for a moment, enjoying the sensation of your towelled skin around his bare upper body. Harry’s tattoos emanate beauty in the sunlight of his bedroom, making them seem three times more magical than they usually are.

Just as you turn around to kiss him back, your phone buzzes from the vanity. It’s Lottie, bringing you back into reality.

Her To You

Are you almost on your way?! Don’t know if you got the group text but she’s already left and you still have the things for tonight!!

You gulp while scrolling through the rest of the messages, all being from the rest of the ladies explaining how excited they are for the next twenty four hours.

Harry is behind you, seeing the texts as well. He frowns for a moment, furrowing his eyebrows. But he pretends he doesn’t see them, turning away to scratch his head.

“Still don’t know where my shirt is love.” You sigh a bit tiredly, finishing up the touches of your make up.

“H darling, pick a different shirt. I know you saw the texts you Nosy Nora, we have to go.”

“But that was the one Gem got me for Christmas! I have to show her I actually like it by wearing it!” He whines, sitting at the edge of the bed.

You slip on your dress from the bathroom, fumbling with the zipper. Harry comes behind you to help as he already knows from countless times before.

“Christmas was months ago, I’m sure she doesn’t even remember the shirt. Even if she did, she wouldn’t care right now. Have we got everything packed?” You hurriedly reply, pecking his lips once before getting out to get your heels on.

He sighs as he puts on another shirt, one you’ve never seen before but nonetheless trademark Harry.

“Did you buy that?” You stop in the midst of your rushing to examine the print. He smiles, “Online, yes. Glad it fit nicely. Remember the last time I ordered online?”

You laugh loudly, recalling the moment you walked into the bedroom to see him standing with a very disappointed look, the shirt came in a size that was just a bit too large.

“Dunno if I can wear this to Ed’s birthday party.” He mumbled as he felt the material.

“That put you out at least £1300, but I don’t even think it makes a difference to you mister £110 for a white t-shirt.”

He does not speak of anything in reply, simply chuckling to himself as well.

“Could you get my phone? I’ve got my hands a bit tied with the other bags.” You’re currently holding an overnight bag and a couple other old shopping bags full of gift goodies.

Harry hands it to you while his own phone buzzes. He reads it out loud, “Where the hell are you?! We’ve just arrived and you guys aren’t here yet, we need you guys!

Your eyes bulge out when he finishes the sentence. He clears his throat before looking at you.

“We should uh.. we should really get going.“ He tells and you nod, “You think so?”


“I can’t believe you guys are late to my wedding dinner rehearsal.” Gemma scolds the two of you as you walk in.

“Actually, Harry I can believe but Y/N..” She throws a glare at you. You giggle reluctantly, “Sorry ‘bout that. We had a bit of a wardrobe crisis.”

She rolls her eyes in fake annoyance, “You two didn’t shag before coming here did you?”

Harry opens his mouth, “Actually, before-” “NO. No we didn’t.” You cover up, nudging him in the process.

She eyes you both suspiciously before returning to her normal stature, “I’m just glad you’re both here so we can get started.”

Gemma’s fiancé, Michel stands to make a toast to everyone for being there, followed by Gemma with similar words. The night goes on happily with the positioning of people in the ceremony, ending with a delicious dinner in a setup table.

“I still can’t believe she made me one of her bridesmaids, I don’t feel like I’m worthy of that position.” You say to Harry, leaning against his shoulder. He wraps an arm around you as you two watch the bride and groom dance around.

“She tells me it’s cause I wouldn’t have anyone to walk down the aisle with,” He jokes. “I was talking to her about it, as much as I adore you I didn’t want to pressure her into making you a part of the wedding but she insisted to have you in it.”

You smile with gratitude, wanting to high five your fourteen-year-old self for achieving the practical blessing of Gemma.

“She’s told me it’s cause she thinks you’re good for me.” He leans over to kiss your temple. “And I think so as well.”

“Y/N! Dance with me,” A tipsy Lottie slurs.

Louis drops his jaw at the sight, “Who gave her more to drink?! I said one glass of champagne and maybe ‘alf a beer and she might be a bit of a lightweight but-”

You giggle as you stand on your feet, “I think our Irishmen is guilty.”

Harry watches you dance around with a small smile, taking a sip of his beer before Anne invites him out to the floor.

“Alright, I think we should get going, yeah? I think Krystal and the rest of the girls are already on their way to the hotel.” Gemma suggests as things get wrapped up.

“Don’t understand why you guys couldn’t get ready at your own houses.” Harry grumbles, not wanting you to leave him for a night.

“Really? You want four screaming bridesmaids and one bride to stay at the house the night before a wedding?”

He ponders for a moment then denies the thought. “Never mind. I’ll just take you tomorrow night.” He kisses the top of your head causing you smile.


“May I have the rings, please.” The priest beckons to the two ring bearers, Lux and the son of Gemma’s friend. Since Lux is older she holds the box, with the small boy simply holding her other hand.

Lux waves towards Gemma, who blows her a kiss back. The little girl then returns to her seat next to Harry as she requested from before.

“Do you, Gemma, take Michel to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, to love and to cherish, in sickness and in health for as long as you both shall live?”

“I do.” She whispers but somehow the whole room can hear the emotion trickle from her voice. Complete joy fills her face.

“And do you, Michel, take Gemma to be your lawfully wedded wife, to to have and to hold, to love and to cherish, in sickness and in health for as long as you both shall live?”

“I do. I always do.” He replies, sliding the ring onto her finger.

You see Harry sniffle from the other side, wiping a tear away from the corner of his eye. The room is relatively quiet, with several sniffles and tissue blows. Love is definitely in the air for everyone.

“By power vested in me by the city of London, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride.”

Michel kisses Gemma with a dip, cheers erupting from the crowd widely. When they pull away Gemma laughs to herself, “I’m married!”

The wedding ceremony leaves you speechless and quite emotional as you cheer for them once they step out.

You’re arm and arm with Harry on the side while they walk off to wherever for a bit until they must appear again for the reception.

“I can’t believe she’s actually married.” Harry says lowly into your ear.

“Why’s that?”

“I mean.. she’s my sister. We used to race each other around the fields at home and divide the candy rationally and strategically during Easter and now she’s.. she’s starting a new life with someone else.” He answers stoically, biting part of his lip at the memories.

You hold an expression of comfort while taking his hand, rubbing the back of it.

“As long as she’s happy in her new life, there’s always new memories to be made.”

The ceremony space itself is beautiful — at the Trinity Buoy Canary Wharf. You gasped earlier today when walking in to see it, the beautiful candles and shades all around. The workers keep the heart shaped light in the back of the room as they begin setting up for the reception. The urban feel of the setting screams Gemma.


“Have I told you how gorgeous you look today?” Harry comments, placing a hand at the small of your back.

Your cheeks redden but your face is an expression of annoyance, “Only a thousand times, yes darling.”

Harry had been very adamant in complimenting you today, more than usual. Just from being reunited at the wedding space after no more than twelve hours of being apart, Harry pulled you aside to kiss you passionately and remind you of how splendid you are.

“Mm, well I can’t let you forget. My girlfriend needs to know how lovely she is.”

You wear a half smile as you angle your body towards him with a suspicious look.

“Have you screwed something up? You’re being very kind today, more than you normally are H.”

He shakes his head, lacing your fingers with his. “Just appreciating you, that’s all.”

Harry wouldn’t let himself say it, at least not right now. He’s waiting for the perfect moment to say the three words, words he realised he felt strongly about towards you in the midst of the wedding storm.

After the reception area is set up, guests file in to see the tables set up. You hear oo’s and ahh’s and mentally praise yourself for having helped decide on the decor. (2 and 3)

“I can’t wait to hear your sing today.” You tease Harry. He widens his eyes in fake surprise, “Right, right. I’m doing that today.”

“And you’ve only been rehearsing with Ed for nothing.”

He chuckles to himself , “Yeah, we haven’t been doing anything.”

“Lovebirds.” Liam begins as he takes his seat at the table. “Did you two try the bacon wrapped figs during the hors d'ouvres? They were smashing.”

You laugh, “We did, Li.”

“I think I’m gonna ask the caterer to do my birthday party. Or maybe my dinner for tomorrow night ‘cause that was delicious.” Niall joins in, taking the seat next to Liam.

“Did she seat all of us together?” You ask, glancing around at the other name cards.

“Well, no. Not exactly. Might’ve switched some name tags around.” sits Louis who is diagonal to you.

Your jaw drops before you turn to laugh, “She’s going to kill you after this you know. She spent weeks trying to get people together and apart.”

He shrugs, looking at Harry. “Hope your Aunt Sandra and some girl named Laura go along.”

Harry’s eyes bug out hearing the names, “Oh, no.“

"Well, guess now’s the time for them to fix their problems.” Louis speaks without a care in the world, simply refreshing his drink.

Gemma and Michel make their big entrance a few minutes later.

“She looks so stunning in that dress.” You marvelled amongst the round of applauses in the room. Harry nods with his hands clapping together.

“And so does Michel. He’s looking rather dashing in his suit.”

He turns so that his eyes are on you, “More dashing than I?”

You nod, “Just a bit, yes.”

Harry grimaces jokingly, “I’ll let that one slide since it’s his wedding day.”

You giggle, playing with a tendril of his hair. It’s a natural thing of yours to do, every time you two are in close proximity your hands either go to his hair or his arms. Sometimes his chest.

“You look stunning as well today.” He muses. The bridesmaid dress Gemma picked is an exception to some ghastly looking ones you’ve seen in films and other photos.

A small smile plays off your lips as you match his eyes.

“Keep smiling, darling. I’d do anything for that smile.” Harry whispers.

For that moment Harry forgets you two in a crowded room. In the times where your eyes are locked with Harry’s, your skin—any part of your skin touching and your breathing is slowed transports him into a world where it’s just you, him, and happiness all around.

“Oi,” A voice cuts in, this time it’s Ed Sheeran coming in between.

“Stop eye-fucking in public you dirty people.” He nags with a wink.

“Hey!” Harry stands to give him a hug.

“How’s my favourite ginger God?” You give him a squeeze.

“Fantastic but slightly hungover as always.”

Chatter continues for the rest of the evening as dinner rolls along. You find yourself in a trance of the food you’re eating. Beside you Harry is eating happily as well, but more than willing to try your food. You two had gotten different meals.

He reaches his fork over to take a cut up slice of your fish. You gape, “Better give me a cut of your steak as well.”

As the night fades away, you find Harry has become quite touchy with you. His body parts always find their way back to you. Sometimes, Harry’s hand would graze the skin of your thigh, fingertips teasing the edges leading into your inner parts. His gaze would be on yours more often than not, with his heart beating just a bit faster at the sight of your smile and sound of your laugh. If you leaned closer to him in any way, his chin would be on your shoulder before you could even open your mouth. But he’s very discreet about these things, with just enough care in his touch so that it would only be for the two of you.

You shift your body so that you’re in front of him, holding a questionable look on your face.

“Going somewhere?”

He does the smolder face, “Right into your heart, baby.”

You roll your eyes at his words, the cheesy fuck couldn’t be enough.

Dinner is soon finished with Gemma and her new husband performing their first dance. They fit together in the centre of dance floor, making you tingle at how wonderful they are.

“I hope that’ll be us someday.” Harry vows, gently saying so in your ear. “With your heart against my chest, lips pressed to my neck.”

You chortle to yourself, shutting your eyes at the imagine. Though you’ve only been together six months, every moment of your relationship together made all aspects of a future together seem possible.

Harry thinks that as well. He adores the way you nuzzle your nose in his neck, the way your fingers toy with his ring-clad hands, how you whisper sweet nothings to him when it’s only you two in the world. Sometimes that’s how it feels like, and he loves it that way.

The first dance finishes but another slow song comes on, with every other couple being invited to dance together.

“C'mon H,” You tug him along, “I want to do this with you.”

His hands travel to your waist as though it is natural for them to be there. You arms reach across to his neck, eyes locked with his.

“So, want to tell me why you’ve been quite handsy today?”

He bites his lip as his cheeks turn pink, “All this wedding stuff is putting me in a mood.”

You sway your hips gently as your bodies move in a small circle. Harry presses his lanky body up against yours, shutting his eyes before kissing your forehead.

“Hm, is it?” You mumble against the sensation of his lips on you.

“It is. Love is in the air darling.”

Harry removes himself from the close link of your bodies to spin you around, a grin plastered on his face as you do so.

“Ah I see, I guess a wedding is all it takes for you to turn into absolute mush.”

“I might even write a song about it.” He boops your nose.

“I want to write you a song,” He begins to sing softly, “one as beautiful as you are sweet.”

Your cheeks burn at the melody, wondering how you got to be so blessed with this man.

“You’re so handsome Harry.” You whisper, running the palm of your hand across his cheek. “I hope you know that.”

He smiles, “I don’t, which is why I need you here to remind me.”

You chortle again at his response, shaking your head slightly.

“Have I really been clingy today?”

“Maybe just a bit to some people, but I don’t mind it. We all get into that mood sometimes, so I think it’s better to accept the extra affection rather than shove it away.”

“I’m sorry if I say I need you,” Harry vocalises, “but I don’t care I’m not scared of love..”

You giggle, slapping his chest playfully. “Please don’t, that’s enough of quoting your own songs and Ed’s. This is where I’m cutting it off Angel.”

“Well, I’m sorry if I’m truly, madly, deeply in love with you.” He scoffs but your eyes widen at his words.

“Did you just say-”

“I love you.” He says simply, as if the three words are natural to his tongue when said to you.

You’ve thought of this moment your entire life, the moment when someone you loved would say 'I love you’ and you’d know they truly mean it.

“I love you Haz,” You affirm, tugging on the end of his curls.

Harry grins, knowing everything is possible with those three words coming out of your lips to him.

The rest of the reception goes faster than you can even comprehend. Ed and Harry’s performance was nonetheless spectacular, a song they had both been working on together just for this occasion. The rest of the boys were very supportive on the collab. Cake is cut, speeches are shared to let tears flow and more dances come about. It’s easy for you to say Gemma’s wedding has not only been the best night of her life so far, but yours as well.


There are no words exchanged between you and Harry as the door is shut behind you. You stand in his bedroom with both your shoes off, leaving you to look up into his eyes.

He delicately pushes a strand of hair past your ear, admiring the way you look in front of him. This one of his favourite versions of you, your make up faded and hair slightly disheveled, eyes eager for what’s in store between you and him in just a few short moments.

You bat your eyelashes and bite your lip softly. This is you after a long day practically spent with him, and he can’t find a better view. He doesn’t want to really.

Small steps are taken towards the bed, with your feet on top of his just as you two were dancing earlier before. It’s just your breathing and his making sounds in the room.

Your hands find their way to the collar of his dress shirt. It’s already unbuttoned a few down, revealing the brilliantly coloured ink on his collarbones. You brush your fingertips across the birds in a way that’s almost ethereal. The moment is yours with him.

Harry’s lips are soon on yours, kissing with a ferocious passion that gives tingles inside. There’s fire between your lips and heat radiating off your bodies, he can’t get enough of you.

“I love you,” He says urgently. Heavy breaths to the sky, his finger tips dance on your thighs, falling deeper into your life.

"You’re so beautiful.” He continues to share honeyed words. Tugging at the zipper of your dress, it’s off within seconds, leaving you in the lingerie you picked up days earlier.

You hurriedly rip off the rest of his clothing until it’s just his slacks and boxers left. You two break the kiss to grasp air, not realising you two have not stopped embracing to breathe.

“I can’t explain how perfect you are Harry.” You say in a quiet voice. You always become a bit shy around him in circumstances like this.

Harry lays you on the bed, tucking away a few hairs. Things have been intimate between you both before, but it’s different now in this moment. The illumination of his bedside lamp hits your smooth skin differently, the air shared between your lips and his is more friendlier to breathe. It’s being in love.

Your fingers fumble with the buckle of his belt but you undo it eventually and he pulls his legs out hastily. The bulge underneath sparks wetness to your core.

He places wet kisses from your neck and back to your lips while grinding his clothed crotch to yours slowly. He’s quite the tease sometimes, but you wouldn’t have it any other way.

You tug at the hem of his boxers, signally for Harry to pull them down. He complies, pecking your lips before doing so. A smile makes its way to his mouth as he takes in the sight before him.

Harry carefully unclips your bra, making sure to lay kisses from the valley of your breasts down to your core. He slips the underwear off and throws it off to the side.

“Fuck, you’re breathtaking.” You blush as he stands for a moment to roll a condom on.

After a few more kisses you feel him enter you, slow and amorous. His thrusts are gentle at first and you can feel every inch of him.

“I love you so much baby.” His voice is dripping with adoration.

“I love you Harry,” You gasp for air, feeling pleasure all around. He then picks up his speed, moans flying out of both of your mouths.

Your name amongst other profanities leave Harry’s body. You’re holding hands with him as he moves deeper inside you, every thrust bringing you closer to coming.

“Angel, open your eyes.” Harry grunts and you don’t even realise they’ve been shut from pleasure. Every time he rolls his hips, it touches your g-spot perfectly. You snap your hips up to meet him, causing more groans to exit his lips.

“I-I can’t h-hold it.” You choke out words at the brink of euphoria. His lips attach to your sweet spot, telling you to let it go.

You come with absolute pleasure reigning down, not being able to see Harry’s sweaty figure above you coming seconds after. His plump lips pressed to yours sets him off, chanting your name before coming down.

He sighs as he flops down next to you, breathing heavily. You cuddle into his side, kissing his chest softly.

“I love you.” He says finally, as if there is nothing more to be said.

And there isn’t, under the sweet-tempered light of the wedding, much like the fairy lights around his yard for your first date. He’s just a boy, standing in front of a girl, confessing his love for her, hoping that she feels the same way.

She does.

You like that little Notting Hill reference at the end, yeah? ;)

Thank you to florfermosa for requesting this! Apologies if it’s a bit too cheesy / doesn’t make complete sense in their relationship timing, but at the request it was to be fluffy and say the three words so this is me at an attempt to keep it as true to Harry but still quite daring at the same time. 

I will be starting school again so bear with me in managing timing! I do have a couple more imagines in mind to write so those should hopefully be out before May. Maya-bay. Fuck that sucked.

Thank you for reading, please message me if you’d like to talk, I actually want someone to edit my imagines if anyone’s got a good sense for writing and is willing. Feedback also is appreciated darlings.

Love to you all,

Iz xx

Spellbound (Chapter 2)

“I’m getting married!” Nick yelled aloud, his tail swishing in excitement. It was already the next day, and as promised he was to get wedded that morning to the princess he met just the other night. Skye Whitetail, his beautiful bride to be. He danced around his room, as he sported a rather dashing suit with gold lining and white rose patterns. His nails were clipped to perfection, his tail and head groomed. Now all he had left to do was wait for his bride. He was interrupted from his thoughts, by a knock on the door. Confused, Nick moved to open the door. He was greeted by the sight of a ram, who looked rather nervous. He greeted Nick with a strained smile, and proceeded to explain his reason of being at the fox’s door. 

“Hello, Prince Nicholas. I have come to let you know, that the Queen would like to have a word with you.” Nick furrowed his brow, the Queen? Wanted to speak with him? He shrugged it off, looking back at the clock. Thirty Minutes till the ceremony started. He had plenty of time to be back. Locking his door, he followed the ram who introduced himself as Douglas, or Doug as he preferred to be called. He listened as the ram, talked about the weather and the land, and almost everything under the sun, and was very glad when they finally reached their destination. 

The ram showed him to the Castle’s garden, where Nick spotted the Queen, sitting by a rose bush. Nervously, Nick walked up to the sheep as she stood and greeted him with a kiss to the cheek. 

“Nicholas, oh how very nice to me you. Come, come child. I have much to discuss with you.” She motioned for him to follow, as Doug disappeared behind a row of magnolias. Nick walked beside her, in silence wondering what she could possibly have to say to the Tod.

“So, Nicholas. It seems, that you are going to be married to my daughter today. Is that right?” She suddenly asked. Nick’s face lit up at the mention of the vixen and he nodded eagerly.

“Oh, yes. Skye is such a beautiful women. I am very excited to be married to her. And I wish nothing more than to make her happy. She is the princess I have been looking for all along, and I feel we were just made for each other.” He exclaimed in happiness, he didn’t notice the bitter expression that crossed Bellwether’s face, as the ewe quickly morphed her face into one of delight. 

“Ah, yes. You two are quite the pair. Say, Nicholas. My child. Why don’t I show you the beautiful well here? Hmm?” Nick shrugged following the small ewe as she led them to a beautiful well between a bush of roses. Nick leaned down, looking at the water that flowed down below, a glow upon it causing the water to sparkle like millions of little crystals. He tilted his head back up as he faced the ewe who, encouraged him to look again. “Why don’t you make a wish, dear? After all this is a magical well, that will give you anything your little heart desires.” She offered. Nick felt himself intrigued and he turned to the well, closing his eyes he leaned down further to make a wish. Just as he was about to lift his head up, he felt his back being pushed from behind and before he could gain back his balance he found himself tumbling down the well. He screamed, as he felt himself falling faster and faster. Gravity pulling him. At last, his body touched the water and he gasped. He tried to move, finding that the little sparkles he saw in the water, were starting to get stuck to him. One by one, they began to cover him from head to toe. Trying to wiggle around, the dots got brighter and brighter before it all faded to black.

Nick sat up, finding himself on cold cement. He stood up slowly, his suit wet and clinging to his body. He found himself to be in some kind of tunnel and he slowly trudged forward, looking for some sort of civilization. He could hear loud noises above him, and he looked to the source. A large circle, lay above him with tiny little holes which he could see bright colors coming from. Squinting he took hold of the circle, and tried to move it. It scraped hard against the cement as Nick finally moved it, and he sighed in relief. Feeling fresh air coming in. Climbing up, Nick slowly peeked outside of the circle. Tall buildings, and cars zoomed past. He could see, billboards with pictures of a gazelle on it. Looking around, Nick was in awe. What was this place? Climbing out of the small hole, Nick began to walk around. 

Judy sighed as she rode in the back of a taxi van. Her daughter Daisy sat next to her, singing quietly to herself holding a Princess Meowana doll. She smiled, and just as she was going to speak up to her, her phone rang. Rolling her eyes, Judy picked it up sighing as a client began to rant to her about her cheating husband and how she wanted a divorce as soon as possible. Judith Hopps, was a divorce attorney who often was home late due to the many cases she had to take care of. After her husband, Joshua left her with Daisy when her daughter was only three years old. Judy lost the bright attitude she once had on life. She grew bitter, seeing the world as it was. A cruel and dark place. Raising Daisy was hard, seeing as the now nine year old often asked why she didn’t have a dad, yet her friends did. Judy was broken out of her thoughts, as her daughter suddenly yelled “A Prince!” And jumped out of the taxi. Luckily the taxi wasn’t moving at the time, seeing as Zootopia was heavy with traffic. Yet that didn’t stop the bunny from panicking as she hurriedly unbuckled her seat-belt and followed her daughter. 

She ran up to the girl, grabbing her and turning her to face her. “Don’t you ever do that to me again. Young lady, you could have been hurt.” The bunny squirmed, in her mom’s arms jumping up and down as she pointed up. 

“Mom, look. It’s a prince. Like from my Princess book.” She stated. The bunny followed her finger, and gasped as she saw a fox dressed in a fancy looking wedding suit as he stood on a billboard with a picture of a castle, banging on it and asking if anyone was there. Judy titled her head in confusion, what in tarnation was that fox doing?

The bunny tried to step in, hoping she could help the fox before he hurt himself. “Sir, um excuse me. Sir, are you alright?” She called. The fox turned suddenly, spotting the small bunny with an even smaller bunny at her side. He hurried to answer.

“Oh, yes. I was just wondering if I could speak to the Queen. But it seems she is not here. Do you know where I could find her?” As he asked this, the fox didn’t realize that his foot was hanging off the ledge of the billboard, and he suddenly found himself falling…again.

“Mommy, catch him!” Daisy shouted as the fox found himself reaching the ground rather quickly. Just before he could break his skull against the hard cement, he found himself in soft arms. Blushing, Nick turned to see he was in the arms of the bunny. Bridal style, the bunny too blushed putting him down and she stared at the fox in confusion.

“What were you doing up there?” She asked. The fox looked back to the picture of the castle.

“Well, I was looking for someone to tell me where the queen is, but I’m afraid no one has been really nice to me here.” He answered softly, Judy hummed looking around awkwardly.

“Well, um. Welcome to Zootopia, I guess.” She answered with a smile. The fox grinned at her holding his paw to his chest.

“Oh thank you so very much, you’re really kind.” He said. Judy nodded and then seemed to realize something looking at the fox.

“Uh, do you need me to call someone for you?” She asked.

He shook his head “Oh, no. That’s okay, I don’t think they’d hear you anyway.” he stated. 


Judy turned to him again. “Um, well I guess you can stay with us for one night till we find you your parents or whatever.” The fox thanked her, and they got in the taxi. 

They reached Judy’s home, opening the door she let the fox go first. 

“Daisy, show him the guest room please.” Daisy nodded, pulling the fox by the paw as she skipped down the hallway to show the fox his room. Judy followed, watching from the door as Daisy introduced herself to fox, whom said his name was Nick. She smiled as they seemed to get along, and Judy left the room. Heading to her own. Soon enough, Daisy came letting her mom know, the prince had fallen asleep. 

Judy laughed shaking her head, before opening her arms for the bunny. They hugged each other embracing in the warmth of one another.

“Mom, do we get to keep him?” Daisy asked.

Judy laughed softly deciding to play along

“We’ll see baby, we’ll see.”

so I realized ya’ll don’t know how Skye Whitetail, aka Nick’s fiance looks so I decided to put a little doodle of how I believe her to look. And, make no mistake I did this in a hurry so it doesn’t look as good as I wanted mind you. But anyway, thanks to @trashasaurusrex I was able to use her drawing tutorial and ruff up a bit of the vixen’s fur so yeah. And I will sketch a bit of what Daisy looks like for the next chapter so be ready. :)

Guys I said I was going to do it........

All this talk about season 4 and bellarke and a kabby wedding…. I just couldn’t help myself.

Fair warning- this is 90% bellarke.  It’s also ridiculously fluffy and has absolutely zero plot.  Just romantic, slow burn, season 4 wishlist, fun.  Enjoy the extra-ness.  

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Something to Celebrate

For one enchanted evening, Arkadia had been transformed.  Not in appearance.  There were no colourful banners, no pretty, delicate lights, no extravagantly decorated tables.  Arkadia looked ever the same.  But it felt different.

For one day and night, there was only cheer and excitement throughout the camp.  The jovial energy contagious, catching from person to person until the entire camp was buzzing.   For one day and night, the people of Arkadia put away their troubles to celebrate.  For a wedding was to take place.  

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How do you construct a fantasy religion so it will be read as Judaism?

Anonymous asked: So I am wondering if you have any tips for extrapolating Judaism as a fantasy religion? What would you say are some of the key elements of Judaism that *need* to be in a fantasy religion for it to be seen as a Judaism analogue? (I know it’ll be different for every Jew, but I’d like some opinions from Jews to substitute my research)

It’s going to be interesting for me to answer this as a writer of explicitly Jewish fantasy, but my knee-jerk reaction is that it may need to be a little bit more blatant than what I’d consider the core stuff – for example, “monotheism and critical thinking/questioning God” are key facets of Judaism for me and many other people, but you can’t just write people who believe in one God they’re constantly questioning and expect people to know you were aiming at a Jewish analogue. 

Especially since people often need to be hit over the head to believe that characters are deviating from the expected “default” (white, straight, able-bodied, Christian in some places, atheist of Christian descent in others, etc.) I could totally see someone not believing that someone’s characters were supposed to be Jewish if the clues were too rooted in philosophy and not, like, Hebrew names or on-screen rituals. Another place it gets messy is that so many of our holidays commemorate specific legends (I’m going to call them legends; I have no idea if any of them really happened) with specific settings that theoretically wouldn't exist in an invented world. This is where my worldbuilding falls apart, actually, since what the heck are my characters celebrating Passover or Chanukah about if there was no Egypt or Hellenic Syria to be liberated from? But the thing is, nobody has actually asked me this yet and I’m pretty sure a lot of my Jewish readers don’t care, because basically what I did was take my upbringing and slap dragons on it, and some of us – be we people of color, people in the umbrella, people with disabilities, etc. – need that way worse than we want every aspect of the worldbuilding to make perfect sense. In other words, to me, it was more important to be able to show queer royalty having a seder led by a wizard than to worry about whether or not they were actually talking about Egypt or not. One place to start is to read Jewish fantasy – mine and other people’s – to see what it was we did and which elements of Judaism and Jewish culture we chose to pull out and insert into a magical universe. For some easy-to-access, free examples, here are some of the ways Jewish fans on Tumblr have chosen to incorporate Jewish culture and Judaism into their Harry Potter headcanons. When JKR confirmed Anthony Goldstein’s Jewishness, there were several posts going around listing ways she could have made it more obvious, so you might be able to find some of those, too. Here’s some ritual-based art from my series, too, all combining elements of fantasy lit and Jewishness. Definitely pay more attention to Jewish representation in fantasy by Jews, as opposed to Jewish or Jewish-coded characters in fantasy by Gentiles. Gentiles writing fantasy about Jews inevitably lands us in weird places, like dwarves or the Harry Potter movie goblins, focusing on those aspects that they choose to see in us. Like, I can guarantee that we don’t think of ourselves as treasuremakers or treasurekeepers in our own fantasy headcanons, except those of us who have reclaimed the dwarf schtick. Some of what will matter is not making us do things you, if you’re not Jewish yourself, might not realize were Christian and not universal. (For example, one runs into people who don’t know putting crosses up if you don’t have a tombstone isn’t universal. I can understand why this happens, because there are plenty of things I didn’t realize were just Jewish things. Like the thing at weddings where you put the bride and groom on chairs and dance around with them. I totally thought everyone did that.) The anon did say they wanted lots of opinions, so I invite other Jews to take this post and run with it. So, to sum up: it might make more sense for your characters to be doing stuff like using “our” names and/or having the character participate in our rituals, even secular ones like really Jewy foods, than trying to create a Jewish analogue religion and expecting people to get it if it’s still only subtext. –Shira I feel like all of this is hard because who knows what kind of story they are writing.  Like yeah, are the Jews going to be another race like the HP goblins?  Are they going to show that there are different types of Jews, with very different beliefs, traditions, clothing, or is that going to be smoothed over?  Is it more fairy tale vague or more realistic detailed?  And what is the context?  Like are there also fake Christians and Muslims, with or without the same kinds of interactions that play out in the real world?  Are they doing a Holocaust thing?  Are they doing an Israel thing?  A Passover thing?  Or just more like “hey I’m creating a diverse world but I want it to feel familiar like the real world” and / or “I want real people reading this story to feel represented in this world.”   I don’t know if I’m stating this right.   Just, I would have really different advice for each of these scenarios. I want to be clear that I asked Holocaust / Passover / Israel not because I think those are the only stories that could possibly be written about Jews, but because I’d be wary of someone else thinking that.

–Guest helper Kate


king-erbus asked:

Is there anything you may know about the Jewish story of golems? I’m afraid I can’t find very much other than “giant mud man that gets brought to life.” I want to use golems in my story, but I also want to keep it true to the original stories.

Hi, king-erbus! Thanks for asking. Your question did make me wonder why golems specifically and not a more generic clay robot that wouldn’t necessitate making sure you’re keeping it authentic? (To be fair, I did google and had trouble finding non-golem-related stories about artificially created clay men, so this may be one of those things I assume are universal because they’re in my life but turn out to be uniquely Jewish. That happened with the tradition of putting the bride and groom on chairs and dancing around with them. I thought everyone did that.)

Most of what I know about golems is from the story of Rabbi Loew, in which he created the clay man to protect the Jewish community from anti-Semitic violence. Metaphorically and symbolically, what I got out of this was “feeling threatened leading to the creation of a protector.” The other part of the legend I know is that the golem is only alive when you write on its forehead, and when you take the words away, the thing stops being alive. There’s more about this on the wiki entry.

According to a professor of Jewish Studies I’m friends with, the point of a golem is that it’s brought to life to do its master’s bidding, not specifically the protective part as in the Prague legend. It can also be used for labor or, according to Dr. V, just standing around to show that you were skilled enough to create one in the first place.

Anyway, I hope the Wikipedia page gives you a good place to start as far as learning some search terms that may help you in future research.


We have been spending a lot at Philadelphia Museum of Art’s “Dancing Around the Bride” exhibition, showcasing works by Cage, Cunningham, Rauschenberg and Johns.  This past summer, we visited Asheville, North Carolina and came across a gorgeous mural with quotes from members of the Black Mountain College, which included this quote from Cage:

“To accept whatever comes, regardless of the consequences, is to be unafraid.” - John Cage

Preference #27- Spontaneous Adult Gift

(Other Preferences)

Harry: You tapped your nails on your desk. My eyes peeked at the clock every couple seconds, awaiting the moment when you can leave. Sadly the moment was father away.

You head snapped up as the mail boy knocked on your office door. “It seem you have gotten a pocket sent for you here Ms. (Y/L/N).” He passed you the medium sized rectangular box and you smiled sweetly. “Thank you, have a nice day.” You waved goodbye as he left.

You delicately removed the small not attached and I small grin formed across your face as you see your boyfriend’s familiar writing. “I noticed work has gotten you stressed out lately so I decided to give you a lovely gift. Love, Your one and only Harry.”

You couldn’t help but have a huge smile plastered across your face. You carefully removed the lid of the box and removed the tissue from the top. You cheeks turned pink as you saw something you did not except at all. There was a big pink vibrator inside.

“Hey (Y/N)? Did you get the new business paper… Hey what’s the gift.” Your friend/co-worker spoke and we walking into your office. “Oh nothing!” You said shaken up, quickly putting the lid back on and accidentally dropping on your desk.

Your eyes widen as soon as the sound of faint vibrating comes from the box. A cocky smirk appeared on your friends face. “Yeah… Nothing…” She laughed walking out of the room before yelling. “Hope your have fun kinky sex with that present tonight!”

Niall: Tonight was the night of your bachelorette party. Already you and your bridesmaids were having fun drinking and making fun of almost every thing around you penis themes. Yes your maid of honor thought the cliche but brilliant penis theme was the best for the party.
You smiled brightly as your danced around your house in a ‘bride-to-be’ sash and crown. Thankful that your fiance was nice enough to leave the house for you girls.

You turned your head as you heard a couple bridesmaids gasp over at the door. You quickly made your way over. “You guys didn’t break anything did you?” You tease before pausing at the huge parasol that was almost half the size of you. “What is this?” You mutter in awe, taking steps closer to the big box. “We didn’t plan this but we think we know who. One think is for sure is that you are opening it now.” One of your bridesmaids state.

You giggled softly before plucking off the small envelope on the top of the parasol. You smiled as your read. “Dear my soon to be wife. I thought your bachelorette needed some fun party favors, but I’m telling you this. Keep as many as you want for us. A little bird told me you wanted to explore some things in the room..” You trail off as you looked at the box. The bridesmaids ooed and you shook your head.

You quickly tore apart the brown paper to see a huge box from LoveHoney. “Oh boy.” You snorted before opening the top to see many different bondage, dildos, clamps and more. “Dear god, I’m marrying a weird Irish man.” You laughed and a bridesmaid steps in. “Does that mean we can take it all.” You laughed before smirking. “Oh hell no.”

Zayn: You laughed along with your mother as she rambles on about another card night with her girlfriends. “She so did not do that!” You gasped, your mother letting out a loud laugh. “She did, Glenda still has that flirty kick in her.” Your mother pointed out. You giggled softly as you continued you cut vegetables.

Both of your heads turned as the doorbell rang. “Mom can you get that for me? My hands are full at the moment.” You smiled sweetly. “Of course dear.” She smiled before heading over to the door.

You continued to cook. You heard a small conversation before hearing your mother come back. Her heels clicked against the floor. “Looks like you got a package from you boy.” She says with a small.

Your face brightens up. You quickly clean off your hands before taking the package. “Hmm I wonder what it is.” You murmur giddily.

Your mother looks over your shoulder as you open the gift. You gasp as you see a pair of fluffy hand cuffs. “Dear god!” You shrieked before hiding the package behind your back. Your mother was laughing hysterically. “Sweetly, it’s fine.” She went back to cooking and you looked at her confused. Wasn’t she supposed to be slightly freaked out seeing that your boyfriend just sent you a sexual gift. “Stop looking at me like that dear. I might be old but I’m stupid. Also when I was younger your father and I-” “Don’t want to hear it Mom!”

Louis: “Babe could you come here for a second?” You heard your boyfriend Louis yells from downstairs. “Yeah, one second!” You replied looking away from his luggage. You have been standing the for a couple minutes decided if you should unpack his things, even thought you know you wouldn’t. It was part of his job to tour around the world. You would never do anything to stop his happiness.

Making your way downstairs you see Louis standing in front of a large box. “What’s the babe?” You tilt your head as you walking up to him. He plants a kiss before explaining. “Well I know I’m going to be away for quite awhile… And it’s going to suck, a lot. So I decided to get you something random to amuse you while I’ll be away. I think you will have a great amount of fun with it.” He grins.

He moves aside so you can open the box. You laugh slightly as you being to open the box. You furrow your eyebrows as you see another box inside that was pink. You pull it out and your eye almost bulge out of your head. “LOUIS YOU SICK BASTARD!” You yelled at you put down the sex machine.

Louis laugh filled the house. “What? I remembered how horny you got last time I was on tour so I thought that will help you this time.” You rolled your eyes then crossed your arms. “If you want me to sent it back-” You stop him. “No No, it’s fine. It will probably do a better job then you anyway.” You teased before walking back up the stairs. You hear him scoff. “Want to bet sweety.”

Liam: You propped yourself on your couch. Your eyes scanned over the pages of your book. You waited for the moment your boyfriend will come home from work.

Before you know it your hear the front door open and close. You turned your direction to your boyfriend and saw him carry a medium sized box. “Hey babe, what’s that?” You asked and all he did was smirk slightly. He walks over and places the box on the coffee table. You watched him confused as he walks over to the stairs, removing his shirt then making his way upstairs.

You turned your head to the box. You saw a small note attached to the box. You pluck off the note and you read. “Hey Baby, some of my lovely fans sent me a lovely link to your old tumblr blog. I found some intriguing stories you wrote. Quite dirty things you wrote/imagined me doing. But since I’m an amazing boyfriend I decided to let some of your lovely thoughts come true. Look in the box. You will probably know which story I read after.”

You gulped slowly removing the tape on top of the box. You opened the lid and you gasped as you saw the contents. Bondage equipment.

“LIAM JAMES PAYNE YOU DIRTY BASTARD!” You yelled, soon hearing his voice from the top of the stairs. “Well… Aren’t you coming Kitten.” He asks seductively. “Also make sure you bring the box. Master is going to treat you just right.” You sucked in a breath. Tonight was going to be very interesting. Which you don’t mind one bit.

A/N: Feedback would be awesome! Sorry for the lack of writing, I have school and work taking up my time :(

slowlydescendingintoinsanity  asked:

22 or 7 please~

Knowing you, this should be an akkr request wwww I chose 22 btw cuz it sounds absolutely beautiful. 


No.22 prompt - two miserable people meeting at a wedding au

People were always happy at weddings, right? Wrong. 

Not when you’re a sleep-deprived history teacher forced to attend your best friend’s wedding as his best man. 

Once seated and a cool glass of champagne was in his hand, Kuroko watched the people twirl around on the dance floor; the bride and groom included of course.

He observed the room of happy faces until his eyes saw someone who challenged his miserable gloomy face. And that person just noticed him as well.

Wait, why was he coming towards Kuroko’s table?

Despite the nearly invisible eye bags, that person was quite a catch. Always was ever since Kuroko saw him in the magazines. Red hair, average height, probably has a nice ass too.

His voice when he spoke, earned him 10 points already.

“You look like you need someone to talk to.”

Kuroko lifted his glass, “That is. The worst pickup line I have ever heard.”

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Weddings 4/4

The fairy lights hanging from the ceiling shine in his eyes and no matter how much I try, I can’t tear my eyes off him. The smile on his face matches the same one on mine and his thumb rubs circles into the back of my palm. We share a glance before he presses a kiss to my hairline and stands up, the room falling silent as he rises.
“I, uh, I’m not very good at the whole thank you speeches.” He admits, glancing at me, one hand in my own and the other running through his hair. “This one usually does it for me. She’s better than I am, at a lot of things. Just in general, she’s a better person than I am and quite honestly, I’m the luckiest man alive.” He squeezes my hand, his teeth sinking into his lower. I sigh before standing up, taking it upon myself to save him.
“It means a lot to us that each and every single one of you took the time out of your busy lives to attend our wedding. Most of you have known us separately for most of our lives and over the past several years, you’ve seen us together. Today wouldn’t be the same without you guys. So thank you for coming today and putting up with our constant sarcastic remarks. We all love you.” I smile, raising my glass.
“See, she even saves my ass at my own wedding.” Michael laughs.

The bride and groom dance around the room, grins on both of their faces as they make heart eyes at each other. I raise my glass to my lips and take a sip, jealousy coursing through my veins. Like really, who attends a wedding alone? I take another drink out of my glass, a much larger one than before, only stopping when I hear a chuckle from beside me. Turning my head to the side, my eyes land on a boy with gorgeous hazel eyes.
“Mind if I join you?” He asks with a smile. I shrug and let my eyes drift back to the bride and groom. “I was told by your grandmother to come stop your excessive drinking.”
I swivel around in my chair, facing the boy, one eyebrow raising as I lower my drink slowly. “Excessive drinking?” I ask. “You were talking to my grandmother?” He nods and glances over his shoulder at my grandmother who waves happily at the two of us. “You know, she has a habit of trying to set people up.” I tell him, lifting the glass back to my lips.
“So that’s why she asked if I came alone…” He muses. I nod as I drain the remainder of my glass and place it on the table.
“That’s just wonderful. Did you say yes?” I ask. He gives me a sheepish smile. “Even better.”  I murmur sarcasm dripping off my tongue.  He stands up and offers me a hand. Eyeing is cautiously, I sigh before taking it and letting him pull me up, dragging me to the middle of the room so that we can dance.
“She’s a sweet elderly lady!” The boy tells me as he spins me around. “What else was I supposed to say?”
“That you were married with seven kids and a mistress on the side.” I reply. His laughter bounces around me and I can’t help but smile up at him.
“She did warn me you were a bit of a handful.” He laughs. I roll my eyes.
“Me?” I gasp. “She’s the one trying to set me up with no named boys at a wedding.”
“My name’s Ashton.” He smiles, dipping my slightly. “And I don’t think it’s all that bad.”

Calum stands across from me, his hands clasped tightly in my own. In the background, there’s faint music playing and even though the boys are lined up behind Calum, Mali and my friends behind me and all our family and friends watching us, all I can see is Calum. He sends me a lazy grin, repeating the words after the minister effortlessly, the words rolling off his tongue like he was the one who wrote them. I speak my vows, my words shaky but confident, pouring as much love and truth into them as I can before taking a breath and waiting for Calum to speak. He, unlike me, is calm and composed as usual. He grins at me before speaking.
“I vow to watch your ridiculous shows over and over again, no matter how many times we’ve watched them before. I vow to know your takeout orders and sing along to the songs that play on the radio. I vow to hold your hand no matter where we are and love you in sickness and in health, to kiss you ever chance I get, to show you how truly blessed I am to have you in my life. I vow not to hog the blankets and write songs that only you will ever hear. I vow to keep my shoes out of the hallway and send you random things in the mail while I’m on tour, to let my sister steal you for shopping dates so I don’t have to walk around for six or so hours, to drag you along to every birthday, wedding or family bbq I’m required to go to but never the band meetings that are boring. I promise to be your best friend, your partner in crime and anything else you could ever need me to be and so much more. I will never doubt you or your abilities because you are one of the strongest women I’ve ever met. You are my queen and I will act like your king until the day I die, pass every decision I make by you and protect you as much as I can even though you could kick my ass if the chance arose. I promise to love you forever and a day and any day after that.”

After a long day of makeup and getting my hair pulled and curled and my scalp being burnt and photos, all I wanted to do was curl up in Luke’s arms and relax. But I couldn’t because he was quickly whisked off  the moment the cake was cut, sending a wink my way as his brothers trailed after him. The moment I see his blonde head of hair round the corner, I’m racing across the room, throwing myself into his arms. He catches me easily, spinning me around above his head causing the bride to coo over us as he places me back on my feet and tucks me under his arm. The bride and groom go through their first dance as I sit on Luke’s lap, his cheek resting on top of my head, his arms looped loosely around my waist.
“Don’t tell anyone but I think you’re the most beautiful girl in the room.” He mumbles into my ear causing me to turn around to face him. I give him a questioning look and he shrugs at me, a small smile on his face. “Just telling it like it is.” He laughs. Rolling my eyes at him, I press a sweet kiss to his nose. “Can’t tell anyone though.”
“Won’t tell anyone.” I tell him. He breaks out into a grin before leaning down and kissing me, his hand coming to rest on the small of my back.
“Look at them.” Someone coos. I pull apart from Luke, my cheeks flushing a light pink as I realise it’s his Aunt. “So Lukey boy, when are you popping the question?” She asks. Luke glances towards me. “Sometime in the near future?”
Luke nods. “Absolutely. Can’t let this one get away.” He chuckles, squeezing my hip.  His Aunt grins at us before muttering something about weddings and how they bring out all the love before walking off. I raise an eyebrow at him when she’s out of ears reach.  “What’s that look for?” He asks as he reaches for his drink on the table.
“Sometime in the near future?” I prompt.
“When tour settles down a bit, I guess.” He shrugs.
“You know you’re not supposed to talk about those kinds of plans in front of me.” I point out. “Ruins the surprise.”
“It was never a surprise to begin with.” He retorts before sliding his ring off his finger and handing it to me.
“What’re you doing?” I ask, taking it in between my thumb and index finger. “This is yours.”
“Whatever’s mine is yours.” Luke tells me. “But this is my promise to you that I will marry you one day.”


What to do this holiday weekend?