dancing and makeouts

aleyland So much love over the past few days for these two. A fitting celebration to unite two powerhouse lovers who showed incredible affection and infinite adoration for themselves and their nearest and dearest. The whole weekend left us with a greater appreciation for love, friendship, generosity and boy do they throw one helluva Fort Day. #love #marriage #barn#burner #fortday2016 #dancing #forest#camping #makeout

Fandom: Until Dawn
Pairing: Chris/Josh
Rating: Teen? (what’s the rating for makeouts)

“Dance with me,” Josh had insisted, tugging on the sleeves of Chris’s hoodie in an attempt to pull Chris away from the couch. “Come on, come on.”

Chris had been watching Josh bounce around in front of the fireplace for the last twenty minutes, pop music blaring from the stereo, despite it only being the two of them in the room. Chris was nursing a beer, his mind hazy and limbs tired. They were more than a little tipsy, having lost in (multiple) games of beer-pong against Mike and Matt earlier.

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