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·         Romance      

·         Comedy        

·         RomComs/ChickFlicks


1.      Titanic

2.     Remember Me

3.      Silver Linings Playbook

4.      The Notebook        

5.      The Princess Bride                

6.      Pride and Prejudice            

7.      Sleepless in Seattle

8.      Notting Hill

9.      The Blue Lagoon

10.   Holes

11.  Life as We Know It

12.  The Fault in Our Stars

13.  Pretty Woman

14.  Moulin Rouge!

15.  Dirty Dancing

16.  Love Actually

17.  The Vow

18.  Brief Encounter

19.  Across the Universe

20.  P.S I love you

21.  Out of Sight

22.  Bonnie and Clyde

23.  Roman Holiday

24.  Show Me Love

25.  It’s a Wonderful Life

26.  Some Like It Hot

27.  Waterloo Bridge

28.  One Day

29.  The Phantom of the Opera

30.  City Lights      

31.  Picture Perfect

32.  Singin’ in the Rain

33.  The Graduate

34.  500 Days Of Summer

35.  Edward Scissorhands

36.  West Side Story

37.  Ghost

38.  Breakfast at Tiffany’s

39.  Eat Pray Love

40.  Vertigo

41.  The Theory of Everything

42.  William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet

43.  Before Sunrise

44.  Manhattan

45.  True Romance

46.  Les Miserables

47.  Wild at Heart

48.  Love Happens

49.  Message in a Bottle

50.  The Last Song

51.  Gone with the wind

52.  The Painted Veil

53.  Letters to Juliet

54.  Charlie St. Cloud

55.  Save the Last Dance

56.  Inherent Vice

57.  If I Stay

58.  Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

59.  The Perks of Being a Wallflower

60.  A matter of Life and Death

61.  The apartment

62.  Brokeback Mountain          

63.  Management

64.  Harold and Maude

65.  The Lucky One

66.  In the mood for Love

67.  Something Borrowed

68.  Becoming Jane

69.  The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

70.  Love Story

71.  Atonement

72.  Say Anything…

73.  Dear John

74.  He’s Just Not that Into You

75.  Groundhog Day

76.  Rumor Has It

77.  Marley & Me

78.  Love and Other Drugs

79.  Life Is Beautiful

80.  The Spectacular Now

81.  Footloose

82.  The Object of My Affection

83.  Endless Love

84.  Moonrise Kingdom

85.  The Great Gatsby

86.  Chocolat

87.  Australia

88.  A Walk to Remember

89.  Like Crazy

90.  The Other Boleyn Girl

91.  Closer

92.  What to Expect When You’re Expecting

93.  It Happened One Night

94.  Drinking Buddies

95.  Casablanca

96.  Fever Pitch

97.  Once

98.  The Time Traveller’s Wife

99.  While you were Sleeping

100. The Lake House


1.      Sister Act

2.      Dodgeball

3.      The Internship

4.      Swingers

5.      Meet the Parents

6.      Meet the Fockers

7.      We’re the Millers

8.      Mean Girls

9.      American Pie

10.  Ace Ventura

11.  Office Space

12.  The Hangover

13.  The Hangover Part II

14.  The Hangover Part III

15.  Due Date

16.  Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

17.  The Invention of Lying

18.  Hot Tub Time Machine

19.  Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants

20.  Daddy Day Camp

21.  Ted

22.  I love you, Man

23.  The Breakfast Club

24.  Big Momma

25.  21 Jump Street

26.  22 Jump Street

27.  The Heat

28.  Happy Gilmore

29.  Pitch Perfect

30.  Napoleon Dynamite

31.  Anchorman

32.  Anchorman 2

33.  Not Suitable for Children

34.  Home Alone

35.  Night at the Museum

36.  Ghostbusters

37.  The Goonies

38.  The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

39.  Horrible Bosses

40.  Superbad

41.  Paul

42.  Ella Enchanted

43.  Get Him to the Greek

44.  Role Models

45.  Grown Ups    

46.  Grown Ups 2

47.  Shaun of the Dead

48.  Monty Python’s Life of Brian

49.  Mr Bean’s Holiday

50.  Grosse Pointe Blank

51.  Let’s Be Cops

52.  Wet Hot American Summer

53.  Borat

54.  Bridesmaids

55.  Keith Lemon: the film

56.  Arthur

57.  Megamind

58.  Mrs Doubtfire

59.  Priscilla Queen of the Desert

60.  Death at a funeral

61.  City Island

62.  The Castle

63.  Enchanted

64.  The Parent Trap

65.  Tropic Thunder

66.  Forrest Gump

67.  The Producers

68.  Little Miss Sunshine

69.  The Truman Show

70.  Beerfest

71.  Norbit

72.  Garfield

73.  School of Rock

74.  Alvin and the Chipmunks

75.  Jackass: The Movie

76.  Pineapple Express

77.  Hot Fuzz

78.  Waiting…

79.  The InBetweeners Movie

80.  St Trinians

81.  White Chicks

82.  Little Man

83.  Diary of a wimpy kid

84.  Freaky Friday

85.  Lesbian Vampire Killers

86.  Fame

87.  Spilt Milk

88.  Identity Thief

89.  Spy

90.  Beverly Hills Cop

91.  Baby Mama

92.  Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion

93.  Secretary

94.  Cheaper By The Dozen

95.  Liar Liar

96.  The Full Monty

97.  Knocked Up

98.  Wayne’s World

99.  Zoolander

100.                      Weekend at Bernie’s

Romcoms/Chick Flicks

1.    When Harry Met Sally

2.    Friends with Benefits

3.    How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

4.    The Wedding Singer

5.    The Proposal

6.    Bridget Jones’s Diary

7.    Bridget Jones The Edge Of Reason

8.    The Five-Year Engagement

9.    Wanderlust

10.  The 40-Year-Old Virgin

11.  The Rewrite

12.  Working Girl

13.  Four Weddings and a Funeral

14.  Clueless

15.  My Big Fat Greek Wedding

16.  27 Dresses

17.  The Wedding Planner

18.  John Tucker Must Die

19.  Wild Child

20.  What If

21.  10 Things I Hate About You

22.  Just Go With It

23.  There’s Something About Mary

24.  You’ve Got Mail

25.  The Terminal

26.  Morning Glory

27.  50 First Dates

28.  Sex and the City

29.  Sex and the City 2

30.  The Break-Up

31.  Valentine’s Day

32.  The Perfect Catch

33.  Forgetting Sarah Marshall

34.  Two Weeks Notice

35.  Hitch

36.  Love Actually

37.  She’s All That

38.  The Holiday

39.  Along Came Polly

40.  She’s Out Of My League

41.  What Happens in Vegas

42.  Just Married

43.  One Fine Day

44.  Made of Honor

45.  About Last Night..

46.  Easy A

47.  No Strings Attached

48.  Chasing Amy

49.  Mamma Mia

50.  13 Going On 30

51.  The Wedding Banquet

52.  Jerry Maguire

53.  Enough Said

54.  Going the Distance

55.  LOL

56.  The Ugly Truth

57.  My Best Friend’s Wedding

58.  Bride Wars

59.  Leap Year

60.  The Devil Wears Prada

61.  A Cinderella Story

62.  The Perfect Man

63.  The Bounty Hunter

64.  Pretty in Pink

65.  Legally Blonde

66.  Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging

67.  In Her Shoes

68.  Never Been Kissed

69.  Miss Congeniality

70.  Coyote Ugly

71.  Enchanted

72.  The First Wives Club

73.  Maid in Manhattan

74.  Failure to Launch

75.  When in Rome

76.  What Women Want

77.  She’s the Man

78.  Confessions of a Shopoholic

79.  Just Friends

80.  It’s  a Boy Girl Thing

81.  Sweet Home Alabama

82.  The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

83.  My Sassy Girl

84.  Too Young to Marry

85.  My Super Ex-Girlfriend

86.  The Other Woman

87.  Sex Tape

88.  I Love You, Beth Cooper

89.  Definitely, Maybe

90.  Just My Luck

91.  You, Me and Dupree

92.  Material Girls

93.  The Pacifier

94.  Just Like Heaven

95.  Date Night

96.  Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

97.  About a Boy

98.  The Wedding Date

99.  Something’s Gotta Give

100.               Bruce Almighty

Mystery Man

Rating: T

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 5077

Summary: Deciding to be more social, Simon goes to a masquerade ball fundraiser. Based on “shy kiss” to “steamy kiss” request.

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AN: See? I am actually working through these requests! It’s just taking awhile. Hope you like it!


A masquerade ball. What a strange idea. The student union is trying to find more “creative” ways to raise funds. Guess a rich university like Watford can afford to be creative. They’ve rented out some fancy hotel ballroom nearby, got the art department to make masks, the drama department to loan costumes, and for 20 quid a person, you can dance with fellow students. It’s absolutely ludicrous. And possibly fun. I desperately need some fun.

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anonymous asked:

"progress playlist" "one of those days" "music to listen to during long car rides" "for when you're feeling romantic" "music my dog would prolly like" "songs i'd listen to w my pet cow" you don't have to do them all but here's some ideas !!

“progress playlist”
Personal - Kehlani
Biking - Frank Ocean
Piece Of Mind - Kehlani
HUMBLE - Kendrick Lamar
New Phone, Who Dis? - Flatbush Zombies
Cash Machine - D.R.A.M.

“one of those days”
Peach Pit - Sweet FA
A Song About Being Sad - Rex Orange County
Loner - Kali Uchis
You - Keaton Henson
Telegraph Ave. - Childish Gambino

“music to listen to during long car rides”
Suburbian Born - Kevin Abstract
Postcards Holiday - Boys Age
302 - MIKNNA
I Can’t Feel - Ethereal
AiCarumba - Telana

“for when you’re feeling romantic”
Fly Me To the Moon - Frank Sinatra
Japanese Denim - Daniel Caesar
First Love/Late Spring - Mitski
Shore - Daniela Andrade
It’s All Vain - Wet
I Want To Hold Your Hand - From “Across The Universe”

“music my dog would prolly like”
Half Dome - Toro y Moi
Junk of the Heart (Happy) - The Kooks
Man in the Sixties - Balue
Don’t You (Forget About Me) - Simple Minds
Houdini - Foster The People

“songs i’d listen to w my pet cow”
Hey Jude - From “Across The Universe”
Dancing in the Moonlight- Alt-J
Dreams - Fleetwood Mac
Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison
She Moves In Her Own Way - The Kooks

Favorite Artists (Korean R&B)

Click on song titles to listen. Will be updated overtime. :)

Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zt0Me5qyK4g&list=PL5zX5DoJ2SMRi9yKNctQB-uMmh_0HMyfr&index=1

Female R&B Artists:

Eyedi (Sign, Type, Best Mistake)

Heize (Don’t Know You, And July, Shut Up & Groove, Don’t Come Back)

Hoody (Your Eyes, By Your Side, Like You, Baby Oh Baby, Blue Horizon

Kassy (Dream, Ooh Ooh Ooh)

Kate (Love)

Koh Nayoung (Cold Night You Were WarmI Like)

Lee Bada (Drug, TV’s On, 그녀의 밤, Memories)

Miso (Take Me, Cigarette)

Nieah (Baby INo WayCactus Flower, Alright)

Saay (Circle, Overzone, VLACK N VLUE)

Sophia Pae (Sopiya) (TherapyOver You)

SUMIN  (Sparkling, Brown, 알아TT)

Summer Soul (Barefoot다른 시간 다른 공간, Off to, Stay)  

Suran (1+1=0, Wine, Paradise Go, Calling In Love)

Yeseo (No City For Love, Fill With Love, RudeLast Touch) 

Male R&B Artists:

Babylon (Ocean Drive, 너 나 우리)

Bumkey (Attraction, Surprise)

CAR, THE GARDEN (formerly Mayson the Soul) (Gimme Love, Little By Little, BushwickTalk)

Chancellor (Murda, 손이가)

Crush (Outside, Sometimes, 2411, Cast Away, OasisHug Me, Sofa)

Dean (half moon, Pour Up, I’m Not Sorry, what2do, I Love It)

Elo (Rose, Wax Mannequeen, Parachute)

G.soul (Tequila, Fire Water (produced by Code Kunst), Bad HabitSmooth Operator)

Laybacksound (WHERE, 4hours)

Lym en (comfort zone, Open That Door, Young and Beautiful)

Jeebanoff (Belief, Right Here, About You)

JERO (Traffic Light, Paradise, Delusional)

Jinbo (말하자면)

Jooyoung (BabySweet Life, Lucy)

Junggigo (Hey BaeAcross the Universe247, Nocturne, Want U)

offonoff (Dance, Photograph, Midnight, Blu, Bath)

Owol (언제쯤, WHY?, NUNA)

Samuel Seo (Blue, Make Up Love, Window, GOYO)

Steel (Forever Young, Wit U)

Taylor (Swimming Pool, Crazy Luv)

Wilcox (Rain Man, Bed on the Rooftop, 빨간날)

Zion T. (Cinema, Complex, No Makeup, Yanghwa BRDG, See Through)

What if the team had to go undercover on a mission to get some intel on the Galra’s movements, and the only way to get close enough to their target is to infiltrate this fancy grand gala ball thing? Like, we’re talking full-out space ballgowns and space tuxes, everyone all sparkly and glittery, like something out of a fairy tale or disney movie or whatever. IN SPACE.

Allura is going, naturally. She’s a princess, she’s practically been raised by fancy space parties. But she needs an escort, someone to dress nicely and lead her by the arm and dance with her. Coran can’t do it, because he’s needed back at the castle to be their eye in the sky, ready to swoop in to the rescue if things go south.

Everyone, of course, assumes Shiro will be going then. He looks best in the suit after all.

But that’s when Shiro sheepishly admits that he can’t dance. Like at all. The man is graceful as a gazelle when fighting, but the second you get music and rhythm involved, he is all left feet. At first no one believes him, but then when he actually tries to dance with Allura he almost ends up breaking her nose, they all have to admit that Shiro can’t do it. He’ll only draw attention, and not the good kind. But who can do it then?

And that’s when Hunk, grinning like a loon, oh so casually mentions that Lance is a good dancer. Lance, who hasn’t been paying attention because Shiro’s dancing actually hurts to watch, suddenly finds himself the subject of everyone’s stares.

It turns out that Lance isn’t just a good dancer. He’s amazing. It runs in the family; his mom used to teach a salsa class, his older sister competes in dancing competitions, his dad first taught him how to tango when he was twelve. Hunk knows this very well, because when he and Lance first became friends, Lance offered to teach Hunk how to waltz for their first Garrison formal. Lance has basically been dancing since before he could walk.

A bit uncertain, Allura agrees to give it a try, and Lance takes Shiro’s place as her partner. They start off a bit shaky - Altean and Human dances don’t overlap all that much after all - but Lance is familiar with so many different styles that he picks up on what she’s doing quickly enough, and the two manage to dance together beautifully. Just like that, it’s settled. Lance and Allura will be going undercover together to get the intel, while the others act as backup in case anything goes wrong.

The mission, of course, goes horribly wrong, and there’s lots of screaming and lasers and trying to run in impractical shoes and escaping death by the skin of your teeth, but the important thing is that Allura and Lance get to dress all fancy and dance together and actually have a really good time. And Lance gets to show off his really sweet dance moves. Somewhere across the universe, his family is very proud of him.

(TL;DR Fancy Lancy is Dancy)

Angel lungs are filled with fire,
their words:
Oh Holy, Holy, Holy
dance across the flickering universe,
ringing forth from monstrous black holes.

They are the dragons,
with scales of gold, emerald, opals,
reflecting the aurora back to us,
so exquisite, so dangerous.

What must it have been like
to see Lucifer at the Beginning,
all fire and dust and shining forth,
how horrifying as the star became
a black hole eating up the universe.

—  C.K., Monster Black Holes

“Silver Unending” Which way is up, no one knows! Using silver paint, I created layers of mountains, on top of shadowed pine trees. The sky glows in the background as green northern lights dance across
#oiloncanvas #universe #galaxy #northernlights #mountains #silver #oilpainting #fantasyart #metallic #illustration #conceptart #art #stars #thesaucydame

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Let me tell you this, someone is gonna love you so much that it will hurt. It’s gonna make them feel like their heart is a glass that is overflowing, and that they cannot contain all that they feel for you. They are gonna look up at the stars, and wonder why love couldn’t just be placed in space, because the endless expanse seems like a more fitting place to store the fire that burns within them for you. They are going to want to weep, because that is the love escaping from their bodies; it’ll be too much to hold in.

You know what? You will feel this way too, but eventually those feelings are going to start to dry up, and you won’t always feel that way, but that is what love is all about! You must be consistent to fill that up again, to see the person you love, and to pour into what they have spilled out. This is how you make it work, by being active, and keeping that fire alive. The stars shouldn’t be the only thing that dances at night, teach your heart to dance along with all those beautiful lights that expand across the universe, because there is beauty in love, and the whole galaxy should be able to join in on it.

—  T.B. LaBerge // Things I’m still learning at 25
Tranquility - Part 16

When Isii and Solas are captured by Templars, the Inquisitor can do little more than watch as the Rite of Tranquility is performed on her lover. But the Rite was never intended for a god. The Templars’ failure will change everything for both the Inquisitor and the man she once called Solas…
Read Part 1 here.

“So,” Abelas said sharply as the doors shut behind him, reverberating across the stone of the small room. “You deceive those you count among your allies. Forgive me if I do not find this surprising.”

Fen’Harel watched the elf, a cautious tension in his gaze as he tucked his hands behind his back. “The woman who leads them knows my identity. It suits my purposes to leave it at that.”

“It is certainly a convincing disguise,” he said flatly. “I would not have recognized you easily.”

Fen’Harel fixed his gaze firmly on the sentinel. “There is an army coming, Abelas. Their leader is intent on tearing this world apart in his pursuit of power.”

The man sneered. “So once again, we are to defend against a force you led to our doorstep?”

“I have not led them here,” he corrected quickly. “I learned of their plan and hope to circumvent it. We have thought of our own countermeasures. Assuming all goes well, you and your men will never be endangered. However, if we fail in our attempts to stop their forces, we must ensure that the Well cannot fall into their possession.”

“My men and I will continue to defend this place,” Abelas said. “We have sworn our lives to see this temple protected.”

“And how many of you remain after all this time?” The elf stared back at him, his hardened expression unmoving. Fen’Harel took a slow breath, his gaze falling. “You cannot defeat an army. Even if you survive the first wave of attack, I can guarantee there will be others. Corypheus will not stop until the Well is his.”

“What, then?” he asked. “Are we to simply stand aside and relinquish the Well to one of these mortals you’ve brought here?”

Fen’Harel’s lips parted, a denial ready on his tongue, but he paused. “That is not my decision to make.”

Abelas’s brow furrowed. “Then whose is it?” A brief look of clarity only made his confusion deepen. “Do you mean to tell me you would leave it in the hands of that woman? The one who tried to speak for you?”

“She is their leader,” he said simply. “I follow her just as they do.”

“She is a child!” Abelas said in disbelief.

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anonymous asked:

I'm gonna need more of that When Jamie Met Claire AU

Dear Anon - I’m so glad you’re enjoying the When Claire Met Jamie AU! Unfortunately, that was originally meant as a one-shot, so I don’t have many ideas for future installments just yet…Until I can whip something up, here is the first chapter of a fic that has been bumbling around my brain for a while now. It’s kind of similar - more angsty, yes - but it does follow Jamie and Claire’s entire relationship throughout modern day. Hope you still like! :) - Liv

Our Story

[December 24th, 1989]

It is the beginning of their story, the first time Jamie sees her. The dividing line between what was and what would be. The setting is a Christmas party: an Edinburgh flat, roaring on the cusp of a new decade. Champagne bubbles in flutes and greetings. The players: just two university students, dancing across a stage of shaggy green carpet, garlands of tinsel. 

And the opening scene? Well. It goes something like this:

She is wearing a holiday sweater, a confection of silver bells and sequined penguins. It is the hard-won earnings of an hour’s wade through mothballs, she says, of a knee-deep dive in the Goodwill bargain bin. All of this she relays to Jamie with a smirk, a precocious, all-knowing smile that he will come to know so well.

The lights dim, and her eyes flicker. Lit coals in the flat’s half-dark. She smells of fresh rain, of flowers just beginning to open, and the scent forms a sweet, perceptible weight in the air. It settles on him, around him, when she leans forwards, straining to hear his stuttered -

“Hello,” Jamie says, or tries to. He forgets his vowels and it comes as, “Hlllll?” 

“Sorry – what was that?” 

Claire starts when his hand takes hers, crunches it firmly inside his palm. For Claire, this moment will never lose its clarity, and in the years that follow she will argue that this is where their story begins: nestled in the slight curl of Jamie’s lips.  His voice, as smooth as the whisky he offers to pour her. Another ugly sweater, this one boasting a lager-stained Santa and a hem of unraveling wool. The red string hangs there for her to tug, to close the gulf between them, and she does. Twenty one (him) and twenty two (her) years of strangerhood reduced to nothing - and then, so suddenly, transformed into knowing. 

They make small talk in the corner, mentioning the weather (“seasonably cold”) and her biology exam (“after break”). Eventually Claire asks, “Do you know anyone here?”, and bracketed inside this question is her secret hope that he does not. She wants to believe that Jamie is on her side, that it is only the two of them (that it’s only ever been the two of them) against the world. She is so used to feeling alone in crowds – but here! Oh, but here in the rainbow glow of tree lights, she feels a part of Something. She holds onto it, wishing her hand was as big as his so that his curling lips and his whisky voice would never seep through her fingers.

“Dinna ken anyone,” Jamie confirms, “though I’m no’ sure that’s a bad thing.”

He inclines his head towards the mass of bodies, all gyrating in a singular, chaotic wave. Music plays in the background, oppressive and electronic, as a third year belts Bowie between tokes. Jamie lets it fade away, forgets it all – the noise, how to blink, how to breathe. Forgets everything except her. 

Claire wrinkles her nose.

“The problem with these people is that they think they’re interesting.” She is yelling into his ear but even so, it seems strangely intimate. Every word exchanged is a secret between them, one they tuck inside their pockets, will place under their pillows when they lay their heads to sleep. “But they aren’t – not even remotely!”

“Weel, fortunately you’ve met me now.” 

“Mmm. But are you truly interesting or only remotely?”

“That’s for you to decide, lass. You being the expert on such things.”

Claire grins at the floor. “You haven’t even told me your name, y’know.”

“James Fraser,” he says, all too quickly, and he’s unreasonably embarrassed. James, he thinks – what an unremarkable, commonplace name! How many ‘James’ were in this very room, wearing equally hideous and soiled sweaters? How many ‘James’ had she met in Scotland? Would she even remember him, one of 337 (to be precise), after this night? (She would, of course. During her biology exam, she will think of James Fraser and leave fifteen questions blank. She will get a C – a grade as average as his name.)

“But you can call me Jamie,” he adds over the roar.

“I’m Claire Beauchamp. Just plain Claire Beauchamp!” 

Jamie laughs – a beautiful laugh, the best laugh, a laugh Claire will spend the rest of her life wanting to hear (she will have to work harder on certain days). 

“If I call ye anything, it’ll be ‘Sassenach’. Whereabouts in England are ye from?” 

And Claire smiles – a beautiful smile, the best smile, a smile Jamie will spend the rest of his life trying to earn (finding success and failure in turns). 

“Oxford by birth,” Claire says. “But from nowhere, really.”

She pauses, hearing the third-year shout – “Bowie, man! Greatest artist of all time!” – and swears the kid is wrong. It’s God who was the greatest artist, and this six-foot deity with his lager-stained knit was His chef d’ouevre.

“Do you want to make this night interesting, Jamie?”

“Remotely interesting?” 

“More than remotely.”

“That depends…What d’ye have in mind?”

Claire reaches for his hand, and he gives it to her. Jamie squeezes, she squeezes back. She leads him through the throng. He follows, licking his lips and at her heels.

(Who knew it could ever be this easy? Falling in love.)

I want to devour the world with you, I want to dance across the skin of the universe and raise goosebumps wherever we tread. I want to flourish by myself but I want to flourish beyond with you, I want to go beyond being a mere flower and become a solar system in bloom. I am yours, my dear, and you need to understand that. You have my heart, do with it what you will. does that make you tremble, make you anxious with responsibility? Hearts are fragile things after all. But you have to trust me on this - I would not surrender such a thing if I did not think you capable to holding it with an unshakable touch. Don’t be afraid, my dear. I’m not. Fear is the enemy of love and yet love is the enemy of nothing. Love embraces fear as I embrace you. The only way to kill your monsters is to kiss them on the brow and accept them as beings of your own creation, beings that are therefore beautiful and sublime. Let us create something other than monsters, though. Let us create angels and phantasms, words that flutter between our minds. The moment you stop fearing eternity will be the moment you can embrace it. It will be the moment you will not tremble at the notion of immortality. I know you are not one to admit fear, but I know you well enough by now to see it in your face, to hear it in your voice. Do not be afraid, my dear, for there is nothing to be afraid of. We cannot let our imagined futures crush us in the actual present. We cannot let dreams and nightmares stop us from waking up and smelling sunlight on the sheets that cover our mutually naked bodies.
—  bloom - k.o.g.