“Party” by Chris Brown | Choreography by Junsun Yoo 

at 1Million Dance Studio


“Amazing Grace” | Short documentary about Choreographer & Dancer Terry Beeman

Directed by Alexis Wanneroy & Emilie Heckel

I never wanted to be a dancer it wasn’t in my plans at all, I was totally going to be a gymnast in the Olympics. I must have been awkward I guess, it kind of came natural to me to dance and then I just kept going-Terry Beeman

Link to the Documentary

anonymous asked:

Okay so you know in Dancetale how every monster has a different dance e.g. San breakdancing and Papyrus doing Latin. What do you headcannon Sans and Paps to dance in UF, US, SF and HT? xx

Hiya anon! I have heard of Dancetale a bit! So here ya go!!!

UF Sans:  Technotronic. Similar to UT Sans break dancing but a little more spontaneous and rough around the edges. 

UF Papyrus: Think fire-dancer but with dozens and dozens of bones instead of flames. His steps are powerful, strong, proud, and hard to avoid if he means harm. 

US Sans: Do not let the fact it’s J-Pop fool you. It’s cute, it’s movements are quick, and he’s got years of training if it’s a serious battle.

US Papyrus: Meme songs. Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down~~~ However. If you can look past the meme songs and get to know him, or make him angry enough you’ll find out it’s NYC Hustle Dancing. 

SF Sans: It’s stripper music. It’s stripper music and he can fuck up your day faster than you can comment on it. Think high-class pole dancing. It’s a show to die for though. 

SF Papyrus: Semba for him. A quick rhythmic beat, extremely close proximity, and fierce powerful movements all wrapped up in witty rhetoric. 

HT Sans: Pop and lock. He expects the cracking and popping of bones to throw you off your beat or steps. Don’t let it. 

HT Papyrus: The first time you hear interpretive dance you might giggle a little bit only to be met with a long wide grin that stretches the bones of his face. What kind of interpretive dance? It’s erratic and always changing, hard to pin down, and harder to fight against. Though if he’s dancing with a S/O it’s actually spontaneous and fun. 


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