Throughout this article, we’ll be citing scientists, because all of us accept that scientists are smart guys. So how do you think they got the way they are? Genes? A bunch of so-called “education”? What if it turns out that the secret is just those lab coats they’re always wearing? Surprise! Here’s the weirdest thing you’ll read today.

Researchers tested a group of participants on their brainpower with something called a Stroop test. The only difference between them was that half of them were dressed in a lab coat when they took the test. The results? Those wearing the lab coats only made half the mistakes of those who didn’t wear the coats.

Just to make sure this wasn’t some insane fluke, they made another test, where participants had to find the differences between similar pictures. Some of the participants wore lab coats, but some of them were told they were actually wearing painters’ coats. Again, they found that those who were wearing the lab coats scored significantly higher, even than those who were wearing the same thing but were told they were for painters. What the hell?

The researchers believe that wearing a lab coat simply makes us feel smarter, and as other psychologists have found, simply believing you’re smarter actually makes you smarter. Sadly, this also implies that we all think painters are idiots.

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“How Many Licks” by Lil Kim | Choreography by Yanis Marshall, Danielle Polanco, & Aisha Francis

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“Really Really” by Kevin Gates | Choreography by Josh Williams

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Klance Garnet✨💜

I got like four anons plus a bunch of commenters wanting to see a klance garnet fushion thingie and like guuuuys. look. How. Cute. They. Are. UGH. 

In literally just used Garnets color palette and it turned out so good??? and im really satisfied with the result?? woaat.

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