The Signs at a School Dance

Aries: Front and center on the dance floor.

Taurus: Awkwardly dancing while trying to grind.

Gemini: Looks bomb af and taking a million pictures.

Cancer: Black dress with great makeup while laughing with their friends.

Virgo: Yelling at boys who tries to touch her.

Libra: Only dances to spanish songs.

Scorpio: Trying to dance sexually but fails but still having a good time.

Sagittarius: Flirting with any boy because she didn’t have a date.

Leo: Singing to all the songs.

Capricorn: Has trouble dancing but still has a good time.

Aquarius: Trying to get Sagittarius and Aries to dance with them.

Pisces: Jumping up and down and always trying to stand next to their date.