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Could you give me a bit of background on comics clint?

Well I can give you background, friend, but there’s a more than just a bit to go through. I’m going to stick to 616, here. That’s the “main” Marvel continuity. Although he was never an A-lister like Captain America, he’s been a pretty steady presence in the Marvel universe for the last 50 years, so there is a lot to sort through.

Hawkeye has been around in one form or another since 1964, when he showed up in Tales of Suspense as a villain* with the day job of being a sideshow act at Coney Island.

MCU Steve and 616 Clint can bond over people preferring dancin’ girls to their routines.

His costume off-stage looked like this:

Proving that Clint’s tastes have always been questionable. Werk it, Clint.

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Vocaloid Highlights: January 2016

You do believe, don’t you? In the intelligence of Toyota!

* taepeR was posted first, then the unreversed Repeat a few days later. But Repeat is the one to actually, well, listen to.

========== Stand-Outs ==========
World’s Beginning
Joy, Anger, Sadness, Humor
Ghost Rule
Bad Dance Hall
Reprise Round Robin
End Credits
Electro Lighter
Climb! Onward! The Tall Tower
Präparat Days
Troubled Boy, Stripping Girl
Separate Story
Person Allergy
Goodbye, Baby
Sister Sectrouge

========== Worth Your Time ==========
Like A Dancing Cat
The Magic Word is KDCL
Love Manual
Before the Snow Melts
The Day I Became A Monster
Irohani Life Cards
Jazz me!!
Heart-Eating Dogma
The Day I Read Kafka on the Shore
Don’t Know the White Flower’s Whiteness
Come True, Latata!
magic city
Sense Telepathy
A Little Flower and Happiness
Magic Word
Dream Map and Secret Signal
First Snow, Silver Tears
Saint Light
Blue Sky
Heart Answer
Physical Hider / Logical Seeker
Sheena and Midday
Repeat / taepeR *
Sweets-Loving☆Old Man.

========== Intelligence of TOYOTA ==========
The Voice of the Market

Little Dancer Spotted:

Name: Kaylee Quinn
Age: 11
Dance Studio: Just Plain Dancin’ (Studio of Casey Askew from Season 11)

My brother (who is kind of chubby) had to deal with some stupid guy at SCUBA certification. Apparently the guy was looking at my brother and said he didn’t look like the kind of guy who would like swimming.

I wanted to punch that guy, but besides the point, I told my brother he should have said:

“Excuse me? Ever seen a walrus? A manatee? Any whale ever?”

The ocean is full of mammals with fat. Dolphins just look sleek, trust me, they have insulation.

So for all of my friends who look at their bodies and think you aren’t “beach ready” who maybe need a little help loving yourself as you are right now, just remember: 

You are ocean ready.