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Now I’m imagining Khadgar blowing a hole in the wall of Karazhan, blasting a Dreadlord into oblivion…while a wild disco party is going on in another part of the tower.

“Did you hear something, man?”

“Nah.  Just keep dancin’.”

Thanks, Blizzard, for releasing the Harbingers short for Khadgar on the same day as the Hearthstone expansion trailer, thus granting me this hilarious mental picture.

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*chants* tango/whiskey tango/whiskey tango/whiskey tango/whiskey tango/whiskey tango/whi

The whole goal of this night was fun. They just scored some fake IDs, practice for tomorrow was cancelled, and one of the clubs on campus is having $10 bottomless cup night. Whiskey’s plan was to get drunk, maybe dance a little, stop by that greasy pizza place on the walk back to the dorm, then crash until noon. Fun.

He did not expect this night to be a hazard to his goddamn health. And yet here he is, watching Tango dance like he’s trying to end Whiskey’s life.

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Happy Birthday to this amazing kid! I can not believe you’re already 12?! I started watching you when you were 8! Kaylee, you are my all time favorite dancer and I have really enjoyed watching you grow and improve over the last few years. You are an amazing kid with such good intentions for your sisters, it makes my heart happy and inspires me to be nicer to my brother! (because maybe he’ll be nicer to me!). I am always so unbelievably proud of you when you take home another title despite your struggles (knee, broken arm, etc.). I wish you the best of luck and can already tell that your future is so so so bright!! Happy 12th birthday Kaylee! Love you! @kayleequinn5