Exciting News//Danchel

Rachel was excited. Of course nothing was set in stone yet, that´s why she couldn´t tell anyone else, but it would be alright to share it with Dani. They were in a relationship after all, and Rachel had to share her excitement with someone, and who better than her own girlfriend? Her smile hadn´t wavered one bit all day and Rachel couldn´t remember feeling this happy in a long time. Of course she was happy with Dani, but that was a different feeling. It had to do with her private life, this was about her career. She hoped that her girlfriend´s auditions were going just as well, because the Blonde deserved to be in a good play, especially after Rock Of Ages had closed.

Rachel had thought that to be rather sad, especially because she had enjoyed the show, not just Dani, but the whole show. She was convinced that her girlfriend would find a different show to star in though, she believed in the other woman´s talent.

Once Rachel had reached the restaurant she sat down at their usual table, ordering a lemon water and thanking the waiter before sitting back in her chair and pulling out her phone to see if she had any calls. There were none yet so she put it on the table, picking up her glass and taking a sip as she waited for Dani to arrive.

Troublesome Discussions || Danchel

Dani Harper wasn’t really one to get into arguments. She avoided them at all costs. Sure, there was more than once she wanted to get into one, but it wasn’t a battle she wanted to face. So when Rachel seemed to have put her down after she had stated she put her name forward, she simply explained herself, but didn’t call Rachel on what she was doing. Ever since then, she even avoided her mostly because she felt inadequate next to her. Even her cast of Rock of Ages made comments to her about being a newby there. They weren’t very welcoming, so everything she thought she would gain wasn’t there. She wasn’t coming home happy like she thought she would and the place she sought out happiness with Rachel felt like it was crumbling. She withdrew so much from everyone including her producers though she followed their every order.

After her rehearsal, she pulled out her phone and rang Rachel. She waited until she got her voicemail, knowing it was before five and the girl wasn’t going to be free yet. “Hey Rachel… I’m going to head home for the evening. You’re welcome to stop by if you want,” she stated before giving a brief goodbye. Hanging up her phone, she stared at it for a moment as she realized that neither of them have even said I love you. There were many times she had wanted to, but she couldn’t form the words and after their interaction on Thursday night, she didn’t feel like it was welcome with Rachel.

Christmas Day || Danchel

Dani was happy to be in heat. She hummed happily on the couch as she watched a few movies under her blanket. The blonde was glad to be spending time with her friends and girlfriend on this special day. She was a little upset over Rachel going to lunch with her costars and not bringing her, her girlfriend. Maybe they said not to bring family or special ones, but Dani wouldn’t have minded paying. It could even be the fact that she didn’t have any money for extra spending. All she was doing was comparing herself to people who had money they could spend. She felt a little out of place with Rachel some days even the other two but she said nothing of the sorts. Sometimes she even wondered why Rachel even bothered to choose her. Dani glanced to her tea and swallowed thickly before looking at the kitchen where Santana was talking with Kurt about his job at Vogue. Why did she feel out of place here with her friends? Dani took a breath, shaking her head slightly. She’d be happy to see Rachel when she got back.

Never Been Hurt || Danchel

Dani whined, going back to Rachel’s room and knocking on the door nervously. She tugged on her pigtails for a moment, wiping the tears from her eyes and holding her stuffed animals tightly. Dani had an extra one now, a turtle. But, she held the three animals and her other things as she knocked out Rachel’s name on the door. “Whistle whistle.” She was wearing her pajamas, since Puck had given them to her and they were soft.

Coming Home || Danchel

Dani was finally headed home after a long day. She was tired, exhausted even. The show was doing great and she kept up with the little changes, but she felt it weighing on her then. Sighing, she tugged her coat around her shoulders and headed down the street. She smiled as she got home, opening the door. Letting out a sigh, she felt her body relax some. “Hey Rachel…” She greeted the loft. “I’m home!”

Not While I'm Around || Danchel

Dani shivered and whimpered in her sleep, waking up to a dark room and feeling trapped in her clothes. They’d put her in a jumpsuit and a belt to keep her in the clothes. She’d lost her scissors for using them to cut up the other clothes they’d her, so she couldn’t take it off. The dark scared her, but they always wanted her to be normal. She left her room and wandered around until she found Rachel’s room. She’d went into a few other rooms first, but she eventually found the right one. Dani curled up into the bed, hiding against Rachel. “Sir, please?”

Strangers Like Me || Danchel

Dani had found the rose at her door, finding it beautiful. She was confused by the card and ate it, but it didn’t taste good. The rose was beautiful and she loved it. She put it in her mouth, trying to explore it. But, it hurt her and she started to cry. Soon she saw blood and panicked, sending Rachel a message. It hurt her, but it was so pretty and that made her keep it. She kept trying, whining every time it cut her mouth.