This is your invitation.

Tuesday tumblr girls nights. They’re still a thing, though we’ve been slacking lately about getting the word out there. Tonight we’re going to meet at Bean & Leaf in downtown Rochester at 6 for some coffee and we’ll probably end up walking to Buffalo Wild Wings around 7 (Bdubs has become a regular part of these gatherings, after all Tuesday is $.50 boneless wing night and who doesn’t love wings?) and probably hang out in the park for awhile afterwards. We would LOVE for you to join us for any part or all of this evening. As always there will be girl talk and Jesus talk and encouragement and community and just doing life together. *Also “the feeling of Rochester, If the feeling of Rochester means anything to you*

P.S. I’m tagging you if you’ve come to this before but EVERYONE is invited! Love you girls. Let me know if you want to come. Or just show up :)