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So either MFWP wasn't doing that good or Voltage just gave up on it, oh well it sucks that we won't have a His Feelings route for all the guys. I'm guessing that means they'll release a new game sometime in the future to replace it, or will Voltage give up on that too? 😑

It was not doing good and those of us that were still actively playing it knew it. In all honesty, there were several factors that told me that they were ramping t discontinue the game.

  • I went from easily finding players going at the same level as me to BEGGING people to take me.
  • I was unable to finish the last 6 route event and it was the first time I hadn’t been able to since I started playing when the game was released.
  • The collection event was Top Rank 1000 which was a GIANT red flag to me.
  • I was told that gachas that they had been releasing not only were for different times of the year AND contained items that were from events we hadn’t gotten yet
  • Lowering the requirements in the main story

The second I saw the Winter Clothes gacha and the “all the fashion gachas” page, I knew we were done. It was just a matter of them making an official statement.

Gonna just work on learning Japanese and then I can read the stories in the Japanese game. They started releasing Season 3′s in the game and it sucks we won’t get those. But, it’s more motivation for me to get serious about learning Japanese.

As for what they will do now? Who knows. I think as long as the two games they have out stay in the black and make a profit, they might not do anything. *shrug*

I’m happy if it stays the way it is. Liar is so hands off that it doesn’t really constantly need me to be on top of it like MFWP did and it’s easier to clear. Plus there are other games that are out/coming out that I have been wanting to play, so a needed space to breath is welcome for me.

It’s National Dance Day! Because of this day, I felt it was necessary to make a post of our favorite guy showing off his dance moves.  Enjoy this post of Josh and his adorable, sexy and eclectic dance moves.


Shake those Hips

Football Victory Dance


Raise the Roof

Silly Dance

Single Ladies (1)

Single Ladies (2)

Pelvic Thrust


Sexy Tango

Tap Dance

This is for the Camera

Running Man

Slappa Da Base (please let someone know where this is from)

Entrance Dance

West Side Story (I love this)

Booty Pop

Drunk Dance

Clapton Dance

Vanessa’s take on his dancing.

Fist Pump (unf, the muscles)



Lettin’ It All Out


Partner Dancing


Basketball Victory Dance

Ragdoll (with lizhutcherswag)

Not Sure What This Is lol

He Knows He Can Twerk

And my personal favorite…

All of the gifs (except for one) are not mine