The Dance Partners

The Dance Partners


The jitterbug snap of dancing shoes

lindy-hop legs and swingin’ arms

salt-sweat palms glued together, hips singing

along to a Charleston chorus.


Dim lights falling on slick waxed floors

feet slipping but bodies balanced

a wrist flick and steady foot keep

the room from spinning out of orbit.


A twirling ribbon of fervor-flung hair

blood pulsing in-tune to pivoting heels

beat-crazed bodies mirrored like lovers

a pact of trust built on a rhythm.


Shim-sham sweep into a spot-lit dip

feet kicked up into star-crossed arms

body entrusted until a curtsey and a bow

sever the heartbeat’s flow to the feet.




[Rachelle Hernandez]


#ComicCon and #Film #MiddleEast #Dubai 2015 #DanceTime 😳😳😳😳

Today has been a fantastic day my tumblr friends! I passed my math course and I am well on my way to next term after winter break. and also I am one follower away from having 80 followers! thank you to all the people that stuck around even when I went dead because of school and work and i am not sorry for all the Solas loving posts…:P

 To finish this post off her is a picture of my very handsome and cute cat Kiwi