Dances With Worms

I danced as one with worms last night. Blind, assured, ingesting what’s in front of me, timeless, circular, muscular, soft, willing. Just resting in what I do without effort or thought. This simple process creates the soil that is the basis for life on our planet. Just being a lowly worm doing what I do.

Who I am, blind to other realities, trusting, being, expressing without effort. In my own time, my own way, dancing with worms, ingesting what’s in front of me, creating the essence that is the basis for life on our planet. As important as that, just from the worm dance.


Trying something new


2012 London Olympics. U.S. v.s. North Korea.

“The game was on Hope’s birthday, so we thought she needed some fun. Abby proposed that Hope would do the worm if anyone on our team scored. With the possibility of a worm-dancing goalkeeper in our future, the mood was light when we hit the field at Old Trafford. Abby scored in the 25th minute. Sure enough, Hope dropped to the ground and did the worm! Christie Rampone joined in, and we all grabbed hands and did a little worm wave with our arms. It was hilarious, and it brought us all together in the same way making those snow angels had done years before.” – Alex Morgan, “Breakaway - Beyond the Goal”.