dances the night away

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: The entire plot of Yuri on Ice could happen only because Yuuri got really really drunk at the banquet after last year's Grand Prix Final and Victor danced the night away with him and fell in love with a drunk mess of a Japanese boy who dry humped him while asking to come to his home and become him coach and that's pure, unconditional love and it explains so many things and YOI is so wholesome and beautiful that I can't even begin to contain myself.
Okay but what if...

Instead of the post-GPF banquet this year, they turn it into an impromptu wedding for Victor and Yuuri? Would that not be the most fitting place for them to get married? At the same party where they first met? Thanks to Yuuri, I’m sure the banquet is expected to get a little rowdy unlike previous years, where it’s been nothing but stuffy and boring. Now, even if the competition is fierce, they’re all friends. Chris breaks out his stripper pole, Phichit brings the champagne, Yurio sits in a corner with Otabek and refuses to leave in fear of being challenged into another drunk dance-off. Victor and Yuuri dance the night away and then Minako grabs a microphone so she can gather everyone in a circle around Victor and Yuuri to officiate the wedding. She then hands it to the two lovebirds so they can say their vows. Victor starts telling Yuuri how much he loves him and how he’s found his true home and happiness through Yuuri and Yuuri, with a bit of alcohol already in his system, can’t stop the tears from streaming down his face. Victor hands Yuuri the microphone for his vows and he has trouble forming a coherent thought for the first few minutes. Eventually he just tells Victor how happy he is that he came into his life and showed him what real love is. He says he hopes they never stop skating together. Minako grabs the microphone back from Yuuri and pronounces them married. They kiss and everyone’s hooting and hollering. Phichit takes a million photos and blurry selfies and they all dance until they can’t feel their legs.


So I’ve been at work all day and the hoard of episode 10 meta is unstoppable, so I hope this hasn’t been mentioned before but I remembered something critical today.

It has been pointed out by several people that the Eros routine Viktor had been choreographing was inspired by Yuri’s drunken shenanigans, followed by his cold shoulder and was the Ultimate Pout ™ by Viktor.

But he wasn’t just working on Eros

The story of Eros is the story of the playboy who seduced the maiden even against her better judgement and then cast her away. It’s pretty clear (now at least) that Yuri is said playboy, and Viktor is said maiden.

And yet Viktor was also choreographing a piece on unconditional love

When Yuri humped his leg and begged him to come to Hasetsu and be his coach, Viktor fell hard. They danced the night away, and Viktor was looking forward to the next day when Yuri would remind him of his promise to come to Japan. And then……. He got shut down. To Viktor it probably seemed like an outright rejection.

So he choreographed Eros to symbolize how he felt. To symbolize Yuri putting him through a whirlwind of physical and emotional feelings and then leaving him hanging.

But hand in hand with that, he also choreographed a program about unconditional love. Because dammit, he’s still smitten with that boy after the time they had together. He may be a tad bitter, but he still wants Yuri in his life.

And this would explain why Viktor returned to Yuri after seeing him skate his routine. Why he would be choreograph a whole performance about Yuri casting him off as the playboy, and still nab his chance to give up his career and teach this guy how to win the Grand Prix. Because his love for Yuri

is unconditional



The Sims 4: Bowling Night Stuff Pack 

“Your Sims will soon be able to take to the lanes and level up their new bowling skill with the all new Bowling Lane object! Accompanied with a slew of retro vibe objects, including new seating, lighting, and even bowling ball racks, builders out there will be able to really deck out their venues. Whether customizing your local bar to include a nice bowling space, or turning your nightclub into a sweet local hangout spot where your Sims can dance the night away, Sims can also enjoy a bit of Moonlight Bowling to really set the vibe.

And objects aren’t the only new addition to this pack, we’ve got a slew of new clothing items that will make your Sim the envy of their friends with some swanky retro hairstyles and clothes to match! Now you can have your Sims bowling team dress up in matching outfits (with corresponding bowling shoes!) so the locals know that you mean busy.”

We all know that I hate bowling (there was a childhood incident, don’t ask) but I just watched the trailer like three times and I’m suddenly obsessed. Especially with the new CAS stuff. I’m such a fan.

house aesthetics

hufflepuff: big warm cups of tea or coffee, sucking on a piece of candy and savoring the sweetness, eating s’mores and feeling the stickiness of marshmallows on your fingers, freshly picked flowers, the warmth of a tight hug, long train rides, a home-cooked meal, bright and clear eyes, birds singing in the morning, girls braiding each other’s hair, candles, dancing the night away, cushy armchairs, warm colors, linking pinkies, freckles, cats purring, strawberries and peaches, handmade quilts, baking with an apron on and flour everywhere, sunshine all around you

ravenclaw: marble statues, stars shining in the night sky, the rustle of parchment paper, brass telescopes, curling up with a new book, the ache in your hands after writing for a long stretch of time, steady rain, paris, mirrors, spending the afternoon in an art museum, strange trinkets and tools splayed across a room, winding staircases, puzzles, period films, tapping a pen impatiently, old books on odd subjects, licking an envelope before sending it, ancient mythology, long baths, messy buns, classical music, humming while you work, creating something the world has never seen before

slytherin: the sweet and biting scent of lemons, hair pulled into a tight ponytail, the shine of a black high heel, red edits marked on black ink, the knowing look between two people who share an inside joke, winter, greenhouses filled with plants, lightning illuminated against the sky, Adidas sneakers, the feeling when you finish a difficult task, red lipstick, dark fairy tales, the scent of freshly mowed grass, standing up for those you care about, mint, sweeping film scores, big cities, black coffee, craggy rocks overlooking the sea, the satisfying first bite of a crisp apple, the deep yearning to do something great 

gryffindor: the crackle of a warm fire, imaginations filled with dragons and knights and glory, the scent of fresh popcorn, laughing so hard your sides hurt, worn baseball caps, chocolate, snow ball fights that turn from fun to competitive quicker than you can blink, labrador retrievers, high fives and fist bumps and pats of congratulation, flushed faces, knit sweaters, the roar of a lion, flannel pajamas, cheering loudly for your favorite sports team, holding the door for someone, apple pie, the drop on a roller coaster, fall leaves crunching beneath your feet, large breakfasts, mischievous smiles, 80s music, rumbling stomachs, falling asleep with a smile on your face


{ just some e.e. cummings quotes ! feel free to change pronouns & whatnot }

  • ‘ i like my body when it is with your body. ’
  • ‘ your slightest look will easily unclose me. ’
  • ‘ nothing which we are to perceive in this world equals the power of your intense fragility. ’
  • ‘ the coolness of your smile is stirring of birds between my arms. ’
  • ‘ i should rather than anything have your kiss. ’
  • ‘ the singing reaches of my soul spoke. ’
  • ‘ i knew thee, death. ’
  • ‘ one by one, stars flutter into dust. ’
  • ‘ let’s live suddenly without thinking. ’
  • ‘ a connotation of infinity sharpens the temporal splendor of this night. ’
  • ‘ honor the past, but welcome the future. ’
  • ‘ dance your death away. ’
  • ‘ time’s a strange fellow. ’
  • ‘ trust your heart if the seas catch fire. ’
  • ‘ live by love, though the stars walk backward. ’
  • ‘ love alone understands. ’
  • ‘ i carry your heart with me.’
  • ‘ i carry it in my heart. ’
  • ‘ anywhere i go, you go, my dear. ’
  • ‘ i fear no fate, for you are my fate, my sweet. ’
  • ‘ i want no world, for beautiful you are my world. ’
  • ‘ you are whatever a moon has always meant. ’
  • ‘ here is the deepest secret that nobody knows. ’
  • ‘ this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart. ’
  • ‘ so kiss me, shy, sweet, eagerly. ’
  • ‘ how should contended fools of fact envision the mystery of freedom? ’
  • ‘ lovers alone wear sunlight. ’

OK but Victor lying awake at night in Hasetsu thinking he must have made a terrible mistake. Yuuri was drunk, he must not have meant it. That’s the only explanation for why he’s acting so distant and cold after dancing the night away (please also look at those stills again and realize they were dancing a tango and YUURI WAS LEADING).

Now Victor has dropped his whole life and followed up on what he thought was an invitation only to be met with shock and fainting and rejection. He must have been so depressed to realize this person he thought saw him for the real Victor really looks up to him like an idol just like everyone else and only said what he did in a moment of drunken courage.

And then, with that in mind, go watch the beach scene in episode 4 again. Victor is still trying to figure out what the hell Yuuri wants from him, with all these mixed signals, and Yuuri tells him to just BE HIMSELF. ALL YUURI WANTS IS THE REAL VICTOR.

My heart will never be the same.


Aaliyah became one of my best friends and we were inseparable. We would dress up to the nines and dance the night away. I introduced her to her great love, Damon Dash. When I’m asked about Aaliyah I always say she was perfect, an angel on earth. For her, it was about the work, not being famous. She chose her friendships wisely, and was discerningly private, surrounding herself with empowering, down to earth people, and always gave so much to her fans. I keep a regular pen-pal friendship going with one of her fans (@aaliyahalways). And that voice – no one compares. I miss her.


°・*:.。.☆ i’ll thank my lucky stars for that night ☆.。.:*・°

Say You Won't Let Go || Bucky Barnes x Reader [[songfic]]

{summary: meeting you was like falling in love for the first time.}

here’s the songfic for bucky i’ve been dying to write ;w; i swear, ‘say you won’t let go’ fits him SO WELL (at least in my opinion it does)

warnings: none, except for extreme fluff ;w;

permanent tags: @psychicwitchphilosopher , @pharaohkiller

**don’t repost/plagiarize this story. reblogs are fine**


{i met you in the dark/ you lit me up/ you made me feel as though i was enough/ we danced the night away/ we drank too much/ i held your hair back when/ you were throwing up}

He noticed her lonely form one late evening at the bar.

When his dreams and memories melded together, making a collage of nightmares that haunted him, Bucky knew that tonight was going to be yet another sleepless one. Without even thinking of the consequences (because really, who would even think to mess with a grown man sporting a metal arm?) Bucky slides a pair of worn jeans over his legs and dons a simple black shirt to cover his once half naked body, ready to head out in the dead of night.

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My favorite moments in BBC Sherlock

*John softly telling Mary he loves her

*Sherlock and Irene uncontrollably giggling together while cracking jokes under their breath.

*Sherlock yelling “Take my hand” to Molly as they run off into the night together

*John getting jealous of Mary’s ex-boyfriend David

*Sherlock’s sexual relationship with Janine

*Sherlock allowing himself to loosen up and dance the night away at John’s wedding reception

*The fact that none of these moments actually exist