The Zodiac Signs as Objects

Aries: Boombox

Taurus: Bed

Gemini: Dances

Cancer: Paint

Leo: Glitter

Virgo: Tile floors

Libra: Moisturizer/lotion

Scorpio: Knife

Sagittarius: Basketball

Capricorn: Briefcase

Aquarius: Windchime

Pisces: Washing machine


I decided to put songs with all (except Widow) dances and uploaded it to another channel ayyy

Slow Dances

Nolan x Reader // I noticed that there wasn’t much Nolan writing material on here and I don’t see why not I wrote this cute snippet. You know Pre-Werewolf attack. Because I love Nolan. And he is just scared and misunderstood.
Rating: Fluff

You bobbed your head to the music with a cup in hand. You would be on the dance floor if you didn’t find the thought of dancing alone terrifying. If it was up to you, you’d be curled up in bed with your trusty laptop binge watching a show. But, earlier today your mother came up to you and shoved a black strapless dress to your chest. You pleaded ‘No Mom please don’t force me to go’ but, she just looked you in the eyes mercilessly and gave you a lecture. It was all about how being new, you had to go out there and participate. So that leads you to stand here in the school’s gym with a cup of punch and a little bit of your father’s whiskey. You placed the cup up to your lips the liquid burning your throat. If you were going to be in a room with your peers grinding on each other, you were gonna need the extra kick.

Surveying the room you quickly found the dateless stragglers that were littered amongst the bleachers. You spotted a boy in a black tux, he was tall, had his hair neatly combed to the side and that was all that you could see from where you were standing. You watched as he tugged at his bowtie and checked his watch. You frowned assuming the boy was being stood up. And you didn’t know why but your heels led you straight to the boy. Immediately you wanted to abort the mission and walked the around way. But he looked straight at you. So any chances of avoiding him were compromised.
“Hi.” you muttered awkwardly and he furrowed his eyebrows. You were as surprised as he was. It wasn’t common that talked to strangers. Or anybody for that matter .
“Hey.” you swung your arms by your side and smacked your lips. Great awkward introduction Y/N. This was certain not going to scar you if you ever saw him again.
“So was she pretty?” you asked and he was more confused.
“The girl who stood you up.” you explained and a small smile spread across his face.You quickly noticed the deep dimples on the side of his pink lips.
“Oh no, I wasn’t been stood up. You see my Mom kinda force me to go. And she said that I had to stay for at least an hour before I could go home.” He explained and you felt terrible. Your hand flew to your chest and you frowned.
“Oh my god. I’m sorry- I just assumed. Since you were checking your watch and you are just so-” you stumbled over your words trying to apologize to a complete stranger. So you a took breath before calmly saying, “I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay.” he chuckled out and your heart raced. You weren’t really sure if it was because you embarrassed yourself or because his laugh was cute, “I’m Nolan.”
He held out his hand and you grabbed his larger hand shaking it.
“Y/N.,”  you said dropping his hand, “So it looks like you have twenty more minutes before you can escape prison.”
“Looks like it.” the song ended and a slow ballad filled the gym. You were secretly hoping that it was a short song by it wasn’t.
“I have an idea.” you said and he looked down at you and smiled.
“Oh please. Enlighten me.“You abandoned your drink on one of the steps and grabbed his hand pulling him to the dance floor. He shyly looked at the floor as you placed his hands on your waist. You hooked your hands behind his neck and justed swayed.
“You don’t dance much,” you stated and he nodded. There was something almost comedic about how shy he was,“That’s okay me neither. I really don’t do much physical activity. Unless you count walking to the fridge, couch and occasionally going out to buy more food.”
He laughed softly lifting his eyes to meet yours. You both just swayed there for seemed like a sort time. The selection of slow songs ended and you detached yourself from him. You walked out of the crowd Nolan followed close by.
“So..” he said and you snorted turning back to face him.
“So…” you said tauntingly and he blushed looking at the ground.
“Do you maybe wanna hang for the rest of the-.“ he looked down at his watch and a cute frown etched into his face. “Oh, it’s been twenty minutes.” you smiled brightly at having successfully preoccupied the boy till the shackles came off. He seemed a little disappointed at the fact that he had to leave.
“Yup you are free to go. And now that I think of it. I stayed long enough.Maybe I’ll see you around.” you headed for the gym exit and he grabbed you wrist.
“Wait-um can I have your number? I wanna talk more if its okay with you,” he said softly and you felt the blush rise to your cheeks as you nodded. He handed you the phone and you typed in your number. Putting your contact name as Y/N with a gold star by it.
“Bye Nolan.” you waved and he smiled brightly. His eyes shone with what you thought was a fondness. 

 "Goodbye Y/N.“


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Any fics where bellarke are dance partners or where one teaches the other how to dance? Thank you!



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