This week’s ‘Dancer of the Week’ is Studio 19 dancer Chloe Lukasiak. Many of you may know Chloe from her appearance on Dance Moms but don’t think this little dancer résumé stops there. Chloe has since booked three music videos since her appearance on the show and has started a YouTube channel where she post dance videos weekly including her concept video to the song ‘Love is Blindness’ which was featured in the hit movie 'The Great Gatsby.’ The dancer has also received a nomination for the new Teen Choice Awards category 'Choice Dancer’ along with former team member and duet partner Maddie Ziegler which has seemed to have cause some tension amongst the Dance Moms fandom. But I wish best of luck to both the girls. You can check out more of Chloe’s dances on her YouTube channel which is updated every Tuesday and don’t forget to come back next Wednesday to see who the next 'Dancer of the Week’ will be.

Dancer of The Week.

Fourth ‘Dancer of The Week’ on this blog has to be Autumn Miller!

Why I chose Autumn:

Autumn is an amazing dancer who express her feelings in her dances. Not to mention Autumn has improved technically since last year! I mean look at Titanium and Via Dolorosa. Autumn has great musicality and she’s an outstanding dancer and performer.

Oct 19th- Oct 28th