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Sometimes you think surely you’ll never be lucky enough to love again because they were your one great love and you fucked up, or life fucked you up, or you’re not really sure who fucked up but you’re not together anymore so something went so fucking wrong.
—  What have I done, 16/11/2016
If Yuuri was a stripper back in Detroit Pt 6
  • Viktor: Yuuri *looms over*
  • Yuuri: ...Yes?
  • Viktor: Who. Was. That?
  • Yuuri: No one...
  • Viktor: He just whispered in your ear seductively and slipped you a piece of paper. How is he no one you know?!
  • Yuuri: He... He must have been confused.
  • Viktor: Bull.
  • Yuuri: Really it's nothing.
  • Viktor: ...Yuuri be serious. Are you... *tears up* Are you... *whispers* seeing someone else?
  • Yuuri: WHAT?!
  • Viktor: I can take it *starts crying*
  • Yuuri: Oh god! Babe! No never! I love you!
  • Viktor: Then who was that?!
  • Yuuri: ... Promise it won't change anything?
  • Viktor: Depends...
  • Yuuri: Viktor promise me.
  • VIktor: ...Okay. I promise.
  • Yuuri: Good. So uhhh... How do I say this? Okay, I'll just blabber it out. You can do this Yuuri! Back in Detroit I... I.. I WAS A STRIPPER PART TIME!!!
  • Viktor: ...
  • Yuuri: *blushing* PLEASE say something.
  • Viktor: ... This explains so much.
vernon stans
  • *on the outside*: VERNON YOU'RE SUCH A DORK I hATE YOU
  • *on the inside*: precious lil bean in the entire galactic race i love u must protect
If Yuuri was a stripper back in Detroit Pt 25
  • Minami: I've even modeled my training regimen after yours!
  • Yuuri: Oh that's good.
  • Minami: Yeah, my mom nearly had a stroke when I asked her to sign me up for the pole dancing classes but I assured her it was necessary to become the best!
  • Yuuri: ...I'm gonna-....I'm gonna go sit in a corner and....question my life now.
Here is my Overwatch fancast!

A lot of people can’t seem to get appropriate actors to portray these characters, but don’t worry! I’m on it! Let me know what you think! ^_^

Ellen Page as Tracer. She would probably be pleased knowing Tracer’s a lesbian, and she’s a lesbian too. A perfect marriage!

Isadora Duncan as Widowmaker. Isadora Duncan was seen as the mother of contemporary dance. And seeing that Widowmaker is a dancer, I thought it just made sense. She did die in 1927 though but I’m sure her corpse is still around.

 Reaper as the sexy Skeletor from that commercial. Look, they’re practically twins. 

Coco as Winston. As intelligent as Coco is herself, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind playing another intelligent gorilla. 

Sonny from iRobot as Genji. It’s so fitting! I think they might be cousins in real life. 

That black kid from Rio as Lúcio. I don’t know a lot of black Brazilian kids. Or a lot of black people in general so why not?!

And this grilled cheese as Angela Ziegler.

dan and phil dancer au

♥ since dan is left-sided and phil is right-sided, grand jetés look beautiful side by side

♥ dan’s strong points are flexibility and acting, and phil has gorgeous turns (pirouettes are his favorite) and emotion

♥ phil excitedly showing dan a new tap number 

♥ them performing a lyrical duet together

♥ doing grand battements together and holding hands for balance, dan’s left and phil’s right

wingwomen ch1 (trixya, shalaska) - lale

Summary: Trixie was pretty sick of watching her best friend, Alaska, pine over the school weirdo, Sharon Needles. But when Sharon Needles made friends with the new girl from Russia, Trixie decided she was finally going to give Alaska the push she needed into Sharon’s arms – and, hopefully, herself into Katya’s.

A/N: Someone prompted yesterday: “Million dollar idea: high school au where alaska and trixie are cheerleaders+ best friends who get crushes on goth misfit sharon and weird nerdy Russian exchange student katya who also happen to be bffs and they have to wing woman their way into both of them getting gfs” and I couldn’t stop thinking about it!!! Expect updates all this week, and Girls Like Dollies will resume at the weekend as planned!

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a drive home || Dan Howell

A/N: This was requested by the lovely @shyecti. what an amazing idea!

Word Count: 1.5K

POV: Reader + Dan


Originally posted by starlightlester

Let me tell you something, parties are normally not my thing. Not at all actually. The loud music, the crowds of people I barely know, it just doesn’t sound that good to me.

But from time to time, even I needed a little party just to let loose for once. My week had been shitty to say the least. My college professor told me that I did awful on our last test, I nearly got fired from my job at this little restaurant and my best friend broke up with her long-term boyfriend and she needed me 24/7 for emotional support now.

“A frat party? Really Jo?” I asked my friend and rolled my eyes at her.

I had dressed up quite decently, I thought to myself as I kept walking towards the entrance of a big house at the end of the street. Joanne was right next to me and she didn’t look like crying for once.

“C’mon I really need some hot guys and a huge amount of alcohol to distract me from thinking about Aaron.” She explained showing me her big brown puppy dog eyes.

Jo knew that I wasn’t the biggest party goer in history but I had been to some epic parties with her. We still laugh at those memories from time to time.

“I guess one little frat party won’t hurt.” I gave in with a smile.

My best friend started grinning as we walked through the entrance door together.

There were so many people and my first instinct was to grab Jo’s hand. Guys I had never seen before greeted us with a dumb smirk as we pushed past them.

The frat house we were in was filled with boys and girls around our age. Some of them were dancing to a fast beat. ‘I’m not much of a dancer, really.’ I thought to myself as I saw their sweaty bodies.

No matter where me and Jo went there was always alcohol and some drunk guys who would try to start a conversation by slurring a few words.

“I didn’t miss the smell of booze and weed at all!” I shouted over the loud music, Joanne nodded in agreement and laughed at my disgusted face.

“Don’t be such a party pooper, Y/L/N!” Colby, a guy I had a few classes with, suddenly exclaimed as he surprised me by putting one of his arms on my shoulder.

“She is just awful, isn’t she?!” Colby asked Joanne and she just laughed. I knowingly rolled my eyes as I mouthed ‘maybe sometimes’.

“Is anyone up for a little dance?” he then asked and I could tell that he had his eyes set on Jo.

She didn’t seem uninterested in him either. Before she said ‘yes’ she quickly shot me a questioning look. At least she was making sure if I was okay with her leaving my side.

I just grinned and nodded as if I was saying ‘Go for it girl’.

As soon as I stopped moving my head up and down I heard her shout ‘I’d love to dance’ right before she took Colby’s arm. He happily smiled down at her.

“Sorry Y/N, but it’s not my fault that you have such a pretty friend.”

With that the two got lost in the crowd of dancing people. Left all alone I examined the dimly lit room. I had never seen so many drunk people in one house before.

Since I didn’t really know what to do or where to go, I just went straight to the bar and set down on one of the stools.

I got myself my first drink of the night and after I had finished it, I already felt a little bit more comfortable here.

Dan’s POV

“Sucks to be you!” Colby, one of my best friends laughed at me, shortly before he downed a tequila shot.

“I hate that stuff so much.” He then cursed as he bit into a slice of lime.

“I’m pretty sure that I’ll be saying that to you tomorrow morning when your head feels like it’s going to explode.” I smugly told him as I petted his back.

I was the designated driver in my group of friends tonight. So, no drinking for me. Of course, it sucked a little bit but one doesn’t need alcohol to have fun, right?

“Wow, do you see that girl in that red dress?” Colby suddenly grabbed the sleeve of my shirt and discreetly pointed at somebody to our left.

My eyes scanned the room and I spotted the girl Colby was talking about. But then my eyes landed on the girl next to her. It was Y/N. She looked as beautiful as ever tonight. It had been quite a while since I last saw her. We had gone to the same high school and I had a crush on her since I started my freshman year. We weren’t really friends back then, I’d say we were a little bit more than acquaintances. Unfortunately, we chose different colleges and I barely saw her now.

“Do you see the girl next to her? That’s her. That’s Y/N.” I excitedly told Colby whose eyes widened.

“This is the girl you have been talking about? The one you like since you are 15?”

‘Since you were 15’ It sounded ridiculous but I just couldn’t help it. I haven’t been able to forget about Y/N since I saw her for the first time.

“The one and only.” I whispered and kept staring at her from afar.

“Bro, you need to talk to her. Tonight is your chance!” Colby literally shouted and although I knew that he was right, I also got extremely nervous.

“I’ll talk to Y/N if you talk to her friend in the red dress.” I challenged my friend.

He looked a little bit startled at first but then he started grinning.

“Deal.” He said confidently as he shook my hand and walked straight towards her.


“Hey beautiful.” I heard somebody say, making me look up. At first I didn’t know if those words were meant for me but than a dark-haired boy sat down on the bar stool next to me.

I blushed a little bit, noticing that he was really good looking.

“Do I know you?” I asked him with a polite smile.

“I don’t think so, but I’d really like to change that.” he grinned and held out his hand.

“I’m Dylan, nice to meet you.” He introduced himself as we shook hands.

“Y/N” I said, glad that I wasn’t all by myself anymore.

He seemed to be a really nice guy and the fact that he was so openly flirting with me kinda appealed to me somehow.

“Why is a pretty girl like you sitting here all alone?” Dylan wanted to know and I explained to him that I was just here because of my friend and that I wanted her to have fun tonight because she needed it.

“I feel like you deserve a little bit of fun too.” Dylan told me and smiled, showing me his pearly white teeth.

I thought about what he said for a while until I realized that he was right. After a horrible week like that fun was exactly what I needed.

“Let me buy you a drink, Y/N.”

Dan’s POV

Colby actually talked to Y/N’s friend and it really seemed like they totally hit it off. I watched them dance for a while until I had finally gathered enough courage to talk to Y/N.

I searched for her around the house and finally spotted her at the bar after nearly twenty minutes. As I approached her I noticed a guy sitting next to her. My heart sunk. I was too late.

I cursed under my breath as I heard Y/N giggle at something the guy said. From what I could tell she was pretty drunk. She was constantly giggling and shouting random things.

I was absolutely devastated. After all this time, I had the chance to finally talk to her again and now this random frat boy was relentlessly flirting with her in front of my eyes.

My blood was boiling and I was just mad at everybody and everything. Instead of just forgetting about it though, I just stood in the corner of the room and stared at them. I was holding a red solo cup that was filled with just water although I really wanted to get drunk, but after all I was still the designated driver and god, I couldn’t wait to get home.

After nearly an hour of me dwelling in my misery I decided to check up on Colby but as soon as I started walking towards the dance floor I heard something that made me spin around again.

“I said No, Dylan! Do you understand that? No!”

Y/N was shouting and the guy, Dylan apparently, was extremely close to her.

“C’mon pretty, don’t be such a prude. I bet you will like it.” He purred and that was enough.

I crossed the room as fast as I could, ready to punch an asshole.

Right before he could put his hand on her thigh I rudely pushed him away from Y/N.

“What the fuck do you think you are doing, mate?!” I shouted at Dylan, making him glare at me.

EXO’s Reaction to your sick dance moves



*Pleasantly surprised. He knew you dance but this is the first time he’s seen it live. Needless to say, he loved it and sometimes gets distracted during a performance thinking about it.*

“Damn…she’s really, really good. I wonder if she’d give me a personal show, if you know what I mean..”

Originally posted by exoturnback


*Loves your dancing, whether it was to be ridiculous of professional. He shows his love from the side lines or sometimes even on stage.*

“No matter how professional she looks, I am always going to show her love with this dance.”

Originally posted by scattereddaydreams


*Both proud and impressed. He’s seen you dance a few times before but this was something different. He loved it when you danced and love it even more when you invite him to join.*

“We’re so in sync. Everyone, this is my girl. Isn’t she wonderful? I can go on talking but I don’t want to distract you all from her amazing dance moves.”

Originally posted by r-velvets


*He challenged you to a dance battle, not knowing that you were one hell of a dancer. Just when he thought he was going to get the last laugh, he was wrong. You were going easy on him all this time.*

“How dare she lead me on? How dare she make me think that she can’t dance? She made me look like a fool! Well jokes on her, I sing better…”

Originally posted by moontaevhyung


*Has no idea what happened. All he knew, you didn’t know how to dance and now, it looked like you found some new powers. He doesn’t show it but he wants you to teach him.*

“What…wha…how did you-? What happened?”

Originally posted by starry-hun


*You never really told him you were a professional dancer, so, when Baekhyun challenged you to dance and you kicked his butt, he’ll be surprised for a while.*

“Wow babe. That was..quite a show…Where um..where did you learn to dance like that?”

Originally posted by sehunsyixing


*He knew you danced very well. So, when Chanyeol pointed at you and declared a dance battle, he was sitting in the back, phone in hand and video taping while holding in his laughter for Chanyeol’s inevitable defeat.*

“He has absolutely no idea what is about to hit him. I love (Y/n) so much.”

Originally posted by daenso


*Shocked and slightly mad that you never even thought to tell him you had godlike dancing powers. In his mind, two dancers make the ultimate couple. So, every time you danced in front of him, he’d give you a look (like the gif).*

“Look at her. Look at her dancing. She never even told me that was that good. If I had known, we would be unstoppable.”

Originally posted by intokai


*100% smug. A bit ticked off that you never told him but to cover it up, he pretended that he was still better. In his mind, you were at his level already.*

“Pshhh….You still have a long way to go if you wanted to be better than me.”

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smowkie  asked:

"#also i am thirsty for some ballerina!Stiles #like secret dancer Stiles that nobody except scott knew he practice twice a week" I mean, I dont think anyone would mind if you wrote a fic or a headcanon about it... just saying. ;) ♥ (ilu and I've missed you, but i hope you had a great time and that you're doing well despite the world being horrible and people like trump & pence existing)

Here my dear :) I tried! This was written really fast during the night, so I’m sorry for the crappy quality. Hope you enjoy this little headcanon anyway :D

Originally posted by englishballetandtea

Originally posted by redfar

(Thank you to the great Sergei Polunin, who will always be the perfect dancer!Stiles to me. You can find one of his video here. Enjoy :p)

There was a black and white picture at his nana’s house, small and slightly crooked, lost in an old frame. Stiles was only a kid when his grandmother took it off the piano to show to him for the first time.  
The girl inside the picture was tiny, thin, with dark hair severely pulled back in a tight bun. Her face was turned to the side, her arms held high over her head in a graceful arch. She was wearing a tutu but the other details of her silhouette were blurred into yellow hues by the years.

Fascinated, Stiles sat near his nana and listened to stories of her youth in Russia. Of cold winters and women with warm blood and laughter. Of the peaceful studio with its dark wood and unending mirrors, and of the beautiful girls and boys that worked there every day to turn their bodies into art.
His nana kept getting more pictures out of old books, clips of newspapers in an unknown language or beautifully lit shots of dancers on stage. In the photographs, she was only a young girl, frail and beautiful and flying with the grace of a bird.

That’s how it all started.

In his nana’s living room, with her standing tall and proud on her old, damaged feet. At seventy years, she still looked tiny and weak, but she spun him around the room without effort, her feet quick and light. Her white hair floated and her smile was the most beautiful thing Stiles had ever seen.
On the sofa, his dad was clumsily trying to hum some classic melody, all eagerness and no rhythm. His mom laughed at them all and clapped, her enthusiasm and happiness intoxicating the room.

At five years old, Stiles bought his first ballet shoes. They were tiny, shiny and pink, and they didn’t make a sound when he walked shyly into Ms Muller’s dance studio. The wood in the room was bright and glossy, and light spilled all over the floor from gigantic windows. They were only seven other kids in the room, and all of them were girls.

Stiles didn’t care.

Ms Muller’s hands were strict and demanding, never treating them like the children they were, but her voice was warm and full of compliments. The weeks passed, and while Stiles started to tame his body into the foundations of grace, his brain stopped trying so hard to pull him in every direction at once.

In the studio, in the middle of the terse French words, the glittering music and the soft sounds of slippers on wood, Stiles discovered for the first time what peace felt like.

At seven, he swirled on the playground, arms held high in the air like his nana’s pictures. A kid pushed him hard into the mud with a sneer before calling his other friends to laugh at him.
From there on, Stiles decided to keep his love for ballet and his school life separate.
Scott was the only point of intersection. From the first moment they met, Scott was sincerely interested. He came to many of Stiles’ practices, sitting quietly in a corner of the studio and looking at them with big, brilliant eyes. Ms Muller often tried to convince him to join but Scott always refused, blushing and babbling excuses about his asthma.
The girls still got him to dance with them sometimes, dragging him along to join them in silly warming exercises. Scott once received Ms Muller’s congratulations on his fourth position and Scott had beamed at midair for three days straight.
Then, Stiles’ mom left them after months of terror and tears.
And Stiles danced.
He danced in the studio, in the dirt of the forest, between the suffocating walls of his room.
He danced for hours, pushing, bending his body.
He twirled fast enough to keep the world spinning, jumped high enough to keep breathing, learned to bow low enough to keep from breaking.
At night, his feet bled, his knees screamed in constant pain and his body turned into one big hurt.

But his mind was blank and he was able to sleep.
He didn’t dare ask for more.

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please keep wearing turtlenecks I love it so much on you omg I'll buy you 10 turtlenecks every month with my monopoly money –cuddle anon p/s: I didn't forget to turn on my anon post now hA

jk: i hope you didn’t steal that money from our monopoly game… otherwise you’ll have to go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

My Imagines #9

You stand in front of the mirror, looking at yourself, and you couldn’t help but smile. The dark blue dress with long sleeves fitted you perfectly, besides it was really comfortable, and since you didn’t knew where your boyfriend would taking you, it was a good choice. While you were finishing putting your make up you heard a whistle and laughed, turning around to see Tom in the door looking at you. Anyone that sees him like that could tell he loves you.

Originally posted by tomhiddleston-gifs

Tom: You look amazing darling.
Y/n: And you’re as handsome as always.

He smiled.

Tom: Can we go?
Y/n: Sure. But first, what shoes should I wear?
Tom: Anything comfortable.

You nod and get a pair of heels that were not that high. Because of Tom's height, you use that all the time so you won’t look like a dwarf by his side. You two hold hands and walk to the car. You’re so curious that you would’t stop looking around to see if you recognize any place you have been with him before.

Originally posted by i5x

The car stopped in front of a disco, like the ones in the 70’s. You smiled and looked at Tom, that seems to be holding a laugh.

Tom: I assume you like it.
Y/n: Like it? Oh my God Tom, I love it! I’ve always wanted to come in a place like this to dance!
Tom: Well, what are we wating for then? Let’s get in!

You approach to kiss him soft, and he took your face in his hands to keep you close. When you get away from each other looking for air you whisper:

Y/n: I’ll give you a better “thank” when we get home, ok?
Tom: Whatever you say darling. But, yep, I like the idea.

Originally posted by teacuphiddles

Soon as you get in you can hear old songs playing and see couples on the floor, dancing and having fun. After you two get a table and ask some drinks, you take Tom’s hand and go dance too. At first it was awkward, but soon you were sliding through the dancefloor.

When the song ends everyone applauses, and you two sit to drink and rest.

Tom: If you want to eat anything just tell me ok? This night is all about you, love.
Y/n: You keep like this, I’m loving. -You said, joking.
Tom: I will, love. As long as I can.
Y/n: That’s why I love you, you’re a perfect gentlemen.
Tom: Thanks ma’m. Now, do you give me the honor of dancing with me?
Y/n: Ain’t gotta ask me twice.

Originally posted by personalshiznik

Later, a lot later, you and Tom had headed to his apartment, where he asked you to spend the rest of the night. Once he had locked the door you approach and kiss him. His hands go to your face, and you deep the kiss, melting into each other. He leaded you to the bedroom, shoes, coat, tie and his shirt staying on the way.

Tom: I’ve gotta say, you’re a amazing dancer. I never thought you could dance or sing like that.
Y/n: Well, it’s not something I do all the time, just in special occasions.
Tom: So today was special?
Y/n: Everyday with you is, Tom.
Tom: Then I want you to sing for me every day.

You laugh and felt his mouth on your neck, kissing softly.

Y/n: I will. But not now. I owe you a “thanks”.
Tom: Come and pay me then, darling.

You smiled and kissed him again. That was going to be a long, long night.

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ) I’m amazing. This is soooooooooooo big. Hope you like it. Kisses, Halo. \ (•◡•) /

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Could you help me find a rivalry fic? No it wasn't UMFB I'm sure of it, but it was a rivalry like that one. All I remember is Yuuri and Viktor had started sleeping together at one point and continued on but Viktor was also messing around with others (I think at one point he was seen with another skater or ice dancer and the press thought it was "blossoming love") and Yuuri didn't say anything just let it be. (1/2)

The fic you’re looking for is i know my madness by astoryaboutwar and you can read it here!