dancer skills

Girls’ Generation has been the top Korean girl group ever since 2009, no one will replace them

2NE1 were the second most popular group for about seven years despite inconsistent releases and poor management, no one will replace them

SISTAR made millions in digital sales and were considered equal to two groups from two of the biggest Korean entertainment companies, no one will replace them

KARA were a sensation in South Korea, but more importantly Japan, the world’s 2nd largest music market, to the point were some members are still able to promote and work there; Seungyeon’s , Nicole’s and Jiyoung’s singles all place within the top-twnety spots of  the Japanese charts, no one will replace them

The Wonder Girls were number one in Korea for the first two years after their debut, and remained relevant and popular even after their hiatus. They also achieved mainstream success in the United States with little to no help at all from the internet. No one will replace them

T-ara have conquered Korea, Japan and China at various points in their career. Their popularity and resilience is much stronger than many would like to admit. No one will replace them

4Minute were never HyunA’s back-up dancers and were never promoted as such. They were a fully-functioning group, and their initial huge success with “Hot Issue” and “Muzik” and subsequent regain of popularity during their 2013-2015 period are proof enough of that. No one will replace them

f(x) are not as underrated and unsuccesful as some make them out to be. They were always pretty high up among the most popular K-pop groups, both in terms of popularity and success. No one will replace them

miss A were pretty popular in their first two largely succesful years of activity and even after those. Most of their songs were hits of varying success, they simply didn’t get to release more music while still in their prime. No one will replace them

The Brown Eyed Girls are the longest-running, still active, Korean girl group. Their albums are all well-polished and extremely satisfying to listen to. No one will replace them

After School are not flops. “Because of You” , “Bang!” and Orange Caramel are the reasons NU’EST, SEVENTEEN and PRISTIN even exist. They are all extremely skilled dancers and charismatic, hard-working women. No one will replace them

No one can and no one will~ These women left behind a legacy more important than more people even realize. Other groups may get all the YouTube views and likes, but not the sales to match..

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Lance seams to like pole dance: how react koli?

First of all, lovely Nonnie: What Lance was doing wasn’t pole dancing. It’s more along the lines of rope dancing -it’s breathtaking to see in person, I truly recommend it- I’ve seen a lot of people mix this up, so I don’t fault you for that :3

Second of all: Kolivan takes one look at the video from the base and nearly dies because holy hell Lance that’s impressive! Rope dancing takes an extreme amount of strength that I can’t even begin to comprehend or totally respect, and Kolivan is in the same boat. To be able to support one’s body while in mid air with nothing but a rope and, at times, a single limb is terrifyingly beautiful.

Kolivan takes to rewatching the video because Lance looks so… in his element. He’s in the spotlight, he’s thriving, he’s putting on a show, and it is a show; a very impressive show. It’s not only an act of coordination but of strength and presentation, and Lance does all of that perfectly.

Kolivan makes sure to tell Lance this the next time they see each other, and the awe in Kolivan’s words is kind of… startling? Lance is used to people sexualizing his skill and taking away from the pain he’s gone through to acquire the skill -seriously, lots of bruises and rubbed raw skin and just, not pleasant- so to have Kolivan praising him for all these things is shocking to say the least.

Bottom line: Lance’s skill in rope dancing is beautiful, stunning, dramatic, awe inspiring, and that is exactly what Lance is to Kolivan. The skill is a representation of who Lance is, and Kolivan adores it.

-Mod Mizu 💙💜💙

I’m kinda busy atm bb so I’m just gonna do some basic facts about these geeks :’))))

Originally posted by helloday6

•   Day6 is really different bc they dont’ promote like a normal kpop group, they kinda want their music to speak for itself instead of appearing on many variety shows 

•   they did lose a member back in early 2016 but we don’t talk about how weird day6 sounds when there’s only 5 :))))

anyways here’s some useless facts about the members:

Jae aka chicken little is the oldest member

Originally posted by jaechicken

•   he’s more fluent in English than he is in Korean, bc he’s lived in South America and California for most of his life 

•   he is such a MEME but you already probably knew that if you checked out his twitter lmao

•   cannot and will not speak unless he’s spilling the tea or roasting someone, literally no in between

•   one of the main hosts of After School Club and he’s the reason I watch every episode tbfh 

Sungjin is the second youngest and he’s the leader aka their dad Bob

Originally posted by br1ankang

•   his Busan accent is the most adorable thing in the world, you can esp hear it when he yells at the kids aw

•   hella nice and just wants to be left alone 

•   listen he’s the best and most skilled dancer out of them all, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise 

•   without him the group would honestly be a mess, like he’s such a great leader and I mean that from the bottom of my heart I fkin love him

Brian aka young k (??? it’s just brian)

Originally posted by henrylau-mugunghwa

•   writes pretty much all of their songs, along w/ the help of the other members 

•   mostly depressing songs tho…….brian bb who broke your heart, I just wanna talk to them

•   omfg tho when you see him holding and playing his guitar, I guarantee you’ll pass out bc you can see how passionate he really is about music 

•   really fluent in English as well bc he’s lived in Canada for like 5 years (I believe he still attends Uni there??)

Wonpil aka shut up, my pink sweater is beautiful and you’re irrelevant 

Originally posted by mancrushallweek

•   the softest and cutest boy ever, don’t listen to jae

•   aegyo king, loves to annoy and embarrass the other members w/ his cute ass aegyo every time they’re on a show 

•   jae loves to expose him, one time even made fun of Wonpil’s beautiful (tacky ummm) sweater bc it looked weird on him

•   his voice honestly doesn’t match his face man, like it’s so deep and hypnotizing yikes i’m in love 

Dowoon aka day6′s baby maknae 

Originally posted by sixdaywithyou

•   Brian is legit his mom, like he encourages this boy so much 

•   he’s their drummer but currently is taking vocal lessons and !!!!!! his voice is so nice and I love this baby

•   SUPER quiet and doesn’t like talking a lot bc he gets embarrassed easily, esp by his hyungs 

•   close w/ got7′s maknaes 

but awww babe I hope you’ll have lots of fun seeing them!!! their shows are always lit <333

after hours; part 1 [m]

summary: your night job at taeyong’s strip club has always been a secret; it is how you are able to live well during your life at university.
though, all is fine until a familiar face shows up at your work with surprisingly benevolent intentions.

pairing: jaehyun, taeyong & reader insert  || university!AU & stripper!AU

includes: fluff, light angst, smut/suggestive content, alcohol mentions

wc: 20.2k

series: prologuepart 1 – ongoing

note: Finally, jaehyuns character is introduced! i hope you guys enjoy this update—its a bit longer than what i thought it would be… ^~^;
Also, i changed the title from “rumours” to “after hours” because it fits more!

It was another simple day for you, nothing too out of the ordinary occurring from your typical routine.

You woke on time for once and got ready for your classes, arriving on the dot and being attentive towards your lectures. You seemed like any normal, plain university student by pouring hours into your studies and mindfully completing your assignments the second they were given to you. You made time for friends and studies, an equatorial balance between the two factors to limit the daily stress. Though, that was just by day, of course.

Night time was another story. With your job that causes you to exhibit your charms, peculiar and repulsive to normal students, you were a completely different person when moonlight splashed onto the town. Rather than, during the day, where you would drown yourself in an abundance of books and passages, you would douse yourself and relish in the praise, cheers you retrieve during work. Instead of being quiet and close to your compact sphere of acquaintances, you were a few notches more vivacious and lively—the complete opposite of who you were at university. If any soul at your institute were to find out about the job you had taken upon after dark you were bound to drown in shame and embarrassment.

Speaking of your job, you were on the way to it right then. Your music was put on full blast, heavy bass vibrating up your body as you hearkened the pleasurable tunes, extemporizing lyrics. Immersing yourself in your favorable melodies was the only way you would fully prepare for the long nights you had to face—it was as if you were preparing for a grand event every night, hoping that the long drive and music would soothe your nervous wrecks.

You parked by the curb of where you worked and stepped out of your vehicle, only to become illuminated by the flashy, blue neon sign. Its artificial light splashed onto your skin, tinging it with aegean until you ambled towards the entrance to enter the dynamic confinement. The brief silence you had faced amidst your short walk to the doors was replaced by the blaring pop tunes that emitted from the high quality speakers within the area. You saw familiar faces and new identities within the first two steps of being ensconced by your workplace—the strip club.

Co-workers greeted you ecstatically with beaming grins as they were escorting certain patrons to private rooms, and others waved your way as you rushed your way past the sea of drunken bodies on the dance floor. Bartenders asked if you wanted a drink before you started your shift, each friendly and bodacious, but you shrugged them off. You tried your best to get to the back room as quickly as you were able to; you were already beginning to reveal your “uniform” prior to reaching the dressers. As you walked towards the back you eyed the elevated stages and smiled at other workers. The girls were dancing as if being orchidaceous was in their blood, twirling around the poles that reached for the sky before committing a stunt those mindlessly watching were entranced by. Patrons were hypnotized by the way the skilled dancers moved their bodies, and it was only predictable that they would reward them by tossing whatever large bills they kept in their wallet. One of the workers even crawled down on the stage and allowed a customer to stick a flimsy twenty into her thong—and that was when you looked away and reached the desired room.

You took a heavy breath of air once you found solace in a castle of privacy, your eyes closing as you finally felt free from the stuffiness of the club. It was like that every night: vivacious and wild; surprising for a Wednesday evening. Then again, this was just another night at your job at the strip club, Blue Moon.

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Help..I need guide to 24k

Here we go me frend;

Ok; so. First of all; the group name meaning is something around the lines of  ‘like gold, to shine forever’ it changed a couple of times with the line up changes but yeah this is where we’re at now. They are, btw, the kings of line up changes. Prepare for sadness.

They’ve technically been around since 2012 but only two of the original 4 members are still active in the group. They first came out under the Name of 4K in case you want to look up their Debut MV!

They are under Cheoun Entertainment. According to them, their artists keep running away and breaking their contracts without notice, cutting all contact and just leaving. All the members that left did it that way, apperantely. I’m not saying that sounds fake or shady or made up and like a way to blame everything on the members instead of taking responisibility or anything but.. i dunt trust dis company all too much ok. Maybe it’s all true, who knows, but yeah.


Let’s get to the important part; The Members (in order of age)


Originally posted by softsnuper

  • Birth Name is Hong Joonhyuk but he usually goes by his american Name Hong Cory
  • Leader / Main Vocal / oldest of the bunch
  • 90 liner
  • Korean-American
  • tired
  • Cory-ah –> Korea (so witty. much wow.)
  • one of the original members // he’s been here from the beginning
  • stressed father of 6 (all over the maknae line)
  • certified meme King
  • translates to english a lot (an actual life saver)
  • writes and produces for 24K (#skill)
  • gets dragged a lot by everyone
  • tell him he’s handsome


Originally posted by choi-kisu

  • Real Name: Choi Kisu
  • Vocal
  • 91 liner
  • A Wine Mom 
  • speaks Chinese and took care of Hui a lot
  • there’s betrayal in the air
  • sassyTM
  • too confident
  • will roast anyone
  • likes to be important
  • really needs to shut up
  • absolutely never shuts up
  • also one of the originals from the 4K days
  • everyone really wants to hit him but no one dares
  • please support his solo under the name ‘Soo’!! 1 / 2


Originally posted by 100304

  • Kim Jeonguk
  • Main Rapper and Dancer
  • 93 liner
  • joined 24K in 2013
  • quiet manly manTM 
  • be prepared for random memeness
  • used to be BFFs with Daeil (so sad)
  • kind of payed SMTM5 a visit and roasted JinJins Astro (all cool tho no hard feelings)
  • Cerified dancing machine
  • has a giant 24K tattoo above his titty in case someone questions his loyalty
  • makes choreography for 24K (helll yaaaass)
  • his mixtapes are awesome go give them a listen 1 / 2 /


Originally posted by kpopfrustration

  • Lee Changsun
  • sub-Vocal, dancer
  • 96 liner
  • joined 2016 with Hongseob
  • changSUN // his smile can make flowers grow
  • best bros with the maknae line 
  • extremely nice
  • very cute
  • gives his best
  • skilled dancer!
  • he’s my bias (at the moment lol) but I don’t know shit about him I’m a fake stan


Originally posted by mauloveskpop

  • Kim Jinhong
  • Vocal / Maknae Line
  • 98 liner
  • joined 2015 with Hui
  • to some extend probably everyones bias
  • one of the most talkactive members
  • accidentally extremely cute
  • best buds with Hongseob
  • sweetheart
  • too handsome for his own good probably
  • former Member of the group AA (Double A) 


Originally posted by coreeyas

  • Shim Hongseob
  • vocal? rapper? idk? he doesn’t have lines anyway. Dancer / maknae line
  • 98 liner 
  • joined 2016 with Changsun
  • super precious 
  • soft
  • somehow manages to be a tease on stage anyway (sthap it u underage noob)
  • learns how to be a proper meme from Cory
  • made food for Jinhong on his exam day and surprised him in front of his school what a good kid 
  • idk it’s not exactly important but his neck is REALLY long

Members On Hiatus

Yu Sungoh

Originally posted by kpop-kdrama-kvariety

- vocal
- original member of 4K
- went on hiatus in 2016 before ‘Still 24K’ promotions because of a shoulder injury
- he’s currently serving in military and it’s still unclear wether he will rejoin the group afterwards

Former Members

Park Byungho

  • rapper
  • went on hiatus in 2012 because of an injury
  • apperantely got married and had a child during promotions without anyones knowledge?! idk?! How!?
  • thats the reason why he left

Hong Seokjun

  • vocal
  • no one really knows why he left
  • apperantely personal reasons
  • original member of 4K

Kim Daeil

Originally posted by dxliriouskpop

  • rapper / dancer
  • currently out there making music under the name BIGONE
  • Choeun said he decided to go on hiatus for personal reasons
  • none want to believe that he left for good
  • he did
  • y’all need to get real 


Originally posted by kang-hvunggu

  • Liang Hui
  • Rapper, dancer (?)
  • 95 liner
  • Chinese
  • joined 2015
  • relativley calm most of the time
  • has been getting more lively with his increase in korean and comfort with the other members
  • worshipped everytime he speaks korean
  • was in this show u can find it under ‘Hui & Heyne’ he was quite wild there
  • soft
  • but lots of dangerous stage presence
  • apperantely never fully clothed while in a waiting room
  • the same as normally even when drunk



Rocking Girl

Bye bye Bye

Moonlight Sonata

Secret Love

Hurry Up

U R So Cute

Hey You

Super Fly

Still 24K


Only You

BTS Reaction: Their girlfriend being Hyuna’s back up dancer

||| Requested by anon |||

Jin/Kim Seokjin

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

“You know I’m kind of jealous but also amazed at the same time that you’re so good at this.”

Park Jimin

Originally posted by 9taefox

“You should show me that dance routine of yours when we are alone.”

V/Kim Taehyung

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

“Why are you hers back up dancer?! You should definitely be ours!!”

Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon

Originally posted by bts-uke

“Well I absolutely love what I’m seeing.”

Suga/Min Yoongi

Originally posted by remartins97

“You have to get me front row seats for your next performance.”

J-Hope/Jung Hoseok

Originally posted by hob-e

“Damn baby, why are you only a back up dancer? With those skills and visuals you could easily debut.”

Jeon Jungkook

Originally posted by roselstra

“Great, one more thing that makes you irresistible.”


Some genderbend sketches if no one minds.

I wanted to do a Yugi so badly. (Her elastics break off when she turns into the Queen.) I also did a design for HEBA AS WELL.

Reference was used for Atem riding her horse. I cannot draw animals I pretend like I can ; u ; and that’s what’s important everyone..

Also everyone knows that peachshipping picture. hurhur. I feel you Yugi.

Man I do.

The physics of the "hardest move" in ballet

In the third act of “Swan Lake”, the Black Swan pulls off a seemingly endless series of turns, bobbing up and down on one pointed foot and spinning around and around and around … thirty-two times. It’s one of the toughest sequences in ballet, and for those thirty seconds or so, she’s like a human top in perpetual motion. 

Those spectacular turns are called fouettés, which means “whipped” in French, describing the dancer’s incredible ability to whip around without stopping. But while we’re marveling at the fouetté, can we unravel its physics? 

The dancer starts the fouetté by pushing off with her foot to generate torque. But the hard part is maintaining the rotation. As she turns, friction between her pointe shoe and the floor, and somewhat between her body and the air, reduces her momentum. So how does she keep turning? Between each turn, the dancer pauses for a split second and faces the audience. Her supporting foot flattens, and then twists as it rises back onto pointe, pushing against the floor to generate a tiny amount of new torque.

At the same time, her arms sweep open to help her keep her balance. The turns are most effective if her center of gravity stays constant, and a skilled dancer will be able to keep her turning axis vertical.

The extended arms and torque-generating foot both help drive the fouetté. But the real secret and the reason you hardly notice the pause is that her other leg never stops moving. During her momentary pause, the dancer’s elevated leg straightens and moves from the front to the side, before it folds back into her knee.

By staying in motion, that leg is storing some of the momentum of the turn. When the leg comes back in towards the body, that stored momentum gets transferred back to the dancer’s body, propelling her around as she rises back onto pointe.

As the ballerina extends and retracts her leg with each turn, momentum travels back and forth between leg and body, keeping her in motion. 

In Tchaikovsky’s ballet, the Black Swan is a sorceress, and her 32 captivating fouettés do seem almost supernatural. But it’s not magic that makes them possible. It’s physics.

From the TED-Ed Lesson The physics of the “hardest move” in ballet - Arleen Sugano 

Animation by Dancing Line Productions

A Guide To VAV

VAV – Very Awesome Voice

Soooo since there were some people who did like my idea of making a guide like this I thought ‘cool let’s do it!‘
I hope this can help people finde out about them and maybe motivate some of you do give them a listen and some love!

Ok so first some general facts;

They had their debut in 2015 (still noobs) with 6 members and are under AQ Entertainment, which is now A-Team Entertainment. I’d like to point out here, that this company provides ENGLISH SUBTITLES for us (!!!!) which is pretty damn awesome.The group underwent (is that a word) a couple of lineup changes which I will explain further when I come to the members individually.
A Fun fact: they sometimes have exceptionally loud MALE fanchants which is hilarious to me.

Fanclub: Vampz (debut concept was vampires. Yeeeh.)

We’ll get to the number one most important part now

THE MEMBERS (in order of age)

1.       St. Van – The Leader

Originally posted by 1vav

  • Real Name: Lee Geumhyuk
  • 91 liner
  • Main vocal (POWER vocal) / Leader
  • A father
  • Probably speaks better Chinese than Jacob
  • Loves Jacob; votes Jacob by default
  • tries hard and gets dragged for it by the younger members
  • it was revealed that he likes to watch girl group dances (he said it’s because he needs to learn them to be able to show something at fanmeetings and such. Yeah sure bro me too.)
  • has that hella loud HAHAHA kinda laugh
  • roommates with Baron
  • embarrassed. Generally.
  • Completely demolished ACE birthday cake with the help of ZeHan once
  • Likes cars
  • Has sleeve-like tattoo on his shoulder/upper arm

2.       Baron

Originally posted by yerikim

  • Real Name: Choi Chunghyeob
  • 92 liner
  • Vocal
  • Fake Maknae 0.1 // he’s very cute
  • Known for serenading a male fan with ‘I need a boy’
  • Super pretty // sweet voice // good dancer // funny –> Real idol material right here
  • Apparently has ‘apple hips’ which are ‘popular’ among the members. Whatever that may mean…
  • Likes photography and making films
  • Plays games first thing in the morning
  • Talkative
  • A sunshine // scammed the company into giving him an extra allowance of 1000won in a game and spend it to buy fruit for the members
  • there’s a 26 second long video of him brushing his teeth on A-Teams official youtube channel

3.       ACE

Originally posted by iloveziont

  • Real Name: Jang Wooyoung
  • 92 liner
  • Vocal
  • A Mom // currently raising Ayno and Jacob
  • Probably dating Ziu atm
  • asks members for reactions when he does things
  • Practices phonation /articulation in his sleep (super noisy, even people in nearby rooms can hear him)
  • Talks a lot
  • Wears sunglasses in the pool aka. will fight you in the pool while wearing sunglasses (swag is better than actually seeing your surroundings)
  • ‘I look thinner with my clothes on’ kinda person // he’s ripped
  • Really likes sport and working out
  • The groups elected MC
  • He always seems to know what he’s doing
  • Covered Winners ‘Fool’ and it’s amazing his vocals are super beautiful

4.       Ayno

Originally posted by 1vav

  • Real Name: Noh Yoonho
  •  96 liner
  • rapper
  • Participated in the survival show No.Mercy in which Monsta X was formed, but got eliminated in the final rounds
  • Joined the group as a new member early this year
  • Voted to be the cutest by VAV
  • Fake Maknae 0.2
  • Part time grill master (Roasts his members)
  • *Looks at the camera like he is on the office*
  • Skilled dancer
  • Writes his own rap
  • First reaction after seeing Jacob cry was to lie himself horizontal on his lap as a form of comfort or idk that’s the kinda friend he is
  • in charge of meme
  • released a mixtape

5.       Jacob

Originally posted by fy-underratedgroups

  • Real Name: Zhang Peng
  • 96 liner
  • Sub-Rapper / sub-vocal
  • Chinese
  • Super introverted // worries his members cause they want to share his hard times but they feel like they can’t. What a family T-T
  • Manly manTM
  • Had a complete mental breakdown once with ugly sobbing and all after receiving a video letter from VAV
  • Voted himself visual of the group
  • Nickname ‘Cob’
  • Doesn’t talk ever
  • understands props half of what is said, but is always nodding along
  • Idk but I think he’s rich he always wears expensive looking clothes
  • In charge of abs and keeping a straight face at all times // has super cute smile actually
  • ‘I stream ‘Venus’ as soon as I get up in the morning’
  • Accidentally made out with ZeHan at pops in seoul

6.       Lou

Originally posted by armurx

  • Real Name: Kim Hosung
  • 96 liner
  • rapper
  • New member
  • Very confident
  • Super deep voice
  • Not having any of anyone’s shit (pls let ur members live)
  • Maybe a bit mean
  • Pretends to be manly
  • Wants to try acting (he is in fact an acting major)
  • Finds  lot of Joy in making fun of Ziu
  • Gets lots of affection in return that he absolutely really DOESN’T WANT
  • His most precious possession is the refrigerator
  • According to him his closest celebrity friend is James Bond
  • ‘which place would you like to visit where you have never been?’ ‘my house’

7.       Ziu

Originally posted by jang-peng

  • Real Name: Park Heejun
  • 97 liner
  • Vocal // I love his vocals byE
  • New member / joined together with Ayno and Lou
  • No homo? Yes homo. (no video goes by without him trying to kiss at least ONE of his members)
  • King of being fake touched and overreaction
  • Always gets exposed
  • Raids the dorm refrigerator at around 5/6AM
  • Eats while being asleep
  • Suffers a lot from the maknae position
  • Currently dating ACE probably
  • In fact roommates with ACE
  • Ended up being my bias somehow
  • a cheerful fella


Former Members // Hiatus 

I will keep this short since the post is already long AS FUCK and while these members DO appear in many of their past videos, ‘advertising’ them here wouldn’t do much good since you’re not going to see them with the group from now on



  • Lee Seungmin
  • Vocal
  • 94 liner
  • Left to pursue a career as an actor
  • Was my bias why must u do dis to me


  • Jung Un
  • Vocal
  • 95 liner
  • Left to pursue a career as producer


That was it so far, but…!

I also decided to put pictures of the former members under there too, since it would be good to be able to recognize them in the video, but I could only find really big pictures and I don’t want to make the post too big >.>

They also have a kind of reality show which is called What’S Up? VAV and it’s very fun so I defintely recomment watching it!! Here is a season 2 playlist

Thanks for making it until here and Please stan VAV

Originally posted by babywoon


At first I’d like to point out that their earlier songs had quite low production and it’s noticable sometimes. People found that parts of the songs sounded ‘off’.
However, they improved every comeback a lot and as they changed producers for Venus they seriously stepped up their game.
They have improved SO MUCH, are still getting better and really work hard!!

  1. Debut - Under The Moonlight
  2. Brotherhood (this mv was so fanfiction worthy actually)
  3. No Doubt
  4. Recollection
  5. Here I Am
  6. Venus / Dance With Me
  7. Flower (this one is my favourite)
  8. Middle Of The Night / ABC
  9. She’s Mine

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[INFO] 170831 Athlete Jeong Hae Rim mentions Super Junior in Interview for/about 2018 PyongChang's Winter Olympics (Snowboarding).


Q: If I have something I like right after snowboarding, what would it probably be? 

A: It would be the group Super Junior. When Super Junior debuted in 2005, I was in elementary school in 5th grade. Their music and performances have awakened the “excitement” inside of me. I especially like the skillful dancer and the tactful/witty Eunhyuk as well as the good-looking Donghae. I also like the blue colour since it’s the symbol of Super Junior. 

eng trans by Heechulized 

BTS Reacts - Meeting Someone Cute At A Fansign

Jimin: Jimin would be minding his own business, but he’ll quickly take notice of your face at the corner of his eyes. Jimin is usually shy around fans that adore him, but the sight of your body edging closer to his own starts to get his heart pumping. After countless fan meets, it is a rarity that someone would make him as feel restless as you do - some part of him couldn’t wait to introduce himself. He’d start to fidget in his seat, nervously pondering to himself as he observes your every little movement: how would I be able to make a lasting impression on you? He doesn’t want to be just another forgotten face to someone that appeals to him so. When the time comes, he would force himself just a tad out of his timid shell to ensure that someone as comely as you would remember him by. He would butt his head in front of Min Yoongi, in attempt to pull you away from him, sending you a wholesome smile as he interjects:

“Hey, it’s my turn already, don’t you want to talk to me?”

Seokjin: Jin would want you to stay at his own corner for as long as he can possibly keep you, just so he can admire you for a little longer. The problem is that he would be so taken by your appearance, that he would often forget to keep the conversation between you two going. As you speak to him, he would enjoy watching the little things surrounding the way you talked - your fiddling fingers, the curl in your lips whenever the both of you manage to catch each other’s stares, the rosy tinge in your cheeks as you smile at him. Seokjin would have preferred that you did most of the talking - after all, that meant that he could spend more of his energy focused on just appreciating your good looks. He listens to you intently as you speak about whatever comes to mind first, tossing you a loose smirk while he enjoys the view of you before him.

“You have a really nice voice, you know? Just keep talking; I’m listening.”

Namjoon: The leader of Bangtan would already be trying to think of ways that he could get closer to you, not as an idol, but a person you’d want to meet on any regular day. Namjoon would probably try to be as friendly as he could possibly seem, wanting you to feel at ease with him. He is a good conversationalist, so any exchange of words always seem to flow naturally. He would grin every so often, shamefully flashing off the dimples in the sides of his cheeks - he knows the fans go crazy over them, and he hopes that it’ll affect you just as well. He’ll look to the members every so often when he talks to you, not because he’s uninterested in your chat, but mostly to make sure that they weren’t aware of his attempts at wooing you. They do eventually poke fun at him when they find out, especially during your conversation - ‘Kim Namjoon makes a good husband, just for your information!’

“Ignore them, they’re just teasing us. What were we talking about?”

Yoongi: This member is particularly quiet during fan signings, saving his energy for later when he needs to address the crowd before him, or whenever he spontaneously decides to act silly. He’s always watching the fans silently, examining their faces from afar. Soon, his gaze falls on you, and he is instantly attracted by your looks, subconsciously giving you a favorable pout. He rarely takes a romantic interest in his fans because he’s so focused on his career, but he seems to be unable to shake the feelings of intrigue stirring within his chest. He can’t help but periodically look your way as you line up. When you finally reach Yoongi, his fingers would flick gingerly at one of his ears, trifling with the ring that hangs from it. As tempted as he would be to straightforwardly address your attractiveness just to get it out of the way, he would be the kind to play it cool, just so no one can call him out on his fascination.

“So.. is this your first fan-signing?”

Jungkook: Kook is passionate about finding and being in love. He wouldn’t let this chance to speak freely with a cute fan slip by him so easily. He would want to make sure that he is in the center of attention, for you in particular. He makes sure to put on an aloof act as you saunter in front of him, pretending not to be bothered by your appearance in the slightest, before gradually becoming more chummy with you, bringing forth his hidden charms. He would pick at your fingers on the table playfully, coyly brushing his against your own as he assumes a boyish, laid-back persona. There was a time when he would have had his face turn bright crimson from the thought of spending time with someone as delightful as you, but Jungkook is older now - he’s seasoned into a person that is aware of his own charisma. He notices Taehyung trying to whisk you away with his chipper attitude, which results in him getting shoved out of the way by the maknae himself.

“Yah, get out of my way and wait your turn! I’m not finished yet!”

Taehyung: Taehyung wouldn’t handle his act very well if he sees a pleasant-looking fan coming his way. He would want to be the member of Bangtan that will be remembered by you, as the one who can make your heart stop. His brain would go into overdrive as he wondered how to captivate you, which results in him striving to pull of a cute and seductive disposition in one go. Tae would probably go overboard with his hyperactivity, trying insanely hard to get your attention, even though you’re already standing before him and speaking to him. Your talk with each other would be fraught with impulsive facial expressions that snap back and forth between comical grins and sultry, mischievous looks. You can’t help but ask if he’s alright, as he suddenly appears to be so sprightly; he almost seems like he’s itching to jump out of his seat from sheer excitement.

“Huh? No, I’m not okay - do you know how hard it is to keep up with someone as cute as you?”

Hoseok: Expect a lot of happy looks from the bubbly rapper. All that would be on his mind is how pretty you look. He would try to appeal to you similarly - as he listens to you, he’d innocently nibble at his thumb, watching you as if you’re the only person in the room that’s visible to him. Hoseok has the potential to be very forward with his feelings if he wants to, expressing himself openly with his provocative body language, especially since he’s an experienced dancer, skilled in translating his passions into reality. The corners of his eyes crinkle as his lips twirl into a smile, noticing your delicate features twinkle under the lights. Before you leave the table, he would most likely initiate some form of skinship to send you off - patting your head, holding your hands in his, leaning in close so that he can gaze dreamily into your eyes before you go, so that you’d be more in favour of him rather than the other members.

“We’d better see you at another fan signing, okay? I want to talk with you some more.”

I’ve made it so that the cute people in question are - as always - my lovely readers. Please enjoy this reaction! Thank you for the request and your compliment! <3


The Evolution of Yunbastian

  • Gifs on the left: Lycoris that blazes the earth 2015
  • Gifs on the right: Noah’s Ark Circus (2016)

So recently I rewatched parts of Lycoris 2015 and felt compelled to take a closer look at how Yunbastian approached M01 in both Lycoris 2015 and Noah’s Ark Circus.

As we all know by now, ever since MBD 2010, Kuromyu has always opened with the contract scene, with M01 being the “contract song”. These scenes have very similar lines that align with the canon dialogue, and the songs carry similar themes as well (i.e.desperation, cruelty, darkness, sacrifice, point of no return, etc), so it’s really up to whoever plays Sebastian to redefine these very repetitive scenes that most audience are extremely familiar with.

And if we put Furukawa Yuta’s performance in 2015 and 2016 side by side, we actually end up witnessing two quite distinct performances. Yes, they were from the same actor and give out the same demonic aura, but these two Sebastians are also quite different from each other.

2015 was Yuta’s first time playing Sebastian(feels like he has played this role his entire life, amirite) and Director Mouri’s instruction for him to be “darker” likely weighed heavily on his approach to the character. So here during the contract song, we see a rather demure Sebastian. He’s a beast who only just woke up from his long slumber, and he is still waiting for his senses to return. In the first half of the song, it almost feels like he was sniffing around to better grasp what was presented in front of him. Having being summoned so suddenly in such extreme circumstances, he seemed curious and surprised but he also tried to remain stoic, and at the same time probably tried too hard to do so he ended up panting a bit. In much of the song, he wrapped himself inside his cape, only occasionally raising his arms to further convince Ciel to make a contract with him.

Yet in 2016, Sebastian reacted to Ciel’s summoning with almost deliberate elation. If in 2015 he woke up due to a sudden call from the distance, Sebastian of 2016 had only been feigning sleep until he finally picked up the signal he had been waiting for. There wasn’t so much a surprise but more like gratification from a prepared mind. He had been expecting this, and it has finally come to him. In 2016, Yuta gets to sing a contract song written just for him (instead of singing the same song as his predecessor in 2015) and it was apparent that he had grown comfortable enough in Sebastian’s shoes to sprinkle the character with more of his own interpretations. 2016’s Sebastian was confident and smooth in action with an almost cunning swagger in his steps. Instead of slowly getting used to his surroundings in 2015, 2016’s Sebastian elegantly strides into the scene like a skilled dancer, eager to show off what he’s capable of. He didn’t seem to be in a hurry. He takes time with his prey. His patience also parallels Ciel’s calmness in the face of a demon. Lycoris!Ciel spent quite some time on stage looking uncertain and frightened in front of Sebastian, but Circus!Ciel, after witnessing Sebastian’s monstrous strength, cannot look more unemotional. This Ciel needed no encouragement, he was ready for the contracted fate the moment Sebastian let him out of the cage.

In 2015, Sebastian first appears with a voice over and as a dark, unidentifiable shadow from above(played by Teruma, by the way, because of course).
In 2016, he shows up immediately in person with an epic eye roll.

In 2015, Sebastian hunches under his cape.
In 2016, he flings it gracefully in midair.

Even the lighting gave them different personalities.
In 2015, there was a combination of blue and red lights on stage, giving a greyer, more purple-ish shade to his face, echoing with a more reserved and cautious Sebastian.

In 2016, the light on stage was predominantly blue, with a beam of white light shining on Sebastian when he’s at the center of stage, painting him with a bright, gleeful glow.

And the way Yuta uses his shoulders(which I will definitely talk about in a separate post because it’s just one of Yunbastian’s most iconic moves and it can symbolize so many things), you can just see how in 2015 his shoulders were much more stiff and held closer to his torso, but you barely see the same happen in the 2016 contract song.

By presenting two different Sebastian in the exact same scene, Yuta is showing us how his own approach to the character has evolved. It was not only Sebastian who had gained confidence in his steps, but Yuta himself as well. The fact that the same actor in the same scene can feel so different just goes on to show how Yuta has so skillfully imprinted his own image onto an already well-known character.

Jimin said that he thinks the phrase love yourself will be extra meaningful for people like him who are too hard on themselves and honestly Jimin is  always so hard on himself more than hard on himself actually, he’s always pressuring and pushing himself into doing his best into his more than best and when getting  creds for doing that he’ll brush it off and bounce the comment over to someone else like no “you’re working harder than me” or “my members are doing more than me” He lays hours upon hours of sleepless nights and tirless day to get routines right especially when it’s about short time management (like special stages or special performances that lay scheduled) and once the day comes and he performs it amazingly he’ll still criticize himself and won’t give himself the creds and will say something like “could’ve been better but it is what it is with such short time management”  he lays down so many hours - so much time practice effort and dedication into his dancing but he never sees the amazing  results he gets from it the solo stages that has the crowds cheering and screaming that gives me goosebumps and brings me to tears for he is so skilled at it there are no words for it but also in singing he’s always trying to get better at it and doesn’t want to disappoint anybody and he even literally gets upset about it for he wants to deliver more than deliver for the fans listening and he tends to get hard on himself and criticize himself and see himself as someone the fans are waiting to deliver but  he really isn’t someone the fans are waiting for he’s deliver time after time sang beautiful covers and sang beautiful songs on his own he even sang the  intro for this comeback and had so many people fall in love and shown what an amazing voice he’s got  he never sees how good he is or the progresses he makes in his singing or in his dancing he’s just constantly trying to get better at it till he’s happy with it but as we all know he really is never happy when it comes to those things  he’s always  pushing himself to his limits god and y'all known he’s the same with his appearance and it’s just makes me sad  to be honest. Jimin is the most skilled dancer there is and one of my favorite singers to exist  he’s skilled as well as talented when it comes to dancing and moves so smoothly and fluently like no bones are preventing him from doing anything and it’ll brings you to tears or gives you the goosebumps watching  him perform or his singing god the high notes and the low notes all of  them sound beautiful coming from him and he sings songs like  lie and house of cards so passionately and beautifully and you can literally see him go all in when singing anything singing the lyrics as well as the emotions in it and sounding so beautiful so beautiful it’s so lovely to listen to him
and it makes me sad that he’s criticizing and being hard on himself about his appearance  for to me he’s the most beautiful man to roam and exist earth literally so beautiful no one is on his level so beautiful he has so many people falling in love just look at the comments on serendipity he’s got everyone falling for him but he doesn’t see it he’s not aware of it and it literally has my heart and soul aching  he’s overall an amazing person that many people look up to especially young idols who look up to him as a dancer and he has so many people in awe of his beauty  and  he’s got a golden heart and a golden soul and he’s an amazing person overall  and it just hurts me that he’ll maybe  look at one of the  member and think he isn’t as good as them or as hard working as them or even as beautiful as them.

Im think Lisa Choosed the wrong company to show her talent, yes her rapping is good but she didn’t audition with her rapping skills but with her dancing and she won the audition because she was an amazing dancer, but unfortunatley since YG’s Choreography is simple and mediocre i feel like it wont help Lisa to show her full potential and im afraid that she will be treated like Minzy, since YG also didn’t promote her dancing at all. If she audition in SM for example where they take their choreographies and Dancers very seriously Lisa’s skills would improve tremendiously, but unfortunatley she is stuck with Mediocre Dance routines and Rapping cringy English lines.