dancer probz

Unspoken Rules Of Standing In The Wings:

1) shut the fuck up
2) stop touching my damn prop
3) if you can see the audience then the audience can see you 4) just don’t touch anything
5)Get out of the way oh my GOD
6)“I hope you say Macbeth I swear I hope you do”

never underestimate a dancer.

we are trained to live on endurance. you can always do better. ‘slack’ is not part of our vocabulary. you can’t cheat in conditioning. there are no second chances. there’s always one last leap left in you.

we have a few short minutes in which we perform a masterpiece that portrays an entire story, and we have to do it perfectly. the first try. we don’t have multiple innings or quarters, we don’t get to sit out for half the game, we don’t get to depend on anybody else. it’s all on us. we are minutes of pure, intense choreography,

yet we still aren’t classified as athletes?