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Jessica Pinkett dancing to “u” by Kendrick Lamar.

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‪My WCW aka Woman Crush Wednesday former exotic dancer, reality star, rapper, and social media star Ms Cardi B. She is silly, crazy, funny, and real. She’s not trying to be anyone else but herself _______________________________________________________ #WCW #MyWCW #LoveandHipHop #AJBWCW #CardiB

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Adoro ballare. Non puoi sapere cosa significa fondersi con la musica, interpretare un personaggio se non sei un ballerino.
Adoro come la danza riesce a dare soddisfazione, gioie e divertimenti. Il problema è che ci sono anche tante delusioni. E è difficile superarle perché anche quando tu dai il massimo non basta e ti senti un po’ come se tu non ne fossi all'altezza.

Off to the races.

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aftg dancer!au

  • dan is the captain of the dance team and she was chosen because she understands many dance styles. took ballet when she was very little but moved on to tap and salsa. is their most versatile dancer, though she specializes in jazz and modern dance. 
  • neil as a contemp/modern dance master. he travelled a lot on the run so he’s susceptible to many styles, but since he never stays long enough to master them, he’s learn to take what he learns and incorporate it into what he already knows.
  • aaron is classically trained. that means he’s been in ballet since he was six and if anyone gives him shit for it, he crushes them with thighs honed by 10+ years of plies. also does hiphop because his body coordination is 12/10
  • renee is all weirdly bent feet and skinny limbs as a result of years and years of ballet. is trained in russian ballet but is trying to break away from the strict structure and try more modern styles. can get down if warranted. breakdancer-in-training.
  • matt and nicky as your classic bboys with the basketball shorts and the too-long socks and the scuffed up shoes. kevin likes to say they have scuffed up heads as well. they specialize in props as well, and their hat trick routine has the most views on the foxes’ youtube.
  • speaking of kevin his mom has put him in dance classes since he was a kid and he’s convinced he knows all the right ways to do hiphop. is the most technical of the hiphop dancers. hates those dark contemp pieces with 40+ dancers and heavy beats with a passion.
  • allison is jazz/contemp oriented. used to be a cheerleader so she knows how to put the sassiness into her moves. hates the structure of ballet but cannot conform to the flowiness of lyrical. started in her early teens so she still focuses more on improving her technique. has the best basis for choreography on the team, though.
  • andrew is in charge of choreography, and he performs the least out of all of them. when he does, it’s with quick and powerful but detailed moves that draw from a variety of hiphop influences. by some ironic twist of fate he is the one who does trend dances the best, even though he does them once every blue moon and never where the public can see. can also tap dance, but no one but neil and aaron have seen this skill.
Dancing AU Masterlist

Of Blisters and Ballet Shoes by salt_n_burn (3/3 | 3,769 | Teen And Up)

Keith is a HipHop Dancer, Lance does contemporary ballet. They’re both in love with each other’s dance styles. And each other. The only problem is they’re both totally oblivious.

Breathless by ididntsignupforthisshit (1/1 | 961 | Teen And Up)

Keith goes to pick up his boyfriend from work.
He didn’t suspect to find him in the middle of a dance routine.

Accidents Happen by theshipqueen (1/1 | 1,818 | Mature)

In which Lance goes to the studio to practice, but gets a little distracted.

Show Stopper by No_Name_Kane (2/? | 5,004 | Teen And Up)

Keith is the next greatest KPop star. Going global is a big step for his career; and when his choreographer is unable to work, he forced to hire a new one; in which, up and coming dancing sensation Lance McClain steps up to the plate.

And neither of them were prepared to want a peice of each other.

Keep the Streak by maiska99 (8/8 | 7,174 | Teen And Up)

Shiro goes on a trip and asks Lance to keep his Snapchat streaks. Keith is one of them. Chaos ensues.

Red Shoes and Redder Cheeks by Alphum (1/1 | 2,300 | Teen And Up)

All Lance wants to do is pick up his sister from her dance class. He ends up getting more than he bargained for, like a hot crush on her even hotter teacher.

(Not including Stripper AU’s)


Taylor Hatala and kyndall Harris juju challenge-👑