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[Insert Member] Is Useless

No group has a useless member.

Not one.
I’ve seen time and time again that ‘fans’ will say things like “that member can’t sing so he’s worthless”, or “she sucks at dancing”, or “his rapping is awful” and I’m absolutely tired of it.
So let me break it down for you.


In most groups, there’s a group leader. Typically the leader would be the eldest member of the group, but it’s not always the oldest.
Suho, leader of EXO is currently the second to last oldest member.
CL, was the second youngest of her group, 2NE1.
Taeyeon, leader of SNSD, is the oldest.
The leader is meant to be mature, and charismatic, and be able to handle focus and attention that’s on them. They’re meant to care for the other members, to motivate the group, and represent them(eg. speaking on stage). In short, they’re the parent of the group, responsible for their members.

Top: Taeyeon(SNSD), Taeyong(NCT), Shownu(MONSTA X)
Bottom: Suho(EXO), S.Coups(SEVENTEEN), CL(2NE1)

The Vocalists:

Vocalists, are pretty much, the singers of the groups. Most groups have multiple vocalists.

The Main Vocalist- The member who most often(but not always) gets a lot of lines in a song. Often gets the vocally challenging parts(i.e. high notes).

The Lead Vocalist- Usually sings before the main vocalist in verses, because they “lead” in the song. They’re often a back-up should the Main Vocalist be injured or sick.

In groups with a large number of members, there are often several sub vocalists.

Top: Soonbin(WJSN), Taeil(NCT), Bom(2NE1)
Bottom: Jeonghan(SEVENTEEN), Soyou(SISTAR), Baekhyun(EXO)

The Rapper(s):

Rappers and rapping is a very essential part of the majority of Kpop music. Just the same with vocalists, there is often a hierarchy, if there are multiple rappers to one group.

The Main Rapper- Gets the most of the rapper parts, typically the one with the best technique and rapping ability.

The Lead Rapper- Usually being rapping parts, good ability as well, but second to the Main Rapper.

Some groups don’t have rappers, but it’s common to have at least one included.

Bottom: Chanyeol(EXO), CL(2NE1), Johnny(NCT)

The Dancer(s):

By default, as this is Kpop, all members are dancers. But there are still roles for the groups. Again, same hierarchy;

The Main Dancer- Expected to have the best dancing skills, less focused on singing, often have fewer parts during songs, might even have only sub-vocal parts(as breathing needs to be reserved for their dancing), often have solo dance parts.

The Lead Dancer- As the whole group dances, the Lead Dancer will lead the group and often dance in the front, when the group is dancing all together.

Top: Rose(BLACKPINK), Lay(EXO), Minzy(2NE1)
Bottom: Taemin(SHINEE), Hyorin(SISTAR), Ten(NCT)

The Visual:

Kpop emphasizes on beauty. There is even a position in most groups that, who ever is given the role, takes special care of their looks, because that’s an important feature for a group: looks.
It’s not fan-appointed, it’s given by the company, as all roles are. It’s a real thing.
The Visual is someone that is deemed most attractive, and is most likely seen endorsing products and be on commercials and ads.

Note: don’t confuse this with the ‘face’ of the group, aka the member most easily recognized.
Some idols are the face and the visual(Hyuna, Taeyong) but the two are not the same.

Top: Haeryung(BESTIE), Kai(EXO), Naeun(APINK)
Bottom: Hyuna(4MINUTE), Taeyong(NCT), Dara(2NE1)

The Maknae:

Some positions you don’t get trained for, you’re born into them.
The maknae is simply the youngest of the group. They don’t have a specific task to do, they’re just the baby of the family.
But of course being the youngest is often associated with being cute, so some maknaes make a point of being the complete opposite of the Leader, the most charismatic and responsible member. They’re often ‘forced’ to do aegyo, and act cute when asked.

Top: Ren(NU’EST), Tzuyu(TWICE), Sehun(EXO)
Bottom: Dino(SEVENTEEN), Minzy(2NE1), Jisung(NCT)

Considering the fact that idols aren’t just thrown out into the public, they’re put through anywhere from a year to 10 years of training, insane diets, learning choreography, songs, new languages, and often times while still juggling school, you can’t say they don’t deserve a spot in their group. Adding on to the fact a lot of times, idols actually have a hand in creating choreography, lyrics, and music, they pull their weight.

Members aren’t meant to be good at everything, that’s why there’s roles.

Some groups don’t have concrete roles, and that’s fine too.

So there you have it, your little Kpop introductory class.

Each group is carefully put together by companies. Every member has a point, if they didn’t, they’d be a waste of money and wouldn’t be in a group.

You can easily look up a groups’ roles, and see why a member is there. It’s not hard to not be ignorant about groups.
Learn something from this, and keep your mouths shut.


Sometimes you gotta make your own ship content, be the change you want to see in the world. Messy but fun comic, and a little fic under the cut. I’m most definitely not a writer, and incredibly rusty, but enjoy nonetheless?

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that unfortunate age gap difference that can be felt between moonsun’s and wheesa’s dancing…

You receive an invitation to a party at a beautiful Spanish villa. Upon entering the ballroom you see, not a group of dancers as you expect, but a single fox staring at you.


happyviruskai: Can you please make headcannon for sex with vampire EXO? 😇💕 I love your blog♡♡

a/n: this is a collection of all the things i’ve written about sex with vamp!exo already(with some new stuff)


★he’s always soft with you

★and slow

★and lights candles

★you’re going to get the best

★he spends so much time kissing all over you

★and complimenting you

★rare times when you ask him he’ll be rough with you

★but he’ll feel bad after it

★he doesn’t understand that you’re not actually hurt  

★so it’s you comforting him  

★’calm down. it felt so good’

★’but you’re already bruising’

★’you worry too much’


★l o v e s s e e i n g y o u i n l a c e

★he’ll collect delicate pieces from all over the place  

★he’ll dress you up  

★and stare at you  

★taking in how it looks on you  

★’you look so delicious, kitten’  

★runs his hands all over you  

★uses his fingers alot

★he won’t fuck you until he’s pleased with the amount of times you’ve cum on his fingers

★your moans are his favourite thing to hear

★’louder, kitten’

★’there’s nobody around. scream for me’

★’let me hear how good i’m making you feel’

★holds your hips while he thrusts into you

★’cum with me, kitten’

★he presses his head to your when he cums

★after he’s cleaned you up

★he’ll cuddle up behind you

★and slide back into you

★bc he loves cock warming

★and being close to you

★loves you in lace 


★praise kink 

★giving and receiving

★seeing your reactions to his praise makes  

★and getting praise from you makes him want to give as much as possible 

★buries his face into your shoulder to silence his moans

★presses kisses all over you

★his fingers will dig into your skin

★’cum for me, sheep’

★goes to mush after sex

★bc he’s so honoured that you were able to be intimate with him


★just because he’s a soft dom  

★doesn’t mean he’s going easy on you  

★this little shit will tease you to the brink of insanity   

★orgasm denial k i n g  

★’tell me what you want~’

★if you don’t talk

★he’ll still his actions

★’use your words~’

★he’ll stay like that until he hears you

★when you think you’re close to cumming

★he’ll bury himself as deep as possible

★your whining will make him giggle

★’what’s the matter? want to cum?’

★’it’s okay, you’ll get it back’

★he loves seeing how much he can push you until you break

★seeing you shake beneath him is so arousing     

★he snaps back to his bubbly self instantly

★’you did so well, wifey/husband!’

★pulls you close to him

★letting you calm down against him

★then it’s off to the bath

★where you can listen to music

★and relax with eachother


★teases you to arouse you

★’you want me~ your heartbeat is picking up’

★’admit you want me~’

★finger fuck king

★seeing you turning to a mess just by his fingers arouses him so much

★bites your shoulder to keep quiet

★bc he’s loud af

★he tells you he’s a switch

★but whenever you’re on top he flips you over

★loves marking you

★matching pyjamas to sleep in after

★loud af 


★you never have sex with yeol 

★you make love

★very sweet love 

★that fills you with love

★and happiness

★watches your face during it

★smiled the entire time

★bc being able to share such an intimate moment makes him want to expolode into rainbows

★holds your hands during sex

★’the closer we are the harder we cum’ 

★’cum with me, baby’

★kisses everywhere

★settles against your chest

★zones in on your heartbeat   



★sex with this guy is an experience

★he’s all about fucking with your senses  

★blindfolds are a must

★your vision being taken away

★along with his speed

★is the perfect

★he uses different objects to run over your skin    

★setting it on fire

★he’ll thrive off your reactions

★he’ll avoid where you need him the most

★when you being whining 

★is when he’ll touch you

★he’ll climb over you 

★and tease your entrance with his tip

★making you whine even more

★he’ll be quiet during sex

★paying attention to the noises you make

★he’ll let out the odd groan here and there

★loves when you dig your nails into him

★kisses you when you cum

★holds you to his chest

★plays wit your hair

★will sing you to sleep


★he’s got the highest sex drive ever

★you two have sex everywhere

★on every surface

★the thought of being seen is a turn on for him

★thrives off the noises you make

★’let me hear how good you feel’

★if you keep quiet he’ll force it out of you

★but fucking you as hard as possible

★he loves aftercare

★he’ll clean you up

★put you in your pyjamas

★make you tea

★then cuddle up to you

★’you look so beautiful like this’

★’sweaty and red faced?’

★’no… you’re glowing’

★’shut up’


★so many kisses

★’sleep, babe. tomorrow we’ll go out for breakfast’


★likes collars

★and leather  

★seeing it on you gets him aroused in no time  

★doesn’t care if he’s in charge  

★or if you’re in charge

★as long as he gets to be with you

★goes hard no matter what

★he got them sweet sweet dancer hips

★so boi expect some excellent pacing

★he ain’t slowing down until you’ve both cum twice  

★bathes with you after sex

★nuzzled his face into your neck

★and slowly washes you

dancer!Lance - klance au

Because of this amazing art by @c0nstress I had to literally stop everything I was doing in order to write some klance hcs.

  • keith, bc he is in the soccer (or volley or idk) team of the college he’s studying in, has to start going to the gym
  • the college gym is quite big and right next to the spot reserved for his team is a glass wall that separates it from a big room with clear walls
  • inside the room there are some people sitting in the corners, some standing, and 5 people dancing rhythmically in the middle.
  • keith doesn’t pay them much attention, puts on his headphones and starts working out; after a few minutes, some of his teammates show up and he acknowledges them with a nod, all the while focused on the exercises.
  • he’s doing really good until he has to change equipments and chances a look through the glass wall and oh, fuck
  • there’s an athletic olive-skinned guy wearing fucking short shorts and a white long-sleeved crop top that keeps riding up as he moves his body this way and that
  • his arms and legs move in an exuberant and coordinated way, his lips mouthing the lyrics of the song until he moves his hip just so, bites his bottom lip and sways all the way to the floor
  • when he jumps upright again, a lean dark-skinned girl with white hair and a lanky orange-haired guy join him but keith barely gives them attention because apparently the song has changed and
  • g o d
  • this new song has so much more hip movements keith is surprised the guy’s hips haven’t broken
  • keith is also feeling hot with the way his imagination is quick to think of other ways that guy’s hips’s flexibility could be used
  • he stops staring, though, when shiro (the team captain) shows up next to him and waves to the white-haired girl after they finished the dance
  • the girl smiles at him and a moment after shows up with the ginger guy and the guy with the oh-so-flexible-hips in tow
  • keith grabs his bottle of water and focuses on taking a gulp from it in order to try not to ogle at the legs and thighs and navel and hipbones that are on display right in front of him
  • shiro, clueless, introduces keith to his girlfriend, allura, her cousin, coran, and her friend (”more like dance-mate”, she huffs), lance
  • lance first looks at keith with a polite smile, before he frowns and glares
  • keith smartly chokes on his water
  • “you!” lance almost shouts and keith is terrified bc they don’t know each other so why is this cute guy already rejecting him?? “keith kogane! i can’t believe you are here, i. hate. you.”
  • keith, after he recovers, just frowns, “do i know you?”
  • “you are the bane of my existence,” lance says dramatically and allura rolls her eyes, “we went to elementary school together, we used to fight over everything,” he completes after a while, “i always won, of course”
  • keith skims his mind for memories of a lance, and quickly remembers a small, skinny boy that used to sit next to him and whose most used words were “fight me”
  • he wonders vaguely how that exceedingly annoying boy turned out to be this exceedingly hot and apparently still annoying guy
  • he feels disappointed bc this guy is someone so stupidly annoying, but he hopes it will make him forget about all the hotness and flexibility
  • obviously it doesn’t
  • keith is annoyed bc somehow his working out schedules almost always meet lance’s dancing ones, and he has to force himself not to stare through the glass wall
  • (specially when lance shows up with stilettos, those days are no good for keith’s sanity)
  • and there’s also the fact that keith almost always hangs out with his seniors holt and shiro, and they hang out with allura and coran and holt’s younger sibling, pidgey, who hangs out with a big softie named hunk and lance
  • to say that lance is taking over keith’s mind would be an understatement
  • one day, after a fierce game and a chaotic win, shiro convinces keith to go to a “small commemorative gathering” that’s actually a party and filled with alcohol and gross teenagers and f u c k
  • lance is there looking awesome with tight jeans and a space crop top
  • he is also flirting with every female in a 2 feet radius and keith decides to ignore him for the whole night
  • it doesn’t work and keith resigns to keeping an eye on him from afar
  • lance drinks more, makes terrible jokes (keith is too far to listen, but he imagines they’re as bad as the ones lance makes when sober), leans into girls and boys alike, dances to the songs and, well, seems to be having a good time
  • keith looks away for a second to talk to shiro, who is asking him if he wants to leave already, and when he looks back, lance is looking at him
  • keith’s mind short-circuits and he keeps staring as lance’s eyes brighten and he smiles and he stumbles through the room to approach keith
  • “hey gorgeous,” lance says and throws one arm over keith’s shoulder, then turns and smiles at shiro, “hey pretty boy,”
  • shiro laughs, “hey, lance, you okay?”
  • “better now,” he leans into keith and kisses him quickly on the mouth.
  • keith blinks and, before he can do anything, lance is pulling away
  • “i’ve always wanted to do that,” lance confesses with a laugh, then slides his other arm around keith’s waist and rests his head on keith’s shoulder in an awkward hug.
  • keith looks desperately at shiro, who only shrugs and looks amused
  • “um, lance?” keith says after a few minutes
  • lance doesn’t reply, and shiro goes around them to confirm that, yes, the boy had managed to sleep while standing
  • keith curses under his breath and shiro snorts a laughter before helping him drag sleepy lance to the car
  • lance drapes himself over keith in the back-seat, and, even if the circumstances are precarious, keith is a bit happy to have lance so close to him
  • when him and shiro realise that they have no idea of where the fuck is lance’s dorm, and, more importantly, that lance has no keys or phone in him, they have to take him to keith’s dorm
  • which is not a bad thing, but not a really good one because keith doesn’t have a dormmate and has only one bed in his room
  • shiro, still looking very much amused, leaves keith to handle half-asleep lance
  • keith drops him on the bed, only to be pulled onto it a second after, then promptly cuddled. he stays that way for a while and ends up falling asleep.
  • when he wakes up, though, it’s to sounds of retching coming from the bathroom soon followed by the toilet flush
  • he sits on the bed and lance comes from the bathroom, eyeliner smudged all over his face and bloodshot eyes
  • “you okay?” he asks
  • “well, no” lance’s voice is raspy from the hangover
  • keith gets up and gives him a bottle of water.
  • lance accepts it and drinks, keith automatically stares at his adam’s apple bobbing until he stops swallowing
  • lance says “what did i do to end up here?”
  • keith blushes, even if they hadn’t done anything other then an innocent peck on the lips
  • “oh my god,” lance says, taking keith’s blush in a wrong way and blushing too, “did we…”
  • “no!” keith screams
  • “so we didn’t…” lance looks almost disappointed
  • they stay silent for a while until keith intelligently says “kiss,”
  • “we kissed?” lance raises an eyebrow, stepping closer
  • “kind of,” keith bites his lip
  • “why was it kind of a kiss?” lance asks, “you don’t know how to kiss properly?”
  • “no! i mean, i know!” keith huffs, “it was kind of a kiss because you slept!” he says accusingly
  • “your kiss is so boring that i slept?” lance says with a smirk
  • “i’ll fucking show you boring” keith snaps, pulling lance by the front of his annoying crop top and smashing their mouths together
  • he feels lance smile against his mouth before keith deepens the kiss and leaves him breathless
  • the taste of his mint toothpaste on lance’s mouth is a reminder that lance was suffering from a hangover minutes ago, but really, keith can’t bring himself to care as he sits on the bed and pulls lance on his lap, hands holding those wonderful hips
  • lance’s hips start swaying enticingly on his lap and keith can’t think of anything other than taking their clothes off and letting lance ride him until they’re too tired to bicker (if that’s even possible)
  • later, when they’re showering, keith finally musters up the courage to ask lance out
  • lance laughs and presses him against the tiled wall, producing more lovebites on keith’s neck before muttering, “well, okay, keith, if you insist”
  • keith just rolls his eyes and tilts lance’s head up for a kiss
Love Love Peace Peace



Step 1! Get everyone’s attention. A powerful, majestic start. Maybe a battle horn of some kind?

Step 2! Drums! There has to be drums! It doesn’t hurt if the drums are played by gorgeous topless men. It’s proven very efficient throughout the years.

But, please feel free to try other alternatives. It’s proven very helpful to go the exact opposite way. Use a grandmother!

Step 3! Show the viewers your country’s ethnic background by using an old traditional folklore instrument that no-one’s heard of before
No, no - in this case, it’s proven much more efficient to not use a young model. Go with an old man instead. A beard helps!

This instrument is called a Swedish kvinnaböske - a small roundish piece from the horn family, inherited from the Vikings. Just make something up. No-one will know!

Step 4! In Eurovision, nothing says winner like a violin. Trust us - bring a violin

Step 5! The violin, the drums and the kvinnaböske might make it all feel a little bit old fashioned, but this can easily be fixed by adding a DJ who pretends to scratch.

In real life of course, this is thirty years old but in Eurovision, it will give your number a contemporary feel

Step 6 - costumes! You need to look memorable, something that the viewers will notice.

Oh! Perfect!

Step 7! The song. Everything else might be important, but the song is essential. Let it be about something everyone can connect to. Love works. Peace is also a popular way to go
Yes, peace is good. ABBA actually won the competition with a song about war with Waterloo, but this is not something we recommend
Now when you have everything you need and the pieces are gathered - go for it and don’t look back!

Let the song begin with passion
Let the wind begin to blow
You can break the rules of fashion
And your chance to win shall grow
Look into the TV camera
So the audience can see
That you’re lovable - not desperate
Smile and they will vote for me

Fill the stage with light
As dancers will join us
The expectations grow
It’s time for the chorus

Love love peace peace
Old women baking bread

Peace peace love love
And a man in a hamster wheel

Love peace peace love
Make it unforgettable
You will be the best
And win the Eurovision Song Contest

Now we’ll go down a notch
Our hands will touch
Pretending we’re in love

It’s you and me and when we change the key
We’ll give the world a show
It begins to snow

Love love peace peace
And a burning fake piano

Peace peace love love
And a Russian man on skates

Love peace peace love
It’ll be incredible
You will be the best

Love love peace peace
Party for everybody!

Peace peace love love
More tricks in a hamster wheel

Love peace peace love
And we can guarantee
That you will be the best

And win the Eurovision Song Contest
And win the Eurovision Song Contest

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Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy

REQUEST: “something where you take Credence to a party or club and it gets wild and stuff. like you have to coax Credence to dance and fun things like that. thank you v much!! oh, im not sure if you have limits, but if not, maybe there could be a grinding scene? :)))”

Warnings: Grinding???? is that like a warning???? that’s all lmao. cute embarrassed Credence.

Word Count: 1,051

You and Credence had known each other for a while now. You had been there with Newt and Tina when they had found Credence back in his human form after his obscurial destroyed much of New York. Being Newt’s assistant often meant following danger around fearlessly (more or less), so this was nothing new. However, when Newt took him in, it became clear that you would be the one largely taking care of him, since you were much better with people than Newt was. That’s mostly why you were assisting him in the first place.

You didn’t mind looking after Credence, really; in fact, you were quite fond of him (and had a crush on him, if you were being honest). You were also an outgoing social butterfly, though, and taking care of Credence had kept you from really associating with anyone else outside of Tina’s and Queenie’s apartment. You had to go out. And you were going to, tonight. You had spent days trying to coax Credence into going to this club with you, and you had looked so happy and vibrant that he really couldn’t turn you down.

Which is how he found himself standing awkwardly at a bar, watching you dance from a distance. He’d spent a few months with you and the others, and really he was so much more comfortable than he ever could have dreamed. That being said, he still was not comfortable enough to dance. So he watched silently by himself while you seemed to be having the time of your life. Periodically, you came over to check on him and get him another water and ask him to dance with you, but he just couldn’t bring himself to say Yes. He was grateful for your patience and not forcing him to go out because he just really couldn’t right then.

That is, until he noticed a few guys ogling you from the bar next to him, making lewd comments to one another. He wouldn’t admit it aloud, but he was incredibly jealous and did not want them anywhere near you—so he stepped toward you nervously. He almost thought better of it and turned to walk back, not missing the way the other men laughed, before you turned and saw that he had ventured toward you. You smiled at him (radiantly, Credence thought) and yelled his name, near sprinting at him before grabbing his hand gently and pulling him toward you. “Do you want to dance?”

Credence’s heart leapt a little at how genuinely happy you sounded to have him joining you, so he nodded tentatively. “But I-I don’t know how to d-dance.” He couldn’t hear himself over the music pounding around him.

Your smile softened at him, and he was really quite surprised you could hear him. To be fair, you had spent the majority of the last three months or so listening to him. You took him gently by his hands a little deeper into the crowd. You leaned close to him and said, “So no one will be watching from outside. Everyone in here is preoccupied with themselves.”

Credence swallowed thickly, not sure of what to do now, but he should have known you would take initiative, especially since you could tell so easily that he was uncomfortable. You turned, pressing your back against him, and moved his hands to your hips. “Just hold here and move to the beat, Credence.” You tapped to the beat gently against his hands until you were sure he could confidently pick it up.

And then you began to move—something Credence was not entirely ready for. You began to grind gently against him before beginning to move in earnest. When you felt his hands tighten on your hips, you took that as a good sign, so you moved back gently against him and smiled, happy that he seemed to be having a good time and that you got to dance with him. When you went to put your hand over his for encouragement, he seemed to stiffen under your touch. You turned to look at him to make sure nothing was too terribly wrong, and you were greeted with a paling face and tears welling in his wide brown eyes. You stopped abruptly, panicked, and asked, “Credence, what’s wrong?” He had moved his hands to cover the front of his pants and was looking terribly embarrassed—mortified, really. It would have been almost comical if you hadn’t known how seriously he was taking the source of his embarrassment. You went to cup his face, knowing what had happened. “Credence, it’s okay. That’s not bad. It’s okay, Credence, don’t worry. That happens when you dance like this sometimes.”

Credence couldn’t stop a tear from slipping, but you caught it almost as soon as it had fallen, stroking your thumb in a gently sweep across his high cheekbones. “N-No, you’re so g-good, and I—I didn’t mean to—”

You leaned up on your tip toes to bring you mouth to his cheek. “Credence, I’m really quite flattered actually. The truth is, I really like you quite a lot, and— I mean, I really don’t mind, Credence.”

Now you were blushing deeply but not for long. Credence had shock clearly in his eyes but had shifted slightly to bring his mouth a little closer to yours before looking into your eyes and waiting for a nod before he pressed his lips against yours firmly. His were a little chapped against yours, but you honestly couldn’t help a shudder at the way the conflicting texture scraped against yours. He pulled back, a pink flush to his cheeks, and touched his forehead to yours. “D-Do you want to keep dancing, Y/N?”

You nodded with a huge smile on your face before turning in his arms and pressing as closely to him as you could. Credence forgot about his embarrassment and really tried to dance with you this time despite being a terrible dancer—something you had expected, really; he’d had no practice, in his defense. You insisted that he could always learn, and honestly, you didn’t care—just as long as you could be close to him and enjoy the way his hands gripped your hips tightly, and definitely if he would keep kissing you like that.

“People are forever disappointing us and I think,” she whispers as she wraps her arms around her body and shivers despite the warm temperature, “it’s because we expect too much.”

“Because maybe you want them to be Autumn jumpers and hot chocolate at Christmas but all they really can be is the smell of suncream and sand in your shoes and walks on the beach that end when summer does.”

“Maybe you want them to be the one you bring home to dinner but all they really can be is broken, whispered promises on your pillowcase and a tangle of bedsheets and messy emotions.”

“Maybe you want him to be your prince but all he really can be is a knight in shining armour that saves the damsel from throwing herself from the roof of her tower but then rides off into the sunset alone without a second glance over his shoulder when he realises she needs to be saved more than once.”

“Maybe you want them to be more, but they can’t be more and they never will be more and the sooner you realise this the sooner you’ll abandon your expectations and it’ll stop hurting quite so much when people aren’t what you want them to be.”

—  If you expect nothing from anybody you’ll never be disappointed, 17/07/2015
BTS Reaction: Their S/O trying to learn the dance to FIRE.

I hope you like the reaction, anon ^.^

Kim Seokjin: 

“You’re not getting it either, huh?” Jin commented when he saw you try to move your feet and hands at the same time and not succeeding. 

“Jin,” you whined, a bit defeated. You weren’t a terrible dancer but hadn’t expected that it’d be so difficult learning the dance.

“It’s okay, jagiya,” he laughed, smacking his hand against his knee. “It took me nearly a week to learn how to do that part.”

Min Yoongi:

“What’s going on, babe?” Yoongi peaked his head through the door and saw you blow a kiss, mimicking Jungkook’s part in Fire, causing him to laugh. 

“Excuse you, Yoongi,” you scrunched your face, lips pursed and eyebrows furrowed, a bit embarrassed that you had been caught. 

“C’mon, don’t be shy, that was funny.” 

Jung Hoseok:

“Amazing Jagiya!” Hoseok exclaimed when you finished the Fire choreography, panting, sweating and exhausted from the tiring routine. 

“Thanks, Hobi,” you breathed, laying down on the floor glad that you’d learnt it successfully. 

“You’re so good, you might be better than me!”

Kim Namjoon:

“You want to what?” Namjoon looked perplexed as you explained to him your idea of a good exercise.

“Fire, you know…I want you to teach me Fire!” You figured since it looked cardio-packed, you’d dance instead of run. 

“Y/n, you know I’m called Rap Monster, not Dance Monster, right?”

Park Jimin:

“Wait- Jimin how do you…” You untwisted your feet, confused from the fast footwork of the dance. 

“It’s like this,” he stood beside you, guiding your steps, counting in fourths, making sure to pause when you needed it. “It’s okay, Jagiya, take your time!”

Kim Taehyung:

“You’re so cute, Jagi,” Taehyung chuckled when he saw you grit your teeth and wink, moving your hands back and forth along the beat of Fire. 

“I know I am,” you snickered, continuing to show him just how much of the dance you had learned, and it wasn’t long before he jumped in, skipping and hopping to the song with you. 

Jeon Jungkook:

“Not bad,” he crossed his arms, looking at the tired you who had just learnt the Fire dance in three days. 

“What do you mean?” you huffed, eyes twitching at your childish boyfriend.

“I mean…can you do the dance TWO TIMES FASTER?” 



when i realised that taemin was going to have a group of only female back-up dancers for this comeback, i was a little worried. 

and the fact that i was not very happy about a set of female back-up dancers made me unhappy with myself. i always considered myself a rational fan. i know that idols date. i know they interact with women. the vlive documentary shows that taemin’s entire coordi staff are female and they get along great. it’s a good thing. 

so why was i upset about the female back-up dancers? 

i only realised this once i saw the mv, and then it hit me: the girls weren’t sexualised props. that was what i had been afraid of, but unable to pin down before the mv was released. but in move, taem did the exact same dance as they did. if they pumped their chest, so did he. if they swivelled their hips, so did he. they were a squad. a team. i look at them and i see a ride or die team ready to fuck up anyone who crosses their path, not a man and his harem of admiring women. 

it’s a level of respect women do not usually get in kpop. so many mvs use female back-up dancers to highlight the desirability or masculine appeal of the main idol/idols, but that didn’t happen in move. 

in move, they are equals.  

Only You, Only Me - Ten Years Earlier

For @gotham-ruaidh who wanted to know who they were and for @cantrixgrisea even though she raised excellent points about Jamie’s height….

New Story, Modern AU: Following BPC’s victory at the battle of Culloden Scotland and its people have endured 250 years under the dictatorship of the Stewart Monarchy. Emerging from out behind the “Heather Curtain,” Jamie Fraser is a brilliant dancer with the Royal Edinburgh Ballet & one of the lucky few allowed to travel to the “Free World.” He finds himself in London with a potentially career-ending injury.

Catch up on the earlier –err–later? post-I Miss My Husband- here

Ten Years Earlier

Claire remembered the first time she saw him dance. Jamie Fraser was only 19 and had just made his debut with the Royal Edinburgh Ballet tour of London. Her boyfriend, Frank Randall,  had managed to score two precious seats to this event, through his counter intelligence connections. Claire had taken a rare evening off from her last year of residency. She was about to become an orthopedic surgeon at St. Mary’s Hospital. Frank was one of an elite team of British “diplomats” in charge of shadowing various members of the company and their handlers.

Scotland was still under the dictatorship of the Royal Stewart Monarchy. They ruled their country behind “The Heather Curtain” and though they shared a border with England, the ten mile wide demilitarized zone between the two countries might as well have been Siberia so desolate and forbidden the territory. There was a strict no-fly zone over Scottish airspace.

Not much was known of everyday life in Scotland. What little information trickled out came from satellites making passes from space and from athletes allowed to travel outside the country for Olympic events or ballet tours like this one.

The people, the language, the customs had developed largely in isolation since the time of the victory of the Bonnie Prince Charlie on the moors of Culloden in 1746. Most of the artists and athletes allowed to travel either did not speak English or pretended they did not. They spoke  Gaelic, a language not widely spoken and certainly not in the living memory of most Britians today.  

The exquisite power of his performance stole her breath. Every movement technically precise, flawlessly executed. Jamie was beautiful to watch. Gasps could be heard from the seats around them as he launched himself time and time again in gravity-defying moves. Most male dancers could, and were expected to, leap four to five feet off the ground. But Jamie, who, at just under 6 feet, was taller than the usual dancer, could get as high as seven feet in a single bound. The best high jumpers in the world, Claire knew, could top eight feet. But more than that he became the character. Body and soul – it was in his  hitched step, the way he moved his hands to say nothing of that face that could convey the depth of his feelings with a flick of his eyes. His acting ability, so rarely allowed to flower in a dancer, at least in the free world, moved the audience to tears.

Like everyone else given the privilege of seeing him that night, Claire had been riveted. Stunned silence greeted the final tour jete and then like a giant wave the explosion of the standing ovation that went on for at least fifteen minutes.

Laoghaire Mackenzie, the prima ballerina of the REB, was presented with a bouquet of flowers as she finished her bows. She pulled a single rose out to present it to Jamie, the traditional gesture of respect from a ballerina, then had obviously changed her mind mid-reach. She kept the one flower for herself and, catching him totally by surprise, thrust the rest of them into his outstretched hand. This prompted another round of cheers.  

Now Jamie sat on the table in her exam room, the MRI of his knee running through her computer as he watched  her with the most piercing blue eyes she’d ever seen. His body had hardened and matured in the three years since she’d seen him last. He also looked exhausted, his face lined with pain. The REB was back on tour and he was once again the lead dancer of the Company. Claire had learned when dealing with professional athletes to be honest and direct.

“Well, Mr. Fraser, you have two choices, either I operate or you fly home and someone else does. If not, you will never dance again.”


artistically-stupid: OK NOW I HAVE A REQUEST dating vampire!baekhyun (or dating vampire!sehun if you’re not up to writing baekhyun) LOVE U SMOL BBY 💕💞💗

a/n: bitch i did both

★he’s basically a cat  

★a cat that acts like they don’t like their owner 

★but couldn’t live without them  

★has never been in a relationship before

★so he’s still learning

★he’s got touching you down

★often imitates the sound of your heartbeat

★sends you cheesy texts 

★low key romantic af

★takes you to his favourite places around the world

★loves when you take interest in his past

★freaks tf out if you get hurt  

★or sick  

★’i wish i could take your pain’  

★cries alot when you are sick

★has clothes from each time period

★his wardrobe is bigger than yours

★gets mad when vivi cuddles with you

★’just because you have a heartbeat doesn’t mean you give better cuddles’

★’vivi thinks so’

★sometimes forgets he’s a vampire

★he’ll speed off and leave you in his dust

★then come back to get you

★late night drives

★love driving at night with you

★bc you can put music on

★hold his hand

★and chill out

★just being alone with you makes him happy

★when you’re driving

★he can only hear your heartbeat

★always gives you his coat if you’re cold

★without a second thought

★v good at advice

★will drop a motherfucker if they hurt you

★pretty sure he would’ve been arrested if you hadn’t held him back

★randomly asks you to marry him  

★bc you promised him you’d let him change you when you’re married

★he needs to know that you can’t leave his side

★which is why he wants you to change so much

★really likes being naked

★so expect him walking around nude

★will do a n y t h i n g for you

★’use your speed to go get snacks’

★’can you go to that take away store in the next city and get noodles?’  

★tries cooking for you alot

★even though he’s terrible

★he won’t stop until he’s mastered your favourites

★he likes cars  

★has too many of them

★but each has their own use

★’this one is for star gazing’

★’this is for when we wanna drive and make love under the stars’

★’this one is for our picnic days’

★’this is the one i’m going to drive on our wedding day’

★takes pictures of you and draws himself in them

★needs you to sleep with your head on his chest

★so he can stroke your hair

★drinks from your wrist

★makes you drink some of his blood after to heal you

★’you taste so good’

★’thank you for being so delicious’

★he’ll be all heart eyes after drinking

nsfw from here

★likes collars

★and leather  

★seeing it on you gets him aroused in no time  

★doesn’t care if he’s in charge  

★or if you’re in charge

★as long as he gets to be with you

★goes hard no matter what

★he got them sweet sweet dancer hips

★so boi expect some excellent pacing

★he ain’t slowing down until you’ve both cum twice  

★bathes with you after sex

★nuzzled his face into your neck

★and slowly washes you

anonymous asked:

hi! first of all let me tell you how much i apreciate your fic lists. do you know any cs dancing with the stars kind of au fics?

hi! thank you. being a (former?) dancer, i love dancing aus. i got a few for you

Dancing AUs

Sweep Me Off My Feet by TheCaptainToMyHook

TV star Emma Swan has accepted a place on the most recent series of Strictly Come Dancing, she’s an actress not a dancer so she doesn’t expect to do well at all, in her opinion- the sooner she is voted out the better. But will her opinion change when she is paired with “The Captain of the Dance Floor” Killian Jones- forced to work closely together, he will push her to her limit, but will it be worth it in the end? WIP

Pirate Paso Doble by LadyciaraMiggles 

Emma and Killian need to get practising if they are going to stay in the dance competition for another week.

Black Swan by @hopelessalways 

“Emma Swan,” Killian announces, and she hates that she loves the way her name sounds on his lips. “Darling of the ballet world, expected to be the next Margot Fonteyn, until you mysteriously disappeared when you were 18 - only to burst back onto the scene four years ago, somehow even better than you were before, shocking everyone with dazzling performance after dazzling performance. And now here you are, fresh from the American Ballet Theatre, for the role you know will make or break your career.”

He grins, a heart-stopping stretch of perfectly white teeth, and she bites down her answering smile. It won’t do to be attracted to the choreographer. Of course, then he walks away, and she can’t stop herself from admiring the curve of his obviously toned backside. He winks at her over his shoulder, catching her in the act of ogling him, and her cheeks burn.

She is so screwed.

(Emma the ballerina and Killian the choreographer, breaking down each other’s walls.)

A Lift Takes Two People by Sherwhotreksings

A dance AU where Emma is in a modern dance company and Killian is a guest choreographer.

The Best Things Happen When You’re Dancing by @belovedcreation

Emma Swan is at a swing dance festival weekend for some fun with her friends. When she meets Killian Jones on the dance floor, sparks fly and the dance floor sizzles with their chemistry.

Lead on and I’ll Follow by CaptainBellarkeSwan

If she heard another giggle, she knew she wouldn’t be able to handle it anymore. For God’s sake, they were right across the hallway! Surely the walls would be able to muffle the noises the other class was making because of Killian-freaking-Jones. [University Professors AU/Dancer AU]

Preying On You (CS one-shot) by thatsmuchbetter

CS professional dancers AU – Fierce rivals on the dance floor, animals in bed. Whenever Emma Swan gets on the dance floor the irritating Killian Jones is her worst enemy, but when it comes to other more enjoyable activities… CS one-shot inspired by the song “Animals” by Maroon 5.

and my most beloved one, Liz, i’m looking at you

All That Glitters by @i-know-how-you-kiss 

Pentagon Reaction | You Fainting On Stage Pt 2

Request: Can I request a Pentagon reaction to you fainting on stage? 💓

A/N: Gosh I love these boys so much, can I just say that lol. I know it has nothing to do with this reaction but yeah lol

Part 1 | Part 2

Yeo One

Everyone had gathered on the stage as they were announcing who was on the top of the charts, had come down to your group and Pentagon, your boyfriend Yeo One’s group. 

The MC announced that your group had won and you were overjoyed, hugging your fellow members as you all celebrated your first win. 

Your song started to play as you members started to sing when it suddenly happened, you felt light headed and collapsed to the ground, Yeo One, ran to your side and kneeled next to you as you went in and out or consciousness. Your fellow members, the other members from Pentagon and a few other groups gathered around you as you and Yeo One kneeled on the ground. Everyone asking if you were ok.

Once you felt ok someone handed Yeo One a water bottle to have you drink, thanking everyone for being so worried about you. 

After you and Yeo One exited the stated he hugged you tightly, only then did you realise he was shaking. You asked if he was ok to which he nodded. 

“Yes, I was just really worried about you when you fell.” 

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Yan An

You had spent all night working to make sure the choreography was correct for your performance today and the lack of sleep had you really out of it all day as you and your group were in the dressing room. 

Yan An exchanged a few words before you went on stage. he picked up on your strange behaviour and told you he was worried. “Don’t do this to me, you need to sleep you could faint on stage be careful.” 

You rolled your eyes at his worried state, he was always worried about you. It was cute most of the time, but the lack of sleep had you more irritated by it than normal. 

He sat in the audience as he watched you perform your numbers, and everything went off without any problems, but as you were exiting the stage your legs gave out and you collapsed. Fainting from exhaustion.

He noticed and ran to the backstage area as your members carried you over to a chair to sit down. 

Picking you up he curled you into his chest and brushed the hair from your face “This is exactly why I was worried baby” 

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You were really excited to be rapping with Yuto from Pentagon in a collab for the MAMA’s. You had been working hard to keep up with his rapping style but one part of the song always left you really short on breath. 

At the tech rehearsal, you and he both went over your parts over and over again. Which after the third time you noticed you felt light headed from the lack of breath you were getting.

You sat down on a speaker and grabbed some water, trying to give yourself a moment to catch your breath. Yuto sat next to you and both of you started to talk when suddenly your eyes rolled into the back of your head and you fell forward, your head falling into his chest as he caught you.

“Y/n? Are you ok?” When you didn’t reply he called over one of the staff and they tried to wake you up. 

Once you finally woke up he shook his head and told you he wanted to change the part in the song you were struggling with because he didn’t want you to pass out again. 

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Pentagon was doing their performance showcase and since you and Kino had been best friends since trainee days he begged you to Mc for them.

You sat down and talked with the members as they tried to catch their breath after performing a song, starting up a Q and A from the fans. 

One fan asked if you could sing a song while Kino improved dance to it. To which you both agreed as he got up to start dancing.

You started to sing, and he started to dance and you got so sucked into watching him dance that you didn’t feel yourself get dizzy and you fainted. 

After the concert had ended Kino came up and poked your sides playfully. “I knew I was a good dancer but I never expected someone to faint while watching me.” 

You hit his arm playfully and scolded him telling him it was a coincidence.

“Yeah Surrrrrreee,” he said as he winked at you. 

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Everyone was stressing as performers ran back and forth to the dressing room and to the stage. You and Wooseok and been talking in the corner, preparing to approach the winner of this week’s Music Bank.

You told him you were feeling a little under the weather but you would do you best to make it now show. 

He gave a shy sweet smile and nodded, but deep down he worried about you fainting as he could see how pale your face looked.

Once you both started to speak in front of the camera it became apparent that you were out of it. By the time it came to announce the winner you looked downright awful, skin drained of any color. You had a hard time keeping your balance as well. 

Wooseok reached out and put his hand on your back discreetly, preparing just in case you passed out. 

As the show went to break and you turned to him you dropped, but he wrapped his arm around your waist and lifted you up. As he whispered, “I’ve got you, are you okay?”

Nodding you asked the staff if you could sit the last part out and watched as Wooseok announced the winner by himself. 

Fans in the audience had no idea what had happened and thought that you and Wooseok were dating and shipped you and him for months after the incident. 

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