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Zimbits Ice Dance AU

(see part two for the other characters)

I think I talked about this in the tags once but listen:

As much as a powerful freestylist jack would be (like his jumps would be huge), he would be such a beautiful ice dancer. He’d be like this large Russian coach I had for a while. He’d be so sturdy and probably would have a relatively stiff frame (at first? Maybe being in partnered w bits would change that a little?). But the main attraction would be his edges. His knee bend would be so deep and his edges would just rip beautifully. People would definitely swoon hearing him skate down the ice cause it was all rip, no toe. His turns would be so deep and smooth and he’s just have this quiet but strong graceful presence on the ice

He probably had a really good partner for a while (Kent maybe? Let’s pretend same sex ice dance partners are a thing?) but after his overdose leading up to something big (team USA? Some other big event?), they had to split up and Kent got a new partner since jack was out. So now that jack’s back he’s looking for a partner and I’m sure lots of people came to try out w him but none of them had that good of a connection w him or they were too intimidated.

And then, enter bitty. Bittys probably still a freestylist but maybe he started learning ice dance (at first only for that triple gold medal but he actually likes it more than he thought) but he’s still in the testing process (maybe he’s almost done? Just a few gold dances left?). When he moves north and starts coming to the rink, his coach is trying to pair the two of them up. He tries to say no, that he’s not nearly good enough, that he’s only tested and doesn’t know how to compete it. They compromise and ask jack to at least go through bittys last tests with him (I guess he’s been learning the ladies steps or maybe you’re allowed to switch idk this isn’t real obviously) and they turn out to mesh really well together. Like maybe they just naturally had matching extensions or maybe they’re just both really adaptive. Who really knows?

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See this is that side of pro-blackness I do not like. The kind that shames you for liking Marilyn Monroe and uncritically praising The Cotton Club for having all black female dancers. The kind that expects you to have the same narrow, boring music taste as them. Ones not opened to quirkiness and basicness in black girls as if we always have to be magical. The type who thinks black women are self-haters for liking Beyoncé and fantasizing about marrying Drake. Those who ask if women like Serena are even pro-black for marrying white men. The ones who dismiss young black men who are neurodivervent and play computer games and watch anime. Those who think black girls can’t be “babe gamers” and “nerds.” I hate that “I’m too black and cool to enjoy white entertainment and black people who remind me of white people but may not necessarily be self hating” mentality so much.

i want incineroar to seduce me and take his big strong yaoi paws and lift me up and swirl me around like we’re trying to reenact a scene from dirty dancing all while fall out boy play an edgy cover of elton john’s tiny dancer in the background except instead of singing ‘hold me closer tiny dancer’ they sing ‘hold me closer furry wrestler’ 

that unfortunate age gap difference that can be felt between moonsun’s and wheesa’s dancing…

“People are forever disappointing us and I think,” she whispers as she wraps her arms around her body and shivers despite the warm temperature, “it’s because we expect too much.”

“Because maybe you want them to be Autumn jumpers and hot chocolate at Christmas but all they really can be is the smell of suncream and sand in your shoes and walks on the beach that end when summer does.”

“Maybe you want them to be the one you bring home to dinner but all they really can be is broken, whispered promises on your pillowcase and a tangle of bedsheets and messy emotions.”

“Maybe you want him to be your prince but all he really can be is a knight in shining armour that saves the damsel from throwing herself from the roof of her tower but then rides off into the sunset alone without a second glance over his shoulder when he realises she needs to be saved more than once.”

“Maybe you want them to be more, but they can’t be more and they never will be more and the sooner you realise this the sooner you’ll abandon your expectations and it’ll stop hurting quite so much when people aren’t what you want them to be.”

—  If you expect nothing from anybody you’ll never be disappointed, 17/07/2015

Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy

dancer!Lance - klance au

Because of this amazing art by @c0nstress I had to literally stop everything I was doing in order to write some klance hcs.

  • keith, bc he is in the soccer (or volley or idk) team of the college he’s studying in, has to start going to the gym
  • the college gym is quite big and right next to the spot reserved for his team is a glass wall that separates it from a big room with clear walls
  • inside the room there are some people sitting in the corners, some standing, and 5 people dancing rhythmically in the middle.
  • keith doesn’t pay them much attention, puts on his headphones and starts working out; after a few minutes, some of his teammates show up and he acknowledges them with a nod, all the while focused on the exercises.
  • he’s doing really good until he has to change equipments and chances a look through the glass wall and oh, fuck
  • there’s an athletic olive-skinned guy wearing fucking short shorts and a white long-sleeved crop top that keeps riding up as he moves his body this way and that
  • his arms and legs move in an exuberant and coordinated way, his lips mouthing the lyrics of the song until he moves his hip just so, bites his bottom lip and sways all the way to the floor
  • when he jumps upright again, a lean dark-skinned girl with white hair and a lanky orange-haired guy join him but keith barely gives them attention because apparently the song has changed and
  • g o d
  • this new song has so much more hip movements keith is surprised the guy’s hips haven’t broken
  • keith is also feeling hot with the way his imagination is quick to think of other ways that guy’s hips’s flexibility could be used
  • he stops staring, though, when shiro (the team captain) shows up next to him and waves to the white-haired girl after they finished the dance
  • the girl smiles at him and a moment after shows up with the ginger guy and the guy with the oh-so-flexible-hips in tow
  • keith grabs his bottle of water and focuses on taking a gulp from it in order to try not to ogle at the legs and thighs and navel and hipbones that are on display right in front of him
  • shiro, clueless, introduces keith to his girlfriend, allura, her cousin, coran, and her friend (”more like dance-mate”, she huffs), lance
  • lance first looks at keith with a polite smile, before he frowns and glares
  • keith smartly chokes on his water
  • “you!” lance almost shouts and keith is terrified bc they don’t know each other so why is this cute guy already rejecting him?? “keith kogane! i can’t believe you are here, i. hate. you.”
  • keith, after he recovers, just frowns, “do i know you?”
  • “you are the bane of my existence,” lance says dramatically and allura rolls her eyes, “we went to elementary school together, we used to fight over everything,” he completes after a while, “i always won, of course”
  • keith skims his mind for memories of a lance, and quickly remembers a small, skinny boy that used to sit next to him and whose most used words were “fight me”
  • he wonders vaguely how that exceedingly annoying boy turned out to be this exceedingly hot and apparently still annoying guy
  • he feels disappointed bc this guy is someone so stupidly annoying, but he hopes it will make him forget about all the hotness and flexibility
  • obviously it doesn’t
  • keith is annoyed bc somehow his working out schedules almost always meet lance’s dancing ones, and he has to force himself not to stare through the glass wall
  • (specially when lance shows up with stilettos, those days are no good for keith’s sanity)
  • and there’s also the fact that keith almost always hangs out with his seniors holt and shiro, and they hang out with allura and coran and holt’s younger sibling, pidgey, who hangs out with a big softie named hunk and lance
  • to say that lance is taking over keith’s mind would be an understatement
  • one day, after a fierce game and a chaotic win, shiro convinces keith to go to a “small commemorative gathering” that’s actually a party and filled with alcohol and gross teenagers and f u c k
  • lance is there looking awesome with tight jeans and a space crop top
  • he is also flirting with every female in a 2 feet radius and keith decides to ignore him for the whole night
  • it doesn’t work and keith resigns to keeping an eye on him from afar
  • lance drinks more, makes terrible jokes (keith is too far to listen, but he imagines they’re as bad as the ones lance makes when sober), leans into girls and boys alike, dances to the songs and, well, seems to be having a good time
  • keith looks away for a second to talk to shiro, who is asking him if he wants to leave already, and when he looks back, lance is looking at him
  • keith’s mind short-circuits and he keeps staring as lance’s eyes brighten and he smiles and he stumbles through the room to approach keith
  • “hey gorgeous,” lance says and throws one arm over keith’s shoulder, then turns and smiles at shiro, “hey pretty boy,”
  • shiro laughs, “hey, lance, you okay?”
  • “better now,” he leans into keith and kisses him quickly on the mouth.
  • keith blinks and, before he can do anything, lance is pulling away
  • “i’ve always wanted to do that,” lance confesses with a laugh, then slides his other arm around keith’s waist and rests his head on keith’s shoulder in an awkward hug.
  • keith looks desperately at shiro, who only shrugs and looks amused
  • “um, lance?” keith says after a few minutes
  • lance doesn’t reply, and shiro goes around them to confirm that, yes, the boy had managed to sleep while standing
  • keith curses under his breath and shiro snorts a laughter before helping him drag sleepy lance to the car
  • lance drapes himself over keith in the back-seat, and, even if the circumstances are precarious, keith is a bit happy to have lance so close to him
  • when him and shiro realise that they have no idea of where the fuck is lance’s dorm, and, more importantly, that lance has no keys or phone in him, they have to take him to keith’s dorm
  • which is not a bad thing, but not a really good one because keith doesn’t have a dormmate and has only one bed in his room
  • shiro, still looking very much amused, leaves keith to handle half-asleep lance
  • keith drops him on the bed, only to be pulled onto it a second after, then promptly cuddled. he stays that way for a while and ends up falling asleep.
  • when he wakes up, though, it’s to sounds of retching coming from the bathroom soon followed by the toilet flush
  • he sits on the bed and lance comes from the bathroom, eyeliner smudged all over his face and bloodshot eyes
  • “you okay?” he asks
  • “well, no” lance’s voice is raspy from the hangover
  • keith gets up and gives him a bottle of water.
  • lance accepts it and drinks, keith automatically stares at his adam’s apple bobbing until he stops swallowing
  • lance says “what did i do to end up here?”
  • keith blushes, even if they hadn’t done anything other then an innocent peck on the lips
  • “oh my god,” lance says, taking keith’s blush in a wrong way and blushing too, “did we…”
  • “no!” keith screams
  • “so we didn’t…” lance looks almost disappointed
  • they stay silent for a while until keith intelligently says “kiss,”
  • “we kissed?” lance raises an eyebrow, stepping closer
  • “kind of,” keith bites his lip
  • “why was it kind of a kiss?” lance asks, “you don’t know how to kiss properly?”
  • “no! i mean, i know!” keith huffs, “it was kind of a kiss because you slept!” he says accusingly
  • “your kiss is so boring that i slept?” lance says with a smirk
  • “i’ll fucking show you boring” keith snaps, pulling lance by the front of his annoying crop top and smashing their mouths together
  • he feels lance smile against his mouth before keith deepens the kiss and leaves him breathless
  • the taste of his mint toothpaste on lance’s mouth is a reminder that lance was suffering from a hangover minutes ago, but really, keith can’t bring himself to care as he sits on the bed and pulls lance on his lap, hands holding those wonderful hips
  • lance’s hips start swaying enticingly on his lap and keith can’t think of anything other than taking their clothes off and letting lance ride him until they’re too tired to bicker (if that’s even possible)
  • later, when they’re showering, keith finally musters up the courage to ask lance out
  • lance laughs and presses him against the tiled wall, producing more lovebites on keith’s neck before muttering, “well, okay, keith, if you insist”
  • keith just rolls his eyes and tilts lance’s head up for a kiss

You receive an invitation to a party at a beautiful Spanish villa. Upon entering the ballroom you see, not a group of dancers as you expect, but a single fox staring at you.

These are the styles of dance that Normani has “training” in

Joker Imagine - Project 6277 *PART 1*

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Your P.O.V.

The music was blasting loudly through the club. It smelled like alcohol, especially behind the counter in the bar. The white and golden club was mostly black since it was so dark. All the lights were on the dance floor of people grinding against each other and having a good time.

I was one of the bartenders here. Most people that worked here were men expect the dancers. I guess I was tomboyish so I was here in my blue flannel, black vest, black jeans and some black boots. I was wearing a name tag on my chest that just had my first name, Y/N. My Y/H/C hair was straightened and I had a little makeup on, some eyeliner and I had done my brows. I enjoyed my job, but I wasn’t planning to be here forever.Next year I would go to vet studies and become a real vet.

But for now I worked here at the club owned by the most wanted and feared man in entire Gotham city. Out of the millions of people that lived here, my boss was the worst. I had seen him just once or twice, but I had never been close to him. He scared me to be honest. My boss was the clown prince of crime AKA Joker. He had green hair and super white skin. I think he had blue eyes and many tattoos. When I saw him I think he had a purple jacket and many golden rings and necklaces. Did I speak to him? No. I kept my distance just to be safe.

“A vodka!” A drunken man yelled and snapped me out of my thoughts. I heard a familiar song ‘Gangsta’ by Kehlani blasting now. “Sure” I smiled and then grabbed a glass. I put a couple ice cubes in it and then filled the glass with strong vodka. I handed it to the man who left the money on the table and walked away. I sighed and then put the money in the grey cash register. My co-worker Rick was talking with some customers further away. Rick had blonde hair and brown eyes. He was a couple years younger than me, but we were good friends. Just as I was about to go over and speak to him, I heard someone clearing their throat. I looked behind me and saw one of Joker’s henchmen standing behind me. He had black clothes and his brown skin was mostly hidden. He had sunglasses on so I couldn’t recognize him at all.

“The boss wants to see you..” He stated and then looked at my tag. “..Y/N” He finished his sentence. The man had a very thick Gotham accent and a low voice. “O-Okay” I stuttered and decided it would be better to follow him. God help me if I would’ve said no. Suddenly my body felt weak. Had I done something wrong? Would Joker shoot me?

My palms got clamp and I felt how my knees went weak as I followed this man. He led me out of the bar and to the VIP area. People gave me strange looks since everyone knew that this man was Joker’s henchman. I took a deep, shaky breath and then tried to gather myself. The man opened a door and then I saw a big room with lights on. It had golden tables and all kinds of beautiful decors. Then I noticed black leather chairs and black tables. In the middle of the room I saw Joker. My heart jumped to my throat.

The henchman left us here and I realized that we were alone. Our eyes met and I felt shivers running down my spine as I saw those icy blue eyes meeting my E/C eyes. “Hello Y/N” Joker smiled and I heard his voice for the first time. It was deep and raspy. “Hi” I replied barely louder than a whisper. I stood by the door that was far away from him. “Why don’t you come closer?” He tilted his head and smiled widely so he could flash his metallic grillz. I shut up and walked over a few steps. My mind was running in circles as I tried to figure out what the hell was happening. As I did so, I looked at Joker. I had never seen him this close. He was wearing a white button up shirt that was left open. I saw that he had many tattoos on his chest including 'Ha ha ha’ written over and over again.

“You’re probably wondering why you’re here” He chuckled and then played with his purple and golden ring. I nodded shyly and then held my wrist with my sweaty hand. I felt so naked as he watched me so intensely. Also knowing he was a psychopath scared the hell out of me. “Oh I am a little lonely.. I don’t feel like going out there. Too many people there tonight” He sighed and then stopped playing with his rings. That’s when I noticed a special gun on the chair next to him. Dear God. Fear made my gut twist and I felt lost. “Wanted a little company. I’ve heard good things about you Y/N” He let me know. My eyes widened in surprise. He had heard things about me?

“I hope that’s good” I tried to speak instead of standing here like a mute flamingo. “Indeed” Joker spoke warmly. My breath nearly got stuck in my throat as I stood there. “Come here. Take a seat” He told me and patted the empty spot next to him. I didn’t dare to say no so I walked closer and then sat down next to him. I couldn’t deny that he was incredibly sexy. At least I thought he wouldn’t kill me so I tried to relax. He looked at my face silently and it made me feel vulnerable again. What the fuck was going on?

“I can almost feel your heart beating..Why are you so scared?” He questioned me with such a raspy voice. It only made my heart beat faster, almost jumping out of my chest. “I..I don’t know” I tried to answer him truthfully. Joker’s lips were parted, but he wasn’t smiling. “Oh dollface I won’t kill you unless there’s a reason to” He suddenly spoke with a hint of joy in his voice. “I just wanted to see you Y/N. I think you have something special in you” He admitted and then touched my jaw. He was wearing white gloves so it felt very silky against my skin.He ran his fingers from the corner of my mouth and up closer to my ear, almost as if he was sketching a smile.

“Does this pretty girl have a boyfriend?” He asked me and his choice of words made my cheeks burn. “No” I admitted a little awkwardly. Maybe it was a lie, but then again I didn’t want to call him my boyfriend. I  used to date Daniel, a rich boy from the better side of Gotham. We moved together and that’s when things went downhill. He started to drink so much that he lost his job and got financial problems. It got so bad that I couldn’t study. Yes Daniel was handsome. He had chocolate brown eyes and dark hair in a quiff, but he was rude as hell. He started abusing me mentally, telling the things like how fat I was, the fact I was such a slut. Then he hit me a few times. I broke up with Daniel, but he still thinks we’re together. I moved away to an apartment in the city, but he comes there a little too much. He scares me to death.

“Really now?” Joker wanted to be sure. I didn’t want to open up now and get deep so I just nodded. I wasn’t sure whether he believed me or not, but he didn’t ask me about it anymore. “How about we two have a drink and then talk?” He suggested with a cheeky grin. Why the hell did Joker want to have a drink with me? “But I’m working..” I reminded him a little nervously. As soon as I finished my sentence, I regretted it because I knew Joker didn’t like to be told against. “I’m your boss. I’ll let you off tonight to be my company” He smiled devilishly. I just nodded and tried to smile back at him. Better keep him happy.

“You have a beautiful smile” He breathed out and kept his eyes on my lips. Just then there was a knock on the door. I turned to look at the door that opened and Rick was coming with a tray of drinks. He looked scared as heck. I bet everyone that worked for the Joker were scared to see him. If they did one wrong move, they could die. Rick noticed me and I saw the surprise in his eyes. Joker’s hand was on my jaw and we were sitting very closely.

But he didn’t say anything. RIck placed the tray on the table silently. Then he just nodded and walked away. I noticed a couple henchmen guarding the door from outside, but then it shut and we were together. “Now pretty doll let’s have some fun getting to know each other” He smiled and grabbed two drinks. I recognized them immediately. Two vodka martinis. Joker handed the other one to me and I grabbed it with a quick thank you. I was still nervous and I wasn’t sure what to do.

Joker brought the drink to his lips and he took a sip. I focused on the background music that blended with the bass from the club. The song that was playing here was an older jazz song. Thank God there was music or else this would be more awkward. “Now beautiful tell me this one thing..’'Joker started and looked at my flannel. I crossed my legs and took a small sip of the strong drink. ” you get asked to strip often?“ Joker finished his sentence with a curious looking smile. He was hot, I had to admit it. But he made me so nervous. In a way it turned me on, but I had to calm down.

He was my boss.

’'Not really..” I admitted and then looked into his fascinating eyes. “What a surprise..You’re very good looking dollface” He let me know again with a mischievous look. But before I could say anything, he laughed out. “You’re too innocent. Oh I can’t wait to see the real you” He grinned and then ran his hand trough his green hair. I couldn’t help but to smile. I started to feel a little better sitting next to Joker. Then I finished my drink and felt it burning my throat. Joker looked at me intensely with a small smile. “Wow wow we have a beast here” He joked and then finished his own drink. I knew for sure I would get drunk even of this amount because I hadn’t had anything to drink in a long time thanks to fuck face Daniel.

Before I knew it, Joker and I were drinking our second drinks and talking a lot. Way more than just twenty minutes ago. I found him asking me personal things, but in this state of mind I didn’t even care. I just let him know anything he wanted which was probably bad.But deep inside I knew he wasn’t asking me things for fun. Little did I know what this insanity was planning inside his mysterious mind.

“Come here” He purred and then patted his leg. I smiled and sat on his lap so I was straddling his waist and adding pressure onto his crotch. I didn’t feel fear or shame at all. Joker’s hands were on my hips and he looked very happy. The alcohol hadn’t reached his mind yet. “You’re such a good girl Y/N” He chirped and I felt his hand on my bum. “Good girls are bad girls that haven’t been caught” I sang a with giggles. It was lyrics from a song I heard a couple years ago. “It’s hard to imagine you doing bad things” Joker teased me.

“Why imagine?” I raised my eyebrow and then unbuttoned my vest and took it off. Joker seemed very pleased with my new attitude. “Someone’s horny” He spoke deeply and I saw a much darker look in his eyes. I just smiled and unbuttoned my flannel so my chest was exposed to him. I was wearing a red bra underneath so I wasn’t completely flashing my chest to Joker.

It’s funny what alcohol does to people…

Suddenly he grabbed my choker and pulled my face close to his. We didn’t change any words. I just shut the gap between us and pressed my lips against his into a hot ,steamy kiss. As I kissed the most dangerous man I could imagine of, I grinded on his lap and felt a tingly sensation in my lower stomach. Our tongues danced and saliva was changed in this hot make out session. Joker’s hands cupped my boobs and then he bit my bottom lip and tugged it. A small moan escaped my mouth and I shut my eyes. Suddenly someone walked in, but I didn’t care. Joker sighed, but kept me on his lap.

“Sir we found him” A man said with a serious voice. “At the worst possible time’'He growled with a very annoyed voice. I pouted and looked at him with a sorry look. My head was spinning and I knew very well that I was drunk. ’'I’m sorry sir” The man apologized with a voice full of fear. “Get the car ready” Joker growled a demand and then the man walked away. Our eyes met and he seemed very serious which made my heart flutter. “I’m sorry love but the fun ends here. I have to go” He explained slowly. “Aw but it just began” I slurred and it was obvious that I was drunk. Then I stood up and nearly stumbled as I hit the table behind me. “Careful” Joker chuckled as he stood up. He was in front of me and I sighed as he buttoned my flannel. “We’ll meet again” He promised and then put the vest on me. “But now we both need to go. I’ll get you a ride home dollface. We don’t want anyone to hurt you now do we” He spoke mysteriously.

I just hummed along the song that was playing and let him grab my hand. Then we walked out of the room and back to the crazy club life. The henchmen looked very serious as we walked past them. I was struggling to keep my balance, but Joker led the way and I was kind of forced to stay on my feet. “Drive her home” Joker told someone and pointed at the man with his gun. “Y-Yes sir” The man gulped and I laughed. Oh why were they so scared? Joker was a nice man! Haha..


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Prepare your hearts for a whole day dedicated to our lovely dancers :)

Expect reblogs of photos/gifs/videos, appreciation posts, fanart, and lovely scenarios written by us, of course :D

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Elsword is a more graceful dancer than one might expect. All that fighting has left him with precise control over his body, after all.  He just doesn’t know the steps very well.

Aisha is a crappy dancer.  She insists she’s lovely, but she steps on her partner a lot.

Rena is a fantastic dancer – but only with elven dances.  She finds human dancing clumsy, and is clumsy at it.

Raven’s dancing is okay.  He learned to do it when living with his adoptive father, but the Nasod arm complicates things.

Eve has dancing in her programming, and is adequate at it.

Chung technically knows ballroom dancing, as a Guardian Prince.  In real life, he’s fallen badly out of practice.

Ara is SO NOT ALLOWED NEAR A DANCE FLOOR.  Nuh-huh.  She gave Elboy an ACCIDENTAL CONCUSSION once, do you really want her dancing?

Elesis is also not allowed near a dance floor.  This is because she can only breakdance.  It is both amazing and terrifying.

Add has zero interest in dancing, and sits on the side for most of the event. If anyone manages to get him on the dance floor, they’ll regret it soon, because he sucks at dancing.

Lu is a wonderful dancer!  A fantastic dancer!  The best!  She’s not just standing on Ciel’s feet and giggling as he steps in time to the music, she’s actually dancing!  Hush, anyone who says otherwise!

Ciel is forced to let Lu stand on his feet as he steps in time to the music. Get him away from Lu, and he’s actually competent, as a few of his jobs required him to learn dance.

Rose has no time for this.

Ain doesn’t quite understand, but when Elsword tugs him onto the dance floor, he complies.  He picks up the movements quickly and executes them with grace.


Orange County Performing Arts Academy
I’ve Got Rhythm (2016)
Choreography by Heather Chavarria and Rachel Miller

Okay I just wanted to send you a random hc okay
Hc that Bruce likes to play with his kids hair like
Dick is ranting to (at) him and Bruce just kinda reaches out and starts fiddling with his soft locks until Dick settles down calmly
Tim is super stressed and has a headache from staring at his computer so Bruce kinda tugs gently at the roots of his hair and it soothes him
(“You need a haircut”
“I know”)
When Jay is feeling angsty and having Pit-dreams Bruce plays with the white tuft until Jason is sleeping at his side
Runs his fingers through Damian’s spikes when the kid is angry at one of his bros (*coughTIMcough*)
He also fixes it for them and stuff like Dick is rushing around excitedly getting ready for a date with Babs so Bruce makes him hold still and styles his hair
Tim has crazy bed head and Bruce smooths it down while Tim drinks his morning coffee (before coffee Tim can’t function)

That was long sorry


*squeals* too cute!! okay now watch me make this super sad. ready?

Bruce learned it from his father. It was probably one of those things that gets passed down through generations. Not that petting hair is so particular, but the way Thomas used do it, the little swirls and the tug on his bangs. And then Martha would tut and fix his hair gently.

Little Bruce kneels between his parents, blood staining his pants.

“Don’t be afraid, son,” his father croaks out as he lifts a shaky hand up. Cold fingers swirl into the boy’s hair. A final tug on the front and Thomas’s hand falls back to the ground. Martha tries to reach out, but can’t manage it. Bruce reaches up and straightens out his own hair.

“Don’t worry, Mother. It’ll be okay.” He means more than just his hair. He doesn’t truly believe it. Even so young, he knows. But the faintest smile Martha gives is a bitter-sweet memory.

Now Bruce swirls his fingers into his boy’s hair.

“Don’t be afraid, son.”

He tugs gently on the bangs.

“It’ll be okay." 

Shoutan's Blog Update - 2016-01-25 - It's Late Pri!


Since the photos have already been posted on twitter, this will only be in text.
I’m sorry.

I have so much to write that this is late. (Same Shoutan, same - about my report).

About Utapri Live.

This season has already came again!
With it being said like that, I’ve been looking forward to this Stage for months and month now.
This work has an important place in me, I’ve met people I love through this work, a time where we are able to enjoy together.

I wondered what kind of chemical reactions will happen this time!
And the excitement really can’t stop each time!

Also, the strength came during rehearsal.
Together with a lot of dancers at rehearsal.

As expected, everyone in this cast, are really busy, it was nearly impossible to get the group together.

Checking our positions alone within a lot of dancers… Even so I was grateful, it was thrilling…

This time at rehearsal, so many days before the dress rehearsal… All of Quartet Night’s members were there.

It’s fun to sing with the real 4 of us of course, it’s hot ^^?? (exciting)

But, when everyone gathered at the rehearsal, something hot connected us.

Having fun together, doing funny poses together, laughing together.

The real Quartet Night are inside the anime right now, but for a moment, it seemed like we became Quartet Night… it felt like that.

I’m sorry to say something fearful but…

A lot of things happened before the real thing.
But, because of Starish, Quartet Night, the dancers, the staff, and, Utapri fans we were able to make it.

That’s what I think.

Tatsu-nii’s back, was big. (Deka was written in katakana here, so I’m not 100% if Shoutan meant big).
I also had a solo song, I intended to properly rehearse, but it was pushed back last minute.

I got so happy when singing as 4, it felt like I was going to cry hard, so I hid it with a smile, and sang.

I’m glad I became a member of Quartet Night.

I’m really glad.

I want to sing again.
As 4…

As 11…

Everyone who came and supported us!

If there is a next time, let’s level-up more and more!

That determination is what makes the stage!

I’ll try even more and more!

Pandora’s Rubi, Krokos’ YanYan, and Jelly Bean’s new member Kimiko made a special collaboration performance on MCountdown!

  • Watch the performance [ HERE ]
  • Line Distribution: Rubi (Chaeyoung), Yanyan (Jiwon), Kimiko (Momo)

Today, March 17, 2017 on MCountdown, Pandora’s Main Rapper Rubi  @rcdlght96), KrokosMain Vocalist Yanyan (@mingyanx) , and Jelly bean’s Main Dancer and newest member Kimiko (@kimoriz) performed a special collaboration stage of Keri Hilson’s The Way You Love Me. The said performance showcased their individual charm and strongest point while showing unity, teamwork among girl groups.

What do you think of the performance? Do they have a good chemistry? Comment down bellow! 


[+] You have a main rapper, a main vocal, and a main dancer here, as I expected this is amazing!!
[+] Kimiko showing that she can be sexy too! I’m so surprise! The bean is so sexy!!
[+] Yanyan danced hard while still belting out notes! #StanTalent
[+] Okay but nice try on the english but ya’ll failed! LOL this is too boring for me
[+] Rubi’s charisma and way of rapping scared me! I got goosebumps!! YAS QUEEN!
[+] THIS PERFORMANCE IS HOT! we need more of this!
[+] This looks uncoordinated and ugly though. Black pink can do better.