dancer edits

Dance Tech Week AU’s
  • “You’re my carpool but you picked me up way too early and now we get to play the fun game of ‘is the door open or are we stuck out here for an hour alone?’” AU
  • “One of our pieces is a duet and you’re great but the choreographer/director is making us stay late to be more ‘passionate’ ahhhhhh.” AU
  • “My costume is covered in glitter and now there’s glitter EVERYWHERE including your face because for some reason you wanted glitter on your face but now the directors are mad because it’s unprofessional and half the company thinks we made out WHY.” AU
  • “It’s tech week and I have eighteen quick changes and there are twenty dances and I’m slowly dying but you brought me coffee and are yelling at me to take a nap and are you an angel?” AU
  • “I kicked you in the face and just started hugging you in the middle of dress rehearsal and I’m sorry that I hurt you!” AU