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Was listening to [THIS] last night and it spoke so deeply to my boogie woogie soul that I had to draw this funky ghost girl. Her name is Boogie Banshee or B.B. for short. 

  • M.I.A.
  • Kala
  • Interscope
  • 2007
  • B0009715-01
  • 2x12”
  • 33 rpm
  • Album
  • Gatefold
  • Significant tracks:
    • “Bird Flu”
    • “Boyz”
    • “Jimmy” [cover of  “Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Aaja” by Parvati Khan from Disco Dancer]
    • “Hussel” [featuring African Boy]
    • “Mango Pickle Down River” [with The Wilcannia Mob]
    • “Paper Planes”
    • “Come Around” [featuring Timbaland]
  • Melody Records [defunct], Washington, DC


Now that I’m back at the hotel I can jot down some quick thoughts!

* When Yuzu landed the quad loop the energy in the rink really was electrified, everyone started clapping together really loud and I could barely hear the music. I thought maybe that’s why he popped the salchow, although I heard he got into a hole in the ice (Bev Smith’s tweet).

* After the pop he tried the toe anyway but fell and made a funny face as if to laugh at himself.

* He slowed down a bit after the fall, so when he hits it clean it’ll be even crazier!

* Facial expressions are like a rock star! So much attitude and fun.

* I’m not really digging the costume. It’s okay, but makes me think of disco dancer. I’m sure it’s “Prince” like, but I wanted something more modern, edgy, and black! Otherwise, could be worst.

* After Yuzu some people left, many still stayed and they cheered even louder for the following skaters, probably everyone was still riding that good energy.

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Panic! at the Disco released a new single last week! The beginning has a great intro with the old times trumpets that sound like a typical styling of Panic! at the Disco that then blow up into a slow burn of a song. It seems to be different from the last album that they had released and gone back to an older version of Panic!. The song seems to blend together and just whir but the chorus lyrics do call for a dance because all people who dance these days are sinners.

Made with SoundCloud
there we were, jumping in sun kissed laughter for
just a bright moment, like we were connected
by the hip or touched by it in the softer corners of the
world, like i’d protect you and you’d protect me
from where the heart leaves and we’d wrap ourselves
in paper bags and carry us home like the leftovers
from dinner//me- pizza eater, wine drinker, beer chugger
tipsy dancer disco ball attention seeker kind of gal,
but only in december will i dream of cemeteries
in butterfly lifetimes instead of ours, i’ll lick and bite
dried apricots for you, i’ll paint myself haunted
like your feet on wooden floors and i’ll plead for more
voices like yesterday swings in my ever so hollow throat,
i will cry for you like bees do, robbed of honey- like we do,
on bittersweet cacophonies of goodbye// maybe, i’ll make
words from tar for you, dear friend- for they will crumble
slower than our hearts did and melt far more quickly.