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Childhood friends!AU where Jimin is a famous dancer and Jungkook is majoring in photography and everyone wonders why they aren’t dating already. [11/??]

  • Rachel: extrovert teenage girl, born in a liberal family, whose parents have been taking her to dance, acting and singing lessons since she was in diapers. Although she can be a total cutie, she tends to not to care about other people (including her friends) feelings so she can get what she wants. Her family fully supports her dream of becoming a Broadway star which makes it easier for her (even if she has a really high goal) to achieve it. Gets a lot of second opportunities. She finally wins a Tony, as the main role her husband gave her.
  • Mike: shy teenage boy, born in a conservative family, whose parents want him to get a “real job” instead of being a dancer. Lets everyone take the spotlight away from him, even at his last school year. He is forced to get the highest marks because if he doesn’t, he will be taking away from dancing. His family atmosphere gets very tense after he auditions for the school’s musical. He gets to express his feelings to his mother who encourages him to do what he wants. After a lot of struggle, his father realized what the boy’s real passion is and lets him be an artist. He is given a scholarship to attend the Joffrey Ballet school in Chicago, and fulfills his dream of becoming a dancer.
  • Rachel: *is considered the most inspirational character ever*
  • Mike: *gets ignored by the entire fandom*

Since you mention it, I think I will start that race war.

I could’ve swung either way? But now I’m definitely spending
the next 4 years converting your daughters to lesbianism;
I’m gonna eat all your guns. Swallow them lock stock and barrel
and spit bullet casings onto the dinner table;

I’ll give birth to an army of mixed-race babies.
With fathers from every continent and genders to outnumber the stars,
my legion of multiracial babies will be intersectional as fuck
and your swastikas will not be enough to save you,

because real talk, you didn’t stop the future from coming.
You just delayed our coronation.
We have the same deviant haircuts we had yesterday;
we are still getting gay-married like nobody’s business
because it’s still nobody’s business;
there’s a Muslim kid in Kansas who has already written the schematic
for the robot that will steal your job in manufacturing,
and that robot? Will also be gay, so get used to it:

we didn’t manifest the mountain by speaking its name,
the buildings here are not on your side just because
you make them spray-painted accomplices.
These walls do not have genders and they all think you suck.
Even the earth found common cause with us
the way you trample us both,

oh yeah: there will be signs, and rainbow-colored drum circles,
and folks arguing ideology until even I want to punch them
but I won’t, because they’re my family,
in that blood-of-the-covenant sense.
If you’ve never loved someone like that
you cannot outwaltz us, we have all the good dancers anyway.

I’ll confess I don’t know if I’m alive right now;
I haven’t heard my heart beat in days,
I keep holding my breath for the moment the plane goes down
and I have to save enough oxygen to get my friends through.
But I finally found the argument against suicide and it’s us.
We’re the effigies that haunt America’s nights harder
the longer they spend burning us,
we are scaring the shit out of people by spreading,
by refusing to die: what are we but a fire?
We know everything we do is so the kids after us
will be able to follow something towards safety;
what can I call us but lighthouse,

of course I’m terrified. Of course I’m a shroud.
And of course it’s not fair but rest assured,
anxious America, you brought your fists to a glitter fight.
This is a taco truck rally and all you have is cole slaw.
You cannot deport our minds; we won’t
hold funerals for our potential. We have always been
what makes America great.


The Drink Allergy - Steve Rogers x Reader

Originally posted by rogers-room

Warning: None. Fluff, romance and fruit puns with Captain Dorito.

Word Count: 1500 (give of take a few)

A/n: Here’s a little bit of Steve that I dusted off from my archives… x

The party was a little uncalled for but Steve enjoyed the company. All his fellow Avengers were having a lively time and relaxing. There was no gun fire and no danger save from the few dangerous conversations with people who idolised Captain America.

Steve was talking to Sam when a shoulder bumped into his own. A shoulder that was accompanied with fiery red hair.

“Hey,” Natasha said softly as she cut across Steve’s words.

“Nat.” Steve smiled and the woman leaned in slightly so that only he and Sam could hear her.

“Listen, I forgot that (Y/n)’s got a sensitive stomach to tequila and I think her drink got mixed up.” She said apologetically.

“What?” Steve frowned, his pleasant expression turning into one of worry.

“Where is she?” Sam asked, hoping to help out. Natasha turned to him and shook her head.

“I don’t know. I lost her in the crowd when Tony brought out the salsa dancers.” She confessed. “I’ve been on the lookout but I can’t do it alone.”

Sam gestured behind his friend with his head. “Why not get the Hawk-guy?”

Natasha sighed and sipped the drink in her hand as she rolled her eyes. “He’s too invested in his air guitar – oh crap,” she had turned to look over her shoulder just in time to Clint sculling his drink, “He’s going to pass out before the night is over. Excuse me, boys.”

She headed off in the direction of Clint which left Sam and Steve to take on this new mission.

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In less than 24 hours, my inbox will close, please send in a request if you have one for me. Since school will be starting up again for me soon, I won’t have time to keep up with the reactions I will (hopefully) get. So I’ll post my master list and rules just so you can read my work, see if you like my style, and then maybe send a request in.


  • Suggestive content is allowed, but if you want full blown smut, I won’t
  • No rude or distasteful reaction requests, respect others
  • Comical violence is okay
  • The only groups I will write for are BTS and Seventeen
  • If not specified, I will assume that Y/N is always dating the member[s] of whom the request was made for
  • Be decently specific with what you want, details are your friend
  • When requesting, if possible, try to write your reactions in a way that ‘Y/N’ could be a male of female reader. I know the majority of CARATs are female, I just want to include the male side of the fanbase. Even so, the request is pretty much up to you, so please, have fun with it! ^^








P.S: Please inform me immediately if there is a faulty link. It’s late and I should be sleeping, but I wanted to do this for everyone! ^^

never underestimate a dancer.

we are trained to live on endurance. you can always do better. ‘slack’ is not part of our vocabulary. you can’t cheat in conditioning. there are no second chances. there’s always one last leap left in you.

we have a few short minutes in which we perform a masterpiece that portrays an entire story, and we have to do it perfectly. the first try. we don’t have multiple innings or quarters, we don’t get to sit out for half the game, we don’t get to depend on anybody else. it’s all on us. we are minutes of pure, intense choreography,

yet we still aren’t classified as athletes?


Ten Minutes Ago

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Words: 3724

Pairing: Winn x Reader, slight KaraMel, Sanvers mention 

Warnings: Alcohol mention

A/N: This is the longest fic I’ve ever written! Also I think this is the longest Winn fic I’ve seen! We need more Winn, y’all! :P  It is based on the song Ten Minutes Ago from Rodgers + Hammerstein’s Cinderella. It’s also super late and I’m too tired to proof read, so I let Grammarly do it for me. Please enjoy! 

You were disappointed when you arrived at your sister’s apartment to find her sick on the couch. You had come over to get ready with her for a fundraiser she was attending for work. You were to be her plus one, but the way things were looking, neither one of you would be going.

You sat on the edge of the coffee table as you pulled her blanket up onto her.

“Hey, you want me to make you some soup?” You ask as you hand her a box of tissues.

“Chicken noodle.” She said through a stuffed up nose. “And some tea with honey, please.”

“Sure thing.” You smiled.

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For you to find the requests I’ve already done for your favourite characters. (I need more requests for secondary characters *tears*) 

Last updated 21.08.2017

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All Of Me Part 4

Taeyang x reader

Genre: Angst, romance

Au: High school!au

Words: 2381

Chapter: 4 / 5

Author/admin: Zoie

Beta: HO

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fatimaloveskpop said to kpop-reads:Heyyyyy! Can you write an SF9 Taeyang fic based on the song All of Me by John Legend? I’m so sorry my request is pretty lame​ but you’re one of my favorite writers on tumblr so it’d be great if you could write this.❤❤❤❤❤

Author’s note: I’m a mess for taeyang and All of me by john legend. It puts me in my feels so hard and i cant help but write angsty shit in my feels so SORRY IF YOU DIDN’T WANT ANGST BUT IT GONNA HAPPEN.

“I hate you, but fucking love you at the same damn time. You’re making me go insane.”

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TMZ EXCLUSIVE - A first-time interview with the Harper Sound CEO’s secret lover - Taylor Huck - who is now allegedly pregnant with his child. Over the summer these two had a one-night stand after his NYC bash celebrating the company’s first multi-platinum record. Harper represents stars such as Kevin Garrett, Kimbra, and Ayo & Teo.

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Insecurities (Hobi/Reader)

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Prompt: May I request one with Hobi when the reader feels insecure about her looks and questions why he is with her when he could be with a gorgeous female idol?

Genre: fanfiction

Words: 2,354

Tags: fluff, angst

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