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Dear hateful, lesbophobic anons who have been trolling the accounts of my friends and blogs I admire today…just some thoughts for you….

Everytime you claim that people should not hc Vilde as a lesbian because she has had sex with men - Vilde will press repeat on a Hayley Kiyoko song and lean back onto her pillow with a sigh, closing her eyes and imaging Eva’s soft hair under her fingers, her even softer lips on her lips, imagine herself gripping Eva’s waist as she trails hot wet kiss down her neck, her collarbones, all the way down her stomach….

Everytime you use the words “dyke”, “pussy lickers” {yum!} or any such intended insults - Vilde enjoys a tub of Benny and Jerry’s as she watches “Carol”, her stomach full of butterflies everytime Cate Blanchett kisses Rooney Mara.

Everytime you say that we are pushing our ‘opinions’ onto you and your bigoted little sensibilities are offended - Vilde has her own “Dancer Chicks” slow-mo moment, peaking from behind the door as she watches them rehearse. Her knees turning to jelly and warmth filling her stomach as she watches them twirl. Smiling to herself and swallowing down little gasps as she thanks the heavens for whoever invented lycra.

AND…last but definitely not least…Once enough of you have claimed that you should have the “freedom to hate” women with women - Vilde gets just drunk enough at a party that when she hears Chris Schistad call someone a “dirty dyke” she marches up to him and backhand slaps him across the face. Crack! a lovely big red handmark across his cheek, visible even before his back hits the ground to a couple of cheers. Vilde turns around and walks out of the room not before she high fives Isak and shoots Chris the middle finger over her shoulder. She then grabs Eva by the wrist and they head to the bathroom for some heavy making out.

Thank you and Goodnight!


Y’aaallll dis bish is no joke I already do 50 minutes of kickboxing/dance cardio and I thought this was going to be easy like 35 minutes no problem, but it kicked assss bro. New favorite workout tho. 

Tiny australian dancer chick wore me out

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The dancer chicks

Send me Skam characters that aren’t straight


Working on a series of aerial and pole tutorials! This is the first of *hopefully* many! 

“All powers in the universe are already ours; it’s we who have put our hands before our eyes and cry that it is dark.”

I’m so excited to get this set back! This is one of the first promotional photos for my new shop where I’ll be selling custom costume pieces and other wardrobe items. Stay tuned!

xoxo | Vanna

Model: Vanna Toxique
Photo Courtesy of Slevin Mors
Wardrobe, Head-piece, Make-up, and Concept by Vanna Toxique.

 Tatyana Shlykova (1773-1863)

Art by Claire (tumblr 1, tumblr 2)

Like Praskovia Kovalyova-Zhemchugova, Tatyana Shlykova was born into serfdom and as a young child, she left her home to live in the big house of her owners, the Sheremetevs.  There she trained as the company’s first ballet dancer under the stage name Granatova (garnet). 

Praskovia and Tatyana were lifelong friends.  Well-educated, famous performers they were nonetheless the property of their owner.  When the emancipated Praskovia secretly wed her former owner Nikolai Sheremetev in 1801, Tatyana served as their witness.  Two years later, Praskovia died from post-partum complications.  The newly freed Tatyana raised Praskovia’s son Dmitry as if he was her own.  After Nikolai’s death in 1809, attempts were made to separate the young heir from his surrogate mother.  The Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna stepped in to ensure that Tatyana would remain a part of the boy’s life. 

Tatyana was brought to the Sheremetev family home as a serf.  She became both a famous dancer and a surrogate mother and grandmother to the descendants of the family that had once owned her.  She lived to see the emancipation of the serfs in 1861 before dying at the age of 90.